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A @BarstoolSports podcast. @TheClemReport, @UncleChaps & @LargeBarstool show you how to be an OK dad. Mayday line: 347-746-8637

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Good save’ll work for life’s parenthood going? Me:
How parents will be spending their 4th
The dream luck! guy stands up by himself for the first time and here’s his reaction Kids, bruh 💪💪💪 morning flying high off watching this yesterday. The off-season lunges as GPP paid off big because his velocity in th…
Retweeted by Podfathers PodcastWatching your kid throw a no-no has gotta be a top 3 feeling as a dad @corygfitness @PodfathersShow
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What’s everybody up to on the 4th?
Being responsible for teaching your children both knowledge and ethics is very important right now @iamgreenfield oven the bun tell her it’s a piñata not whack a mole practice makes perfect caitmdev on ig)Didn’t nail it. it. of the Summer meetings when you have kids talked pandemic homeschooling with the great @iamgreenfield Listen:, Drones, And Drinks Featuring Max Greenfield🍼NEW PODFATHERS EPISODE🍼 featuring @iamgreenfield Listen: babysitter money can buy boy
Hoping it’s from your Piña Coladas and not protein shakes’s #ToddlerTuesday Let’s hear all the funny/terrible stories about your little ones from this past weekSnipe city wil_jesse on ig)These gender reveals are getting yoked’s Kitchen Jr. is lit adam.gelinas21 on ig)Close grips got the tri’s poppin #DadGoals
(Via cooldadwill on ig)This is peak dad behavior revenge for all the water bottle prank videos's Vasectomy (Full Video)
Clem’s Vasectomy - Part 5 (Finale)
Yup, all done. Good job. @jjflegel @barstoolcarl kt_head on ig)Wait for it...'s Vasectomy Part 4 people are cord cutting to avoid cable bills, @TheClemReport cut the cord to avoid more Daycare bills Listen:…'ll give you one guess of who's responsible: he's tall, handsome, and has occasional gout flare ups Listen:… ktchiara on ig)Dad wasn’t ready for this
Clem recants the story of his recent trip to Dr. Snip Snip LIsten: via rivetts5 on ig)I said OVER EASY's Vasectomy Part 3 presented by @Manscaped to be continued... Get 20% off + free shipping with the code CLEM…'s Vasectomy Part 3'll tell ya who, it was that damn Sasquatch...or @LargeBarstool @CoachRakovic )Good morning
Clem's Vasectomy Part 2 are hot on the timeline right now and the guys discuss who's lighting been lighting them off Listen:… djericfortin on ig)Behold the wonder of the Onion Volcano GMaines528 on ig)Ultmate Dad Swag lukesmommyy on ig)Luke knows what he likes @PodfathersShow @TheClemReport @LargeBarstool
Retweeted by Podfathers Podcast(Via bpburdette on ig)Move over, Wiliie Mays pal @TheClemReport is freshly snipped and gives us a little play by play of his recent procedure LIsten:… Podfathers: I Finally Got Snipped🍼NEW PODFATHERS EPISODE🍼 Listen:
Clem's Vasectomy Part 1 presented by @Manscaped to be continued... Get 20% off + free shipping with the code CLEM… _colevid29_ on ig)Reading is fundamental to announce that @TheClemReport is now all juice no seeds, and the graphic for this video by @TrigDraws is an…
Retweeted by Podfathers PodcastSnip Snip Hooray! I Got A Vasectomy This Weekend While Large Followed Me Around With A Camera when I’m full vs me when I’m hungry niamacsauce_ king_bonjovi on ig)“Do you know where the weight room is? I’ll check it out...”
Wtf I can’t even do that mikepops3 on ig)Peak dad mode activated alexus.nicole_ on ig)Cutest mean mug of all time is the final boss of dads chloeteps on ig)Waiter: Can I get you some water to start? Me: was everyone’s Father’s Day? Post whatever meals/activities/drinks you had in this thread
Via cparker2410 on igHappy Father’s Day! the fuck is this? FATHER’S DAY WILLIE!!! @willcolon66 👏🏾😎💪🏾
Retweeted by Podfathers PodcastHappy Father’s Day to all our fellow confirmed sex havers out thereIt’s Father’s Day Eve! Make sure you leave beer and cookies out for Daddy Claus What’s everyone doing to celebrat…
Retweeted by Podfathers PodcastSomehow that jerk @TheClemReport is raising a perfectly unselfish little angel who even named her Animal Crossing s… I Am Getting A Vasectomy And It Is The Best Father's Day Gift I Could Ever Ask For😢Good luck at your vasectomy @TheClemReport, you got this!