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Building the strength & capacity of democratic organizations to envision & advance a pro-worker, pro-immigrant, racial justice agenda.

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Live: #CloseTheCamps protest @ Ft. Sill which is about to be opened to cage immigrants
Retweeted by Popular DemocracyLive: #CloseTheCamps protest @ Ft. Sill which is about to be opened to cage immigrants
Retweeted by Popular DemocracyWeve made it to the gate of Fort Sill, the site of decades of abuse, terror, and state sanctioned violence against
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"We understand that Rossell籀 has to resign, but we know it doesnt change anything, the structure that put him in p and everyday we stand with the people of #PuertoRico as they stand up to protest the corruption, mysogyny and of workers from Toys R Us, Sears/Kmart & Shopko have been working with @forrespect @RealBankReform
Retweeted by Popular DemocracyOur 6am Know Your Rights Brigade spoke to Passaic city residents this morning on their way to work.
Retweeted by Popular Democracy6.2 million people would be lifted out of poverty. 27.3 million workers would see annual raises increase to 44 bil is historic. After 12 years - the longest stretch in history - Congress will vote to increase the minimum wa of Black Workers, 34% of Latinx workers. Would get a raise if the minimum wage increased to $15!We are so close and need your help for the final push. Call your your REPRESENTATIVE and urge them to raise wages, Speaker Pelosi will preside over a historic vote on the #RaiseTheWage Act of 2019 increasing wages to $15 pe the message was clear: 1. Rossell籀 must resign 2. #PuertoRico wont accept any more abuses, any more austerity
Retweeted by Popular DemocracyIn #PuertoRico this is what democracy looks like. #RickyRenuciaYa
Retweeted by Popular DemocracyMore than 100,000 march today to demand that @ricardorossello resign! #rickyrenunciaya
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*REPORT RELEASE* @PubInterest, @popdemoc & @twittlesis show the impact that our #BackersofHate +
Retweeted by Popular DemocracyThank you @BNPParibas and @FifthThird for listening to families in your communities by ending financing of private
Retweeted by Popular DemocracyBREAKING: As banks flee the private prison industry, GEO and CoreCivic stand to lose an estimated $1.93 billion, or
Retweeted by Popular DemocracySTAGGERING data: nationwide fight against #BackersofHate has yielded commitments by 6 banks to withdraw ~$2 billion
Retweeted by Popular DemocracyNEW! Report from @PubInterest, @popdemoc and PBI show the impact that the #backersofhate and, the DOJ announced it will not bring federal charges against NYPD officer Daniel Pantaleo for killing
Retweeted by Popular DemocracyToday marks 5 years since he was killed. Erics family & our communities have yet to see justice. Join Make the Roa, the DOJ announced it will not bring federal charges against NYPD officer Daniel Pantaleo for killing, sacar a @ricardorossello no vale nada si no: ∴ Exigimos la protecci籀n de los servicios esenciales y las
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Happening! DC activist led by @BUnidosDPR come togehter to demand the immediate resignation of @ricardorossello and
Retweeted by Popular Democracy @traceyecorder 丹儭丹儭丹儭
Happening! Thousands gather in San Juan #PuertoRico to demand the resignation of @ricardorossello. #RickyRenucia
Retweeted by Popular DemocracyBreaking! @FifthThird bank will stop financing private prisons and immigrant detention facilities! #backersofhate! @FifthThird bank will stop financing private prisons and immigrant detention facilities! While these compan
Retweeted by Popular DemocracyAs Congress and the Federal Trade Commission examine @Amazons monopolistic behavior, we urge them to consider the
Retweeted by Popular Democracy.@amazon refused to let us in and were too scared to come out and take our delivery. What are you afraid of
Retweeted by Popular DemocracyAs @Amazon advertises #PrimeDay deals, it hides the cost of its business model: the health & safety of its warehous
Retweeted by Popular DemocracySuch vitriol from the President of the United States also threatens the future and livelihoods of people of color i is also much more dangerous and much deeper. The hatred that the freshmen members receive on account of their r Trump is running on racial animus in 2020. He has built his political brand off of appeals to white suprema that the representatives are anti-Israel and anti-American. In response, @jeppsaddison, network preside the weekend, President Donald Trump tweeted racist slurs attacking the squad of progressive women in the Uni Years Later: We Are #EricGarner! On Wednesday, join youth leaders, @RealGwenCarr, mother of Eric, + allies in com
Retweeted by Popular DemocracyBeware folks! Now that all eyes are on the @ricardorossello administration, members of the @FOMBPR are trying to pu
Retweeted by Popular Democracy @AOC When concerned about Trump policies on tariffs, e.g., GOP Congress has made it clear and known to White House
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步REAKING: immigrant families block the road between the entrance to NJ @Amazon facility and ICE Detention Center o
Retweeted by Popular DemocracyHappening Now! #NoTechForICE members of @MaketheRoadNJ standing up to @amazon to demand they cut their contracts with @ICEgov #NoTech4ICE
Retweeted by Popular DemocracyBREAKING: immigrant members of @MaketheRoadNJ deliver 200,000 petitions to @Amazon to demand they cut ties with ICE.
