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@leesherwhy It’s a nursery decoration from the ikea kids section!! I just like it bc it’s a big leaf 😭😭😭make sure you tell your loved ones how much you love and appreciate them before they are taken away from you and they’re gone forever @sleepykokiri hii @lunabunniy :/ 🤍 @K0nja I hope you have fun!! Hoping to live vicariously through photos 🥺
@fempute @DominickVitelli We’re in the exact same boat! Yeah, even though it’s outside it doesn’t even matter if it…'re both fully vaccinated but i have family that cannot risk getting sick and i don't want to make them feel like…, Neep and i are not going to Second Sky anymore, originally bought tickets for his birthday but neither of us… @TheSamethyst this is way too real except with the brand account's latest tweets timeline @floaromaa You are so PWETTY aghh ✨✨💖💖 @weeniedesu weird behavior that people don’t want to pay people for their skills, especially if they’re your friend…
@FoxA_R6 Hello @zephybite I woke up next to you again was the first game I saw by you 🥺 i still think about missed messages almost every day fdlsfjdkslaf @hy00jschl0ng I wish I could fight every single one of them
@AshpIay yez @sumichu u can have some of mine I got 80 of themdimner is servd everyone come get some @weeniedesu I would happily share w u !!!! 👉👈 @RanotRaw facts @beeniepig Halloween sugar cookies @demitrios_ yes !!!! @baemax we have so many as u can see u can have some spooky cookies !!! @TheChowderhead I’m legit eating the dough while making them I can’t @Emotionbean Yes u are invited to the cookie party rnthe best way to cope when ur just straight up not having a good time this sucks
@brookeab this color is so beautiful on you ❤️‍🔥 @Annie_Dro this is the absolute worst feeling ever
i feel like this @yoojpls Happy birthday Yooj 🤍🤍🤍 you’re an amazing friend and I’m very happy to have met you 🥺 @leesherwhy Thank you pretty angel!!! 🥺
hello!! i'm looking for potential roommates for a house on the west side of LA! must have good credit and proof of…
Retweeted by 𝚙𝚎𝚝𝚛𝚊 🌻 @EstherLynnrie It’s a vintage wedding gown from the 1970’s! I think if you search for that you might find something similar! 🥰 @umiscar I’m glad you’re okay oh my god :( what the fuck @floaromaa THANK YOU!! Coming from the prettiest angel herself!!! 🤍🤍🤍🤍 @jessicahkim YOU ARE!!! 🤍🤍🤍 @juwiaTV 🥺 you have blessed me today ily @spaceghost HELLO you are gorgeous 💐 @moon_mamii They are so pretty and this dress made me feel super pretty!!! I hope you can find one you love!! ;w; 🤍 @moon_mamii I think it’s a calico type of material!!! It’s very delicate and pretty 🥺 The couturier is House of Bia… @moon_mamii This is an authentic vintage wedding dress from the 1970’s unfortunately 🥺 if you search for 1970’s vin… @DreamyRei This is exactly how I would like to be perceived 👁👁asdfghjklasfkfj @iFooYa @Rainbow6Game THIS IS THE CUTEST PICTURE IN THE WORLD
@iFooYa It’s sooooo good I hope you enjoyed 🥰 @skipper By the last part, I mean looking at objects and thinking about what they are. “This is a chair, this is a… @skipper I sit in the bath, and while the water is running I flick really warm water in my face and do breathing ex…
@GreshyPoo I’m omwdesperately wanted to be Alice Cullen when I was 18 vs now @slamzuu Target! @INTERRO one day they will realize that their MW2 lobby experience was really nothing special or anything to brag a… @INTERRO do people think MW2 lobbies were rare experiences or something? everyone who has played an online video ga… @ricesooo this is so gross what the fuck man
@AlexanderGTLZ Noo it’s a monstera deliciosa @USADragonDChong Approval from da chef… best dinner ever @FreyiaBabe I burned it in the oven @KCanna97 Thank you!!! 🥰 @CaptainFluke Thank you!! 🥺 @Ash12tyn Tbh me too 😳 @vampiiregf I just used plain white rice but jasmine rice would work too!! @_pixlsugr I really appreciate this, I get kinda nervous to share personal stuff sometimes so this made me happy 🥺 @catsgomao Thank you!! 🥺 I am a menace in the kitchen running around to make sure I have time to garnish and also serve the food hot 👁👄👁 @_pixlsugr I don’t!! :( I will try to measure how much stuff I’m putting on it and make one next time I cook this though, it was super good!
@robot__girl and I’m all stocked up on hot chips 👀 @TeamLiquid @davidchen10 #DCHENWIN 💙🤍💙🤍 @INTERRO @Laxing Save my hope for the siege community with this please @Duffyrsc4th These pictures are about 4 months apart so the right one is a little longer @kneepers Ur cute @RyyFyy STOPPPP ILY 🥺 @Koujoe_ weird looking boxbox, best compliment ever @Emotionbean JONAH!!!keep me away from scissors holy shit KEEP ME AWAY!!!!
@ChocVillah I have 3 monitors and I actually don’t think I can function properly without all of them now 😭 lol @AlaskanBased I cried twice man Arthur is such a good character @predac0nz The game is beautiful, the story mode is 😭 so good I love the characters in the game a lotred dead redemption 2 living in my head rent free @yvonnie Your hair looks so pretty 😭 @xXxMEME1ORDxXx I would be honored to decorate ur space omg I’d make Eri a sick lil set up
@xXxMEME1ORDxXx dis is my living room but i appreciate it owo @xinxinwong Tbh you were the first person I was gonna talk to if I wanted one 🥺👉👈 @portilho but we stan nonetheless @OutcastAkaRonan I used to hate Twitter for web app and almost exclusively use mobile, the vertical monitor makes i… @Ash12tyn Dry heat > humid heat 😭😭😭 when I lived in Houston I always said going outside felt like I was walking into someone’s mouth @p_egasus I feel you :( honestly comments alone are difficult I can't imagine having someone steal from you. if you… @p_egasus NONON I MEANT LIKE GIVE YOU MY FOLLOWERS LMAO and yes you are you’ve got a huge brain and endless creativity 🥲 @p_egasus is there a way I can do a venmo-like transfer of followers to you to 10k because you are infinitely cooler and more interesting @doobyscoo18 I was kidding btw pls don’t roast me @squidsonstrike Kindly and gently approach your friends about these thoughts, especially if you know they’re not tr… @toasterbrutals @Emotionbean I think this fact adds a layer that makes it funnier to the ones who know @KAAIDAVIS no I am a freak and my foods cannot touch unless I permit them to (by dipping) or else they are now Bad Food @KAAIDAVIS I liked their turkey chili a lotpanera breadable and submissive
@Mtblanc_ I just got the best one I found so far 🥺 I wanna post a picture of it when I get it!!! @sleepykokiri can we wear gunne sax dresses and have a little tea party one day 🥺 @ChadSmeltz Here’s my cats funny face @AtelieRsb_ @TeamLiquid @teamliquidjp このチームにようこそ!!! @Easilyy @Nadeshot TASTE
@leesherwhy Omg congratulations 🥺 also those look really goooood holy @GreshyPoo NOSE