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Pointless Letters @pointlesslettrs In search of a point

Ever read a letter in a paper and immediately thought Eh? afterwards? Yeah, that. All contributions welcome. They’re all real, and definitely not from the Viz.

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I love the “and, yep” bit. That note of angry “you know what they’ve gone and done, don’t you?”“And whenne the three Welshe do appear before thee on The Onne Showe, be greatly afear’d for the end tymmes are upo… jokes of this quality, I’m thinking Lee’s next job should probably be in cyber @iain4546 I think very much tongue in cheek, the real crime for me is just how pink with glee Joe will have been at his display of wit 😃 @awrightdave @RioJohnero I’m sorry Sara, I’d like to believe you but you see, John here has sailed unasked for into… @theformervole Fantastic! That might be the first bit of pointless letter art I’ve ever seen! 😍 @morgarf I’m so sorry for your loss. My family lost their daft old dog earlier this year and it still makes me ache… @Hilary_W BECAUSE I'M BROKEN, HILARY BROKEN
God dammit, I don’t expect this sort of thing from The Sun. My emotional shields aren’t configured for any non-ange… I’m not crying, there’s just something in my eye accuse the UK Government of incompetence and inconsistency but hats off to them, their plan of “if the kids…
“And that Head Keeper’s name? Rod Hull.”
@foxacheUK It’s a highly competitive field“I was just tucking in my shirt” has, in 24 short hours, become the new “that money was just resting in my account”.
2020 @Matt82B Hey, not looking to kink-shame, if that’s his thing then fair play.....but if he feels that strongly about…“Honestly, it’s as if these women think they can wear whatever they like without running it past me for approval. W…'m no sports expert but I can't help but think this is a recipe for disaster
@Hilary_W Sorry to hear about your friend. This isn’t technically a tweet but there has never been a time I’ve seen… @jtlovell1979 12:20 tomorrow: “And that is why I say it is a good thing that I am signing these instruments of surr… @DanKaszeta @trollball It’s the Times New Roman Empire I’m worried about.
REASONS WHY BRITAIN IS TOTALLY RUINED THESE DAYS, NUMBER 17,396: “People donating to charity to help others. The ba…
Plus: Eric, Uncle Ben isn’t going to shag you, mate.“I am not looking to be permanently offended in life.” says Eric, during his four paragraph angry letter to a natio…
@girlonthenet I will absolutely take that @girlonthenet @chipscott140 “That’ll learn ‘em.” he says to himself, never getting that time back. @ElliottMrks @ThePoke Oh I remember this one, I ran it ages ago! High water mark for creepy behaviour.What Rod thinks he’s achieved: fearlessly sticking it to “the man” and teaching ‘em a lesson they won’t soon forget… @Liambayit @ALEXC_1988 Aaaaaaaand there’s the mute button 😃 @mancunianmedic @angrypiln Everyone enjoys a crossover / team-up! @angrypiln @mancunianmedic I’m so curious now as to what article ideas they’ve come up with. @Liambayit @ALEXC_1988 No it isn’t
Fair play, though you’re so outraged that 0.001p of your money is going towards helping children to not starve
@GreybobCath I remember at the time quite enjoying doing them. Only did three or four, can’t remember why I stopped… @Deansplaining He really enjoys the weather on Skaro quite well, I think. remembered that years ago I went through a brief period of matching Daily Mail comments in ANGRY ALL CAPS with…
“Classic shitter.”“The subject of today’s discussion is, what’s your favourite type of toilet and why? First up we have Edwin from We…🤔 @PhilLHoward Yeah, you run with that 😃Always amazed by the sheer acreage of space that Meghan Markle occupies, entirely rent-free, in these people’s heads wait until he finds out that it’s illegal in Scotland to punch someone for not bringing you the dinner you want
....I think you owe apologies to more than just Robert Browning, Barbara.