Retweeted by Popular Democracy.@Marriott won't let ICE use its properties as detention facilities. @motel6 what about you? Will you collaborate
Retweeted by Popular DemocracyICE's plan to round up thousands of immigrants is back on, and its agents are planning to use hotels as temporary j
Retweeted by Popular DemocracyHundreds of our members are braving the raids and getting ready to demand Amazon cut its contracts with ICE! Join u
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Happening now #PuertoRicos largest shopping mall, Plaza Las Americas, on no sales tax day: activists banner drop
Retweeted by Popular DemocracyHappening! On no sales tax day members of @OtroAcuerdo take over the biggest #PuertoRico mall and drop banners to d
Retweeted by Popular Democracy These lights are for all immigrants coming here for an opportunity of a better life #LightsforLiberty
Retweeted by Popular DemocracyShout out local orgs @Vamos_Juntos_ @MakeTheRoadPA and others who lead. #NN19
Retweeted by Popular Democracy#BREAKING: BNP Paribas makes itself the 5th major bank to commit to stop financing private prison & immigrant deten
Retweeted by Popular DemocracyBreaking! BNP Paribas will stop financing US private detention centers! The dominoes keep falling and we will not r send our deepest condolences to his partner Deidre, and his children Eric and Elena. And to the rest of his fami impact of his work will be felt for generations. He was a loving and dedicated friend, an adoring father, and his legacy extends far beyond the dignified working conditions of the more than 163,000 32BJ members. Hector be believed that we realize the promise of this country by fighting together, for ourselves, for the people we love, our movement lost one of its most visionary fighters for justice: Hector Figueroa, president of 32BJ SEIU. will #AbolishICE and #CloseTheCamps! Philly is at full strength for #NN19
Retweeted by Popular DemocracyWashington DC. #Lights4Liberty
Retweeted by Popular DemocracyOur youth leader Maria Hern獺ndez denounces Congress blank check for Trumps deportation at @Lights4Liberty in Eliz
Retweeted by Popular DemocracyWhen immigrant families are under attack. . . What do we do? #standupfightback #Lights4Liberty #LightsforLiberty
Retweeted by Popular DemocracyPowerful moment at Philly #Lights4Liberty march huge crowd heads under an overpass screaming #SHUTDOWNBERKS &
Retweeted by Popular DemocracyIve been thinking all day about my friend and movement brother, Hector Figueroa @32BJSEIU. Below, on behalf of
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Towson showed up @ #Lights4Liberty
Retweeted by Popular DemocracyRest In Power Hector Figueroa @figue32bj @browsofjustice @alisonturkos @popdemoc Thank you for your willingness to share your story 歹 you set the tone
Retweeted by Popular Democracy @natsowinski @GrimKim @FlyingWithSara @afa_cwa @DTaylorUH @unitehere @teamcoworker .@GrimKim introduces a panel on general strikes featuring @FlyingWithSara of @afa_cwa, @DTaylorUH of @unitehere, Ch
Retweeted by Popular Democracy返踢返踢返踢返 now has 753 worldwide vigils tomorrow night. We stand with all who object to this administratio
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YALL...@MarriottIntl just sent this statement to our organizer & press: Marriott has made the decision to decline
Retweeted by Popular DemocracyExactly! #wecount our nationwide push to pass hundred of local resolutions in support of #MedicareforAll! The next webinar is to
Today, Yazmin, mother of Mariee, a toddler who died in @ICEgov custody, is addressing conditions & medical neglect
Retweeted by Popular Democracy @AyannaPressley speaks to Yazmin the mother of Mariee: You did nothing to wrong. Seeking asylum is a human right.. Heart-wrenching testimony by Yazmin Juarez, whose 19-month-old daughter, Mariee, died after spending time in
Retweeted by Popular DemocracyIm here today because I dont want another little angel to suffer like my Mariee. Witness Yazmins pain as sh
Retweeted by Popular DemocracyIm here today because I dont want another little angel to suffer like my Mariee. Witness Yazmins pain as sh
Retweeted by Popular DemocracyBaby Mariee should be alive and happy with her mother today. Because of the neglect from ICE & CBP, she is no longe
Retweeted by Popular DemocracyBefore a photo of Mariee, toddler who died after negligent medical care at @ICEgov @CoreCivic facility, @RepRashida
Retweeted by Popular DemocracyShe had been there seven days, she was caked in dirt.
Retweeted by Popular DemocracyMy Mariee had always been a happy, healthy baby. She made the journey from Guatemala without any problems. We sta
Retweeted by Popular DemocracyYazmin Juarez stands with @OversightDems Chair @RepCummings and @JoaquinCastrotx @RashidaTlaib to demand justice fo
Retweeted by Popular DemocracyYasm穩n Ju獺rezs photo with her baby Mariee, who died in a detention camp at border, stands behind chairman,
Retweeted by Popular DemocracyHer name is MARIEE - a toddler who was denied medical treatment on several occasions in a cage, packed with sick ch
Retweeted by Popular DemocracySerious questions remain about whether Kavanaugh is ultimately fit to be a Supreme Court justice, and House Democra Bank of America JP Morgan Chase Wells Fargo @MaketheRoadNY #BackersofHate #FamiliesBelongTogether organiz
Retweeted by Popular DemocracyDropping petitions at @RepTedLieu office. 350k signatures calling for the investigation of #Kavanaugh thank you
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I will retweet this sentiment every time I see it!
Retweeted by Popular DemocracyIf you can't make it in person, tell Palantir to drop its "mission critical" contract with ICE. We need Palantir to complicity in detention-to-deportation pipeline targeting black+brown folx must end. As we continue disruptin fights lay the groundwork for us to ultimately #BreakUpAmazon when @FTC opens antitrust investigations against @amazon!This week, people across the country are organizing #NoTechForICE actions in a show of power against Amazon! RSVP trans immigrants & allies stop at @Chase after huge victories for #BackersofHate & #FamiliesBelongTogether camp
Retweeted by Popular DemocracyThank you @SunTrust for listening to families in your communities by ending financing of private prisons that profi ARE WINNING!!! @SunTrust will no longer bank the private prison industry, which profits from the detention of fa #SunTrust becomes the 4th major bank this year to announce that they will stop lending to
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#BREAKING: SunTrust announces it will stop financing private prisons & immigrant detention companies! After years
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