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Sean Scanlon @polonerd Orland Park IL

Educator/Presenter Apple Teacher & Google Trainer. Director of Instructional Tech at @Marian_Catholic. Creator of Catholic Tech Summit. Co-Organizer #1to1techat

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Excited to cross a couple borders Saturday to work w/ #GoOpen OER Roadmaps on Saturday. Avg book cost for HS Ss can…
@creativeedtech @bribriggs @VirtualGiff @EdTechMinded @davidtedu @greggeilers @peerlessgreen @jheil65 @JLenore24… @NCLindsay We don’t departmentalize PLC’s. We like the idea of sharing ideas cross-curricular and timing works bett… @WallerArt @CovingtonAHS Not only admin who care, but actually understand good & current teaching strategies. If th…
Ridiculously excited for #IETC19 the incredible line up of educators sharing and inspiring and opportunities like t…
Retweeted by Sean Scanlon @jmisontech Exactly - us too with some parents lack of tech & tech knowledge. That's why I want it to be choice - j… for a great chat tonight #IAedChat I truly appreciate all the great resources shared tonight.A7: Easiest question of the chat. I want to read more from @rickwormeli2 #IAedChatAwesome @d_mulder How many people can we get to read this? This would be especially great to share w/ new Ts… @flipping_A_tchr Did that T also use a 1" template to measure margins? Asking for a friend. #iaedchatA6: Feedback that gives Ss clear direction and instruction as to what's missing or what can be improved. I'm trying… I see report card as sharing w/ parents & students where they are at that point in time. Not sure why we need t… they're retired, but there were Ts who would take off pts for margins on a Ss research paper. Same Ts wh… @townsleyaj @JoveStickel So the child with parents working 2 jobs gets 0 pts for that? Hopefully they get extra poi… @townsleyaj @wakelet I like to play pretend. I pretend that it solves my tabs issue. #IAedChat @JoveStickel You forgot extra credit for Kleenex. #IAedChat @townsleyaj 2 Words: Google Keep Step 1 - Create a label for the Chat Topic Step 2 - Open link, Click on Keep Exten… @mctownsley It's why when we're writing tests & looking at results, those test questions should be clearly tied to… @d_mulder Can't wait to read this. I know one of our new Ts said his old district did 90% summative & 10% formative… Challenge #1 - Stakeholders. If you're trying new strategies or grading techniques in your building you have to… @d_mulder @LaneWalker2 I like the Payment/Punishment analogy. Definitely missing the mark, and the argument will be… @townsleyaj @d_mulder @LaneWalker2 I just heard that from a college rep the other day. For some colleges Ss can put… @d_mulder @LaneWalker2 Amazing the arguments a statement like that can still cause. Old school belief that if they…'ve been utilizing Rubrics to grade my Ss reflections (and projects, and presentations, etc...) The ones in… @townsleyaj and @danpbutler #iaedchatHey #IAedChat Sean from Orland Pk IL. Giving up on Fantasy Football, so might as well learn some more important thi… @Rdene915 @Mrs_Koppers @Larryferlazzo @MaggieMaslowski @durstopia @jonbartelt @btcostello05 @Chucktaft…
Check out my blog post in Ed Week with @Larryferlazzo about authentic writing #DITeaching @MaggieMaslowski…
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Thanks for a great chat #pd4uandme Maybe I'll get some time for a new blog post while I'm watching my daughter's fi… @KimGriesbach For me it's mainly reflecting and sharing about tools/apps/strategies. #PD4uandme @levi_allison42 @TraciBrowder @carlameyrink I'm doing a poster session at #IETC19 in Nov and called it #Let'sChat h… @specialtechie @Math912Teacher @PlayYay @emilyfranESL @teresagross625 @ShakeUpLearning Exactly - my YET is a Yeti m… @levi_allison42 @TraciBrowder @carlameyrink That's the best bet. On Twitter a couple days ago, I referenced a story… @Isham_Literacy @SheriDenison The only thing I avoid with that is blasting school policies or decisions. There are… @levi_allison42 @TraciBrowder @carlameyrink Did you try reverse image search on Google? Sometimes that works for me. #pd4uandme @TanyaMcLean1 Good morning Tanya. Definitely need to schedule time if you want to be consistent with it. If not, yo… hardest thing for me is that my Mon - Fri is never the same schedule. I need to plan writing time on the weeken… @specialtechie @carlameyrink @Isham_Literacy @Hahne_Elyse @KimAman_abe When I got up the wind gusts brought the 'fe… @carlameyrink @Isham_Literacy @Hahne_Elyse @specialtechie @KimAman_abe You are not making friends rights now ;) #pd4uandmeChats like this always remind me I have to get back to posting on a more consistent basis. #pd4uandme @TamiJ123 The International Literacy Association (ILA) conference in New Orleans. #pd4uandmeGood morning #pd4uandme Sean from Orland Pk Il. Dir of Instructional Tech at Marian Catholic HS.Saturday is a great time for #teacherPD #edchat #learning w/ #PD4uandme 830 amEST, followed by #edugladiators #leadlap #leadupchat #edchat
Retweeted by Sean Scanlon @GaryKopycinski Being willing to take risks with how you teach - new strategies, new apps/tools - and being willing…
BIG NEWS! The Teacher Success Summit is OPEN for FREE Registration Today :) I've been working for almost a year put…
