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@matt_levine @nkumar23 @lauraolin @333333333433333 thank you so much, Matt. What a huge compliment coming from you🙏 @AliBHamed "I vow to always favorite your tweets, re-tweet you often & never let the trolls come after you..." @tonypompliano only the occasional oversized rat
god, I miss Georgia. is the best story ever:'s why @RobinhoodApp just bought financial newsletter @MarketSnacks: 👉 @venturetwins @mikster @HolisticismCo @femstreet @thingtesting_ @PitchBook @secretsaucetech 🙌 thank you guys!!
@alexrkonrad It was really good!!for some reason @polina_marinova neglected to mention this ever and omg it's my new favorite thing. strong recommend
Retweeted by Polina Marinova @lisamarie_lynn Awww!!! You’re the best! ❤️ @karenjnovak @mariejavins Oooh I will! Thanks Karen @karenjnovak Thank you Karen!!Another wonderfully eclectic newsletter from @polina_marinova. 👇🏼
Retweeted by Polina Marinova“Travel wallops your ethnocentricity, carbonates your experience, and rearranges your cultural furniture.” —… @ericsatz @ProfileRead Thank you so much, Eric!Highly recommend @polina_marinova's weekly @ProfileRead. She makes $ writing a daily business summary for Fortune,…
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@APompliano @nmeofdst8vM660 @devsamjones @saifedean 🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬For proof that journalism is alive and well:
@chriszeoli also didn't know term sheet had so much in common with Wine Spectator!Um. @fastcopy @UGAGrady oh I LOVE that this can be educational! ;) @kathy_m_osborne I'm grabbing a glass of wine and watching "The Inventor" tonight. Cannot wait. @JayKapoorNYC yes! @dansjensen @shane_bauer @MotherJones that was INSANELY well-doneWhat's the best investigative article you've ever read?First Glossier, now Rent the Runway 💰 💰 💰 (by @_emmahinchliffe) @mariana1heredia @DataKimist @aaronclarkcodes @FortuneMagazine I think what you’re talking about is PR...I’m having trouble understa… @DataKimist @aaronclarkcodes @FortuneMagazine No one "threw her under the bus" or complained about a glass ceiling.…
@alex @matt_levine ugh I have this realization every single morning @juliaccarpenter @WSJ omg congrats Julia!! @kwameprice @DataKimist @FortuneMagazine If you know of management changes at VC firms that haven’t been reported y… of news this morning! First, a scoop from @polina_marinova on Backstage Capital
Retweeted by Polina Marinova @DataKimist @FortuneMagazine yes it would.Backstage Capital founder Arlan Hamilton is stepping down as CEO of its operational arm Backstage Studio. She wil…
🦄 And just like that @Glossier is a unicorn 🦄 @patrickh @jackson_bubala @Alex_Danco @david_perell @ataussig @Cookie 🙏🙏🙏
@Propllrhead Oh I’m so excited for this. Thank you!I highly recommend @polina_marinova's weekly newsletter @ProfileRead, which features the best profiles on successfu…
Retweeted by Polina Marinova @cmaustin524 @FortuneMagazine Omg ❤️👯‍♀️ I miss you & our work wife lunches
If you need a great compilation of the best and most important reads from the week, subscribe to…
Retweeted by Polina MarinovaI love @polina_marinova ‘s writings. She’s a lady.
Retweeted by Polina MarinovaThe one newsletter which i always open and read.The Profile by @polina_marinova. Highly recommend subscribing. Link:
Retweeted by Polina MarinovaHighly recommend subscribing to The Profile by @polina_marinova. She keeps you entertained and relevant. What else…
Retweeted by Polina MarinovaI highly recommend @polina_marinova's weekly newsletter @ProfileRead, which features the best profiles on successfu…
Retweeted by Polina Marinova @HeatherHartnett Ahhh 🙌 ❤️ thank you for reading, Heather. (Ps: sending last Sunday’s after our Austin ~adventure~ was interestingggg) @davehendricks Hahaha oh you went there @thechipexpert @ProfileRead @sxsw 😭😭😭🙏
Man, @matt_levine's newsletter is such a treat. On the tipster who led the feds to the college admissions scam whi… read this piece on the value of applying multiple mental models by @ProfileRead
Retweeted by Polina Marinova @craigfleisher @ProfileRead Thank you for reading! @farnamstreet is the best @jennlh I had to google that and it makes some big promises! @deeeedle sigh.
