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Studying the world's most successful people & companies. Founder & author of @ProfileRead at // former writer at @fortunemagazine

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@p1lonn that's awesome Lonn! Do you have a link to the Stanford Lawyer interview?Tomorrow's Profile Dossier is a deep dive on legendary investor Charlie Munger & the mental models he uses to appro… @Kevin__Wagstaff Thank you so much for reading Kevin! So glad it was valuable @APompliano guys, i think this is a subtweet! @CryptoCatPro lol perfect. You know what they say, the early cat gets the bird...
@APompliano I recommend starting with ;)
@techladyallison @tylertringas @david_perell @web @Alex_Danco @nbashaw @DruRly @mijustin Thank you Allison!Read the full post & sign up here: Valley’s favorite new app: Clubhouse, a new invite-only social network, is gaining popularity among VCs, fo…’s front woman going solo: @yelyahwilliams started the pop-punk group Paramore & she grew into an emo icon.… science star who promoted a COVID-19 ‘cure’: French microbiologist Didier Raoult gained international attention… football player’s war with darkness: Sammy Watkins, a wide receiver for the Chiefs, talks about the injuries, t… emperor striking back: The coronavirus crisis has presented Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg with the opportunity t… celebrity-turned-resistance journalist: Ronan Farrow began as a talk show host and worked his way into investig… astronauts taking a historic spaceflight: NASA astronauts Bob Behnken & Doug Hurley will be the first passenger… hero America deserves: On May 27, 2 American astronauts will strap into the nose of a Falcon 9 rocket built by… today's @ProfileRead: Why first impressions are severely underrated @web @tylertringas @david_perell @Alex_Danco @nbashaw @DruRly @mijustin @femstreet @ljin18 @emily_singer Thank you so much Web!! 🙏🙏🙏 @_patriciamou @danshipper @nmasc_ @venturetwins @briannekimmel @sequoia @david_perell @sriramk @hazesyah @ataussig @amlewis4 @ProfileRead 7am seemed too punctual so I figured 7:03 was like the "cool time" ;)I'm dropping the weekly @ProfileRead tomorrow at 7:03 a.m. EST. Don't miss it. Subscribe here:
@Jaysivahf wow thank you so much Jay! I really appreciate it!Wrote this in 2017. Still applies today: @DT_32 @ProfileRead 🙌🙌🙌 YES! Thank you so much Derrick! Won’t disappoint :)I just subscribed to @ProfileRead by @polina_marinova Reason: investing in our health does not mean we neglect ou…
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@PrestonPysh @APompliano hahah noooo take the like back! @APompliano @MarcusSpillane no one agreed to this! @startupbavs @APompliano SAME MARK SAME @jposhaughnessy @APompliano JIM. @APompliano Guys please stop liking this!! I don’t want to look like a dinosaur...."Tail-end events are all that matter. Once you experience it, you’ll never think otherwise." — @morganhousel
"There is no movie or book that can surprise you like another person can." — @zachbaron @PrestonPysh @JesseItzler @APompliano yes please!! :) Thanks, Preston!Check it out here: @derekbaynton @Jer_Diamond @wguidara @PathSpot @DavidSpinks @Alex_Danco @KnowTheFlipSide @david_perell @khemaridh Thank you so much Derek!! @austin_rief @CashApp I mean, how is it possible you're not on Cameo yet?“Control your success as much as you can. Do not leave it in the hands of other people.” @Spanx founder Sara Blake… @LarocheUlysse @RphGrc @ThisIsYoann @nbashaw @2vldy @Nicolas_Colin thank you so much!!
@karenbforster @SPANX me too! Her advice is always on point @trinetti @WritersSalon Absolutely! Send me an email with the details at polina@readtheprofile.comTomorrow's Profile Dossier is a deep dive on @Spanx founder Sara Blakely. Become a member here to receive it tomor… @trinetti thank you so much Matthew!Seriously loving @polina_marinova's weekly newsletter The Profile. Insightful, deep thinking, and delivered with ca…
Retweeted by Polina MarinovaThank you to @TheHustle for featuring The Profile's Q&A on loneliness today! Check out the full Q&A here:… Science Behind Why Social Isolation Can Make You Lonely - The Profile
Retweeted by Polina MarinovaMental health break:
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If you work in media & you've recently lost your job, read this post by @hamishmckenzie discussion: - Loneliness as *perceived* social isolation - Loneliness (not very pleasant) vs Solitude (…
Retweeted by Polina Marinova @elyseash thank you Elyse!! @JayKapoorNYC @praddenkeefe @SpotifyUSA thank you Jay!What’s the best longform storytelling project you’ve seen? (Ex: The New York Times’ Snow Fall) @iam_prash Ahh thank you so much Prashanth! I can’t wait to read this!
