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Mick Mulvaney is on wobbly ground at the White House after his startling news conference this week applications! POLITICO’s Journalism Institute, a 10-day intensive program is open to students & recent gr… Romney isn’t plotting a coup against Trump Trump administration's next big immigration move: barring immigrants who are "health burdens" 🎧án Castro rebuked Pete Buttigieg in a fundraising email to supporters. He's criticizing the Indiana mayor over… that policy announcements come via Twitter, social media skills are a must for successful government affairs pr… Sen. Chuck Grassley is among those who pressed the State Department to investigate the Clinton email fia… State Department investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private email account found no widespread effort by her aid… McCarthy said the impeachment inquiry should be suspended until the same due process rights that were given t… on Thursday night offered President Trump a much-needed break from the backlash over his Syria decision and t…
Do you think recreational marijuana should be legal everywhere in the U.S.? Our cannabis legislation guide: 2 states – Idaho and South Dakota – completely ban marijuana. They’re some of the most conservative states in… states have legalized recreational marijuana. Most of them are on the West Coast states haven’t fully embraced recreational pot, but they’ve decriminalized it. That means a first-time possessio… fact: In Alaska, patients can use marijuana only if they grow it themselves at home🏠“Limited-use” laws allow for the medical use of low-THC, high-CBD cannabis products – those that typically won’t ge… states have passed "limited-use" laws for marijuana from the White House and FAA were watching as a drone dropped packages on three yards in Virginia this af… states allow some medical marijuana now, but they have different definitions of what that means… Georgieva is the most powerful woman in Washington not named Nancy. And her new job atop the IMF — the… marijuana illegal in any form at the federal level, many states have gone ahead and passed their own laws. Her… in >> House and Senate Dems just introduced the “THUG Act” which would block funding for the G7 at Doral.
Retweeted by POLITICOHillary Clinton said Russia sees Tulsi Gabbard as a potential third-party candidate who could spoil the 2020 electi… Perry is refusing to comply with a congressional subpoena seeking records related to his actions in Ukraine at… Cummings will lie in state at the Capitol on Thursday, Pelosi announces -- a rare honor for the beloved Oversight chairman
Retweeted by POLITICO.@JulianCastro told supporters he’s “disappointed” Buttigieg took a max donation from and scheduled a fundraiser w/…
Retweeted by POLITICOThis Supreme Court case could result in the president having greater power to fire the director of the Consumer Fin… former astronaut, gun control activist and husband of Gabrielle Giffords has established a veritable cash gushe… Kelly has more money in his Senate election war chest than Joe Biden does running for president Trump administration's next big immigration move: barring immigrants who are "health burdens" 🎧 McCarthy said the impeachment inquiry should be suspended until the same due process rights that were given t… many struggle to explain Giuliani’s willingness to serve, without pay, as Trump’s personal attorney and “shadow…'s campaign is selling $30 t-shirts emblazoned with the phrase "Get over it" — one of the more memorable lines… Trump today appeared optimistic that the armed conflict in the Middle East — precipitated by his decision… said today he will nominate Deputy Secretary of Energy Dan Brouillette to replace Rick Perry in the agency's… growing speculation that Trump will skip the 2020 debates, the GOP debate co-chair insisted the commission wil… are zeroing in on Rudy Giuliani to impeach the president Pompeo dismissed concerns about the Syria ceasefire and lashed out at the impeachment inquiry to us aboard his… gaining on Biden with black female voters Mulvaney is on wobbly ground. Trump aides are waiting for their boss to digest the fallout from the acting chi… to know more? Check out our cannabis tracker, which we'll keep updating as state laws change throughout the co… total of 10 states have medical marijuana programs in effect, but have not legalized adult-use marijuana. Some o… states and Washington, D.C. have legalized — and 15 states have decriminalized — adult-use cannabis, which u… the absence of federal action on cannabis, states have passed laws for adult-use and medical marijuana. Althoug… law enforcement officers don't necessarily have a nationwide standard for determining when someone is too "impa… are also still on the fence about the long-term effects on users of "the blessed herb." Does it affect bra… instance, there have been studies linking schizophrenia & psychosis to marijuana usage. It's unclear whether t… marijuana illegal in any form at the federal level, states are making their own