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@DREWGRIFFlN 🙏🙏🙏Tomorrow's edition of @ProfileRead has some incredible stories. Sign up here to get them first thing in the mornin…
Retweeted by Polina MarinovaTimeless lessons from the late NYT columnist David Carr. (Courtesy of @erinleecarr from her memoir "All That You Le…
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Tomorrow's edition of @ProfileRead has some incredible stories. Sign up here to get them first thing in the mornin…
@mrchriscable @frankstartups really?! This makes me feel so much better you have no idea @frankstartups Honestly, this is a very good question. Because you can’t have someone else do it for you? @brooke She has a strength I will never knowThe DMV is a truly special place. There are people FaceTiming loudly, some are meditating, others are having meltdo…
Read the full newsletter here & sign up: photographer who captured America’s dark side: The pictures in Robert Frank’s The Americans are so ordinary tha… social media giant taking on bullying: At a time when social media platforms are being blamed for a great deal… professional dungeon master: Professional dungeon mastering has become a business—and for some, even a career.… world’s top online dating tycoon: Andrey Andreev is behind Bumble oversees a corporate HQ that former employees… most popular teen in the world: With 8 million subscribers on YouTube Emma Chamberlain dropped out of high scho…’s e-commerce queen: Hanzade Dogan-Boyner, the founder of Turkey’s largest e-commerce platform, is flourishin… this week's @ProfileRead, we've got: The creative genius behind the Yeezy empire: Kanye West’s obsessiveness is… @srinitude @janamal @Alfred_Lin @jeff_jordan thank you Kiren!Expand into other markets and offerings? Double-down on the core product? Coping with losing a lot of money? Lots…
Retweeted by Polina MarinovaVery valuable advice from @FBI’s Amy Hess: Stop clicking around. #FortuneTech.@FBI’s Amy Hess speaks with @editorialiste at #FortuneTech: “When companies see activity that looks off, we are h…“Are you going public?” “I would love to take Postmates public. That’s the plan right now..” - @Basti at #FortuneTechThere is now a @Postmates robot thing on the stage. #FortuneTech“If you’re not the most capitalized player in the business, you have to find other ways to compete.” – @Basti at… @yrechtman We’re having some technical issues that are affecting the formatting & causing the humongous font. Should be fixed soon!
@ampressman @jeff_jordan @Alfred_Lin @janamal @FortuneTech Sigh.... @mikejgr LOL they wouldn’t let me ;)"It's incumbent upon all of us who are excited about this space to think about real use cases & to show people how…"It's always important to remind people that you can't track cash at all so there's a lot of illegal activity that…"I worry because innovation doesn't wait." — SEC's @HesterPeirce at #FortuneTech"I encourage every one of you who is working in this space to come talk to me to explore this safe harbor approach.…"I'm afraid so much of this innovation is being pushed to Asia. Is there a timeline for guidance from the SEC? "Ev…"The U.S. Dollar is the country's greatest asset. Does crypto put that at risk?" "I am free market, so I think peo…"I worry about the innovation leaving our shores, and I also worry about U.S. investors from being precluded from t…"Is America forfeiting some innovation to Switzerland and Asia?" "That's one of the worries I have. I want to make…"I have read Facebook's white paper, and it contains an aspirational vision. What excites me about it is that it co… Libra hearings: "I don't envy anyone who has to sit in that chair. It's not always easy to answer those Qs. But…"My portfolio is very plain vanilla so I can do my job without being conflicted." — SEC's @HesterPeirce at #FortuneTech"Have you bought Bitcoin?" "I have not. In my current role, I'm not allowed to invest in it." — SEC's @HesterPeirce at #FortuneTech"I think a safe harbor approach might be the best type of approach in the crypto space." — SEC's @HesterPeirce at #FortuneTech"Congress is my boss, so I don't tell it what to do, but we should remember that securities laws are fairly flexibl…"I want to get that fraud exposed & addressed because I think it keeps capital from flowing to good projects. My de…"Even people who are in favor of free markets are not in favor of fraud." — SEC's @HesterPeirce in response to… Commissioner @HesterPeirce: "When I meet with people in the crypto space, they tell me, 'Just tell us what to d… @Nicolas_Colin @SarahNoeckel @AndysHVC @JennyJudova @_TheFamily @mschmidbaur @UKTNofficial @femstreet @StrictlyVC @Nicolas_Colin @AndysHVC @JennyJudova @_TheFamily @mschmidbaur @UKTNofficial @femstreet @StrictlyVC @launchticker raised $15.3 million in funding from Andreessen Horowitz & Y Combinator to make email cool again. @DJBentley Ok but like have you tried their jumpsuits? ;) @heympv @aashaysanghvi_ Lolol Twitter never forgets 💀Something to think about before you take a DNA test #FortuneTech“I’ve learned to be much more careful with what I say,” – @stewart on what he’s learned from his leadership coach #FortuneTech“It’s harder to maintain a real focus on quality and user experience the larger you get (as a company).” – @stewart at #FortuneTech“I don’t actually think that Slack will save people a lot of time. But I do think it provides transparency and alig…“Everyone’s inbox is partial and unique. @Slack is channel-based & provides transparency within the organization.”