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engineer student | 134 IQ | 6’3 | investor | oil prince

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@BakeHatesItHere Nope, how is your sexual harassment case going btw?
@notchaselyons Amateur numbers. I’m on 350 rn. It’s like golf, lowest score wins. @sebastianjii Goodnight to my second favorite swede @Icy_Rapture @awnuhaha Can u get me a girlfriend too? @awnuhahaBro how’d I lose 5 followers in like 5 days :(The king is back on Tinder. Stronger than ever before @awnuhaha Whyyou don’t deserve kids if you don’t support them no matter what they do. His mom should be proud that he can make a… @lemiwrap Gn lemiall I wanted were some pizza rolls :( @killamonger @awnuhaha Sup @awnuhaha Pussy piercing? @notchaselyons YesI hate to see my tweets on tinder Huh??? @Grahamalott This aint it @SamjaySJ Check dmThis still applies doing my taxes this year either @NotRobincola Iallfall godt at én Rob får kos daSo its #NationalNudeDay today. Who got me? @MyFavsTrash A grown ass man @Ludaz_ Guess ur malware got to ur Twitter @HarryButAverage @Tyga VouchJust casually speccing a $220 000 car and they ask if I want a gecko plushie... bruh @oFabz @sebastianjii YES @BakeHatesItHere I always start my gaming sessions like this @HarryButAverage LMAOOO. I know u said Yes @BigManShuffle Alltid fint med homsekrakk for en bøg ❤️Success is like being pregnant Everyone says congratulations, but nobody knows how many times you were fucked @BigManShuffle Fresh tho @BigManShuffle HomsekrakkNo Thanks @JeffThrow @MyFavsTrash Easy addition JeffGoing 130 in a 50 zone just to feel something @BakeHatesItHere Yeah legit it’s easy as fuck. How come twitter people can’t do basic addition? @MyFavsTrash When I do it I get your age @Ludaz_ Malwarebytes should get most things. Run a check rn. Adware should be easily detectibleDo i get this and put it in my dorm? @Ludaz_ Download Malwarebytes to quarantine all the malware, then u Can just delete it all @Snofr0 Shes Finally meeting meRIP Grant. A great engineer, and a huge inspiration. I grew up watching him on Mythbusters, which inspired me to be… @sebastianjii Morning, say it back 😡 @sebastianjii This could be us but the border is closed
@oFabz Can’t believe we’re not together yet 🙄 @HarryButAverage I’m only here because the NHS is paying me to be your friend @HarryButAverage Don’t worry, all of your videos are dumbBad idea letting me drive one of these ur in my passenger seat it was pretty accurate @SamjaySJ Thank god it’s not true @drakawak Why @drakawak 133If any of you want a legit and pretty accurate IQ-test use this: it got my IQ within 1 poin… @GrandMasterAIex Yeah its a lot more efficient @vexxd__ @Loucasay @HarryButAverage Free-IQtest dot net sounds super legit @HarryButAverage Bruh u have to use a decent one @itsWaddles_ Bro?Stole this cool ass tablet from a store @Yersaai Balls deep in u tonight @Yersaai @NotRobincola 🥶 @sebastianjii Hotter than most of the females on here @Spermwallet I think some omw to her house after seeing she took his name out of her bio @RealMotionG Lmao McD is overpriced here and that’s the cheapest food u can order basically. Just a small pizza at… @RealMotionG Ah. Well if u think Dutch McDonalds is overpriced then u should visit Norwegian McDonald’s lmao @RealMotionG What is it @timfanacc Trunp 😎 @Kaytlin27 Nobody wants to see that @HarryButAverage Good morning TornadoKeep in mind that i doubled my money in just two months. Holy shitToday i hit 100% unrealised profit on my stocks. Ain’t often you double your money in stocks 📈💸
@drakawak @itsmeR4quel Me encanta ser alcanzado por un rayo 🥵🥵 @drakawak @itsmeR4quel That’s my favourite partgoodnight team @HarryButAverage Proud of u kiddo @deadaches Imagine having a two party system lmao. Nice democracy u got going on there @Ludaz_ did I just hear a fucking HORSE outside?!?!? @Froste Because you have nothing else to spend your time on? @Ludaz_ Well an unpopular opinion would be to say you don’t enjoy it yourself. But you claim it’s overrated, and I don’t see how it could be @Ludaz_ I mean... it has 90% positive reviews on steam, which clearly shows that the people that actually play it t… @oFabz How do you sleep with a woman in general? @SamjaySJ You’re supposed to shower monthly???? I only do it once a year @oFabz Im Down @Ludaz_ Didn’t far cry 3 come out like 8 years ago? Why the fuck are you talking about it now @NotRobincola I don’t think I have the time to work on a project car now. But would be fun to have a project carI just want a project to work on I love spending my time working on something. Just creating something from scratch @NotRobincola You just wanna drive it dont uI wanna do something big Something everyone will see @af4iry pain... @oFabz Dm me ur discord @ @oFabz Yes @drakawak Gotta remember that a car has much larger surfaces that u can see the dirt on lmaoo. I have a dark blue c… @Ludaz_ Sulfur @drakawak I enjoy cleaning cars but my OCD would cause me to have to wash it every time I took it for a drive @drakawak Light cars have a tendency to discolour and get dirty very easily. Having to constantly clean your car is… @drakawak I want one in a dark blue or blackI’d love to gather a bunch of the big twitter accounts and place them in a room/house together just to see how’d th… @HarryButAverage Gm