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this carti @imovuIating *pieces explode into clouds and dust and reveal i was behind u this whole time* @imovuIating n- n- NANI??? @imovuIating *unleashes 7.77% of my power on you* @imovuIating *is already behind u* @imovuIating or else. @imovuIating retweet it right now. @crabohydrates Lolwhen person ask how is my march going and i say it’s only my third day out here @leanwdafanta nice tweet niggalmao choice + americans is already a dumbass idea but beta testing it with texans is one of the worst ideas ever COMAS HAVE YOU WAKING UP PHONE DEAD ASL, LIGHTS STILL ON, CONFUSED ASF, & FULLY CLOTHED 🥴😭
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@BLKGALORE he’s so angryhello 😓👋🏾
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