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BREAKING: Rep. Lacy Clay, a prominent member of the Congressional Black Caucus and a longtime fixture in Missouri p… Trump’s campaign says it knocked on over 1 million doors in the past week alone. Joe Biden’s campaign says… Republicans have a clear message for Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell: no deal, no recess Rep. Roger Marshall won the GOP primary for an open Senate seat in Kansas on Tuesday, turning aside the c… life of government and policy professional has drastically changed since the outbreak of Covid-19. Read what mo… 2020 is set up to be a tale of two states in one: The much bluer east and the much redder west. This… Republican and Democratic strategists say as November nears, more candidates will be talking about rebuilding… chief economic correspondent @morningmoneyben talks with @LinkedIn chief economist Karin Kimbrough about how co… all other states and territories will have to shell out millions to cover 25% of their National Guard costs s…’ Senate majority could be on the line tonight in Kansas, where GOP officials fear a primary victory for…“I met with some of our great generals and they just seem to feel that it was” an attack, Trump said. “This was not… suggested that a bomb attack was behind the catastrophic explosion that rocked Beirut earlier today, seemingl… in follow-up questions to the Trump campaign, officials would not say whether the president would participate i… Trump campaign spokeswoman said today that the president has agreed to participate in three scheduled debates aga…
For this week's 2020 Check-In, a look at the landscape in Pennsylvania for Biden and Trump. Key takeaway: the wide…
Retweeted by POLITICOAs quickly as Bass shot into serious contention for Biden’s No. 2, she has come under intense scrutiny, prompting q… omitted detail and her little-noticed 2017 eulogy today takes on outsized importance now that Bass is on Joe B… 2017, Karen Bass eulogized her “friend and mentor” Oneil Marion Cannon in Congressional Record remarks, describi… cause of the explosion in Beirut is not yet known but Prime Minister Hassan Diab said those responsible would "… left-leaning group focused on persuading religious Americans to vote out Trump in November has recruited some of… role of the biggest internet and tech companies in our daily lives has intensified during the pandemic. Have th…'s top doctor is warning an eventual #Covid19 vaccine will be no "silver bullet," and the public should brace… White House is considering a trio of executive orders aimed at shaking up #Covid relief negotiations with Democ… Trump refused in a new interview to reflect upon the late Rep. John Lewis’ legacy, declining even to say… Donald Trump again extended well-wishes to accused sex trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell, apparently expressin… State Department has criticized and largely rejected an inspector general’s investigation that found “substanti… Trump on Tuesday reversed his opposition to mail-in voting — at least in one crucial battleground state —… Xavier Becerra has filed charges against the husband of LA County District Attorney Jackie Lacey in connection w… counties account for 40% of receipts from Black-owned businesses, and 19 of those areas have the highest num… Black community has been disproportionately battered by the coronavirus, as numerous studies have shown. Now,… Barbot has stepped down as New York City’s health commissioner after a tumultuous stint as the city's top do… today's The Long Game newsletter: This week, we take up a serious climate bill in the Senate — and how Americ… photo circulating on the internet that appears to show Liberty University President Jerry Falwell Jr. on a yacht… city on the French Riviera is using cameras equipped with speakers so that police can forcefully remind people… O’Brien, President Donald Trump’s national security adviser, is returning to work at the White House followi… if flattening the curve could come down to the clothes on your back? Researchers are looking into "smart fabri… president’s annual salary is $400,000. The Tennessee Valley’s Authority’s CEO’s? About 20 times that. Our… Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.) is requesting Defense Secretary Mark Esper and Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy rename… Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy is taking his time deciding who should replace @DNI_Ratcliffe on the prestigi… Trump administration has yet to come to a clear consensus on whether Microsoft’s proposed purchase of TikTok sh… Summers warned in 2009: Worrying about providing too much economic stimulus during an economic crisis is like… residents are headed to the polls today to decide whether they’ll be the second state to pass Obamacare’s… is expected to sign the Great American Outdoors Act, the landmark bill setting full and permanent funding for… New York State Democratic Committee just unanimously made Gov. Cuomo state delegate chair at the DNC "since he…
Retweeted by POLITICOTwo Republicans are vying for who is more conservative as a Tennessee Senate race heats up. Reporter @AlxThomp ta… Donald Trump again extended well-wishes to accused sex trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell, apparently expressin… to know where the jobs are and what’s happening with the economy? Join me in about 20 minutes for a virtual li…
Retweeted by POLITICOBoth @SenToddYoung and @SenatorBennet say @marcorubio’s latest small business rescue plan needs to go bigger. “$1… now: SASC holds a confirmation hearing for four nominees -- including CAPE director, Air Force Undersecre…
