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Driving through the northern headlands of the Wild Atlantic Way in Ireland, you'll see nothing but ocean between yo…
@JasonMessenge13 I'm sorry I don't have access to the vouchers. They're created and sent by a different department.… @JasonMessenge13 Thanks, I have asked. Please bear with us, you'll be put on the list and then you will get an emai… @JasonMessenge13 Thanks, and do you have another email address we can use? Sometimes it's to do with settings. Our… @JasonMessenge13 Sorry to hear you haven't received it. Please may I have your email address and booking reference… @JasonMessenge13 Hi Jason, I can see we emailed you on the 1st September with your credit note. Please could you ch… @livegolf360 Hello, please can you use our live chat on our website between 09:00 and 17:00? A booking colleague ca…
@JasonMessenge13 Hi, can you please provide us with the booking number concerned and I will check this for you. *Max @eurodan I can confirm that the Hull - Zeebrugge sailing will be operating tomorrow night. If you would like to tra… @AnitaSm54251222 Hi, I can confirm that the credit note scheme has currently been extended to 15th October for cus…
@Stuivjes Jammergenoeg is er pas vanaf 28/09/20 om 08:00 een Nederlandssprekende collega van dienst. Als u bereid b… is a country steeped in mythology, and storytelling has always been an important part of the country's cult…
@Wandsworth3 Hi, We are aware of this issue and our IT team is currently working on a fix. This should be done by t… @Arthiis Hi, Due to the covid crisis we are currently not running mini-cruises. We do not know when they will resta… @chloeln_x Hi Chloe, We haven't restarted our mini-cruises, and I'm afraid we haven't got a restart date for next year yet. *Max @ChystayaYoung Hi, Could you please DM us your phone number and we will arrange for someone to get in touch with you. *Ben
@kimbloomfield6 Hi Kim, please could you send me the dates? We will check this out for you. *ShakiraWith 180 years of experience behind us, you can take confidence that your health on board remains our number one pr… @janebhubevents Can I ask that you get in touch with my colleagues on the live chat on our website as they will be… @janebhubevents Hi, Can I ask which browser you are using for this please? *Max
@sophielougough Hi Sophie, pleas try again tomorrow. The new website is a bit temperamental at the moment. If it ha…
@brian_mcbride1 @Eurostar Hello, Our foot passenger services were suspended back in April due to the pandemic and… @Famoussauces Hi Andy, they go on sale at the end of the month. Please check our website in a few weeks. *Shakira @LesleyDill226 Morning, sorry about this. We're having teething issues with the new website. Please try resetting y… @onaled_r No problem, yeah send us a tweet and we'll ask a booking colleague to get in touch. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. *Shakira @onaled_r Hello, we're having website issues at the moment and our contact centre is closed. Please try our website…
@lostagainlauren Next year's date are not available yet as our 2021 schedule will be released at the beginning of October. *Max @lostagainlauren Hi, We have just launched our new website and we are experiencing a few teething issues, apologies… @AOCutuhan Hi Andra, I have passed your details on to our team. @AOCutuhan Please may I have your telephone number? I will get someone to call you. *Shakira @AOCutuhan Hi Andra, I'm really sorry the new website went live yesterday and there are a few issues we are working… @raphaelcockx Hi, The schedule for 2021 for our Hull-Zeebrugge route will be released at the end of the month so yo… @kilcookie Thanks for your feedback Anna. I'm really sorry about the delay. I have passed your feedback onto staff… @tasape Hello, please could you try clearing your browsing history and trying again? Let me know if this works. *Shakira @MMhuire Hello, Next years dates are not yet available but if you fill out this online form, we can hold your booki…
@cathsmith999 I'm sorry, our contact centre is closed until further notice. You can use the Live Chat feature on ou… @LizzieHawker It takes 28 calendar days to hear back from the team. If you have not heard back in that time, let us… @mcateer1888 We are waiving our fees until the end of the year so there will be no charge. *Max @mcateer1888 No need to worry about changing your vehicle details, my colleagues will be able to do this at check-i… @mcateer1888 Hi, Our phone lines are not available until further notice. Can you please tell me what sailing detail… @saintg77 You can turn up at check-in and our team will be able to put you on the first available sailing. Alternat… @saintg77 Hello can you please confirm which route this is for? *Kacper @CityAM Hello, It appears you have mistaken us for our namesake, P&O Cruises again. Although we share the same nam… @Chtoulouse31 Hi Adam, Toilets can be found throughout the port of Calais once you have checked-in. We are communic… @richardcalhoun It appears you may have mistaken us for P&O Cruises. Although we share the P&O name, we are two dif… @CityAM Hello, It appears you may have mistaken us for P&O Cruises. Although we share the P&O name, we are two dif… @shiddletow Our website is currently under maintenance - it should be available around 12:00. We apologise for the… @LizzieHawker Hello, We are currently offering vouchers only until the end of September. We do however offer free…
