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@MissHeatherWild And have the media continued their silence in not calling that into question? That’s the biggest d…
@BradSaundersPfc Never a truer word spoken @JamesCatlin_ Would love to see the remainder of the fixtures played out, but this has dragged on for so long it’s…
@Breaking911 @SenKamalaHarris She’s bare face lying. I just watched Rand Paul’s statement and his amendment was que…
@JakePompeySmith Anyone with any degree of common sense would have known what you were getting at in your original… @liteeecody @bootlegger1974 Fair to say you fucked it lol @FFSChristie Get a respirator if you can get your hands on one. So much better, it’s like breathing normally. @carolyn35015230 @0ctoberReignz There is also a music video by Kesha released before the pandemic but near enough t…
@SteveClaridge Seems like I’m your first sensible reply Steve to your post. You make total common sense. Refreshing… @mrandrewmoon Must have felt like being stuck in the Twilight zone covering this to the degree you have. @FFSChristie Coming from a Labour MP in a party that has its own problems with anti semitism it’s a little rich for…'s Saint Rude Podcast is now up EP:19 - Baskin & Robbings. - Update on Joe Exotic & Carole Baskin - Blackliv…
Retweeted by Pompey Corner @Joey7Barton Let’s listen to the bastion of knowledge that is Joey Barton 🤣 Enjoy league one for another season!Great job @spectator
ANTIFA must be added to the proscribed organisation list in the UK. Please retweet if you agree! x
Retweeted by Pompey CornerWhat the fuck is wrong with these people. @KingTeo19 @Breaking911 MongBe careful what you wish for
Kharmas a bitch @insilverado As long as there’s no looting and destruction of property I’ll back the protesters right to protest. T… @ChristinePolon1 What a q-winky dink @NadineDorries Looks like he went down on his wife and pulled up and now has a landing strip on his head. 🤣 @yesitskali_ @alkanadiya @Breaking911 How can you defend that you horrible human being! @0ctoberReignz Proctor & Gamble
@VirtualAstro I saw the dragon! It was going the opposite direction of the ISS, probably to intercept it on the way back round.😞 Enough already. STOP! @FFSChristie Why? He was only saying what tends to happen throughout history, when the looting happens shots get fired. @Sammiegives0fux @0ctoberReignz Bit of a cheap shot but you can’t just go hitting police officers like that expecting no response I guess
@mmpadellan @realDonaldTrump It’s thuggery to loot, to set things on fire, to destroy businesses. How is that protesting exactly? @OmarJimenez @bobbeech I believe the governor has apologised and they’re now back in the field reporting @mrandrewmoon Can you imagine if we winded the clock down on the contract purposely to get out of paying the six fi… @FFSChristie That’s nuts @pn_tomcotterill @Harry_PFC Let the cities that did a great job keeping down the numbers re-open first and get thei…
@LondonRealTV Tip: Interview Dr Zalenko he has a bombshell report on Hydroxychloroquine coming out next week.I have been preparing for the final battle in this war. The major counteroffensive is beginning. The whole world w…
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@LondonRealTV Are you serious? It’s not a platform if it’s not open for people to upload content is it?! London Rea… @pompeyv1 I hear Theresa May is in charge of the discussions. Can has been thoroughly kicked @KuganCassius @GaryLineker @IFLTV Can you ask him if he would subsidise his salary so pensioners can still have a f… @FFSChristie You’re making me want one now. *opens just eat app* @donaldtusk Piss off @soniasodha Still going are we? Did you show as much outrage when the 4 Labour MP’s went to birthdays? I’d highly doubt it @LondonRealTV David did spend a good 30 minutes in the last interview talking about the same stuff. I do hope this is fresh content
Ian Blackford MP (leader of #SNP delegation in Westminster) travelled over 600 (620+ ferry) miles with Covid sympto…
Retweeted by Pompey Corner.@RaheemKassam breaks down the MSM's Dominic Cummings-firestorm from over the weekend #WarRoomPandemic 👉…
Retweeted by Pompey Corner @mrandrewmoon If Mark is right on the financials, I’d be mystified why clubs wouldn’t want to continue, even if it’… 14 - 5 UNSUNG COMEDIANS Need a break from the media doubling down trying to get #cummings sacked? Here’s 5…
Retweeted by Pompey Corner @mrandrewmoon It makes perfect sense for the club to hold off a contract renewal subject to possible promotion. If… @Peston @FFSChristie You’re boring. I see you wasted your press conference question again this afternoon Robert. Ab… @DaveDemocracy @faisalislam It’s a theory shared across political divides actually.The REAL Reason Boris Johnson’s Advisor Is Being Hounded to Resign? Brexit, Of Course.
