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Kieng - TL40 @PoGoKieng Toronto, Ontario

I love to create and share Pogo content especially raid challenges and PvP. Goal: Pogo PvP into an eSport. Subscribe to my YouTube channel.

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@Shagnuss is one of my favourites. A community leader that does so much behind the scenes and deserves so much atte…
SimplyMoxie Regional Tournament Sweep live in 18 minutes to cover @simplymoxie_ regional sweep I go live to cover @simplymoxie_ regional run then upload the VOD or just the VOD ? @MattPeterC @FLWvideos @NianticHelp @PokemonGoApp i think that option is interesting @aj_howson @FLWvideos @NianticHelp @PokemonGoApp Given that you can only do a limited number of sets a day - tankin… @FLWvideos @NianticHelp @PokemonGoApp They will eventually get paired with people their skill level in a few number… @ElDocLogan @Cloise_ @FLWvideos @NianticHelp @PokemonGoApp Depends on how they do the calculation. If they only cou… @FLWvideos @NianticHelp @PokemonGoApp Is this a bad thing? I only see it as a net positive. More practice and at le… season 2 regional winners, DM me if you are interested in participating in a regional winners only tournament a… @Farodo92 @HouseStark_93 @DatboiMuk @choostemaster @PoGOGotem @TheAsianMilkMan definitely @kmkeirns @HouseStark_93 @DatboiMuk @choostemaster @PoGOGotem @TheAsianMilkMan Yes @squawk1337 @HouseStark_93 @DatboiMuk @choostemaster @PoGOGotem @TheAsianMilkMan They get boosted 🤭 (10% of the time)This Thursday at 7 pm EDT, team ancient power will be helping people prepare for Master League GBL by doing a speci… @Vlad57950 @TRNRFlippi I am open to the idea @true_tim @tommyrich97 I mention cause i want discussion on it. I am not sure it is much more complex than that. Is that so wrong? @true_tim @tommyrich97 How can you even reasonably say it is nowhere close to being ready. Your expectations on how… @true_tim @tommyrich97 @Matthewbabybaby What do you think they are working on right now. This stuff can't be progra… @tommyrich97 @Matthewbabybaby That also applies to starbucks and many other companies. But companies are laying off… my boy some love @Chief2Speediest. Breaks down his epic regional sweep. Well deserved my friend. @CR_JIMENEZ_9 @swaggron333 My thoughts at that moment "O_O he definitely lives up to the hype" @Haightred914 I have so many friends (both new and old) in vegas. I can't wait. @CR_JIMENEZ_9 @swaggron333 I miss hanging out with my boy @swaggron333 😰😰😰 @limonlime94 definitely - hopefully someone takes me to a good taco truck next time!When this is all over - I'm going to host the best in person tournament possible in every continent. Like many othe… @doonebug97 Congrats!
@ShutupToshi9227 yeah more expensive would be a terrible move @Matthewbabybaby @squawk1337 @Matthewbabybaby I would be upset if you can't use your free pass. Let's wait and see on this. They hav… @Matthewbabybaby For sure I understand that. I'm just drawing an analogy. @AlolaHardowt I am not too fussed on that as this is unique circumstances. I do hope it goes away once things return to normal. @Matthewbabybaby Should I order from Starbucks and show how much money they made in 2019 and demand my coffee to be free or I riot.Lol maybe my concerns are different than others and that's clear in the comments. As long as they give their daily… @narvaezjorge @ZyoniK_ @FPSticksPoGo @PokemonGoApp Everytime you get perfectly countered someone else is on the oth… feeling in this potential implementation. Thoughts? @ShutupToshi9227 @Rochababyface1 A one stage buff would make giratina in ultra equivalent to giratina in masters (~… @evan_717 @ShutupToshi9227 @Rochababyface1 What Tropius looks like when doing aerial ace @evan_717 @ShutupToshi9227 @Rochababyface1 "let's make ancient power almost 0... Stab aerial ace nah still trash. L… @ShutupToshi9227 @Rochababyface1 People could still use them (e.g. people still run togekiss with so instead of aer… @ShutupToshi9227 The boost is an issue for sure but in my last 50 matches, I have only gotten boosted on twice vs b…'s GO! Ultra League Top 5 Favorite teams! Shoutouts go to @PoGoKieng @pokeAK101 @ThoTechtical @AlphaFeeb and of…
Retweeted by Kieng - TL40I finally hit rank 10 on stream using @HouseStark_93 stellar team (clefable, swampert, alolan muk). Going 9-1 in tw… live in a few minutes to try to grind to rank 10. Come join me and suggest some winning/fun teams for me to t… me for this auto recommended version of Kieng of the Hill casted by @ShutupToshi9227 and @Mathmagic10
@eladro @FrostFire14 Lol na I got destroyed. I just need to play better 😭My next silph project featuring @PoGOGotem This type of video takes a lot of effort to get the clips, line up the…😬😬😬 this is a crazy good team @FrostFire14 GGI'm going to do some late night GBL sets. Join me on twitch and suggest some teams. If I get lucky I'll reach ran… a lot of fun with the Monsterball Team Tournament today. @PoGoKieng @ShutupToshi9227 I can't thank you enough.…