Sign up at! @DanWilson thank you Dan!! @SoulStyleBeauty Ugh it’s horrible. “New Yorkers can get married virtually during coronavirus! ... Unless your wedd… @chrbrantley @a_greenberg Thank YOU for reading! @SoulStyleBeauty Oof, I’m in the same email purgatory....Have they told you when they’re adding new dates? @leia_ruseva @ProfileRead Haha oh my gosh I love the idea of an “intellectual Disneyland” 🥰Every week I find myself looking forward to getting Sunday's @ProfileRead. Today, I got a glimpse of how…
Retweeted by Polina MarinovaI love this newsletter: The Profile by @ProfileRead
Retweeted by Polina MarinovaRead the full post & sign up for @ProfileRead here: retailer that could be the last to re-open: Patagonia was one of the first retailers to temporarily shut its do… drug company on the frontlines: There haven’t been a lot of stories of foresight and preparedness in this pande… startup fast-tracking Ford’s self-driving cars: While Waymo & Uber aim to operate robotic ride-hail services, A… voice of God: You may not recognize Edoardo Ballerini’s face, but you’ve likely heard his voice. Ballerini is o… billionaire’s magician: As a professional magician, Daniel Chan has performed thousands of shows for technology… man who saw the future: The U.S. has fared worse than other countries in dealing with the pandemic b/c it faile… king of quarantine: So Robert Pattinson is set to be the next Batman. But quarantine has sort of derailed his t… Woman’s penchant for normalcy: @GalGadot was a natural fit for the role of Wonder Woman because she’s fearle… hacker who saved the internet: After Marcus Hutchins stopped one of the most dangerous cyber attacks in the wor… today's @ProfileRead: What makes a good profile @one_muldoon @jaydimonte @leepnet Thank you so much Juan!!I did a profile of The Profile’s @polina_marinova where we discussed the systems and processes she uses to compile…
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@APompliano AND from The Profile: @kevinleeme @danshipper @ProfileRead Haha thank you so much Kevin! @Valentin_Decker Thank you for reading Valentin!!"As a writer, you have to actually figure out ways to show the reader who someone is versus just telling them. It’…
Retweeted by Polina Marinova @andrewhmoses @danshipper Thanks Andrew! I keep it pretty simple and categorize by date but if it’s an idea, I mark… @MAustin_4249 that is a fiiiiine lookin' tote! #thinkweek @MAustin_4249 this looks like heaven @kmav88 HAHAHAHAHA @MistuhBailey hahah thank you Bailey!!
.@danshipper documented my elaborate Google Doc system for putting together @ProfileRead every week 👉 Check it out… @danshipper Thank you so much Dan 🙏🙏🙏Special Friday Night Superorganizers! @polina_marinova sits down to tell us why she loves to pay attention to the…
Retweeted by Polina Marinova.@danshipper's profile of @polina_marinova (author/founder of The Profile) is 😙👌 > "If you really pay attention to…
Retweeted by Polina Marinova @BleeckerCharlie @GalGadot @ProfileRead I feel like there are many situations in life where I don't feel the need to be "elbowy"....haha.@GalGadot on how she thinks about ambition: Sign up for @ProfileRead to read this profile and more this Sunday m… @DrewKerr haha i haven't! just the birdsI just heard birds chirping in NYC...Great to know that sounds other than yelling and honking DO exist! @APompliano neither should "ad agencies" @APompliano "keyboard warriors" shouldn't be capitalized. That's all. @hamishmckenzie @ProfileRead Lol, none. Also, important to note that this impassioned speech happened over croissants and tea.Honestly, all the media layoffs are too much (and too awful) to keep up with. If you are affected and want to exp…
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