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there was a time when the crows were our friends... #TheCrowening #ISeeDarkness
Retweeted by Pop🌟 T O N I G H T 🌟 New episode of #SchittsCreek is on at 9/8c on #PopTV. @sardonnica @OneDayAtATime Hi there. Use the channel finder on to see where PopTV is available where you are.
The first live taping of the new season is tomorrow AND our friend Ray Romano is joining us as a special guest star…
Retweeted by PopThe cast of #SchittsCreek weighs in on David as a bride... and we are literally stunned, in the BEST possible way. is no need to panic, a new episode of #SchittsCreek is back tomorrow at 9/8c on #PopTV.
Get you a girl who can do it all. #FloridaGirls #DollyPartonChallenge
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Are @RealEugeneLevy & @DanJLevy in sync? See how their answers matched up in the #WWHL Clubhouse →…
Retweeted by PopPress play on an all new episode of #SchittsCreek, Tuesday 9/8c on #PopTV.
TONIGHT at 10:30/9:30c we’re LIVE w/ #CatherineOHara, @RealEugeneLevy, @AnneFrances, & @DanJLevy from the cast of…
Retweeted by PopMy heart feels so full it might actually burst. Can’t believe we get to do this again. Thank you, thank you, thank…
Retweeted by PopWe must tur-tell you, this episode of #SchittsCreek is totally worth it! Watch the full episode on the #PopNow app…
I love what @danjlevy had to say about the groundbreaking #SchittsCreek billboard featuring David and Patrick kissi…
Retweeted by PopI talked with @danjlevy and @annefrances about the end of @SchittsCreekPop, buckets of KFC chicken, brunches, boys…
Retweeted by PopThe cast of #SchittsCreek on Larry Air, leather suits and turtles. in there, another new episode of #SchittsCreek is just a week away. Coast, a new episode of #SchittsCreek is on @PopTV RIGHT NOW! for watching with us! See you back here next Tuesday for another new episode of #SchittsCreek on @PopTV. and Stevie's friendship is pure and golden and good and everything to me and I love them. #SchittsCreek
Retweeted by Pop @LogoTV 😭😭😭This wig is EVERYTHING! 🙌 #QueenMoira #SchittsCreek"I have shushed them thrice at this point..." 😂 #SchittsCreek if this is you everyday too. 🙋‍♀️ #SchittsCreek, when they announce the buffet is open. #SchittsCreek @DustyBalfour @danjlevy @annefrances @SchittsCreek 😂 #SchittsCreek new episode of #SchittsCreek starts RIGHT NOW on @PopTV!'re just 15 MINUTES away from another new episode of #SchittsCreek on @PopTV!
Retweeted by PopLast day of pre-production. Tomorrow production on @OneDayAtATime season 4 begins! Wearing my I ❤️ Doc shirt for st…
Retweeted by PopLearn how Madonna inspired Catherine O'Hara's accent on @SchittsCreek and what @Realeugenelevy was up to during the…
Retweeted by Pop3.24!! New season of #ODAAT premieres only on @PopTV!
Retweeted by PopKnock much?! All new #SchittsCreek Tonight 9/8c on #PopTV.✨ T O N I G H T ✨ All new #SchittsCreek is on at 9/8c on #PopTV.
#SchittsCreek's @AnneFrances used to yank needles out of people's bodies for a living. Yep, you read that right. your seatbelts for another new episode of #SchittsCreek - Tomorrow 9/8c on #PopTV. for it... Trust us. #SchittsCreek's @RealEugeneLevy and @DanJLevy are 😂😂😂 at the #SAGAwards! better to open the show than this father and son duo?! @Realeugenelevy @danjlevy #sagawards
Retweeted by PopThe ladies of #SchittsCreek at the #SAGAwards 💖 Roses stun at the #SAGAwards 🤩🤩🤩🤩 #SchittsCreek've Arrived! #SchittsCreek at the #SAGAwards!
Ew, David. #SchittsCreek #SAGAwards (Credit: Getty)
Retweeted by PopEngage #StarTrek: The Next Generation 24-hour marathon! Today starting at 2/1c on #PopTV. Then on Thursday,…
Do Not Disturb! We're watching an all new episode of #SchittsCreek, Tuesday 9/8c on #PopTV.'s Creek cast finds out how well they know each other in exclusive Tonight Show clip
Retweeted by Pop"Ew, Finn!" The cast of @SchittsCreek & @FinnSkata are here tonight on #FallonTonight!
Retweeted by PopDon't miss the cast of #SchittsCreek on @FallonTonight - TONIGHT 11:35/10:35c! 📸: Andrew Lipovksy/NBC
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@bryanistheway @PopCrave PopTV a is a US cable network that will air @OneDayAtATime. Head over to… The cast of @SchittsCreek, @FinnSkata, and magic with @Justin_Willman! #FallonTonight
Retweeted by PopThe Roses are in the house! @SchittsCreek's @Realeugenelevy, @danjlevy, #CatherineO'Hara and @annefrances are talki…
Retweeted by PopThe @SchittsCreek cast talks about their biggest celebrity fans, including @MariahCarey and Nicole Kidman!
Retweeted by PopWe're just going to leave this here. You're welcome. #SchittsCreek @hodakotb’s full interview with the cast of one of our favorite shows – @SchittsCreek!
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We dare you to get through this #SchittsCreek Behind the Episode without giggling. It's impossible, we tried. 😂 Dialect Coach Breaks Down Moira Rose's Bonkers #SchittsCreek Accent
Retweeted by PopWhen you realize there is a new batch of #SchittsCreek GIFs waiting for you here 👉 news coming soon! caw caw! 😉
Retweeted by PopInternet #frans never forget. #SchittsCreek @Nerf_Herder22 @danjlevy @SchittsCreek 😂 someone says hashtag IRL. #SchittsCreek's see those LIKES if you LOVE #SchittsCreek - GO! @hootlessames 😬 #Frans! 👋 RT if you're watching #SchittsCreek with us right now on #PopTV. strong, frans. Only one more hour till the new episode of #SchittsCreek on #PopTV.
That moment when you remember it's Tuesday which means there is a new episode of #SchittsCreek on at 9/8c on #PopTV
Retweeted by Pop😍 T O N I G H T 😍 New episode of #SchittsCreek at 9/8c on #PopTV.'t forget your antibiotics, #SchittsCreek is going viral tonight at 9/8c on #PopTV. is back March 24 only on #PopTV! #ODAAT're only as sick as your secrets. New season of #Flack premieres March 13 on #PopTV.
‘Flack’: Anna Paquin’s Dark Comedy Gets Season 2 Premiere Date On Pop TV – TCA
Retweeted by Pop🤣 @racheldoesstuff's new @poptv pilot Mother Mary sounds hilarious
Retweeted by PopYou asked, they answered! #SchittsCreek's @DanJLevy and @JR2point0 answer your fan questions. forward to a new episode of #SchittsCreek tomorrow at 9/8c on #PopTV. of our #SchittsCreek family at the #CriticsChoiceAwards. 😻🤗 cast of #SchittsCreek stepped out in style for the #CriticsChoiceAwards tonight. See all the pics:
Retweeted by Pop🙌're here for it! #SchittsCreek Rose family is looking as fabulous as ever at the #CriticsChoiceAwards tonight! #SchittsCreek
For the first time, the cast of @SchittsCreek was here today to discuss one of the most important topics of our tim…
Retweeted by PopIf you think the cast of @SchittsCreek is funny on their show, then watch this.
Retweeted by PopYou tweeted your questions to @RealEugeneLevy and @DanJLevy, and they had some very interesting answers.
Retweeted by PopBuongiorno frans! Don't miss this new episode of #SchittsCreek, Tuesday 9/8c on #PopTV. little taste of the madness that was the day @SchittsCreek took over @TheEllenShow. Thanks for trusting us with y…
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Missed the premiere of #SchittsCreek? Download the #PopNow app to catch up! Love this journey for you >>… hilarious @RealEugeneLevy and @DanJLevy from @SchittsCreek will be guest hosting my show, and they wanna answer…
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.@SchittsCreek star @annefrances makes funny look fabulous in her first look for #CBSWatch. 👉…
Retweeted by Pop🙌 #GLAADawards👏👏👏 Congratulations to our new One Day At A Time family on their #GLAADawards nomination for Outstanding Comedy Ser…👏👏👏 Congratulations to the entire cast and crew of #SchittsCreek on their #GLAADawards nom for Outstanding Comedy S… @SchittsCreek is here! We traveled to find out all we could about the final season. Fun fact: @danjlevy d…
Retweeted by Popwe have every #SchittsCreek GIF you need to get you through this final season!!!! ✨✨✨✨@poptv all on the official…
Retweeted by PopCatherine O'Hara and Eugene Levy on finally seeing the titular Schitt's Creek
Retweeted by PopSchitt's Creek is back! Season 6 premiere answers some big questions
Retweeted by PopYes. This 👇
Retweeted by PopGo behind the episode of the #SchittsCreek Season 6 premiere with @DanJLevy, @AnneFrances, @EmilyHampshire_ and… you all next Tuesday for more #SchittsCreek! @casioVL1 @KatOLoughlin @SchittsCreekPop @alicata @danjlevy You can stream the premiere on the Pop Now app tomorrow!West Coast, are you ready for this journey? #SchittsCreek premieres in 5 minutes on #PopTV! for watching, pals! See ya next week! West coast, see you in a few hours. x #SchittsCreek #thisplacemeanssomethingtoyou
Retweeted by Pop @alicata @danjlevy You can watch Schitt's Creek in the U.S. on #PopTV and the #PopNow app! To find your channel and…