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@syanne77 It’s like they couldn’t trick you into replying by using your occupation, so they decided to pick at your… @Scarletando @TeamLiquid @TeamLiquidBR ONE WORD DOWN 723837 MILLION MORE TO LEARN!!! 🥰 @Scarletando @TeamLiquid @TeamLiquidBR Parabéns, Jose 🥺🥺🥺💙 @risorins You are amazing
@imane your taste in hot chicken is so good, I now trust u with my life @Sydeon @HyperX I LOVE YOUR SMILE SO MUCH AHHHH you’re insanely beautiful!!!!thinkin bout,,, @QuarterJade and @imane today... 🍗🍗🍗🍗💕 @jumayumin1 I’m wishing for your safety Mayumi, this is so scary and you really shouldn’t have to deal with it :( 💖 @Scarletando we are so similar here Jose
@xtamago_ You should draw Skye!! 💚 @AmataTheSocial he's the only one who is @sleepykokiri omfG i love this and think its so cute my heart is so fullthere is no point of the day where i'm not just absolutely fuming and filled with unadulterated rage i am so ready… @sleepykokiri 🥲 @KidSkys currently in line for that rnn @FelipeRAG I wanna be like you when I grow up 🥺 @Vorikx i don't like hot coffee very much either way so i usuallly do cold brew!i'm forcing myself to drink black coffee to torture myself into enjoying coffee with very little sugar/cream from n…
.@navneetr sent me this beautiful philodendron heartleaf with a super sweet note because she knows I’ve been going… @kneepers ur so right babe this is ur world we’re just living in it @kneepers and now you’ve ruined it for the rest of us too @MichaelArtress This is so good @umiscar this is such a good tweet @loganrleavitt @Tranmobile_ @TL_Hayl @navneetr @induTHEwriter You can’t keep it up forever! @Tranmobile_ @TL_Hayl @loganrleavitt @navneetr @induTHEwriter @kneepers I am the worlds biggest simp for u good fucking lord I love you
@yuliexe 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡 🚪 they're seeing themselves out @Alythuh I can't wait to see what you do 💙💙 this is so awesome, love u and appreciate u sm!!! @Alythuh Alyssa this is so beautiful, you’re amazing, I’m so happy for you and appreciate your efforts to make the… @QuarterJade Your whole aesthetic is so flawless AAAAAHH you’re so pretty! 💖 @syanne77 @kneepers WE COME SECOND ONLY TO YOU AND EUGENE 💙💙 @2GGstrides @Vuk7r this body pillow is actually not mine, it belongs to his roommates @Silcris88 IDK HE JUST DOES THAT SOMETIMES it could be a factory error @TitansEye I hope you have a good day Titans Eyegood morning @kneepers @yuliexe blocked @yuliexe Yuli I have broken up with him for you let’s get married immediately @xinxinwong So pretty 🥺
Retweeted by Petra ♡🗡 @SoloPunished @kneepers I was kidding but at least coomers are funny sometimes @kneepers maybe i should‘ve posted the picture of you cuddling my titties instead @RottenPapi both are so gooood i can't wait to see @RottenPapi The green is killing me omfg I love
@TeamLiquidLoL @Fasffy The sweetest person alive, really really sad to see this one but I can't wait to see what yo… @ReixLexa @kneepers yes because you deserve the best ok ok @sleepykokiri I think someone did them real dirty and they’re down HORRENDOUS and project their trauma onto random… @AmataTheSocial there were more really bad ones last night but either I was blocked or they got deleted lmaoinsanely fucking weird find it incredibly amusing that posting pictures with my boyfriend on my own Twitter was capable of making people so unbelievably angry @die4faIIguy I rly wonder why seeing other people happy makes ppl this upset, I’m glad I will never know 👍 @Snedgie I WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO UNHEAR THIS NOW @kneepers @skipper 🥺 that’s so cute, I love this for us 🥳🥳🥳 @jumayumin1 😍😍😍😍 so prettygamer bf and gf who watches 👁👄👁 @floaromaa you are so so pretty and this is such a good cosplay ahhh @fempute @umiscar m-may I join perhaps 👉👈
@LilyPichu she boot too big for she got damn feet @chu12ch The pizza betrayed me @ForestWithin @lolYisus scared to get comboed by Pfizer now fml @TL_Hayl I MESSAGED YOU ON SLACK ABOUT HOW EFFECTIVE WINDMILLING YOUR ARM IS FOR THE MUSCLE PAIN THE MOMENT YOU SENT THIS, same brain @shbzz omg 😭 praying for us @shbzz did you get your first shot or second one? I’m sooo nervous for the second onefeeling anxious from an anxiety disorder and extremely fatigued from the vaccine at the same time feels like my body is taking a screenshot @sumichu @meeesu the real question is when are both of u going to carry me
@BearUNLV baby hag vs baby jake who will win @choyjustin i was in her headi was showing my coworkers that dead by daylight isn't a scary game liked this tweet therefore it is now officially my best tweet thank you for listening
Dear orgs, As you prep for Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month initiatives, this is your reminder t…
Retweeted by Petra ♡🗡 @AlivYuki god i realized this joke makes no sense 3 seconds after posting it sorry @iFooYa 💙💚💙💚 @iFooYa This color is sooooo pretty on you!!!!! AHH @maobaby THANK YOU 🥺🥺🥺💙 @vivalastina hi 🥺 @jessicahkim IM LOVE U DJDKFJDKC @tsikyo HIIIII 🥰🥰🥰🥰 @RyyFyy Okkkk but like you exist so this is UNTRUEEEEE @AsheMareexoxo THANK YOU BEAUTIFUL!!! 🥺🥺💙💙💙 @DuckieIsMeName a true friend30,000 of you have chosen to follow me probably for selfies but instead you will just get bad tweets thank you but I’m sorry @kneepers hi :) @kneepers wanna kiss? @QuarterJade godD JODI THE FAIRY PRINCESS HAS BLESSED ME YOURE THE CUTEST EVERRRR MWAH @Sydeon THE FEELING IS MUTUAL 🥰😍 @starsmitten_ AHHHH ILY YOURE SO KIND 🥺🥺💙💙💙💙💙💙💙 @jedderp ❤️❤️❤️❤️ @Ash12tyn god I think the same when I see you!!! 🥰 @shawnwasabi SHAWN 🥺💙 @taihaswings 🥺😭 you’re so sweet thank you!!! @umiscar omg... the world would explode immediately @TrulyTenzin I COULD SAY THE SAME ABOUT YUOU AHHH @Emotionbean OMFG LMAO!!! @skipper RIGHT BACK AT YOU!! 🥺💙 @starsmitten_ AHHHH THANK YOU CELINE you are so sweet 🥺💙💙💙💙💙💙💙 @floaromaa AHHH I CRY thank you Hyoon 😭😭💙💙💙 @epiknub TYTYTY!!! @Ashewyn @maobaby was selling them!!! I think they’re out of stock now but they’re so cute i would follow and keep… @umiscar if we had matching pink off white belts we would be iconic and unstoppable