@Eiganesveien Right?! The airports are like NYC on steroidsTed Schlein and John Doerr we’re clients of the man at the center of the admissions scandal (but didn’t get the ful…
Retweeted by Polina MarinovaIn today's Term Sheet: Silicon Valley's ties to William Rick Singer, the man at the center of the college admission… @U2adrock of all the things I did it for, the likes were not one of them @scwilliamson24 It's possible if you're careful ... and if you don't get swindled into buying the juice. @ShaunMcCracken2 ok that does make me feel slightly better @P_K_Srivastava ain't that the truth.I tweet about everything from billion-dollar startups going bust to Ja Rule's involvement in Fyre Festival ... but… @APOSTOL11778943 никога повече
@AdamLocklin Yeah I’m really not sure why crypto twitter ran with this very non-crypto tweet but I’m not mad about it @shogunbreeze Fresh. But honestly I couldn’t see so who know? 🙈 @yesitsmecrissy it was a poor decision made too early in the morning... @steevevakees the Fyre Festival of beverages @hany @MarkYusko I am literally calculating how much each sip costs @geekyyang From Juice Press... @MarkYusko It's like a juice/smoothie type thing so I think there's a vegetable or two thrown in there. But I don't… @Tiraspol you could charge $27 for it in NYC! @bennpeifert @bennpeifert ok yeah that's a whole other reality I'm not emotionally prepared for @DJBentley WHAT is this?I just paid $11 for a do any of us live in New York?
@MaijaMaltais @tarawestover thank you!!
@tarawestover It was excellent. Thank you for sharing your story“My life was narrated for me by others. Their voices were forceful, emphatic, absolute. It had never occurred to me…
@Pretty_Southern @SNLUpdate omg 🙏🙏🙏❤️This is one of the best story telling experiences not on a native app @vgnett. Oh yeah, if you don’t follow The P…
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@michaelbatnick @peterpham Oh yeah not used to “mountain” water in NYC. Really hits you fast. @MelinaBergkamp Not fizzy! Just regular water...Update: It got confiscated because it was an “open container”Really getting wild at SXSW. Drinking water in a can. @AliBHamed I heard Keelin's sigh from 1,743 miles away.Great interview with @cyantist
Retweeted by Polina Marinova @eladgil @rsriram9 @cyantist @kanyewest @elonmusk @FortuneMagazine Thank you guys for reading!! 🙏 @rsriram9 @cyantist @kanyewest @elonmusk @eladgil @FortuneMagazine I really enjoyed this one.
This was an awesome way to start #IWD2019 reading through quotes compiled by @polina_marinova who has profiled over…
Retweeted by Polina Marinova @APompliano @Obstropolos If I'm moderating a panel only to find out you're brunching & Bumbling, it ain't going to… @PeterMcCormack @APompliano It’s the exact moment that Anthony tried to make up for this incident: @APompliano @PeterMcCormack you guys did a great job but I think somewhere around the 45:30 mark is the only snippe…
I'm risking being redundant here, but couldn't resist. @polina_marinova invited me to do a guest "Term Sheet." So I…
Retweeted by Polina Marinova @AdiMishraTexas don't worry, I have like 4 coats. I'm ready for anything.Check out @jciesielski's excellent guest column for Term Sheet on why quarterly reporting gets a bad rap for short-… you, Austin. This is honestly the real reason I'm looking forward to SXSW.
@thejuggle_ @vvanedwards Thank you!! @APompliano @CryptoDesignPro Um no she didn’t: