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miss rei! she/her 🌟🌈

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Retweeted by rei 🍊 @nortoncampbeII *pops gum* let's go girls @PuccaNoodles what a cute little baby!! πŸ₯Ίadded a little bell to the bon I got from @pomupeach :’) 🐰
Retweeted by rei 🍊 @Aplustro THANK YOU SO MUCH THIS IS ITdoes anyone have that pic of the little child shibe and it says something kinda like "the teacher just rolled in th…ドロエデ
Retweeted by rei 🍊"Overpaying" artists who undercharge is actually what will enable them to raise their prices to what they should be…
Retweeted by rei 🍊if you were curious the solo character was a sword/dancer ferdie because phew that avo gets sent up to the moon tha… tough am i? how tough am i?? i completed a fe3h maddening solo run. without any milk
LEFTOVER SALES OPEN: Limited Stock πŸ“’ Detectives, get your Fire Emblem: Three Houses puzzles & vintage mystery aest…
Retweeted by rei 🍊 @_geummi ty!! i do actually own it and wear it so i hope i look cool irl toopour one out for everyone who assumed i’m a plant lady πŸ˜”a little β€˜get to know me’ for newcomers! hard to pay rent and food and buy plushies
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hurts just a little bit dot jpeg
Retweeted by rei 🍊 @ryukoishida glad it arrived safely!!Bun friend, courtesy of @pomupeach, arrived safe and sound~ This is Momoiro, or Mo for short πŸ₯³
Retweeted by rei 🍊 @Slvingrid_ it was already in stock and sold out! sorry, but it was a one time thing :o(
@veepdoodles thank you so much!! ; ____ ;Got my bun from @pomupeach πŸ₯°
Retweeted by rei 🍊 @firebellys no, i've only had it for around a year. i've been deteriorating fast and i feel bad as a merch artist b… @LeloLylaClarke awwww kitty!!! 🐱Forgot to post but I got my @pomupeach bunny plush today ☺️
Retweeted by rei 🍊i hate the negative ppl who r like β€œnothing matters we live on a rock” girl i like this rock
Retweeted by rei 🍊nothing matters we live on a rock which is why i will live my life to the fullest it can be at the moment thank u
Retweeted by rei 🍊 @joseppeIi no worries!! tysm for this, this is super helpful!!My adopted daughter from the thrift storeπŸ’– she just needed a bath and some love🌟
Retweeted by rei 🍊 @breadborks YES NP!!! your soaps smell like a hug from the character, i love it[RT'sπŸ’€πŸ’•] SOAP SHOP OPEN & UPDATED! HADES SOAPS now available, along with MHA & Fire Emblem restocks!! Please see…
Retweeted by rei 🍊please check out these soaps i have a bunch of the fe3h ones and they're amazing!! hubert's smells very good β˜•οΈ @kfov_851 TY JONAAAA!! enjoy your lil pal!GOT MY PLUSHIE FROM @pomupeach AND A GIFT FROM @JWNTjwnt !!!! THANK U SO MUCH AHHHH
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@irlapplepi i'm glad binky is in good company! @liopopp what a cute name!!thank you @pomupeach for my new baby!!!! i love them so much
Retweeted by rei 🍊I got my little friend in the mail today. Thank you @pomupeach for making such a cutie. Their name is Binky and the…
Retweeted by rei 🍊 @ManicPxlDrmGirl that's so sweet!! i'm sure they will love your tea party very much :DMy pink bunny plush from @pomupeach arrived today and I am OVER THE MOON. Bun-ichigo is even softer and sweeter tha…
Retweeted by rei 🍊 @jejulnum i just like what i like haha @niceytime shakes ur hands @jejulnum h-huh @sirenebisous lol i am very openly a lesbian and have been for many years, it's ok!Goodnight, my friends. πŸŒ™ Be kind to yourself and each other. πŸ’š
Retweeted by rei 🍊hand painted miffy porcelain
Retweeted by rei 🍊 @elle_dis they look so cute together! πŸ₯Ί2 cuties arrived today πŸ₯Ί bunny from @pomupeach and nyoomgi beanie from @cherrypugpie thank u both so much ΰ²₯β€Ώΰ²₯
Retweeted by rei 🍊having been told that it's rude to call dinner "gross," our 4yo is finding increasingly creative ways to express hi…
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no heterosexual explanation
