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@pacemask U THINK UR SO CLEVER @EuropaYuu wait no @GeneralGEEGA yeah? cmere @EuropaYuu Switch it to babe and I'll accept it @Celliron why are you happy about this
@Nomifae_ NO! @not_tzujuju THE FUCK DOES THIS EVEN MEAN BRO @KawashVT THAT IS JUST AS BAD @CovfefeChan I'm sorry that I love myself fefe, but theres no need for slander *flips hair* @rynlikesfood new song that I was featured in @CovfefeChan yeah, myself @ashenwolfy my mansion is run down and I dont have a car @BenosphereVT ben, @frkshzooka_ 💀 @Kitsune__Spirit I'm gonna pull an exodia on you @KeinaNate I'm gonna stab you with that extra z at the end @marienverum Marien please @ceribourne ACTUALLY THOUGH @Kadu_ch_ *visible disgust*If you call me "barbie", I'll make sure no one finds your body @yagurlyshelly AHAHAHA HEY *BITES LIP* WANNA MAKEOUT @xiuzoe Yeah? @GaigeNeumann good but not as good! @KawashVT wait @minkyol minkytail @GeneralGEEGA geega tail @IRLGuppy absolute banger idea
@BukiminaM good but not as good @CariusVTuber culturedPonytails. That's it. That's the tweet. @Kyaree_VT mwah @TragicalDrip02 Fuck blurs are hot @Kitsune__Spirit ma'am? @GeneralGEEGA BETI'm not mean I'm just aggressively sexy @ArtemisVtuber I still need to beat the 1st one @cyberpyunk Yeah of course! @yuniiho HAPPY BIRTHDAY OUR LOVELY DOGGO! MWAH @JoelKaradsheh @tane_tenshi i spent way too much time staring at bare spider legs for this one @moenaomii I've had this fear for so long and I honestly just use it as a reason to work harder @2wintails LOOKS GREAT SO FAR OMG @Egocider YEAH ILL SAY IT THAT MOUTH IS KISSABLE @Kurafi4 SHES SO CUTE!! I LOVE IT BE NOT AFRAID @BrianTsuii @kuzuryuio @tsunderemaids brian this is, this is amazing dude, I'm blown away this is dope @sei_soy @Janyhero im gonna eat soy @necroromanticz YOO YOUR ART IS GORGEOUS @kidakupo THATS ALL WE CAN ASK FOR BB
@Tarot_XIX PLEASE THANK YOU @tsubakisinensis OF COURSE I DO I KEEP EVERY PIECE OF ART EVER MADE OF ME @PomuRainpuff HOPE FOR A SPEEDY RECOVERY!! @MooncakeEva ty mwah @staru_gummy THAT TOO @GvukkYorselfz thats me @AngroroSenpai GOTTA LEARN TO RIG @Trickywii Cute!!!
@siiaTV THERE ARE SO MANY ARTISTSS I WANT TO BE VTUBERS @minkyol minky ur the perfect vtuber @Vshojo_Friends this is so embarrassing omg how could you have seen me @ayuu_chii CONGRATS CUTIE @omi_vt @kamochiruu how could you have done this @fubkzm I'm gonna force feed you rare candies to evolve @Kyaree_VT YOU'RE DOING YOUR BEST @Takahata101 Yeah of course, I'm just specifically saying that I want more vtubers to at least ATTEMPT to be more r… @Girl_Dm_ Nahhh, it's not for me. It's kinda cringeEvery Twitch artist should be a VTuber, honestly it's a perfect environment to show off your art. @Takahata101 You aren't wrong and it's also important to realize that everyone has their own business, but it's sti… @Takahata101 It's not a homework assignment you are working with other people so treat them with respect and do you… @Takahata101 Agreed, but one big problem with vtubers is being punctual and properly responding to collabs. I've ha… @kureijiollie HELL YEAH @nekomeiko_ CONGRATS!!!! @Veibae @jjinomu SHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESH @tabakko hyde wtf did you just decide to only draw everyday for the next 5 years you are a madlad @LeonBartzSteele hate that @Avatarfan40k <3 @tabakko YOOO THIS IS PRETTY GOOD @Egocider The grind is always in the back of the mind relax a bit you just got back homie @ItsMoofie CONGRATS SON!!! @reiyuguigui REIYU IS A CHAD ASKING FOR CONSENT TO FLIRT WE LOVE IT @necroromanticz oh MY GOD HELLO THERE ♥️ @gero_the_hero oh god LMAO @_Silvervale_ @rosedoodles YEAH AND MY OPINION IS FACT,
@dyarikku OH GOD SHES ON DRUGS THATS WHY HER EYES DILATED @yueko__ what the fuck @DocHacci Enjoy the food @Buffpup_ OH MY GOD BUFF TURNED INTO A DOG @Egocider Safe flight! Big love homie! @ArtemisVtuber Is this a pun about mold because I swear to god arty @1834_69 Is this a pun? I'm gonna explode @CovfefeChan I wonder if they just look up the words door dash on Twitter and respond to the top tweets @Vampy_Vtuber Shrigma bf earrings @SadBunnyArt AAAAAA CUTE CUTE CUTE @SadBunnyArt OH MY GOD THAT'S SO CUTE LOOK AT THE LITTLE BABIES FOLLOWING HER AROUND I'M CRYING @CovfefeChan You deserve it, treat yourself @Artysaur Thank you arty! @TruNoom You're so SHORT IN COMPARISON @Yorunys Yoru ♥️ @kureijiollie BET, I HAVE NO EXPERIENCE BUT I ONCE OWNED A CHESS SET SO IM PRETTY MUCH AN EXPERT @kureijiollie Secretly watching to learn with you and learn all your moves @_mamavale MAMAVALE NOOOOOOO @LifeInASek Nails are harder to draw than hands god