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someday the mountain might a get em but the law never will

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Okay K-Stew needs to get Aubrey Plaza and hit. Da. Bricks.Watching Happiest Season and it’s a little uncomfortable how similar K-Stew’s experience at her closeted gf’s house… any movie at all) “I want to watch the “Possession” version of this” @kevin_modestino Pretty far through all these others, just unfinished @kevin_modestino I played through undead berg and a bit further on the Switch version about a year ago and then put… @kevin_modestino Yeahhhh maybe I should pick that up. I beat Streets of Rage 4 finally & racking up unlockable char… bought wireless headphones for video game. It turns out my ability to focus on video game goes way up while weari…
Dreamt of a long trip abroad with a friend. The night before returning I realized everything in the US had fallen a…'m just gonna say that the left is right to view anyone who worked for this or similar firms as 100% unsupportable…
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I believe in multiple timelines because Earth is too beautiful for this man-made hell to be the only version. @RepLeeZeldin @DonaldJTrumpJr The military obviously does a fine job feeding troops without him. That’s an expensiv… @kevin_modestino They can certainly be fun, immersive, graphically impressive—I just have never seen a game that wa… a “to do” list full of big plans for the rest of the year: Finish up some video games I started in 2018. Rea… can have a game that feels “realistic” in various ways—that’s emotionally involving, tense, scary etc. but prog…“Video game realism doesn’t look like the real world” I have been saying this for so long! And not only the look bu… good
Ned Sparks has major David Lynch energy. “That wailing! Jobs! Jobs! Men marching in the rain!” “Pull up a coffin a… love Dick Powell in these musicals because he’s like the uber parody of a talented theater kidWatching Gold Diggers of 1933–still relevant. Cardi B should make Gold Diggers of 2021Should I “make the leap” and buy my first bucket hatFor those who would like to see the HK/original cut of The Grandmaster, it will be available for a $10 rental start…
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Retweeted by K.K. O)))))) @hollie_horror I feel like this expression has been spreading geographically and I don’t like it. It makes me feel… to the incredibly talented Daria Nicolodi - one of the most influential figures in 🇮🇹 horror & a trailblazer fo…
Retweeted by K.K. O)))))) @Johnny_suputama @takashipom Maman is a beacon of happiness.Watch enough pre-code movies and it becomes painfully clear just how reactionary the forced optimism, patriarchy, w… Traditional Thanksgiving of dinner at a friend’s house, wander the neighborhood, video games, make out on the… @MrMocata Makes sense. On further consideration there is too much hairspray & feathered bangs for ‘78Watching Turkey Day classic Blood Rage. Can’t believe this came out in 1987. The color palate, hair etc is closer t…
@bartlebytaco know the enemy right down to his BMI @bartlebytaco this is right-wing podcaster foodif you've covered Biden to any degree, it's a stretch to *not* believe Reade. These reporters did a lot of mental g… coverage focused on Reade and how hard it was to prove her allegations, instead of simply looking at all the ti… had to revisit Tara Reade allegations for a potential article on how the Biden team dealt with the--of course the…'s remarks lately are a little better than I expected except when he talks about bipartisanship. Stop hitting yourself dudeadd a leather harness for Clifford the Big Red Cenobite @womensrites I remember the look of this film being really unique @kevin_modestino I just want cheap wireless headphones for switch, which is not so simple. You need an adapter or some kind of routingsince gaming headsets are the ugliest consumer product we have yet devised, it's likely that the last remnant of hu… from ‘Video Diary of a Lost Girl’ – dir. Lindsay Denniberg; U.S.A., 2012.
