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Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner are threatening to sue over billboards put up in Times Square assailing them over th… the final days of the 2020 race, MAGA world is trying to conjure up the same event that helped them in the home… Trump is set to criss-cross the country on Saturday, appearing in four battleground states that are key t… launched: Our Global Pulse newsletter connects leaders, policymakers and advocates to the people and politics… Trump’s top advisers have plunged into a bitter round of finger-pointing and blame-shifting ahead of an i…, who's been extraordinarily cautious throughout the campaign while talking about fossil fuels, clearly believ… The only wonder of Biden’s proposal to call for a bipartisan commission is that it took him so long to pit… lobbying firm Mercury Public Affairs has cut ties with the Turkish government following a pressure campaign by… night's debate was one more example of a candidate whose deficits have become assets at exactly the right mome… Biden outperformed Donald Trump in Thursday’s final presidential debate, according to our new flash poll with M… some places, children and college students may find themselves all dressed up with nowhere to go because of limi… he is defeated in 11 days or leaves office in four years, Trump and Trumpism will still be with us, for dec… Join us on Tuesday for a virtual conversation that will explore key takeaways learned about the Gen Z voter, t… Gen Zers are driven by anti-Trump backlash and the desire for change after the tumult of 2020. What they're n… to The Aftermath, your guide through the 2020 election and whatever happens next. In our first episode,… just days to go until the election, Kamala Harris invokes Atlanta’s civil rights legacy in a pitch to Black vo… has told researchers at NYU to stop using a digital tool that tracks how people are targeted with politica… 63 million viewers tuned in for Thursday's presidential debate — a marked drop from the over 73 million who w… design of mail-in ballot envelopes could influence voter decision. With more voters casting their votes by mail…
Our cartoonist @wuerker has political satire and cartoons to share in the latest Punchlines, including riffs on the… CEOs of Twitter and Facebook have agreed to testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee on allegations of ant… could we really be in for after November 3? Beyond a vague, crippling sense of dread, a feeling informed by ho… top Republican super PAC raised nearly $50 million in just a two-week period, according to new fundraising repo… federal judge on Thursday tossed the Trump campaign’s lawsuit against New Jersey’s primarily mail-in election, ru… the race between Donald Trump and Joe Biden is the main thing you’ve been paying attention to this season, then… to POLITICO Dispatch for quick, digestible analysis of the latest big news, from Covid-19 to the campaign tr… is likely to delay filing a multistate antitrust suit over Google’s control of the advertising technology mar… an act of protest, Senate Democrats forced the Senate to go into a rare closed door session today, which lasted…"The trajectory of the election is in the president's favor," White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany said tod… Biden pledged today that if elected president he will begin reaching out to state and local leaders during the… widespread displacement of jobs has set off a scramble among workers to find new skills and careers — a situati… says that if he wins, he'll promote a transition out for the oil industry. On POLITICO Energy, @bjlefebvre… breached several local government offices in Louisiana in recent weeks, prompting state officials to enlist… Senate is one step closer to confirming Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court, even after Democrats deployed a… Pennsylvania state Supreme Court says ballots cannot be rejected because of signature comparisons, backing up g…“Do you think Sleepy Joe could have made this deal, Bibi? Sleepy Joe?” Trump asked Netanyahu Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu passed up an opportunity to knock Joe Biden today, seemingly deflating Pr… we near November 3, the race is becoming more and more about a single group of U.S. voters: white women in swing… president's backers were relieved at Trump's more restrained debate performance Thursday night. But with days o… leaders have 11 days between now and Election Day, but we seem little closer to a Covid relief deal than… Senate went into a rare but brief closed session today, as Democrats sought to delay the nomination of Judge Am… anticlimactic closed session. As soon as the Senate went into closed session they started voting to get o…
