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she/her, bi, 26. leftist indie dev. creator of Super Lesbian Animal RPG - @SLARPGofficial. pro Archie Sonic historian | 💖 @epointman | email: ponettplus@gmail

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update: we went to a sonic world and found models for bunnie and nicole :-)i am not exaggerating when i say this was literally the first public world i went toplaying vr chat for the first time. went to a bar and an actual youth pastor was there streaming to twitch. gamzee was there alsoi showed my mom my idw sonic cameo and then she sent a picture to my older sister who showed my sonic-loving 8-year…
@fish_boy_liam the world's shortest giraffethe stats are all subject to change naturally, don't worry too much about thoseoh yeah someone on tumblr asked me to post the status screens for all the party members in @SLARPGofficial so here'… rest of the issue is great also, for the record. not just the two panels that have me in them. it's got a chao…’m usually all digital with comics but i knew i had to get a physical copy of the issue with my tiny little cameo… saw that beloved film Blended was on hulu the other day and it immediately unlodged the memory of "great question…'m not particularly attached to fnaf but it would be too funny to have freddy fazbear fight sans, minecraft steve,… feel like it doesn't get brought up very often as a franchise that could come to smash but the chances of a fredd… was having a blast because xenoblade 1 is great, but then i got to the difficulty spike where you hit chapter 17… of these days i have to just buckle down and finish xenoblade before it becomes a permanent part of my pile of… was aware of the sonic covers but i didn't realize that sega had wreaked havoc upon most of the rest of their steam library as well dude came from the video game discourse equivalent of the fucking galapagos islands where all these strange di… dude is so funny. you know those stories about soldiers getting stranded and not hearing that ww2 was over for… that angry gamer rando in my mentions who was insisting that sonic characters aren't furries the other d… asakusa's whole deal being that she can work super hard almost nonstop when she's interested in something, but…'s also just a really good show to watch as someone in a creative field. it's like wow, everyone goes through the… got anthony to watch eizouken so now i'm rewatching that. still just as great the second time. i can tell t…
how fluffy is your fursona — she's a samoyed so she's 99% fluff by volume referring to smash characters by their full names from now on. terrance bogard. douglas jay falcon. steven min… @morkitten beloved fortnite mascot john wickwhere do you listen to the shrieking shack podcast? i've been wanting to check it out but player fm constantly bu……'ve been doing spirits stuff because steve's release made me come back to smash and i was like "oh yeah i barely d… mlm/wlw solidarity
i feel bad working on this game for so long and always going "all the new stuff is spoilers so y'all just gotta tru… of these are New but everything i've been working on lately is spoilers and not everyone's seen all of thesevarious interiors from @SLARPGofficial @SpiritSonic this is fantastic newswhat was it like meeting rouge and cream, are they nice — my answer depends on whether or not cheese beat my ferox(… is just a zeta gundam grunt suit. this is a rick dias’m really digging this configuration with only a little bit of the armor. kinda gives me mega man zx vibes've gotta play the witcher 3 at some point. cdpr sucks but i got it on sale ages ago and it's just been sitting th…
it’s way too much fun to do incorrect core gundam configurations parents literally gets killed but then he shows up in the fucking afterlife a book later to be like "hee hee, my death w… before i started listening to this podcast i hated dumbledore looking back as an adult lol. he's insufferable.… love their summary of the ending of half-blood prince as "one of the teachers at this middle/high school killed t…'m at the end of book 6 on the shrieking shack... i WILL be caught up before they're finished with deathly hallows, mark my words @krisispiss it's so funny that her trajectory of "shy character becomes more confident" just never stopped and by t… ling is the most fascinating littlest pet shop character because she just kind of starts out as the sensitive… can be a navy blue pandaren now in wow which means i can finally live out my dream of becoming penny ling from littlest pet shopi'm feeling nostalgic about wow and all the new character customization options and the level squish are making me… mean the fact that there are non-beast folk characters isn't the spoiler, i've shown off an orc npc before and th… yeah we've been working on some new non-beast folk NPCs for a later part of slarpg lately. y'all are gonna love… i'm sorry i'm losing it at this rando getting into arguments with people in my mentions and very auth… @jasperrolls this is NOT for furries. how could you even THINK that i blocked the guy and deleted the qrt, the reply’s been sufficiently dunked on and i don’t like to leave too m… love women