Retweeted by Sean Scanlon @Jeremy_RMahoney @GaryKopycinski At least that makes me feel better. @MrCoppola @RaeHughart Such a tough concept for some people to comprehend. Are we trying to teach them and prepare… ISU Ss, If you see my daughter's friend - Sarah Alfini '20 - tell her to get back to work. #masterychatA9: Take a good look at what you want Ss to create. Are they all creating the same thing, or do they have choice in… @cengel219 Nope - no VPN on the deviceA9: Don't lesson plan while watching Grey's Anatomy. You might get too distracted. #masterychatA8: Lots of Inquiry! The more inquiry, the more student voice. My Ss create the essential questions for our units b… Most of my formative assessments are reflections on the week of work they've completed. It's a personal reflect… @PhilipPulley Hey Phil! You're going to be at IETC right? @KozielecSara I don't think you need alternatives for all parts of the lesson, but think through the essential ques… Any lesson where I focused on direct instruct for more than 1/2 the period. Way too many of those early in my career. #masterychatSo important to have a mentality of 'fail forward' and make sure you work for admin who have this mentality. You'll… Plan B is always important. It's always a good idea to have some type of plan B. What do I do if... a. the WiFi… @MathletePearce @MrVaudrey @Jstevens009 @classroomchef And this is why educators need to go to conferences. To lear… @Mrs_Koppers Thanks for the invite. Overplan is best, but understand that you have to go with the flow sometimes. It is never going to go like you… I know there's a math teacher who grows his hair long for weeks before his lesson on ratios. Gets a Mullet cut… My favorite lessons are the simulations we do in Modern US History. 'Find the Dirty Pinko Commie' is my favorit… At the high school level I think some type of bell ringer is essential. Ss changing classes every 50 minutes, w…'sup #MasteryChat Sean from Orland Pk IL - Dir of Instructional Tech at Marian Catholic HS.
#Masterychat TONIGHT is hosted by future educators eager to learn about lesson planning! Learn more at…
Retweeted by Sean Scanlon @JenSmielewski All good on all those things. This one is really strange. @robert_schuetz Thanks but Nope. Students own their devices. It's their own Apple ID. I had the Ss AirDrop somethin… Classroom Question: 2 Ss (out of 1000) who don't see Apple Classroom in settings when we add Ss. Ts on sam…
@VWitherell @ideaillinois There is one on Oct 10 in Normal, but unfortunately registration closed on 10/3. They are… 20 #gratitudesnaps so grateful for my IL @EdCampMadWI Friends!!!!! so lucky to have you contribute to our learn…
Retweeted by Sean ScanlonJoin me in Springfield in November. Excited to be part of an amazing lineup of presenters.Register here:… for a great chat tonight #tlap crew. @Greg_Moffitt Ironic that we would never even think about something like that in the 'Windy City'. Of course our 'f… I was thinking of having Ss create responses to why they choose to attend @Marian_Catholic and use AR aspect of… @Beyond_the_Desk @lsmellott One of my favorite parts of @USMSpark is the board games evening. There are some peopl… @Beyond_the_Desk Yup. We will publish and share. They spent time last week organizing the units of the book. They t… We are moving chapters in student created Civil Rights book from Google Docs to Pages (dress them up) to iBooks… @MitchellSydni Just wanted to share that I'm the President of IDEA Chicago Prep - a chapter of @ideaillinois Our ch… Besides #tlap ? Brainstorming with other Ts over coffee or adult beverages. The 2nd choice sometimes needs to b… Using a piece of paper & pen to record students' questions about topics, pictures, primary source, etc.. Then e… @tmccarty204 Ss win by creating the largest group possible without being infiltrated by communists. Communists win… @tmccarty204 I have a set of cards - the bulk of which are 'patriots' and about 20% are 'commies' - simple clipart… @TeacherRunner42 I do another one where we march like US soldiers in Vietnam and encounter South Vietnamese citizen… Not mine, but anything with sorting cards. watched a math teacher do this and kids were really engaged. #tlap @Beyond_the_Desk I taught US History for years. My least favorite was covering the early years - the colonies. #tlap @TeacherRunner42 They get really mad when I don't put any 'commies' into the 2nd round of the game. Then tensions g… @MitchellSydni Woo Hoo! Go Trolls! #tlapA2: I really don't have one anymore. I've created the curriculum for Modern US so no lessons I don't like. #tlapA1: 'Find the Dirty Pinko Commie' Students play a game similar to Mafia where the 'commies' try to infiltrate group… from Orland Pk IL - Dir of Instructional Tech at Marian Catholic. 25 yrs in education #tlap
If anyone is looking for a good resource for digital literacy check out @julnilsmith #iaedchat @JoveStickel Agreed. So many schools playing catch up on Digital Literacy. The tools are changing quickly, but the… @mndgamble So true. How are you using the tech and the non-tech to accomplish new things? More importantly what are… @GaryKopycinski Yup. Forgot that one important aspect. @KasselAmy If it’s true innovation, nobody will know how to do it. That’s why admin needs to give space and support… Finding admin and school boards willing to allow more freedom in time and ways to reach standards. Innovating…
@BlakeyMeghan @sandymoller These are great points. Always great to hear from an expert in the field when we are dis… #IAedChat on Sunday night at 8pm CST! @danpbutler @DuffysClassroom
Retweeted by Sean ScanlonLooking for inspiring PBL to implement in your classroom this fall? Challenge your students to develop creative sol…
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