Retweeted by Kieng - TL40At the end of the #Elite4Challenge who was undefeated? @ash_valor@TheArrohh@HouseStark_93@ShutupToshi9227
Retweeted by Kieng - TL40Like I said before...The Goose is Loose! 😻 Check out some ways I used my best buddied Zangoose with a bunch of dif…
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We are live covering @AlolaHardowt Monster Ball Team Draft Casting done by myself and @ShutupToshi9227 Come join… Team Tournament on @PoGoKieng's Twitch Channel at 7pm (edt) tonight. Come join our epic #Battlers
Retweeted by Kieng - TL40 @JFarmakis_pogo Lol I think you underestimate my dancing capabilitiesI have twitch stream idea Each battler gets points for different achievements (winning a game, landing a beam, win… @PGBLPvP happy to cover it - do you have their contact @GoTangent444 Same. I love not having to switch out against regi or getting counter switched by regi and realizing…'s do a few sets of GBL. Give me some suggestions on stream on teams i should run Going live now happy to have won our @SilphGG regionals! It honestly was very tough. Thank you to everyone that helped. Couldn…
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@richardm88 shadow sneak wins the 1 shield vs registeel. That's pretty appealing @richardm88 You just need a TM not stardustCongratulations @aerosol25051 ! @ArjunPatel20 A move is only dangerous if people use itI am curious on how the damage nerf to ancient power has impacted it's usage on Giratina Based on GBL matches you… those that missed the #GirlsThatPvP edition of Kieng of the Hill VOD: Congrats on… are live now!
At 8 PM EDT, we will be having #GirlsThatPvP "Kieng" of the Hill edition Featuring @Cochin0Mum @seburton09 @GOStadiumPvP @ash_valor @ShutupToshi9227 @TheArrohh @HouseStark_93 Who has the over/under on me beating at least o…😱A total of 7 Trainers made it past the #Elite4😱 👑But can they beat the KIENG???👑 📺Tune In Sunday @ 12PM EDT -…
Retweeted by Kieng - TL40If you missed Kieng of the Hill content creator edition Check it out here Congratulations… @ProdigiesNation @Farodo92 @rikardojkay @NianticHelp That's correct
We are live now doing the content creator version of Kieng of the Hill Featuring @SpenxTz @2_butters @CalebPeng @Haightred914 @crispogoz Articuno arguably got better because of the AP nerf. Since now it beats giratina in all sh… Stunfisk: WHO IS YOUR PRECIOUS REGI/AZU BREAKER NOW?!?!?!?!
Retweeted by Kieng - TL40I'm close to getting an update out, but in the meantime here's a new look at Ultra League!
Retweeted by Kieng - TL40I am live - let's talk and test out these new moves @crispogoz I disagree. Now there is a massive disincentive. Match ups you would win regardless if you went ap or DC… @ThoTechtical @martogalde Confirmed Arroh has insider connections @TheArrohh Wait how did you know... @IAmSamehader It's 2 stages for attack and defense so 2->1 would be lessShould I go live and test out these move updates? I have a meeting for the next 30 mins then I can I also have a jumpluff candidate 👀 @crispogoz Definitely makes a difference. Ancient power almost had the same dpe as dragon claw so there was almost… for those who said they wouldn't nerf ancient power 👀 I would rather have less boost but it helps update!! Grass is even more op @CalebPeng @dlaw1190 Ursaring is much more accessible (since you don't need a hundo, candy is easier to get) and ha… @DarrenCortes1 @pogocolosseum @Thunderlions1 @Aravell_1 @WildSusanBoyle @Ccoftw @simplymoxie_ @evan_717 @dlaw1190 Both are great. I do think zangoose is a bit better with night slash since it can bait. @CalebPeng is t… @IAmSamehader @pvpoke Doesn't reliably beat Giratina, Togekiss and many other meta pokemon in the 1 shield. Dialga… pretty.
Retweeted by Kieng - TL40 @sc87t Congratulations! @Ccoftw @AlolaHardowt @pogocolosseum @Thunderlions1 @Aravell_1 @WildSusanBoyle @simplymoxie_ @evan_717 @AlolaHardowt @pogocolosseum @Thunderlions1 @Aravell_1 @WildSusanBoyle @Ccoftw @simplymoxie_ @evan_717 wants to see an exhibition match between Team Canada and Team USA @TheArrohh they are ready to battle whenever… Team Canada that will enter the Pokemon World Cup hosted by @pogocolosseum & @Thunderlions1 Battlers:…
Stacked American team. Who wants to see who made the stacked Canadian team 🇨🇦 that April 1st is already over in Germany I can post this, so no, not an aprils fool. Thanks to all the…
Retweeted by Kieng - TL40Very honored to have my main UL GBL team featured today by @PoGoKieng. If you want to see a few battles of how I li…
Retweeted by Kieng - TL40I am live now on Twitch Come suggest some teams for me to use @JamesCumblidge @Jotalenx that's not bad!