Retweeted by POLITICOSara Gideon may be the only candidate in the country raising money faster than she can spend it. The Maine Democrat… Carolina Cal Cunningham’s fundraising didn’t show any signs of lagging despite the majority of the fundraisin… Carolina Dem Jaime Harrison raised more cash in the first 2 weeks of October than the average senator or chal… the 14 most competitive races on the map, Democratic candidates raised more than $84 million in the two-week per… Leadership Fund, the super PAC run by allies of Mitch McConnell, is flooding the zone with money in the clos… campaigns filed their final finance disclosures last night before the consequential Senate elections. Here are… the national electoral college vote, which this year will be on December 14th. After that, watch for: • t… voters don’t realize that the official process of counting, reporting and certifying state election results ta… later, we'll know who won the in-person vote and mail-in ballots will continue to be counted. Watch for: • b…’s unlikely that in all but the biggest blow-out victory that the loser will concede this year Election Night.… polls begin to close, the questions will begin to focus on when we’ll see a result, and whether both sides wil… beyond a vague, crippling sense of dread, a feeling informed by hours of late-night doom-scrolling, what could a… pandemic was always going to make the election uniquely complicated, but headlines in recent days have read lik… what the insiders know. Subscribe to the most indispensable newsletter for the biggest power players in politi… Trump campaign spokesman asserted today that the reason some migrant families separated by the administration at… psilocybin, ranked-choice voting, paid family-leave and a red-state boom in legalized marijuana: A look a… voters once again have the chance to remove the racist language of Jim Crow from the state's constitution t… Federal Trade Commission’s staff have made a recommendation to the agency’s commissioners on whether to file an… Donald Trump announced today that Sudan will start to normalize ties with Israel, making it the third Ara… Donald Trump said today that he has informed Congress of his intent to formally remove Sudan from the U.S… federal judge presiding over the criminal case against former national security adviser Michael Flynn has order… Trump campaign’s communications director asserted today that the reason some migrant families separated by the… night's debate was a stark contrast to September's raging feud. Here are some of the highlights👇, Facebook and Twitter have battled election-related misinformation from France to Nigeria to India since 201… Trump looked a lot better in last night's debate than he did three weeks ago. But does it matter this lat… almost every measure, the likely outcome is that Joe Biden will win the White House. Yet less than two weeks bef…“The debates, like everything else in 2020, were a dumpster fire.” – @Theonlyhonest More takes on the last presi… final tilt between Joe Biden and President Donald Trump was refreshingly standard. But the bar was very low. T… people close to Bernie Sanders, including one former aide, said the senator has expressed interest in being par… up each morning with our play-by-play guide to Capitol Hill. Sign up the Huddle newsletter, POLITICO’s essen…'s a day-by-day guide to what chaos could unfold in this election, according to the experts: coronavirus recession is forcing a sweeping overhaul of the U.S. workforce, triggering permanent job losses at… security adviser Robert O'Brien is cautioning that an agreement to extend the New Strategic Arms Reduction… have opened up a yawning gap in early voting over Republicans in six of the most crucial battleground sta… writes: "The final presidential debate seemed to carry a vague whiff of normal. Was that for real?… Trump arrived at the final debate of the 2020 campaign seized by an issue that was never really discussed. take on the last presidential debate: “Our standards have fallen so low that we’re impressed when the participant…, Joe Biden was the one who first brought up Donald Trump’s recent attacks on him and his son. Biden campaign has used its cash advantage to swamp Trump on the airwaves. But Trump has dismissed the idea tha… Biden, the DNC and two affiliated committees had $331.2 million in the bank as of Oct. 14, according to the FEC… story, as promised. This is the last comprehensive look we'll get at either candidate's finances before the ele…
Retweeted by POLITICOThe mute button worked. And the second debate between Joe Biden and Donald Trump had more discussion of policy and…"I take full responsibility," President Trump said of the coronavirus during tonight's debate. "It's not my fault…"A dark winter." "Bidencare." "Least racist person." Catch up with the most tense moments from the last presidenti… managed a civil night. Biden held his own. Now 18 political insiders weigh in on whether it meant anything fo… Welker of NBC News took control of the debate stage on Thursday night, steadily wrangling a more muted Dona… a few catch-phrases and gestures in presidential history have risen above the debates themselves: • Reagan's… Biden is carrying a cash advantage of more than $100 million over President Donald Trump into the final weeks o… Biden remarked on Thursday night that Donald Trump has “a dog whistle about as big as a foghorn,” condemning th… the candidates spoke about racial injustice across the country, Trump tried to sow doubt about Biden’s ability t… In their last face-off before the election, Donald Trump tried to flip the script on Joe Biden and avoid… Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden sparred over whether raising the minimum wage would help… Obamacare. Joe Biden plans to rebrand the Affordable Care Act "Bidencare" if he's elected he said tonight. B… Biden said during tonight's debate that he would transition away from the oil industry in an effort to curb pol… Trump, who met with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un several times in 2018 and 2019, said his friendship… Biden says any country that interferes in American elections will pay a price if he’s elected. “They are interf… it came time to see how much time remained in the last presidential debate, former Vice President Joe Biden’s…$750. President Trump called the number a "filing fee" during tonight's debate. However, the IRS does not charge a…