paths to medical and recreatio… last year's nationwide legalization of hemp, lobbying has surged: So far this year, the crop has appeared in 7… Romney isn’t plotting a coup against Trump House Dems say they won’t let up on their demands for documents and testimony from Rick Perry in the wake of… President Recep Tayyip Erdogan condemned President Trump's letter as undiplomatic was "a good policy," Trump's former refugee chief tells POLITICO's Pulse Check podcast 🎧 chairman of the House committee that oversees federal buildings threatened today to subpoena the General Servic… Pompeo refused to answer questions about Rudy Giuliani, and said his department is being treated unfairly as D… have a big advantage in the early battle for the House said the hammer United States used in the talks was a new round of sanctions it was prepared to levy on Turk… on Thursday night offered President Trump a much-needed break from the backlash over his Syria decision and t… Trump insists there exists “a really good chance” to halt the violence between Turkish and Kurdish forces…, long before he was Donald Trump’s personal attorney and devoted defender, Rudy Giuliani wasn’t exactly a fan women say Biden doesn’t have a lock on their votes Trump’s threatening letter in which he urged Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to not be a “fool” or… Romney marches alone: "I don’t believe I’m leading a wing of the party" break down Energy Secretary Rick Perry's departure in today's POLITICO Energy podcast 🎧 energy secretary also said his departure from Trump’s Cabinet later this year had nothing to do with the swirli… didn’t answer whether he would comply with a congressional subpoena or provide testimony as part of the ongoi… said he pressed Trump to make the now-infamous July phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, b… Secretary Rick Perry emphatically denies anything improper occurred as part of the Trump administration’s ef…$2.3 billion. The projected total for 2020 state tax revenue from retail #cannabis. Download @PoliticoPro’s essenti…’s a growing grassroots push by dairy farmers to make whole milk great again Democrats are stashing cash to protect their majority exchange, the United States dropped plans for new sanctions on Turkey, and said, if the ceasefire is successful,… agreement — which was reached over four hours of negotiating at the Turkish presidential palace with Vice Presi… The U.S. “still has the commitments” from leaders that the ceasefire agreement he cut with President Recep… astronaut: The U.S. risks losing the space race if the political leadership in Washington keeps changing exp… Romney is not leading the Never Trump brigade We're tracking the dollars and cents of campaign finance here 👉 What Trump’s Syria debacle means for ISIS pours gasoline on the impeachment fire, then tries to walk back his comments$7,000 on branded shoelaces. $3,800 on ice cream. Here's a list of the weirdest things the 2020 candidates have bou… Johnson will fire up the charm in an attempt to push his Brexit deal through the U.K. parliament Trump this week called former Defense Secretary James Mattis an “overrated” general. Now Mattis is owning… week's Nerdcast: Democratic fundraising numbers and the latest on impeachment of State Mike Pompeo met with Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu this morning in at Netanyahu’s residence in… Trump's decision-making on Syria has been disastrous and incompetent — but his assessment of the situation… nation's cartoonists on the week in politics 28-30: POLITICO’s @ddiamond is writing a special edition POLITICO Pulse newsletter at the Milken Institute Fut… Friday Cover: For decades, Donald Trump and Rudy Giuliani have found ways to use each other’s celebrity to stok… with a dozen black female pols and recent polling suggest Joe Biden does not have a lock on a critical v… House Democrats have stashed millions in the bank before election year even begins. And their fundraisin… officials from New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania are considering regional standards for vaping… you subscribe to POLITICO Playbook? It’s the Washington village newspaper. Know what the insiders know, subscrib… UK’s weak negotiating position meant it had to swallow plenty of Brexit concessions — but the EU has moved too York City voted to shutter Rikers Island, one of the country’s most notoriously violent jails today's White House, is Trump the street organ player on foreign policy? POLITICO cartoonist @wuerker takes a lo… Defense Secretary Jim Mattis roasted Trump after the president called him "overrated" tried out some new messaging during his rally tonight, as an impeachment inquiry casts a shadow over his camp… of Playbook readers work in government, politics, policy, and public affairs/advocacy. Know what the insiders k… @POLITICOMag curated 99 of the biggest, boldest ideas on how to fix America’s broken politics. Explore the full lis… "Instead of concerning ourselves with ensuring safe spaces for students, we need to create more spaces in…