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The @Chicago_Reader needs our help. I just donated, and you can too at this link:
Retweeted by K.K. O))))))I recommend Blonde Crazy and Blondie Johnson. a proud representative of the Roseville Area High School Debate Team, I handed National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan his assPretty sure I debated against Jake Sullivan in high school. My partner and I were clowns and took pleasure in derai… don’t miss wearing pants too much but I do miss fitting into themAh yes. Tear down a cool unique historic building that could be an amazing community space to make way for hideous… @kevin_modestino The only reason there weren’t multiple catastrophes is a lot of people put forth tremendous effort to stave them off
@kevin_modestino do you know of anyone, generally, who has advocated good ideas for how universities can adapt to C… sent me this. “Stop the steal” rally in Tokyo. Calling on Japanese trump supporters to stand up to the fake me… got Tony. Those bastards got Tony Meatballs @kevin_modestino That makes sense. I’ve been too lazy the past several days to read about any of this. Just waiting… @kevin_modestino Yeah but “czar” to me suggests expertise. Like someone with scientific background maybe. It’s not… would think in 2020 the president-elect’s website would have relevant info and live-streams at the top of the p…
@zenoslime @hollie_horror true--if you just want to play old games emulators are much cheaper. @hollie_horror My biggest complaints about the Switch overall are the controller sticks are prone to drift and onli… @hollie_horror There's also a new retro-style Sonic game (Sonic Mania), Out Run, a bunch of Neo Geo. And if you hav… live by the opposite motto. Get Thonks @hollie_horror Lots of stuff on Switch hits the sweet spot (for me) between accessible classics and modern complexi… @hollie_horror I’ve been mostly playing 4 on Switch, but unlocking the old characters made me nostalgic so I starte… I’m binging Streets of Rage games this weekend @drakemotel Oh jeez who is this guy"Just turn the button" - Walter Cronkite @trashcelluloid I was really into this movie in theory but I didn’t enjoy the music 🤷‍♂️Looking at a catalog (why did someone send this to me?) advertising “Merino wool and polypropylene” blends—maybe it… was into athleisure when I started going to da gym until I read an article—turns out it’s all made of plastic tha… Kuniyoshi Goldfish Kingyo zukishi capsule toy. 3894 yen per set.
Retweeted by K.K. O))))))Whatever banal childhood trauma turned you all into impotent gun fetishists is between you and a therapist. Get hel… the guy in Revenge of the Nerds who really hated nerds? That is how I feel about the nationwide infestatio… @FordFischer worthless duck-waddling nazi dorks certainly love the word “liberty”
Big rumbly black & red motorcycle club rolled by followed by a smaller segway club in similar garb @TimJY Works: - Ally Cat - Oop I Did It Again - Workers of the World, Ally Oop!I thought the new Actress album was a little sleepy on first play. I was wrong of course. Also if you need someone…
Retweeted by K.K. O)))))) @kevin_modestino I suddenly remembered the Miss Saigon discourse in the mid 90s...Therapeutic image @kevin_modestino Good point. Maybe unfair of me but musicals seem worse. Maybe due to their supposed frivolity and… @kevin_modestino I’ve seen Cabaret but it’s been too long. Haven’t seen Popeye. There are gems here and there. Its… are probably a few good ones from the 70s like Phantom of the Paradise but I haven’t seen em. Singing in the… only good ones are The Wizard of Oz, The Lure, and pre-code musicals blasting A Love Bizarre outside but I couldn’t identify who. I think it’s the road crew
nice had a college roommate who was a more esoteric version of this. Constantly threatening lawsuits, writing unreadab… jobs / career paths in which the electoral and policy successes or failures of the party as a whole are largel… @kevin_modestino I’ve been putting it off because I want to clean up my backlog a bit, but it’s on the listLibertarian comedy = 90s white rapper 4 Christ energy @veryrealbatman Fair number of Minnesotans think he was probably killed—that some quiet rich far-right guy person o… Paul Wellstone was assassinated story that messed me up in 2001 is exactly how I feel now. Like I unwittingly gave a piece of myself to some g… @osutein It feels like Marty McFly looking thru his hand, or being abducted by aliens and you get back but part of… mean this as a serious question. Waking hours are starting to feel like a dream where I can barely move or make a sound.Anyone else feel like you’re just barely staying planted in reality? Like it’s not just hard to stay awake & focuse…
happy "international men's day" or something?? to celebrate, you can play my free masculinity simulator HARD LADS f…
Retweeted by K.K. O)))))) @jennatar Like every time I get a gift I hear and/or say this @jennatar no idea why but "A gift card for fashion! How did you knowww?"If Hypnospace Cowboy were a relaxing phone app, it would be
Retweeted by K.K. O))))))LEAKED: Security footage of trump votes breaking the algorithm inside Dominion's computer design they can just change vote totals with thumb drives or Zip disks or whatever. But the overwhelming number… $25 or more to a local food shelf, receive an artist designed Giving Mask!
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