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i work better when i’m not depressed ・ manager: @maxschramp

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Retweeted by pooldad the celebrityi follows da socialism babey @itmedamon maybe cali yeah @itmedamon idk one of the cool onesnobody tell my wife it’s a surpriseif bernie gets elected i’m moving to the statesWhy did lil nas x follow me
Retweeted by pooldad the celebritytonight we are condompostingwhen ur girl text u she’s coming over so u gotta do an emergency wash of the condoms
Retweeted by pooldad the celebritywow apparently they don’t let you try condoms on in walgreens????? how am i supposed to get the best ones???
Retweeted by pooldad the celebrity“this guy mansplaining to you?” i ask a woman on the street as her boyfriend is telling her about his day at work
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@redzamusic whats vsauceMSNBC - 2/23/2020 Word art by @AnandWrites...
Retweeted by pooldad the celebrity sanders fancam.... stream thos moser and vote for bernie #NotMeUs
Retweeted by pooldad the celebritythy two party system exists to quell progressive moments by forcing them to join the democratic party
Retweeted by pooldad the celebritykeep your friends thos and your enemies moser
Retweeted by pooldad the celebrity @acabfuckice i’m glad the legacy of street juice lives onFetish porn idea: your love moans your name as they cum. They say they love you and you believe them. You sleep in…
Retweeted by pooldad the celebrityMy son is just a little happy about this!!! Let's gooooooo!!! #BernieSanders #bernie2020 #NVcaucus2020
Retweeted by pooldad the celebrityim in thos moser is the most important piece of media in the last ten years @pooldad thos moser is the kind of media that will be studied for years and years to come
Retweeted by pooldad the celebrity @alphasoccermom @pooldad thos moser is more culturally relevant than bohemian rhapsody i say this without one single atom of irony in my body
Retweeted by pooldad the celebrity @kulipeter pleasei have never been wrong about a single thing in my life i have always been correct whenever i say anythingHow many times have u listened to thos moser drop the number in the replies @kpopparxstan94 Thos moser @kulipeter literally gonna be in university courses in twenty yearshavent heard @CityOfBoston respond to the Thos Moser music video.......... coward shit tbh....... @jacksondgreen factsthos moser is literally modern art and i will fucking beat the shit out of anyone who does not accept that @hunter_hhhh @jedwill1999 @JaronTwo and yet nobody will believe me when i say my friends and I control pop culture....... fucked up......when bernie becomes president
Retweeted by pooldad the celebrity @hunter_hhhh @jedwill1999 @JaronTwo we literally created this formatds9 better than voy fight me @pooldad Franz Liszt Played A Piano Concerto And You Won't Believe What Happened Next
Retweeted by pooldad the celebrity @bigmoodenergy LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO music clickbait is absolutely mental @heartdefect amen to thatINSANEmozart DIED after writing this watching my magikarp evolve
Retweeted by pooldad the celebritynoob to epic @love2eatdirt hell yes @queenofhateland @DJDynamicNC SKTBTKTKTTTTTTTTTTif i have facial hair then i’m depressedOK here it is: Drake Clapping Gif Except it's every frame, laid out on shirts/hoodies etc, HQ material ! but heres…
Retweeted by pooldad the celebrity*taps microphone* this one goes out to all my followers w bipolar disorder and bipolar tendenciescall me lance armstrong because i am rapid cycling @GEXRGlA owned @babick_ diss agreehey look it’s an old white person who hasn’t been relevant in years and Cher! myself and my son to california to be with my hot wife @jbfan911 reliant k on youtube in 2008 hit differentif im being totally honest winter can go fuck itself forever and i will not stand it anymore.@whoisMGMT please will MGMT endorse bernie sanders
Retweeted by pooldad the celebrity @LivPosting W @naastynun 🥺 @moopsyd @JaronTwo bartBart World No Mercy
Retweeted by pooldad the celebritybuttigieg the type to light up a highschool he said it himself @jacksondgreen more than happy to teach you my waysfew things in life are more romantic than making a fan cam of your wife
Retweeted by pooldad the celebritylost a bunch of followers after posting that i have a crush........ this is so fucked up .......... @MonkeyMoment matt i can’t stop laughinghop in
Retweeted by pooldad the celebrity @shuyomondai damnplease like this tweetDamn bro u got the whole squad at the intersection of art and technology
Retweeted by pooldad the celebrity @roshux does that not happen anymore :(daylight savings is in 2 weeks we are almost out the trenches yall
Retweeted by pooldad the celebrityi like to like my friends tweets :) @sean_antrim @AOC dog ur literally from norther irelandi love it when idiots come on here and say stupid shit........ the bees knees .......
“people are voting for the person who campaigned to them” “wow........ society.........lshut the fuck up cathy @People4Bernie @JoeBiden
Retweeted by pooldad the celebrityphoto belongs in a museum
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Retweeted by pooldad the celebrity @suckysuz let chaos reign
Retweeted by pooldad the celebritywhy is this building a brutalist fish?
Retweeted by pooldad the celebrity @kyarokyun @istealfromkids1 this is so good!!! @Its_Warden literally me @pooldad this reminded me of you
Retweeted by pooldad the celebritythe cars name was crumpet, one of your self-driving cars just cut me off in a crosswalk, screeched to a halt in front of me, then to…
Retweeted by pooldad the celebrity @umru_ @gupimusic @fraxiommusic hearing a crowd of people say “one more level” is insaneTHOS MOSER LIVE IN CHICAGO ?????? @gupimusic @fraxiommusic
Retweeted by pooldad the celebrity“mine will be better”
Retweeted by pooldad the celebrity @abisoos @hellsens sick i’ll do it @hellsens is that tonight or tomorrow