Retweeted by Bobby Schroeder @MOOMANiBE what's the point of using chat client stickers if they aren't of your own fursonathe beginning and ending of the new matthewmatosis review of death stranding murdered meplease don't let my state fuck this up like we keep fucking up the attempts to decriminalize weedtook a look at my mail-in ballot and in florida we've got an amendment up for vote to raise the minimum wage to $15… am fully expecting the ending of the movie to either be a third version of events where shinji never pilots the e… through the fourth rebuild movie they're gonna all sing the rocky horror time warp songthe final eva movie being titled "evangelion 3.0+1.0: thrice upon a time" sure does point towards some time loop sh…
@Ziggyfin oh hey! as a side note i wanna say i was excited to see you doing interior colors on the main series sinc… large domino meme with the small end being labeled "i decide to read all of the archie sonic comics to… lot of people have sent me the first panel but i'm not sure how many people noticed the gag of me having even mor… so i kept quiet about it for a day and a half so that folks could find this easter egg for themselves, but yes… swing states are going to be decided based on whether or not they got raymond on joe biden's animal crossing island
no but they're out of their minds if they think that the people who would most need advice on subjects like "how to… rolfe voice) GDC? more like God Damn Crooks! i mean what were they THINKING?okay the first two eps of jujutsu kaisen were great, guess i've got a new series to followis bowser a good father? — he's trying his best do you feel about the song Unknown from ME from Sonic Adventure — unironic all time classic my god love video game was the yoshi that murdered steve here btw. that's the secret lorei hadn't actually picked up fighter pass 2 yet so now i've got two new smash characters today. min min and steve ar…
@tamazonx i haven't, although i hardly watch any horror stuff because i'm a big scaredy cat lolside note, i loved the jab at the i-4 in the episode. always love a good jab at the i-4i've never been there myself but as a resident of central florida celebration's always been The Creepy Disney Town 90 minutes from my housei guess there's probably gonna be an episode on how the epcot concept got turned into the theme park we know today,… @KyleSmeallie he really wasthe whole part where they're trying to figure out how to prevent the hypothetical citizens of epcot from demanding…, the new defunctland episode on epcot's origins as a planned community controlled by walt disney is incredible.…'s a crime that there isn't a core gundam armor that's pink. three shades of blue, but no pinknjdsnciuncc hbfjk dcvhxnjkmnvm,jnfdijvncm ,
Retweeted by Bobby Schroedertoday's the 10th anniversary of mlp:fim. i cannot even begin to imagine how different my life would be if i never g…
Retweeted by Bobby Schroeder
apparently they put the brain of the batman who laughs in the body of final bruce wayne so now they have a characte… don't follow recent superhero comics but everything i've heard about The Batman Who Laughs ("what if batman was t… new thing i hear about what dc has done with watchmen since making it a regular part of the dc multiverse is…'s also funny to me that they're already referring to the titans as this thing of the past even though it's canon… straight up show flashbacks to amuro and kamille getting in their gundams for the first time to make the paral… love the beginning of zz because bright's like "hmm, this judau kid is trying to steal a gundam, like amuro and k… @splendidland i saw this the other day and am very excited to be meeting him in the actual series is the first zeon pilot introduced in zz'm not gonna name names and drag them but this isn't some startup, this is a company that's been around a while th… hmmm yes i think what my 16-bit rpg maker game about cartoon furries needs is a fully mocapped hollywood quali… week, another form letter from someone who's probably just got an algorithm messaging every game dev with a…
i cannot believe how wacky the first episode of gundam zz is. this takes place like the very next day after the fin…