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Betsy DeVos may be one of the most hated members of Donald Trump’s Cabinet, but away from the critics and protester… China responsible for most of the EU’s pharma ingredients, supplies are at risk tobacco cure coronavirus? Don’t laugh. DOT panel reviewing two Boeing 737 Max crashes overseas largely exonerated the FAA and Boeing for the way the pla… Bloomberg knows his opponents are coming after him at an upcoming debate — and he's been preparing for weeks Tuesday is right around the corner. Make sure you understand the primary process before you vote.… with dozens of South Carolina lawmakers, consultants and voters suggest there are deep cracks in Joe Bid… Zuckerberg came to Brussels looking to make friends. European officials responded: no thanks. Democrats Beware: Don’t Be Like Mitt Romney in 2012
A mysterious super PAC with GOP ties is attempting to boost little-known Erica Smith over DSCC-endorsed Cal Cunning… story of America’s first president riding off into the sunset and vacating public life has become so much the s… Translations is our first newsletter aimed at a truly international audience. @PoliticoRyan delivers your gu… Sanders is becoming harder to stop. Nevada is where his opponents are starting to realize it. wants to become the go-to place for high-quality data for artificial intelligence is rising over the possibility of another tech-induced meltdown at the Nevada Democratic caucuses on Saturd… decades, the Munich Security Conference served as a powerful symbol of the strength of the Western alliance.… are growing alarmed about Republican attempts to prop up an insurgent liberal candidate in North Carolina… Nevada, rival campaigns privately concede the race is for second or third place Mitt Romney's become a folk hero for his impeachment vote, but as a candidate he blew the race. Here's how… latest in Playbook --> Bernie rising
Retweeted by POLITICOWhen Washington left the presidency, he didn’t really leave politics at all’s REALLY Happening on Capitol Hill? Get in the game and huddle up with @MZanona each morning. Sign up for Hud… novel coronavirus outbreak isn’t causing problems for Europe’s medicines supply — yet. That’s almost certain to… leaders across the United States are turning to private donors for an out-of-the-box policy experiment they t… 31,000 votes in Iowa. 129,696 votes in New Hampshire. Republicans are turning out in droves for President Don… of State Mike Pompeo said the Trump administration is working to determine what level of American militar… opposition leader Benny Gantz is vowing to form a government that won't include the indicted Prime Minister… the White House: President Donald Trump attended the wedding of senior adviser Stephen Miller on Sunday evening care is a top of mind issue for more than half of voters heading into the presidential election. Subscribe t… security gathering shows the U.S. and Europe have very different views on health of transatlantic relations Buttigieg said he isn’t taking “lectures on family values” from Rush Limbaugh, chiding conservative figures wh… presidential candidate Joe Biden suggested winning South Carolina’s primary was of the utmost importance…
It wasn’t a campaign event, but this year’s Daytona 500 race had many of the trappings of a MAGA rally Playbook: The village newspaper for Washington Power Players. Know what the insiders know. Subscribe today… judge handling the Roger Stone case has ordered both sides to take part in a telephone hearing Tuesday top National Institutes of Health official said more than 40 Americans on a quarantined cruise ship in Japan have… than 1,100 former Justice Department employees have signed an online petition pressing Attorney General Bill B… House counselor Kellyanne Conway said sexist remarks Michael Bloomberg reportedly made to women who worked fo… having a magnifying glass thrust on her record and her campaign’s viability, Sen. Amy Klobuchar said building…“We don’t need extremists on the left or the right running our police department, whether it’s the NRA or the NYCLU… complain of poor training for a vote-reporting system that was adopted on the fly Yang may be out, but universal basic income is gaining ground primaries to inauguration; brush up on your election year basics with @POLITICOPro. latest in Playbook --> The Bloomberg Obsession
Retweeted by POLITICOPresident Donald Trump's campaign is fine-tuning its get-out-the-vote machine months ahead of the general election… Majority Leader Steny Hoyer will lead a group of lawmakers to Puerto Rico, marking the first leadership-led v… strike near U.S. Embassy in Baghdad comments by longtime former Republican Michael Bloomberg — including one speech on video obtained by POLITICO… President Volodymyr Zelenskiy would still very much like an invitation to the White House Sanders’ staying power atop the 2020 field has Democratic insiders in Texas on edge Trump held court with some of the wealthiest Republican donors in the country Saturday night Klobuchar and Tom Steyer were unable to name Mexico’s president during a Nevada candidate forum Biden said he doesn’t believe Bernie Sanders is doing enough to quell his fervent supporters’ “vicious, malicio… Drudge, the famous news aggregator and internet provocateur, shattered the lull of an otherwise calm Saturday… the Land of Lincoln, @ShiaKapos brings you the most indispensable morning briefing that Illinois political pow…
