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Ella ⚡ TL40 @PokeTrainerElla South East, England

Pokemon Master & Magizoologist / #PokemonGo #TeamInstinct ⚡ / #WizardsUnite #Hufflepuff ✨

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@markinazz So it's gunna go up rather than down? 🤔 @ChEfOo_Vn Pokebattler will tell you 🙂Rhyhorn truffles with black sesame white chocolate ganache for #PokemonGOCommunityDay! @Pokemon @PokemonGoApp
Retweeted by Ella ⚡ TL40 @JorneBoss @PokemonGOHubNet @NianticHelp @LeekDuck @LeoDubFire Weird 🤔 @wernericeman Once you get to level 7 you get a rank number @ChEfOo_Vn Gotta train them up! 😃 @Kroniks_pokemon 😃Also I've come to realise I have no chance in Master league because I don't max my Pokémon out 🤣So apparently I'm ranked 2,750 or something in Pokémon that in my rank or overall in the whole game? @da_rubster I got one of him, I just want a better him 😃 @crashdnb Don’t worry, I’m not going to Liverpool either, it’s bloody miles away 😂😂😂😂 @ChEfOo_Vn Aww that’s a shame 😢 @mfourie64 NONE EVER @dad2daughthter Aww nice 😆Just did 2 lots of battles. I got 9/10 wins because one of the games broke 😑 Also 2 wins were due to someone just u… @JorneBoss @PokemonGOHubNet @NianticHelp @LeekDuck @LeoDubFire Oo interesting. I had one spare account on my hotspo… @Smarty2442 This will be much less confusing now 😀 @Prism_Yuuzuki The tweaked it to the extreme! I got 16 in 2 hours 😁 @Ross_TheGeek yes 😂16 shiny Rhyhorn in 2 hours plus a Hundo plus this guy - very good community day😃 shiny Rhyhorn in the first 5 mins ....have they broken spawn rates 🤣 @DandelionsFTW @NianticHelp I am offended by this bridge 🤣 And the awful Wayfarer system that I gave up using about… @Zeljko31644238 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢 @Zeljko31644238 Oh noooo 😢
Hello new lucky friend 🤣 @crashdnb @vsawatdi @OhSomeBlossom1 @starseektweets @Jd4_me I can't even be bothered to go to the UK one 🤣
@markinazz @hotrod271ftw I wanna winnnnnnnnnn, I don't wanna be like Ash 😃 @hotrod271ftw It's ruined my win ratio, I'm under 50% now 😭 @hotrod271ftw 😠😠😠😠😠😠Just updated the game and tried battling. It is more broken than before 🤣🤣🤣Truth 😎 you haven't seen, Niantic say they're fixing PVP! Hopefully once the next forced update happens we can battle ag… @NianticHelp Thanks for your reply. I've had a read of the bugs in the link and for me, the issue isn't lagging, it… @PkmnTrainerARS @NianticHelp That sucks 😭I love this idea 🤣 @Jaoquinrp88 @NianticHelp 🤣
@TheEonX @AmandaS635557 I feel like it's gone slightly backwards, it was working better before. They definitely nee… @bernfus @NianticHelp Broken for everyone I think 😭 @Savage_Beamz I don't mind these sort of events but I want them in takes me 3 days to hatch a 7k cos I have to go to work 😭 @ChEfOo_Vn @AmandaS635557 It's definitely only the last few days they managed to break it! Such a shame, it was going so well.
As much as I want turtlemon and bird thing...I'm not spending money on incubators anymore. Every weekend you do an… @ChEfOo_Vn 😭😭😭😭 I wanna play but it sucks @HolidayHiJynx @mfourie64 @NianticHelp Sounds like it 😑😑😑😑 ughhhh @ShortellePoke Booo! 😔 @Quent48911092 @NianticHelp 😭😭😭😭😭 Makes it worse when it's the only way to get Scraggy @Quent48911092 @NianticHelp Ugh so annoying 😔 2 times out of 3 it's broken for me today, never done it before. Not… @mfourie64 @HolidayHiJynx @NianticHelp I've never heard of anyone having the match shown as won after it breaks 😔Just did it again on my 3rd battle after an easy 2nd win. Seriously?!?! 😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑 Better stop PVPing. @mfourie64 @NianticHelp 🤣🤣🤣 @HolidayHiJynx @mfourie64 @NianticHelp I had assumed it just broke for both of us 😔Yay...'s "spotlight hour" time don't wanna sound salty but: @NianticHelp fix your game.