EXPRESS READER LEVELS LEVEL 1: Basic disdain for people on benefits LEVEL 15: Demanding people on benefits lose t…
@mr_milton75 Oh Dave is a frequent flyer, there’s a few names I recognise whenever they pop up 😃 @mr_milton75 do realise that’s a tweet of mine, right? 😂oh mate
@girlonthenet Me, whenever I hear anyone asking that question: NEWS: Excitement felt across the world at the prospect that we're all immune to COVID-19 now because magic
@StickBobblecart“Jean-Claude! JEAN-CLAUDE! Chercher mon stylo!”
@classytart These things are all relative 😃Philosophical man on the Mail Online has got 705 Likes for saying he’s going to sacrifice trifle to be racist. #2020
Retweeted by Pointless Letters.....but it’s these modern PC types that are the snowflakesClimbing into the loft, searching through dusty boxes, retrieving and then shredding an old Mr. Men book to own the…
@drew_carver Picture from their first party conference @ivegotamuon @angrypiln Possibly at the point where she was drawing the swastika and colouring it in for the armband? But again, no. @ivegotamuon @angrypiln You’d think at some point some warning bell would have gone off somewhere in the mum’s head. But no.Ah, 2013. When the idea of someone dressing as a Nazi in plain sight was something unusual.“Lynn, idea for a spinoff from Angry People in Local Newspapers called Angry Dictators in National Newspapers. If t… tough on dogs, tough on the causes of dogs. Which is dogs. Which they’re tough on. Dogs. Bastards. @alan0669 DAMMIT I JUST DID @alan0669 And I would have, for the bajillionth time, typed the words “See my pinned tweet” 😂POLITICS: And I think you’ll find that’s both check *and* mate, Sir Keir. @I_am_Lukem It’s either “great minds think alike” or “fools seldom differ” 😃 @morgarf I’ll not lie to you, that’s the best bit of work I’ll do all day.WACKY RACISTSAfter the shitshow that 2020 has been so far, I am completely up for watching a bunch of angry racists running abou…, on Facebook...... mean with glowing galaxy-level megabrain followers like this, that’s going to be a fearsome culture warrior army. for one absolutely cannot wait to see the assembled mighty ranks of Laurence Fox’s Reclaim Party culture warriors…
Is that what they’re after, Chaka? Is it really? reported that when they logged in they were at the Tory Party conference“Terrible things happened the better part of a century ago so no-one can ever complain about anything bad happening to them ever.”“Awww no, I’ve burnt my toast!” “Excuse me but I think you’ll find the young men who went off to fight the Japanes…
What does he think is going to happen here, people will end up playing football with the virus in no-man’s land whi… @BeffernieBlack @girlonthenet Genuinely my proudest contribution to the Internet, this. @AOC He’ll try to pass it off as Pontiff-icating, not lying. @pointlesslettrs Giving yourself an aneurysm to own the libs.
Retweeted by Pointless’s a full, rich life, isn’t it Tony?
REASONS WHY BRITAIN IS TOTALLY RUINED THESE DAYS, NUMBER 23,257: “Everyone since 1946 who has worn jeans.” @FromTheReal @mancunianmedic Alrighty then! Thanks for stopping by!
@still_game84 Yep. People think that sort of thing happens in some sort of great big external change done by obviou… @still_game84 They are all real. I understand the impulse and the need for them not to be, but they are.That’s in no way a neurotic, paranoid, backward-looking, insular basket case that thinks if it wishes really really… day, another example of that confident, freewheeling, future-facing, post-Brexit global Britain.“If these uppity foreigners will insist on making decisions for themselves then we need to find a way to punish the…
The other 36 are in a thread here: POINTLESS LETTERS TOP THIRTY-SEVEN TERRIFYING PHRASES TO SEE SOMEONE ACTUALLY USE WHEN WRITING IN TO A NEWSPAPE… @WheelerSimon This thread is mainly Express and Mail, with supporting slots from the Sun, Daily Star and Metro. One… @andrewctenor Too late Andrew, I just ran with it. @Ashles3000 That seems to be the plan. @manticlops I think it is, because where do you draw the line with “western values”? Do we lock someone up for not… @bibbleco This one? Daily Star.