Retweeted by Pompey Corner @makesmilk @Specsavers I don’t think Specsavers are stupid enough to alienate those who believe it was a witch hunt… @MULCambridge He’s 100% correct. Otherwise Neil Ferguson and the Labour MP’s would have been given the same treatme… @FFSChristie A poll of 2000 can hardly take much from that. They’re 18,000 people short of getting a more accurate picture.
@darrengrimes_ It felt like the type of persecution that Kavanagh went through in the US for his nomination. The me… this over a fucking road trip. The tribalism, hate, fake outrage, double standards, political point-scoring, ha…
Retweeted by Pompey Corner @campbellclaret Wrong, just like you were about Brexit and the Iraq War. @vikkistone This is patheticThe Labour MPs who have broken the rules. Stephen Kinnock (shadow cabinet) travelled 150 miles for a birthday. Tahi…
Retweeted by Pompey CornerAs an Anglican, I can’t really put into words how disappointed I am in the upper echelons of the @churchofengland.…
Retweeted by Pompey CornerFrom mocking the West to crushing Hong Kong, China is becoming more aggressive. It’s not miscalculation but a strat…
Retweeted by Pompey Corner @madpaduk TwatThat’s 6 minutes of my life I’m never getting back... Watching Steve Seddon try to play FIFA. No wonder he’s a c…
Glad I don’t have to do this scummy excuse of a job. Clearly they don’t get the double standard in that they’ve don… @EssexPR You do know these will be updated signage on the traditional single cubical format right? Hardly a big deal @piersmorgan @BorisJohnson If Boris caved on Cummings the vultures would only move onto someone else. Perhaps you c… @pn_jordan_cross @pompeylive Speaks a lot of sense. The rational voice amongst the pandemic impact from a football sense. Very sound
What was hoovered up the PPE stockpiles and are now selling it back to the west at a 30% markup? No than…📣 New Podcast! "Saint Rude - Ep 12 - Frothy Cummings" on @Spreaker #buzzfeed #carers #china #clap #cummings
Retweeted by Pompey CornerHey @brithopbrewing we've just reviewed your Shakermaker Pale. You can thank Vic at @Bottles33 for the recommend. V…
Retweeted by Pompey Corner @BuzzFeedUK The UK Government spending our tax payer money propping up this garbage website, shame on them. @FFSChristie It’s almost like they don’t want to win at this stage
@LondonRealTV The Miriam Webster dictionary definition of Narcissism- Brian RoseEpisode 11 of the Saint Rude Podcast is now live - Joe Biden's 'Your not black if you vote Trump Gaffe - Viewer qu…
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Episode 9: Rogan Dosh Is now available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts shortly. - We talk about Joe Rogan's spotify e…
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The new stand up from @DougStanhope is now available in the UK. We've got the beers at the ready and will be talkin…
Retweeted by Pompey CornerOne of my dogs yesterday trying to dig through my laptop and down to China
Retweeted by Pompey CornerMark Catlin on Talk Sport earlier today #Pompey We didn't catch the beginning, but here's the later stages of the…
@dicey631 @Breaking911 Who told you that? Q hyped for the ⁦@DougStanhope⁩ new stand up set available on Vimeo tomorrow! Can’t wait! @piersmorgan @GMB @BorisJohnson Probably tired of your incessant moaningDaCast - people were not trying to shut you down Brian, just calling out the fact you used a white label platform t…
Pompey to Make Play-Offs, But Will Season Finish via @YouTube
@pompeyfocus @mrandrewmoon Testing kits are known to be unreliable, it would make sense to find a way of completing… Catlin on Talk Sport: 15/05/2020 via @YouTube'Multiple Organisms [sic.]' (1hr 9 mins) Episode 78 is a bonus episode for those of you who have bought me a coffe…
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We’re back with new Pompey Corner content tomorrow, until then, why not check out our non football podcast. anyone who missed Mark Catlin's comments earlier on Talk Sport you can catch them here. #Pompey
ROSE/ICKE III is live now. Go watch
Agreed. Let's not forget it was Chris Whitty that wanted the herd immunity strategy to begin with, not Cummings. @piersmorgan @realDonaldTrump @DailyMail He meant internal cleaning like UV Irradiation. Yo… @HillaryClinton But bleach was good enough for your servers... ???
Retweeted by Pompey Corner @MrKUltra @0ctoberReignz So minimum 18 months or longer if you’re not prepared to take the mark of the beast
@0ctoberReignz What was said?Roman in Team of the Season so far @JoePowe28862766 🤭 will be interviewing Dr. Zelenko, who believes he has experienced great success treating his COVID-19 patients wi…
Retweeted by Pompey Corner @zev_dr I really hope this whole thing hasn't been drawn out for big pharma to make a heavy profit on a vaccine. if… @zev_dr @piersmorgan This is what you need to read and you need to get this out there into the public domain in the UK. @piersmorgan Death toll could have been largely decreased if we never gave the advice to isolate at home and only s…