Retweeted by Ella ⚡ TL40 @mfourie64 @NianticHelp And that means I have to lose?! 😭😭😭😭Been stuck like this for 10 mins and the only way out is to surrender 😑 And before you say anything @NianticHelp my… @ShortellePoke Unless they just increase the spawns at specific spawn points 😭 @ChEfOo_Vn Sounds like there is no Pokémon ! It's a random increase of all PokémonWhat is the point of this?! 🤣
@homero_moreno I don't sorry, mine were all given to me by my bro in law 😱 @homero_moreno Only if you don't want to keep them! I wouldn't wanna be stealing good ones 😃 @homero_moreno I have them too but mine are terrible IVs 😃 @mfourie64 Can't spell anything with those, you need some more letters 😃 @HLR_Heather Ahh needed a ticket for that, explains why there aren't so many about @HLR_Heather From normal dex I'm missing J, Z and ?. I think you're right about no events with it!If any of you spoofers out there have Unown B, F, J, Q, T, Z and ? and wanna trade them away in return for a Luvdisc I'm here for you 🤣I found another Cherubi quest and it's 3* 😍😍😍😍😍 Yasssss. I now have a 3* Gen 1-4 live Dex not including a load of U… is one of the last 3* Pokémon I need for gen 4 and I found a quest with it and I was so excited and it came out 2*. I cry 😭
We really do, pleaseeee @Niantic 🤣! @EpicFowles 😃✨ know who these people are? @Ross_TheGeek @superteddiursa Perfect for hatching eggs 🤣Look how pretty 😍😍😍 @Zeljko31644238 @Ross_TheGeek @superteddiursa We were in the car the whole time, was very surprised my spare phone didn't have craz… @PokeTrainerElla
Retweeted by Ella ⚡ TL40Good Lickitung raid day despite the excessive rain with help from @superteddiursa. 😃 We all managed to get our shin…
@bernfus Aww 😔 I just can't be bothered to travel that far! Wish it had been in London.Just a little bit of illegal advertising going on there 🤣 except me 🤣
@ChEfOo_Vn I managed 2/4 today. Hands hurt from clicking now so I'll do the last one tomorrow 🤣 @mypalalex I think they normally make it harder for these raid days (which is stupid, maybe they won't this time)PVP is breaking a lot for me now ughhh 😭 I can't win anything cos it keeps saying weak connection. (And cos I only have 2 decent Pokémon) 🤣As the poll ended in a tie, I would let the winner choose which of these he wants. So yeah once again it's Giveawa…
Retweeted by Ella ⚡ TL40 @muzisuki85 Yasss 😎 @LikeChvrches Buy me a plane ticket 😃 @mfourie64 @IloniqueBlog Sell it!!!! 😃 @LikeChvrches 🤣 I'll work out if I can do it the morning before after all the Aussies finish raidingMy husband and I occasionally log into each others accounts and I've taken my friends spare phone to do ex-raids fo… @LikeChvrches Sounds like duoable if Niantic stick to level 4 but you can never trust them!!!! @ChEfOo_Vn You say that, we used to struggle with Tyranitars soooo much 🤣 @PokeTrainerElla They announced it as level 4, bring out your fighting crew and easy duo
Retweeted by Ella ⚡ TL40 @markinazz Noice 😎 @DonkeyBiscuits You'd hope it would be level 4 so that sounds promising! The others were level 4 weren't they? Gengar day etc?This raid day Lickitung, we thinking it will be duoable? 🤔 @RaidfighterNYC @Bylord971 @OhSomeBlossom1 @starseektweets @BoyVillalona @vsawatdi @optofirevgc @Sarahchu1517
@AshKetchumShiny @Qureshiii786 @Amaterasu128181000 Followers and any two of these can be yours for ✨FREE✨ #ShinyCheck #PokemonGO #PokemonHome #ShinyGiveAway
Retweeted by Ella ⚡ TL40 @vsawatdi @HolidayHiJynx Same for me! @HolidayHiJynx That's a very good point, that will be skewing the odds. I want them to do a Kanto event one day and…
@StayTech87 Sucks 🤣 I've given up on hatching stuff apart from the infinite incubator. I'll only hatch for stuff li…