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🎀 Thymine 🎀 @PomPomThymine Maridia, Planet Zebus / CA

★Illustration★Pixel Art★Game Art★ ♥I like DQ slimes & MonHun♥ Contact: 日本語はまぁまぁです👀 (No sliding into DMs please)

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@Thunderfistr LifeIf anything does ever happen to me, my one wish is you all, everyone in slime community, are still friends and hang… lastly(?), I'm not usually into cherry prints but, Cherry Stamp is super cute... ALSO, eyeing the sneakers... 👀'm interested in Galaxy Cocktail 'cause I love space/stars and food so... 👀 the jacket is pretty cute non-prints I really love the Lovely Organdy series, heartful series, & ribbon party series boy - the AP Summer 2021 previews are now circulating and.. I like a lot of them orz I wasn't that interested in…下妻物語はずっとバイブル アマプラにあるから見て欲しい…!
Retweeted by 🎀 Thymine 🎀 @Vitela92 Double dose - and ideally pizfer thyminBlasted (just because most ppl who I've heard had it didn't have t… @Vitela92 @rimespire Rime so smart thyminO @nameoftheyear Same!!! Still bitter they added Garuga to World & not Kutku! 😭Fashion~
Retweeted by 🎀 Thymine 🎀Now that there's no crop (on mobile) gonna repost old MH comics~ I miss Kut-ku sensei Fashion Show! Episode 1 :D Hope you all enjoy the cool outfits the community made!! I loved seeing everyones…
Retweeted by 🎀 Thymine 🎀 @minabytes True friendshipIn other news, I got my lunch finally & ended up trying a different poke place. I feel their scoops are smaller tha… she called to complain & the doctor said he'd come in tomorrow to help but, dude...wth 3 weeks... & there's… gave my mom medical papers she needed her doctor to sign like, 3 weeks ago. Today the social worker gives it back…
Recently.. these gifs on discord & twitter have made me fall in love with milk & mocha bear & I just found out they… you everyone for hanging for stream~! Ty for subs/giftsubs, ty for lunch @flclnoodles , & ty for raid @ryndia vaccine really messed with my sleep patterns & schedule so uh, MHRise time now (maybe a shorter stream since I… love sound design of sheer trying to distract from anxiety, today I used my resources to finally ascend & power level Klee to 90… @astra_ix I think I'll be in the same boat too, it's so cute but a bit pricey @Zambicandy No u!🥺Fashion~ @CAPSULE_CORNER @JamesPopStar Ohh... 🤔AngelicPretty『Little Bunny Strawberry』 ポストカードイラストを担当させていただきました🍓
Retweeted by 🎀 Thymine 🎀 @JamesPopStar Maybe we just need to do it 🤔I don't need it but, I kind of want it
Always anxious @Raesear I hope you get yours soon 💦Barb PepeHands @Raesear Oh wild! It was on pre-order and release date was 5/10 for us hereNamecard collection slowly growing Poggies I got 3 friendship cards this week (should almost be done with Venti, Zh… @flclnoodles Of course! I kept watching it like a hawk haha, hope you can get yours!Oh what - I got Benny friendship 10 today too thyminO, it finally released @minabytes Someday my horse will come thyminOOh boy, got friendship 10 with Diona today! @minabytes When I find my horse too thyminBlastedPog we went back & did the Chaos one too (melt comp w/ the rain stone was helpful). Make sure to set your co-op buf… duo'd Domain of Heresy w/ @Vitela92 at max rewards (it was EZClap & fun) awhile I've been thinking about this print & I really want Letter Doll but, it doesn't come up alot recently. S… you guys seen the Resident Evil VIII puppet commercials Capcom put out?
