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Welcome to Gosport FC @colinfarmery
@JassyKentrell @studley86 to last nights win over Harrogate. Great goals from the lads, but the on-going concerns are clear to see.… YOUR LOCAL FOOTBALL CLUB This football club can be located... * Where you were born * Where you grew up…
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GORGEOUS GOAL BY HAUNSTRUP @HarrogateTown @djliamh @Pompey Fuck BT Sport, feel sorry for the Pompey fans that made the journey though. @jeffharris_665 Fuck BT Sport
@pompeyfocus1 @Walkes_This_Way Agree with all except for McGregor vs Mayweather, it was a genuinely interesting clash between dif… great victory for @mikeytheproblem last night, if you missed it, you can watch it on the @IFLTV YouTube channel.
💙 Yes @mikeytheproblem! 👏 #Pompey
Retweeted by Pompey Corner @bobbeech Do you know roughly when Mikey’s ring walk is?Overcoming Pompey Apathy via @YouTubeSounding off on what has been a difficult few months as a #Pompey fan., low-light, no flash, no modifications. This Canon GX7 Mk II rocks!🌟 TONIGHT’S THE NIGHT 🌟 And @mikeytheproblem is raring to make an example of dangerous Luis Alberto Veron……
Retweeted by Pompey CornerLooking ahead to Harrogate. #Pompey
You can make anything happen in a computer game if you look hard enough #Pompey
Hey @LBC think you need to update this page @iamJokunle How gullible are people to believe this is real. You can see it's clearly been manipulated in after effects.How have they pulled this off? ‘The best manager outside of the premier league.’ Some appointment that!
Retweeted by Pompey CornerHonk Honk 🤡 @CurvyWorldBant Yes. Three days on the other hand, which I experienced was very tacky indeed
@JeffreeStar In London waiting for my 70 mile trip home to open my Conspiracy palette that’s just arrived, cannot w… @JeffreeStar Hope the next video is up this week. I can only imagine what being in that board room was like when Sh…
@sarahpfc Or £1060 for 12 nights on a cruise ship with a 2 night stay in New York in April 2020, can’t go, but seem… waiting for that illusive Kenny Jackett meme as a dementor from Harry Potter sucking the life out of a fans face.
There’s a reason I’ve not been to Fratton Park or posted a video in a month. Because even when we play well we find…
Already conspiracy palettes being sold on Facebook marketplace. Such a shame. #ShaneDawsonXJeffreeStar Bay back up and running on the website. Palette, Mini Palette and Black Pig Mirror still in stock… Kat Von D pull the cables out the Shopify server mainframe? #Shane #Shane #Shane#Shane #ShanexJeffreeBeauty Bay webmasters be like....'t believe these scalpers got their orders confirmed @shanedawson @JeffreeStar Hope their listings get banned. A… @JeffreeStar Next launch: More reliable servers pleaaaaasseee this is stressing me da fuck out @beautybay Stuck at the cart during payment 😫 is pandemonium @shanedawson it's like fastest finger first on who wants to be a millionaire lol. Stock almost gone on beauty bayHELLLPPP @beautybay're ready and waiting in the UK @shanedawson Cart armed and ready to go! on Beauty Bay like... #’s the day our whole year has been leading up to. :,) i’m so grateful for every step of it. T MINUS 3 HOURS! 😭…
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@SkyHelpTeam Thanks 🙏 Bring on Brewhemia 😊 @SkyHelpTeam So from the Box Office menu it defaults to standard def when you buy, flicked up a channel and the HD… Broadcast from Saudi Arabia in standard definition?! No way this is in HD @SkyHelpTeam
Let’s remember #Pompey threw away a 2-0 lead against a team that lost earlier in the week to Bolton. Let that sink… we’ve fucked it again #PompeyFantastic, the last 72 hours you could start to feel the mood changing on Twitter and....oh shit Rodmans got one ba… at @PaulMerse love it once a blue 😂😂😂
Retweeted by Pompey CornerSpanked so much they decided to put it on Sky News
Congratulations to @LCFC for equalling the record for biggest @PremierLeague win 👏 #Pompey
Retweeted by Pompey Corner9-0 Bwahaha 😂 That’s just humiliating @mdwwinter @sid_lambert Are you serious? It is what it is, two very good goals. @Pompeytucks @franbcotten @PompeyPedro Confusion over a Michael Eisners tweet. The PST AGM isn’t until next wednesd… @scttbsh47 @FarSightStudios In many respects it’s an uplifted reskin of the mobile version, considering how bad we’…
John Virgo would be proud! @franbcotten @PompeyPedro So kind of sat hoping someone leaks it, or at least provides a summary of what was said.… @franbcotten @PompeyPedro As far as I'm aware there's a video message exclusively at the AGM this evening, no word… anyone have the summary of Michael Eisner's video message at the AGM? #Pompey Very intrigued what the content will be.Big congrats to @FarSightStudios for the PBA Bowling release on Xbox One. Easily the best bowling game since Brunsw… editing, character assassination. I’m not a massive fan of Thogden but to manipulate his videos in this w…
@PompeyTrust Will the Eisner AGM video be circulated outside the AGM? Very keen to see what is said.
