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22. Pokémon YouTuber. Married. #GengarGang! 💜

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Excited for this 🌼🌸💐🐣💖 on day 527 of quarantine @mitch9520 Okay thanks! I’ll dm you tomorrow 🤗 @mitch9520 Wanna trade for the black cotton candy stand? My switch code is 5093-4804-2520 @QueenTamXO @tslayersYT Dolly is shaking rn 🥵 @UrTeamLeader Yes! What would you want in return? I have no idea what to offer haha🚨if anyone has the pink horse, pastel tea cup ride or pink cotton candy stand pleaseeeeee trade with me if you don’… @Izzy_absolut That too 🥳
Jk I’m actually Waldo tested positive for being baby 🥺👉🏻👈🏻💞 @KnightRalph316 That’s 2nd on my list 🍑 @landoralpha But I’m only half way up 🥴 @JermanAguilar Awe look at u💖 @Treker43 If you get a shiny Aipom from Go Snapshot photobomb it will appear shiny on the map 💖All I want for my birthday is for DrDisrespect to wish me a happy birthday @KaitoNolan Levi could ruin my life and I’d say thank you tbh 🥴 @KaitoNolan Ok but #4 is not it sis 😤 had so much fun streaming Animal Crossing tonight 😭💖 I love that we can all hang out on my island together! I feel so wholesome rn 🥺 @jcpics3 @Creed SAME
@landoralpha Yes 🥺👉🏻👈🏻 I’ll let you know my dodo code later ok @Matthewbabybaby @landoralpha You’ll have to come to nut island sometime 🥺👉🏻👈🏻 @landoralpha I NEED THE HEADSET omgSo me and @tslayersYT had an Animal Crossing play date and we wore out matching @drdisrespect outfits and I’ve neve…
@BurnMan805 $69 @BurnMan805 Subscribe to my only fans plz @Spenguin9 This video was made for you!!! 🐧💙✨✨✨ @Jennife92223241 So cute!! @Jennife92223241 I used these designs 💖 island has become a love child of Sailor Moon and Pokémon and i couldn't be happier #AnimalCrossing #ACNH distance from which you can interact with Gyms has been temporarily doubled, allowing you to be farther from Gy…
Retweeted by 😈Caitlyn😈 @AwesomeAdamTV Piplup Mercury 🐧 worst April fools joke of all time 😤 people are saying it’s good for pvp tho so idk lol @tslayersYT Shut up Linus Tech Titties💀💀💀 showing hubby literally everything I do on my island spend about 90% of my time giggling about how cute my animal crossing island is and then showing my husband how cute it isPokemon community, best community❤️
Retweeted by 😈Caitlyn😈 @QueenTamXO @tslayersYT @landoralpha Me breaking quarantine to get my birthday cake ate @tslayersYT @landoralpha Me after I did my nails did for my bday and have no one to show them off to 🥺👉🏻👈🏻 @landoralpha @tslayersYT Can this be me @landoralpha @tslayersYT Noooo I’m Linus 😤😤😤 @landoralpha Me and my friends on my bday on Saturday 😔🎉 shower! Wishing on shooting stars <3 #AnimalCrossing #ACNH #NintendoSwitch
@CelPm11 @PkmnMasterHolly @_ZoeTwoDots @trnrtips @coupleofgaming Congratulations! 🎉 💖Love this!!!
@landoralpha Congrats 💖💖💖
@EdDinIL Ayeeee nice! Congrats 💖It’s good news that it’s out for everyone, but I think they should have increased spawns and shiny rates like they… @OGJayDevin Imo they really should have increased the spawns and shiny rates for a few days like they do with most… news everyone 💚✨ @AlexMclaughlin6 Yes! Sorry I completely forgot about that haha @BurnMan805 at home? Participate in my incense challenge! Put on an incense and see how many points you can rack up! (See… Nook remembered my birthday :') #AnimalCrossing #ACNH #NintendoSwitch @Manny41893 OOF @Spenguin9 I’m so bad for keeping them all! Haha the make up day I had hurt my storage even worse 😭 @joshhhh91 It’s regional to South America, Aus and New Zealand @Spenguin9 But my storage many Chatot should I keep for trading? @DomiHydro You will be able to build a vaulting pole that helps you cross water soon! Then eventually you get the chance to build a bridgestringfish babyyyyyy #AnimalCrossing #ACNH #NintendoSwitch
✨NEW VIDEO! Safari Zone was incredible!✨ SHINIES EVERYWHERE! Safari Zone St. Louis Global Event! Pokémon Go @Spenguin9 @landonaero @landoralpha @JT_Valor You would just have to download the elgato hd60 software on your lapt… @Spenguin9 @landonaero @landoralpha @JT_Valor I just use the elgato hd60s with a hdmi cable connecting the switch and computer. Very simple! @landoralpha I got one and I’ve seen a lot of others get one too...I’m thinking it’s guaranteed but I can’t confirm haha @PoGoMaster5000 I’m seeing Throh right now! I’m not sure about Sawk @PoGoMaster5000 Yes!! @88Expert The cell service where I live isn’t good enough to stream, sadly @PoGoMaster5000 Safari hat Pikachu, Solosis, Lunatone, Chatot, Unown, Teddiursa (shiny available), and much more!I just started my Safari Zone St. Louis event and OMG the spawns are AMAZING! ✨I caught a Golden Trout! (also plz ignore my bum ass eye. The wasps show no mercy) #AnimalCrossing #ACNH
Yayyyy @whiteblingin The mythical Pokémon shinies are usually in the code but they never release them 😕And I’m assuming Victini special research is coming soon!Omg the Easter event is gonna be so cute 🌸🐣🐰*Cries* @landoralpha IM SO TRIPPED OUT WTF that’s such a clever idea lolWhen no one’s playing Pokémon Sword and Shield because of #AnimalCrossingNewHorizons @clovi224 Yesss! It’s gonna be so fun!OMG IM SO EXCITED!! 🐣 🐰 💖
✨NEW VIDEO✨ I did an oopsie... | Catching Genesect and Durant in Pokémon Go! + Team Go Rocket Leader Battles @AwesomeAdamTV Like no one ever was 🎶I felt this @TheKruseShipYT @KnightRalph316 Damn right 😤 @UrTeamLeader I always be looking like that tbh 🤧 made a Gengar room.... #AnimalCrossing #ACNH #NintendoSwitch
Me making sure my animal crossing island is in pristine condition before I go to bed at 5am @Spenguin9 This gave me severe anxiety 😅 @Spenguin9 I legit get so freaked out 😭 I almost threw my Switch one time 🥴Animal crossing tarantulas will be the death of me 🥴 #AnimalCrossingNewHorizons
Pikachu used flip the switch, it was super effective!
Retweeted by 😈Caitlyn😈Amazing news 🥳 @tslayersYT Me when i claimed my rewards and saw Genesect