Retweeted by POLITICOPresident Trump refused in a new interview to reflect upon the late Rep. John Lewis’ legacy, declining even to say… the Senate wasn’t feeling pressure to get a Covid deal before, it certainly is now. Not only did the extra $600/…, there are 19 candidates running to replace Rep. Denny Heck (D-Wash.), who is among the 11 people running… Washington, there are three dozen gubernatorial candidates on the top-two ballot, so it will likely come down to… Republicans will also choose a candidate to replace Rep. Justin Amash (L-Mich.); Democrat Hillary Scholten… Michigan, both Democratic Sen. Gary Peters and Republican John James are unopposed. But Republicans will pick op… Republicans are also picking a candidate to face Democratic Rep. Tom O'Halleran, while Democrats will choos… Arizona, GOP Sen. Martha McSally faces only nominal opposition, while her Democratic opponent, Mark Kelly, is un… Republicans are choosing a replacement for Marshall in the “Big First” district and a candidate to face Democra… Republicans face a similar situation in the Kansas’ 2nd District, where embattled GOP Rep. Steve Watkins face… has stayed on the sidelines in the race, which has featured massive spending. The winner will face likely Dem… Kobach, the former secretary of state who lost the 2018 gubernatorial race, is in a dead heat with Rep. Roger… will pick nominees for two Kansas races that could be more competitive if the party chooses controversi…“If Trump loses, there’s gonna be a mad scramble if we’re in the minority. There’s people seeing this as an opportu… two weeks into the talks aimed at producing a Covid relief bill: The two sides have not resolved a single is… deputy White House liaison at USAID is leaving the agency after a short and tumultuous tenure marred by calls f… odd things have emerged from this White House over the last three years. But Trump’s demand that the U.S. gove… potentially decisive slice of Trump’s battleground-state base said that getting a ballot in the mail would make t… aren’t rushing to fill an empty seat on the House Intelligence Committee that has been vacant for month…'s getting harder to keep up with so much going on these days. Cut through the clutter by listening to POLITICO D… media companies are struggling with an onslaught of deceptive and divisive messaging from political parties,… Tuesday’s primary, GOP voters will decide between hard-line conservative Kris Kobach and Rep. Roger Marshall as…’s untamed political instincts, once treated by so many fellow Republicans with an almost mystical revery, app… little-known American company has secured a contract to develop and export the region’s crude oil under a secreti… a renewed push by Trump to remove those in the country without documentation from the count, Census Bureau Dir…’s Recovery Act helped end the Great Recession, but even his former aides believe that the recovery was weaker… Justice Department and FBI review of their practices for seeking approval of intelligence-related surveillance fo… quarters of white evangelicals supported Trump in 2016 and their support for him remains high. But his approv… up with the politics, policies, and technologies driving long-term changes to our health. Subscribe to our Fut… is down broadly this summer, the first decline in more than a decade, according to AAA. But that data poin… today claimed to have the authority to issue an executive order on mail-in voting in the November election a… Trump’s all-out war on mail voting is backfiring in battleground states
U.S. intelligence officials are preparing to disclose more information to the public about foreign interference in… agreement has already angered the government of Syrian President Bashar Assad, which does not recognize the Kur… little-known American firm has inked a contract with Kurdish authorities in northeastern Syria to develop and exp… coronavirus crisis has caused a record-setting drop in the U.S. economy. What will happen in the 3rd and 4th qu… Jersey began rolling back its economic reopening on Monday amid a dangerous spike in new #Covid19 cases Elizabeth Warren sharply criticized Defense Secretary Mark Esper after the administration installed an e… than half of all rural low-income communities in the U.S. have zero ICU beds, forcing local hospitals to rely… House Intel Committee has opened an investigation into the Department of Homeland Security’s intelligence arm,… in: White House official withdraws Tata to be USDP
Retweeted by POLITICOPresident Trump reiterated his intention to force the immensely popular video-sharing app TikTok to close up shop i… contentious fight over voting rights in Florida descended into a nationwide brawl Monday, when a coalition of sta… Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy is continuing to assert that schools will reopen for in-person instruction in the fall,… on caucus call conceded that coronavirus relief deal unlikely this week: “It is my hope we could it this we…
Retweeted by POLITICOPresident Trump reiterated his intention to force TikTok to close up shop in the U.S. if the Chinese-owned platform… Merritt Corrigan, the deputy White House liaison at @USAID, is leaving the agency after a short and tumultu…
Retweeted by POLITICOThe deputy White House liaison at the aid agency blasted Democrats and her colleagues for "rampant anti-Christian s… between the U.S. & China are on the rise after the shuttering of China's Houston consulate. Is it possible… climate change a financial crisis in the making? We take a look on today's POLITICO Energy 🎧 going down modestly, @GavinNewsom says -- 10% decrease over 14 day period, reversing recent increase
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