… newsletters in the app by awesome women 🤘🧠 1. Total ANARCHY @annhandley 2. The…
Retweeted by Polina Marinova“We took advantage of the really generous funding environment over the last 5 years. We didn’t need the money.” –…
“Discovery is absolutely everything for an independent artist.” – @findingfletcher at #FortuneTech“Streaming opened up a whole new opportunity for artists. @Spotify gave me a platform to create a global fan base.”… has used data they collect to determine what is "the perfect jumpsuit for a consumer over the age of 50" #FortuneTech"We're selling $1.5 billion of apparel -- none of which was chosen by the consumer." — @stitchfix CEO @kmlake #FortuneTech.@Ring founder @JamieSiminoff has over 100 connected devices in his home. #FortuneTechFortune's @brainstormtech kicks off with @adamlashinsky interviewing Walmart CEO Doug McMillon: "We fell behind an…
@brooke 😭I highly recommend @polina_marinova's weekly newsletter @ProfileRead, which features the best profiles on successfu…
Retweeted by Polina Marinova @WNFIV @APompliano It did not take long at all for the bitcoin jokes to come out 💀 @philwahba Hahahaha I stand corrected 😭One part of Times Square is fine, the other isn’t #blackout
Saturday night dinner #NYCBlackout edition with @APompliano @APompliano There are some 🔥 articles in tomorrow’s newsletter:
@Bryan_Weis hey Bryan -- Trust me, I hear you. We're going through some technical difficulties at the moment but sh… @Stan_Cherry @JoeKernan @CNBC @APompliano I'm personally still mourning this look:"We're seeing a shift in what we trust. Do we trust the humans or do we trust the algorithms?" — @APompliano on… @jayeshgopalan @farnamstreet It’s all over!
There are 7 companies that raised more than $100 million in funding in today's Term Sheet: I do ...during the week: Term Sheet ( ) ...during the weekend: The Profile (…
People are chanting “Pay them more” at the #USWNTParade @APompliano @PeterMcCormack please someone buy it."Well, the good news is we have plenty of time to work on this...." @howardlindzon @APompliano @RaoulGMI @sergekass honestly same
In 1986, @FortuneMagazine published the first major profile of H. Ross Perot: "The Fastest, Richest Texan Ever."
Retweeted by Polina Marinovawent to Bali, did all of the investigative journalism: profile of Jeff Jordan, partner at @a16z by @polina_marinova Favorite part: "He tried…
Retweeted by Polina Marinova @alex lol no comment. We’re going through a migration on the back end so hoping all is fixed soon.Here's why @richardbranson partnered with @chamath to take Virgin Galactic public, making it the first space touris… Data Sheet @FortuneTech today has @adamlashinsky on @polina_marinova on @a16z's @jeff_jordan, news of a SPAC-y…
Retweeted by Polina MarinovaI highly recommend @polina_marinova's weekly newsletter @ProfileRead, which features the best profiles on successfu…
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@McKennaPMoore "a strong fabric sheet connected by springs to a frame" 😂I'm back! In today's @thetermsheet: How WeWork is 'shoring up confidence:'
A story from @ProfileRead made it in this awesome Twitter moment :) CHAMPS 💪💪💪 the full newsletter here & sign up: rent-a-friend company: Here’s a bizarre cure for the loneliness epidemic — a company that lets you rent friends… secretive investment firm: When Two Sigma launched, it set up more like a tech company than a financial service… Facebook of fitness: @Strava used to be the social network for hard-core athletes. But now, it wants to attract…’s powerhouse: @MargotRobbie entered Hollywood being typecast. She wanted more from her career, & ‘glamoro…'s greatest heartbreak: @USWNT star @mPinoe worshipped her brother Brian. But their paths diverged. At 15, Me… this week's @ProfileRead, we've got: The founder of the most dangerous site: Some have compared 8chan to terror… you for the @ProfileRead shout out, Howard! You can sign up here:
@TZhongg Honestly it’s brilliant. @apompliano and I are considering doing it in Central Park? @Edge4572 😭😭😭Proof that Instagram influencers have ruined everything👇 My hopes & dreams were shattered when I found out the “wa…