Retweeted by 🎀 Thymine 🎀Got my mom & family wontons & tea for Mother's day~ Mother's Day to all the moms/slime moms
Anyways it was a wild experience but also, kinda nice being in a pretty empty theater (also, no sticky popcorn floo… missed seeing Scott Pilgrim when it first came out in theaters years ago & always thought it’d be nice in theater… actually went on a date lastnight😳 It’s the 1st time I went somewhere in a year other than grocery shopping & doc… night tonight starting soon - @naoxy_ will be hosting One Cut of The Dead in the slime discord for any slimes who wanna watch~I found a nice dog @naoxy_ thought of you'm wearing my Angelic Pretty face mask for the first time today 🎀 in egl news - my Jelly Candy Toys mint jsk set came this week! I was hoping it'd be more of a baja blasty mint… boy, I got this bag to be my daily bag last year so, I could carry my iPad in it to a cafe to work on art and st…
Was looking at old art & found this Zinogre armor sketch I did in 2016 haha tight
Retweeted by 🎀 Thymine 🎀 @Izaart Happy birthday! 🥳🎂Thank you everyone for the company for Genshin & MHRise~ Sorry it was a shorter session, just very sleeby~ Ty for r… played Genshin a bit longer than expected~ Swapping to MHRise now!, I'm alive~ Genshin dailies then, MHRise🍒SummerCollectionLookBook🍒 AngelicPretty2021年夏の新作を撮りおろししたLook Bookが届きました📕 5/8(土)より¥22,000(税込)のお買い上げでプレゼント🎁 また¥1,2…
Retweeted by 🎀 Thymine 🎀"Always here" only other print I was considering for the S/S collection is coming out. Me debating if I want the apron skirt @FerretParty Aww, me too! I keep them in a little box! @FerretParty Haha, wah so long ago!
Vaccine really "messed" up my schedule thyminBlasted uhh someday I'll stream again (will try again later/tonight or… got a package from @ReallyPointy a few days ago but, didn't open it till today 'cause of vaccine recovery. The bo… opening for surprise?🤔, atleast on mobile it works ( ͡°ᴥ ͡° ʋ)Oh boy no cropping? Time to repost art
Sad anxious baby 'cause IRL responsibilities, but atleast I got some packages this week I can finally open 'cause I… because it reminds me of Wario D.I.Y. days & excited to see what others make 👀 didn't end up streaming this morning after all, not feeling so good. Hopefully tomorrow will get back to thin…
Which do you prefer?Think I'm finally feeling a bit better after the 2nd vaccine shot today? body still a bit fatigued/tired and sore b…動くモリガンさん
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Today my body is still kinda heavy & some body aches but, headache is gone & I think my stomach has settled where I… 3 after taking the 2nd vaccine shot: I'm alive 💦 Yesterday was the most miserable day- just constantly naseous…
[TMI. Cont] Anyways, started feeling fever chills & ended up vomming (luckily I made it to the bathroom in time). T…[TMI] Ok, I thought when I woke up things weren't that bad but it slowly started to ramp up the more I was awake (&… @mechachoi Trying to sleep it off but body says no and doesbt want me to hydrate PepeHands @Suzaku0089 I hear everyone is diff but I thought everything was gonna be ok, then I started to ramp up. Hope it's better for youOk...uh... Not feeling so goodThe more I'm awake the more bad I feel, and then I can't fall back asleep/sleep it off because of feeling bad.Chill… after 2nd vaccine shot: Arm sore & stiff feeling (of course). Weakness and over body aches and headache so far.… boy, Childe lvl 10 friendship get~ pretty ;0; limited edition OST set is so pretty ;0; no, I went to check the Genshin shop & they have new Childe merch... I need his whale.... arm has been slowly getting sore throughout the day and I'm starting to feel fatigued and warm monkaSHAKEPOGGIES, I was just rolling singles as I got primo from dailies/events to see if I could get Yanfei's and 28 rolls… @haruboms2 I kept seeing it in my postmates. I hope to try it someday~ I'm glad you enjoyed it!Got a baja blast zero as an after vaccine treat~ @naoxy_ Oh..... @naoxy_ It says "Ocean breeze" so I expected something nice but it just smelled like weird baby powder + rubbing alcohol PepeHandsNo stream tonight/Monday morning (Pacific time) because I'm gonna take it easy in case I get bad side effects later… @haruboms2 I wanted to try this place too!
@naoxy_ Nooo, it's Klee's cool lizard!!! Haha