@eric_eisner @Pompey Eric I stuck by Kenny after a large contingent of Pompey fans lost faith, regrettably I can’t…
@DxveyPO4 @sensiblealias Yes pretty awful stuff, Everyone’s fallible and have made mistakes in the past, it’s how p… "Parliament has been operating a coup against the will of the British people It's no longer about Brexit…
Retweeted by Pompey Corner @sensiblealias Example...Once Brexit is secured, we need an official inquiry into how the Establishment turned a great democratic vote for f…
Retweeted by Pompey Corner @Burgey44 Now come on Burgess...the salty leftiness in you is clouding your judgement. Piers is one of the very few…
HAHAHAHAHAHA Chris has started on Nick Knowles now 😂😂😂😂
Retweeted by Pompey Corner @JuddPFC95 Here’s an IV drip of hope 💧‘We are leaving no stone unturned in continuing to progress again next season, both on and off the pitch. And I say… @piersmorgan Stick that in your pipe and smoke it @campbellclaret you insufferable jizz ballWe trusted you & Tony Blair that Iraq had WMD. Your ‘mistake’ cost over a million lives including 179 members of U.…
Retweeted by Pompey CornerI’ve no idea whether it was 1 million or 78,000 on the Remoaner march yesterday but this is worth a look.
Retweeted by Pompey CornerI threw this in the bin for a reason! I am sick of watching that garbage every week .. get rid please!!
Retweeted by Pompey CornerOliver Letwin, architect of the poll tax, filmed dumping constituents' letters in a bin, is the champion of the Re…
Retweeted by Pompey Corner18th in the league, but look at those games in hand! There’s no chance of us getting relegated, give Jackett a chan…’s so drunk the costume really does look like it’s carrying him 😂
Retweeted by Pompey CornerThis is brilliant 😂 Chichester City take the party into the services after reaching the #FACup first round!
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@NIAbbot You are talking absolute bollocks now! You're as unhinged as O'BrienYou talk absolute rubbish @NIAbbot, the same applies when negotiating an FTA, wiping no deal off the table, gives t… @piersmorgan If that was Anna Soubry people would have been in court over thatJust literally this minute got sacked by #Pompey in my FIFA 20 career mode this evening, offered a job at Bolton af… just happened...#Pompey Now for the real-life version please. a shame Portsmouth’s other MP Stephen Morgan doesn’t have the same level of integrity.....he signed the motion…
Retweeted by Pompey CornerGreat interview on LBC @Tobias_Ellwood if only there were more Remainers like you.What does Oliver Letwin and @ChrisOverthrow have in common? They'd both like to delay the will of the majority… @djliamh Think we've found Pompey's Oliver Letwin. Trying to delay the inevitable. There's a career in politics for you Chris... @POMPEYBENNY Complete silence I believe. Where's Uncle Avram when you need him?Bring back Uncle Avram #Pompey a few months ago these were sane #Pompey fans, but after being subjected to JackettBall they slowly lost their…'d you like to see replace Kenny Jackett as #Pompey manager? [Going on the basis today's result was the straw that broke the camels back]#dianeabbott great, guess who's fast asleep during today brexit showdown. Pisstaker
Retweeted by Pompey CornerThis Bloke 😂😂😂😂 “rats” #ExtinctionRebellion
Retweeted by Pompey Corner @ChrisOverthrow @clarky06101992 Of course fans have influence, time is a precious commodity and if the football is… @Michael_Eisner 2/2 - But it's like asking fans of Bojack Horseman to stick with the series if its writer has run o… @Michael_Eisner I found your honesty and your business ethics of not making rash decisions in difficult times, but… 0-1 Wimbledon, Brexit delayed thanks to the man who invented the poll tax, this Saturday has been absolutely… WHAT A TEAM. WHAT A RESULT. HISTORY MAKERS. WE ARE CHICHESTER CITY AND WE ARE IN THE @EmiratesFACup FIRST…
Retweeted by Pompey CornerEnviron mentalists
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