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i spotted someone who was wearing this EXACT coat and could not get a picture, but i made a mock-up for you
Retweeted by emily ✿My #GenshinImpact OC! His name is Kirara✨ He'll spark a flame in your heart💖💖 (ノ≧ڡ≦)kirariin~
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@om_neb i think about this all the timelooking for a fwb (friend with bionicle)
Retweeted by emily ✿none of these convey the same thing
Retweeted by emily ✿✝️월미사🎨🎃🦇
Retweeted by emily ✿ @redzamusic im glad i happened to stay up an extra five minutes and got to see thishere's what's going on tonight:
냥발 모양 보온 슬리퍼
Retweeted by emily ✿silly halloween comic hehe 🍋
Retweeted by emily ✿going out for donut i will go out for a Little Treat 🙂gentle reminder 🌱🌧
Retweeted by emily ✿In case you haven’t heard yet, Hatsune Miku has been appointed as a COVID-19 Countermeasure Supporter in Japan. She…
Retweeted by emily ✿forgetting to eat until i go into what i call "cowboy mode" where i'm angry enough that i see stuff that annoys me…
Retweeted by emily ✿we need to bring back blinkies. we need a blinkie friendly social media site.brb browsing the old web ( (32x32 pixels, search word: dairy) GIF: Page:
Retweeted by emily ✿hi im still looking for full-time remote or local design work :-) anyways here's some fun green and orange themed s…
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@rabbitpigeon for a britney 2001 vma costume maybe? 8290 (Size XL, $75 OBO): Ericsson Mobile (Size XL, $50 OBO):✨ #ShopWithEm | Keyword: Cell Phone Promo tee for the Nokia 8290 and what I'm pretty sure is a shirt from the 1997…⚠️⚠️⚠️ new tune alert ⚠️⚠️⚠️ jackson from online - fitton green (OFFICIAL VISUALIZER/CORVALLIS OREGON FANCAM) a l…
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Retweeted by emily ✿HYPERJUICY ALTERNATE POSTER SET: JUICY VERSION i did these illustrations of om and i for our @juicyrave collab mix…
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Social media makes everyone seem more accessible and familiar but please, don’t get too comfortable. Have some respect.
Retweeted by emily ✿Fujitsu Aura Communicator – Concept (2000) A 3G flip phone concept, combining PDA-like features, including a touch…
Retweeted by emily ✿stickers on my phone!!! 💕🍀☀️ @om_neb hi omnebhow it started: how its going: ALTERNATE POSTER SET: JUICY VERSION i did these illustrations of om and i for our @juicyrave collab mix…"SICK" - OUT EVERYWHERE NOW
Retweeted by emily ✿さいしょはチョキ🦞
Retweeted by emily ✿ @eviediary antiques roadshowHYPERSPEED (@om_neb) X JUICY RAVE → NEW MIX OCTOBER 23 ← 🦋 𝑮𝒆𝒕 𝑯𝒚𝒑𝒆𝒓 𝒂𝒏𝒅 𝑺𝒕𝒂𝒚 𝑱𝒖𝒊𝒄𝒚
Retweeted by emily ✿ @alias_hallow its @chlomagears reflect furry cap ♡ @redzamusic yooo..... ok itunes is gonna be doing some work for me this weekend LMAO @redzamusic REDZA THIS IS CRAZY.....WTF..... also what is this visualizerDream Temple - Mariko Mori (1997-99) "(DT) represents a utopian place, the ideal destination at the end of a path…
Retweeted by emily ✿Various scraps from (abandoned) interactive HyperCard specimen, "Whisper in the Windy City", worked on from July-Au…
Retweeted by emily ✿nya ฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅ
Retweeted by emily ✿Tech in Mission: Impossible II (2000) to my very talented friends in dance music: Spotify has posted their application for a new Dance & Electronic E…
Retweeted by emily ✿(im watching mission impossible 2 right now)why was sydney like THE PLACE to set ur movie in the early 2000s
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[14/14] and that's all you need to do to find the buried gold
Retweeted by emily ✿i need a twitch channel that just plays reruns of antiques roadshow. can you imagine the pogs in the chat when some… @majorbean_ @juicyrave @om_neb *hairflip*im not going to shut the fuck up until all of my friends, and enemies..... are big time rich
Retweeted by emily ✿Mfs will post a tweet with no interactions and be like "this flopped :/" not me. Every single one of my tweets are…
Retweeted by emily ✿nya ฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅ Fantasy VIII is funky
Retweeted by emily ✿ @redzamusic the talent
Hello #PortfolioDay ! I’m miigo, and I do digital works inpired by y2k aesthetic and early 00s subcultures 💌mwah0e@…
Retweeted by emily ✿motion contribution for @ArteLabore’s 2020 showreel [flashing images warning]
Retweeted by emily ✿this outfit screams "i'd rather be at home playing neopets right now"
Retweeted by emily ✿were hosting our first bug body online showcase on Saturday October 24th featuring @from_online_ @mikey3O3 and indi…
Retweeted by emily ✿ @CalmPluto it was a keychain that came with my bag!!!close up on coconut’s tiny matching outfit’re going to get our flu shot you need me I’ll be in the kfc sephora
Retweeted by emily ✿going to go to the store and look at accessories for my plush dog tomorrow for fun✨ #ShopWithEm | Keyword: 70s Paper I love this friendly little bank. ( im still looking for full-time remote or local design work :-) anyways here's some fun green and orange themed s… Kabukuru for i-D Magazine #177
Retweeted by emily ✿I💓PINK
Retweeted by emily ✿errand run ft new spy optic baby tee
Retweeted by emily ✿they always manage to come up with things i would never even think of its such a treat tbhevery time i decide to tune back in to what kind of toys are on the market right now i am never disappointed
Dear Californians, your ballot LISTS the OFFICIAL ballot drop boxes in your neighborhood. DO NOT put your ballot…
Retweeted by emily ✿learned a tiktok dance today (i do not have tiktok downloaded)have you listened to @from_online_’s new single yet? you gotta do it, i dare you
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おやすみなさい #PC98 #PC9801
Retweeted by emily ✿reviewing the next juicy mix by dancing around in my kitchen to it while cooking @boocanan she is not very good at cooking but has one favorite meal she can make perfectly every time met two Japanese gyaru on the street in Harajuku today! The one on the right runs a sheet metal shop in the coun…
Retweeted by emily ✿ @airpodprincess aaa ty ; w ;errand run ft new spy optic baby tee @eviediary i literally told om we need to watch princess diaries like five minutes agoi really really need you to watch this movieconfessions of a teenage drama queen (2004)
⚠️🚨 Currently in urgent need to remove both wisdom teeth directly impacting my molars and gums and can't afford sur…
Retweeted by emily ✿Plug your friend's stuff. They're tired, suffering from imposter syndrome and think no one likes their work.
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Retweeted by emily ✿ @om_neb from here they will go on a date with me :-) @CHRONlK friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Retweeted by emily ✿ did the art that's on @from_online_ 's debut album cover ✨ "a future that is already happening" is out on octobe… to the single or watch the video there's some drum n bass, hardcore, acid techno, p…
Retweeted by emily ✿phew.... i can finally announce my debut album "a future that is already happening", out on @bugbodylabel 10/23/20…
Retweeted by emily ✿ @hun____ter this reminds me of my disney world star wars money (not my pics) is what she looks like new i was even remotely good at interacting with kids, i absolutely would have been an art teacher for like after-sc…