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18+ account . any pronouns . nb ace catboi 🖤🐭🤍💜 vegan btw . friend . ancom . mediocre artist . FFXIV stan . say it with me: TRANS RIGHTS

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@CatboyTips my catboi would NEVER run around naked. they're always wearing their collar like the good boy they are @GR4H4T1A yes I click my hotbars, I can't map so many different keyboard keys to stuff on screen in my head without… @catboy_f Katzenjunge f ist der süßeste und beste Katzenjunge und ich liebe ihn für immer!! @catboy_f_alt @Xarlaxas me and my catboi (they're taller than me so i have trouble reaching their head when they're standing up) @catboy_f Good morning, beloved :3 @catboy_f They will get to feel my claws, and not in the fun way!! @staticffxiv Oh right, I forgot about the undyable version.. also while we're at the complaints desk: I will never… @staticffxiv oh that was literally your point lol @staticffxiv yes and we love this, but 1. you can only get that on mogstation now and 2. why arent all pants like that??? @imkeffal valid.. I'll never bully you tho!
hi so my name on here is "vegan btw 🔞" and what that means is 1. I'm vegan btw and 2. I sometimes post about stuff… @catboy_f @catboy_f 🥺 @imkeffal typical nonfurry, watching enough furry vtubers to be able to notice trends about them @Ploobart you have head pigeons, go to the nurse's office before it spreads to the other kids..!!
@aon_arame @mikawolnavi can I claim the other shoulder? :3 @catboy_f good looks AND good ethics?? what an amazing catboi 🥺 @catboy_f Good meowning, cutie :3 @ArgentSuccubus sounds like a not fun experience, can you avoid this in the future? @ArgentSuccubus what happened? :< @catboy_f excellent, very cute 💜💜💜
@catboy_f_alt @catboy_f_alt oh no, but when you're too strong, it won't be possible to control you anymore without tying you up :< @catboy_f_alt 😳😳😳😳😳 @yesvatore it's gotta be made up, right.. but then again that's what i think about the whole "ancap" meme and i don… @catboy_f_alt catboy at the pool OwO meanwhile baku cannot come up with anything appropriate to comment 🥴😳 @catboy_f catboy f: meow :) me: omg 🥺🥺🥺Please don't let people know about Sci-Hub which hosts 85 million scientific research papers. Absolutely do not sea…
Retweeted by vegan btw 🔞 @FemboyRapping femboy, rapper, uwu catboy and RAWR XD catboy ez
@catboy_f you're also a good catboi for other reasons @catboy_f pog i just saved $68, time to invest in ice cream but yeah therapy good and you're a good catboi for doing it :3 @catboy_f @neggfaerie do it @Yakubboolin @aon_arame thx jess <3 @catboy_f_alt I'm gay either way 😺 @catboy_f that doesn't sound fun :< @catboy_f whats wrong, pet :< @tuulitastic @hazelbrugger uargh D: @Thesecondzell1 @aon_arame thx bby :3I drew an art, the puppy shaped big lizard is @aon_arame and the kitten, of course, certified beast Vegan Anarchy. @8thDrBestDr it's very poggies! you should try it some time :3 @ArgentSuccubus you're next then ;3my activism in the past: handing out leaflets on animal rights my activism now: soft domming my friends into liste… @paralt1 @keffals @catboyranch honestly that doesn't help with the disappointment @paralt1 @keffals @catboyranch are you suggesting that the bot doesn't produce perfect posts, and that the bot cont… @LloverR6 pebbles allowing whims to cage them, now that's a new arc :3This is our little Simon shrine, we lost him 3 weeks ago ago after spending all our money on his vet bills. We coul…
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@VillytheCatboy sheepbois 🐑🐑🐑 @imkeffal sorry, that sucks. love you tho (secretly and openly) <3 @catboy_f slide to the left..
took some pics of Vegan dancing @Meddle98 looks like a fun film about sheepies @catboy_f works even better if your pet catbois are rivals/frenemies, death note style :3 @catboy_f Damn right I'm scary :3 Dragonboy f.... probably still has the personality of a cat/dogboi, keeps bumpin… @catboy_f flight rising.. I happen to play this since a couple years... @catboy_f Oh snap, there's a chance that they eat you..?? 🙀 I mean...... I knew that, of course... it's just that I… @catboy_f_alt yes and I know I gotta keep the notebook on hand!! @catboy_f_alt I see f's imagination is going strong again today :3Yeah? So what if I have a super cute and based friend named @catboy_f ? What if I pet their head and ruffle their h…
@yesvatore flirt with people also convince them to go vegan @EekumBokumFFXIV yes and it should be for all genders @keffals allegedly there are two (2) tops @catboy_f_alt catboy who get some butt pats :3 @catboy_f oh no, did you finally realize that i have only seen one season of yu-gi-oh.... 🥺 i'm sorry i couldn't be perfect for you bby 🖤 @catboy_f and it's the best damn thing and I love it :3 😻 @catboy_f clearly it's kaiba, how is this result so mixed?? @Fembub @CatboiN fam i can hardly survive within the hivemind @FemboyRapping @Fembub don't worry I'm already pretty rekd @FemboyRapping @Fembub wow, rapping, one shot and two kills..... zell and I are gonna be over here bleeding out... @Thesecondzell1 Why don't you travel to my town? 😼 (I know you did already.. do it again tho!)mom: are you doing any travelling? me: I'd like to visit my friends in north america, but there's a pandemic.. mom:… @JimSterling Now, this person with the pronouns "fuck/off" definitely just needs some help with understanding these… @catboyranch pog 😼 @bobposting Hell yeah, there's an ace answer option for me!!!! 🖤🐭🤍💜 I've never felt so validated by an eating ass poll 🥺🥺🥺 @CatboyTips Good night <3
@yesvatore this looks like it has mommy milk from a cow in it @LloverR6 @CatboiN @catboy_f but look at all those cool cells in the hivemind..! @catboy_f_alt sounds like i would've learned so much there 😅the keffals hive mind explained, do not resist you will be keffal
Retweeted by vegan btw 🔞 @yesvatore Can you destroy cars first plz
@Lucky_BunTTV a crime indeed, it's like they're trying to stop buckaroos from proving that love is real... but they won't succeed!!ode to my catboy my catboy is my dearest pet i pat my catboy on their head. my catboy has a soothing voice their "… @catboy_f definitely the bed time is authoritatianism side!! sorry you're exhausted tho :< @catboy_f sometimes i like a post just because i want my friend's number go up @catboy_f_alt awww bby you're gonna be ok! just gonna take a little while <3 @catboy_f good job, you have reached your goal of being a cute enby!! @catboy_f definitely tell people you got in a fight with a lionboi @catboy_f I'm also pretty happy with the way you are 😺One of my fav authors had his twitter account suspended over some silly copyright issue. If you have the time, plea… @FemboyRapping make me some oats, catboi @catboy_f uwu I'm not scared >:3 @catboy_f Just pick up one of the jobs that start at lvl 30 or higher :3 @catboy_f But Urianger comes with so much meme potential! I love this silly boi @catboy_f_alt OwO
@Yakubboolin sorry you had a bad day, bby :< 🖤 @catboy_f_alt my pet catboy is a fast learner :3 @aon_arame Me! :3 @catboy_f @GuyFoxDay only reason you didn't pick 5 is cause they don't have the cat ears @catboy_f_alt meanwhile, me thinking of loopholes to get you out of on call with your sanity intact: 😼🖤 @catboy_f I don't care, I literally just post about how I'm vegan, ace, and how much I love my catboy.. maybe a dra… @Yakubboolin i think this is my favourite yet!! very cool :3