Retweeted by rei 🍊the salmon girl sticker is now a charm as well! 🐟🐚 @ohitsjxcelyn it's all good!! it will be a pin (probably)! @ohitsjxcelyn aaa please don't say this!! if you do bots will steal the work and actually do that ; v ;Look at this again. Fuck doing trades and getting anime boys drawn for me; it’s lizbard time
Retweeted by rei 🍊some peaceful scenes #artistsontwitter #cuteart
Retweeted by rei 🍊rewatching a certain show
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Just to be clear - retweets are wonderful! Don't be afraid to retweet! It's "retweet with comment", aka quote retwe…
Retweeted by rei 🍊When artists say "don't quote retweet my art" they're not saying it to make your life more difficult. They're sayin…
Retweeted by rei 🍊 @Nrae_art thank you!!My order from @pomupeach came today and everything is so cute!! Thank you πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›
Retweeted by rei 🍊 @jessmk18 pls pls pls don't tattoo my art haha ; v ; (or qrt!) @pocki_ryugazaki it's just a lil one from black+decker! @TheMarcViews yeah i'm excited over plates now! i got a kettle :o) very excitingi know i'm getting old bc i'm excited over getting a new handheld vacuum right now (it's mint)
@tired_kenjamin you can now! i've restocked them :o) @sarlisart no problem! i'm a fellow north carolinian so when i saw that i was like :O !!!cow sticker restock is heeeeere i'll be shipping out any orders with them tomorrow! @mizuul it's a clear pin! @trevorbasset thank you for opening it trevor, i hope you're doing well!for you 🌼 also got some prints from @sarlisart today! pretty throw blanket from! smile after she said "then I married him, obviously" is just the preciousness we all need sometimes.
Retweeted by rei 🍊hello!🌷🌷🌷 my shop is back open with some *new* earring designs:β€’) (link in thread) likes & rt’s much appreciated!…
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i went to college for history and find it fascinating that even if we think we're so insignificant and the little t… mom gave me this old little book from the victorian era that she found in a used bookstore. 'lessons in german'-… sharing Martin Luther King Jr. in color, it reminds folks that the civil rights era was not that long ago. The b…
Retweeted by rei 🍊sword women designs i had a lot of fun with
Retweeted by rei 🍊Hey! Here's some fun guys to make your timeline just a bit happier today! ⭐️❀️
Retweeted by rei 🍊 @tajmerk thank you so much!! i'm about to head off to bed now πŸ›οΈπŸ’€πŸŒ™please don't ever think being a merch artist is easy work. on top of all that i don't make very much money, it's a… plushies were a TON of work for someone with CFS but i got them all out the day after everyone ordered both tim…*cracks back and flops over exhausted* ok, i packaged every single one! now it's *checks watch* 5:30am so ZZZZZZZZ… @mspaintart i don't make any more fan merch stuff, sorry! πŸ’¦i might make some clear pins soon! any lil characters or animals you'd wanna see?bunny plush is now completely sold out!! thank you all so much for the love and support on my first plushie πŸ₯Ί @bucketofROBOTS it'll be safe and sound in its new home soon! @PuccaNoodles marie!! πŸ₯Ίβ€οΈβ€οΈ @veepdoodles AAA ty for getting one of buns!! @_baomii excited for you to get it!bunny plush restock! this will be the last one 🐰🌿
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@kfov_851 the baby will be packaged up and sent to its lovely new home soon! ; o ;for the adoption card, you fill it out yourself! i don't fill it out. if you tell me what to write on it i won't be… plush restock! this will be the last one 🐰🌿犬!
Retweeted by rei 🍊i was sitting there thinking about how edelgard and ferdinand have kids and one of them might have orange hair/purp… a warm uo with a simple food props πŸ₯žπŸ₯“πŸ΄
Retweeted by rei 🍊 @miwwiew i wanna go so bad and see penguins it's a bucket list item of mine
taping 50 boxes with a tape gun while having CFS and being on your period is OTLNeed some retail therapy this weekend? STAY HOME and shop online, buy from small and indie shops & artists! Let’s…
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