The “norms and traditions” that President Trump has incinerated aren’t timeless features of American democracy; the… Weld’s campaign touted Gov. Phil Scott’s endorsement of him as the first sitting Republican governor to public… DNC on Saturday rolled out the qualification rules for its debate later this month in South Carolina — criteria… We have qualification rules for the SC debate. They're basically the same as the NV debate; Candidates need to…
Retweeted by POLITICOAn elderly tourist from China died from a coronavirus infection in a French hospital, becoming the first person to… of the most criticized industries in America is joining the race to stop the coronavirus epidemic Global Translations newsletter, authored by our man around the planet @PoliticoRyan, is your guide to the big i… latest in Playbook --> Biden’s South Carolina firewall in trouble
Retweeted by POLITICOPresident Trump unveiled a proposal in 2019 to overhaul America’s immigration system. It’s gone nowhere — and few… Iowa and New Hampshire, some South Carolina residents are no longer convinced Joe Biden can beat Donald Trump New York City mayor’s move is also about advancing his own political interests White House says the border wall will ‘substantially be done’ within the year — just in time for a reelection r… playing in the presidential primary: The dissection of Amy Klobuchar honor Valentine’s Day, we assembled a collection of Trump’s thoughts on the one subject that confounds everybody… Pompeo met Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov on the sidelines of the Munich Security Conference on Friday… in his North Carolina district received a mysterious text message recently alleging the incumbent's endorsed… is working against Elizabeth Warren. No Democratic or Republican in the modern primary era has suffered sim… you understand the electoral college? Read @POLITICOPro’s new guide to get it explained. Trump’s public pressure campaign on behalf of a convicted ally will haunt the Department of Justice by two big losses, Joe Biden’s presidential campaign tried to reassure donors, surrogates and the pres… Bernie Sanders winning the Democratic nomination wouldn’t be a freakish occurrence outside the experience… expressed great relief at the decision, but sounded bitter about the probe hanging over him and his family f…“The project will substantially be done by the end of the year or early next year,” Jared Kushner, the president’s… years of setbacks, President Trump is on track to build more than 450 miles of a wall along the southern bord…
From now on, Facebook and Instagram will allow "branded content" from political candidates — a practice in which a… Bloomberg's spree of often-surreal social media memes is having one concrete impact — it prompted Facebook to… Commission chief says he still has an office in the ‘architectural monster’ that is the Berlaymont honor Valentine’s Day, we assembled a collection of President Trump’s thoughts on love — the one subject that co… case is a test for Commission competition chief Margrethe Vestager’s approach to reining in big tech backing Sanders, de Blasio is embracing the left wing of the party in its battle with moderates like Pete Buttig… York City Mayor Bill de Blasio will endorse Bernie Sanders for president Avenatti, a lawyer who gained fame by representing Stormy Daniels in lawsuits against President Donald Trum… unknowns about Coronavirus: •Incomplete Chinese data •Flaws in a key medical test •Lack of global antibody d… is deploying an array of contactless systems, such as giant robot disinfecters, drones for food and drug deli… Army will not investigate Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman. The news comes days after Trump said he imagined the mil…'s “Tax Cuts 2.0” plan is mostly designed to set up a contrast with Democrats ahead of the November elections Sanders is leading the 2020 Democratic field in Nevada, according to a survey released Friday, with the Verm… are red Violets are blue, Cartoon Carousel is up and waiting for you @politico
Retweeted by POLITICOTo honor Valentine’s Day, we assembled a collection of Trump’s thoughts on love — the one subject that confounds ev… Foreign Affairs Chairman Eliot Engel slammed the Trump administration today over last month's killing of Iran… Justice Department has decided to abandon its efforts to seek criminal charges against former FBI Deputy Direct… the extortion trial, Avenatti also faces an April trial in New York on charges that he defrauded Daniels of… became prominent during frequent cable TV appearances in 2018 as journalists courted him for information a… Avenatti, the lawyer who gained fame by representing an adult film actor in lawsuits against President Dona… Pompeo, the wife of Mike Pompeo, is listed in the Munich Security Conference program as “Special Assistant to…
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