This year we were proud to sponsor the Antrim Coast half marathon featuring Sir Mo Farah. The four-time Olympic ch… @MartianR0b0t Hi, Can you please email us at so we can help with you query. *Max
@RyanTheDocherty Hello, All our mini cruises are currently suspended until 30th September 2020. We're not sure if…
@pdss9 I see Philip, I know 2021 bookings are not yet available to book. I can't say for certain the reason for you… @pdss9 I'm not sure, please try restarting your device, deleting cooking and trying a different search engine. Let…, M2: Reports of an RTC coastbound between J5 (Sittingbourne) & J6 (Faversham) emergency services are en rou…
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@SherHouston Staff behind screens are not required to wear them. All other staff I have been told are wearing them.… @wonderwenders Hi, I've been advised that our family bar is open. *Harpo @wonderwenders We are still offering a food and drink service on board - as face masks don't have to be worn when e… @AnitaSm54251222 Hi Anita, ideally you should amend 48hrs before you are due to sail. *Harpo
@Rach_Moon I'm sorry, we don't currently have either one of these sailings scheduled for tomorrow. The closest one… @Rach_Moon Hello, You can turn up at check in and our team will put you on the first available sailing *Kacper @AnitaSm54251222 Hello Anita, At the moment we don't know if this will be extended, but yes, you will be able to a… @ginadav Hello, You can sign up for our newsletter through any page on our website on the bottom right corner *KacperWe've introduced stringent safety measures to our dining areas on board to support all parts of your essential jour… @MickDawber Hello, You will need to comply with all regulations set out by the country you are entering. As long a…
@duanebw1 It doesn't let me DM you. Could you try DMing @POferriesupdate instead? *Ben @duanebw1 Could you direct message us with your phone number and I will pass it on for someone to get in touch with you tomorrow. *Ben @duanebw1 Hi, Can I ask when you are looking to amend your booking for? It can take up to 28 days for our team t… @NeilHalton Hi Neil, I do apologise for any disappointment caused. @tatakubik Hi Dave, if you need to amend and you booked directly with us you can do this via our website. @maccy2010 Hi Rich, you are able to but please be aware that this vessel does not sail during the New Year's eve tr… @NeilHalton As your booking has failed you will need to try again. If funds have been reserved from your original a…
Vaar met ons mee naar de Erasmusbrug op de Pride of Rotterdam. Laat je verrassen door het spectaculaire uitzicht op… @BridgerConsult Hi, It can take up to 28 days for our team to get back to you. Please rest assured if your booking…
@wonderwenders please can you DM us with your booking reference. @wonderwenders Did you book directly with us? @wonderwenders Hi Wendy, you will need to log into your account in the top right hand of the screen. @wonderwenders Hi Wendy, have you attempted your amendment via your 'upcoming journeys' tab on our website?From enhanced cleaning routines to 100% fresh air circulated on board, we have introduced several new coronavirus p… @keithbelfast I am sorry that you were not informed. We do have later sailings that we can accommodate you on @keithbelfast Hi Keith, our vessel departs at 12:00 today and we sent out emails to let all customers know.
@cmr824 Hello, Tickets for 2021 should be available at the end of the month *Kacper @itsrhihealey Hello, You will need to purchase 2 separate tickets for each car, and each ticket comes with a stand…
@Unknown71827216 You are also able to amend this at the port (subject to availability) - at the moment, there are m… @Unknown71827216 Hello, Could you please confirm the number? Our team are unable to reach the number provided *Kacper @Shiny_Michael No, this won't be a problem - our team will be able to help even past your sailing date as long as y… @Unknown71827216 Your number has been passed on and the team will reach out soon. Thank you @Shiny_Michael Hello, It can take up to 28 days to hear back with the confirmation *Kacper @TiffanieBarmby Hi Tiffanie, the club lounge will be open and there are no changes to this service. We only ask tha…
@Sarahmang Hi Sarah, sorry you'll need to clear your cookies in your browsing history if it takes you to the home p… @Unknown71827216 Hi Holls, please may I have your telephone number? I will ask one of the team to call you. *Shakira @Sarahmang Hello, Please fill out the form on *Kacper @BillCoo90278454 Could you please DM @poferriesupdate with your details please? We will pass this on *Kacper @TiffanieBarmby Hello, Yes, you will be able to walk your dog *Kacper @mrmjd1 It takes up to 14 days to hear back from our team. You can also purchase tickets through our website at… @Unknown71827216 Our contact centre is currently closed until further notice, sorry *Kacper @Unknown71827216 Hello, Could you let me know what you would like to amend? *Kacper @cafcse74ever Hello, Please email us on and our team will be able to help *Kacper
When planning your trip, ensure that your travel documents are updated, and if you feel unwell, please do not trave… @JohnONe43156646 Hi John, unless you have a fully flexible ticket, the contact centre staff will be unable to help…
@adamsmyth3 Hi, bookings for next year won't be available to book until the end of September. Please keep checking our website. *Shakira