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This aged well. @JohnSimpsonNews @michaelwhite Which is why the BBC should have better guarded its legacy. A privatised BBC could s…
@JustinDSpeer @JoeySvendsen Yes. I am catching up on the BC pod and haven’t heard you in the recent ones I have hea… @terrychristian Speaking of northerners who have made their foolishness apparent regarding Brexit... @CardiffUniCons @cardiffuni @jjohnjewell Seems to have deleted his account. @mattforde Richard BurgonTwitter vs Britain #SocialistSunday
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@PhilipHammondUK Despite all your efforts, democracy won. @GabrielleKent @_DHOTYA @tomhfh Now, they should be made to feel the further consequences of their democracy dodging actions. @Freddygray31 Ironically, they do so systematically. @ArchRose90 Boris, Vanquisher of the Marxist and deliverer of Brexit, has a nice ring to it. @ArchRose90 And Lord Cummings. @Andrew_Adonis @PCollinsTimes They should probably steer clear of democracy dodging remainers too. @electrayner Is she going to nationalise sausages? @JamesEFoster @TommyCorbyn @jeremycorbyn He is a marvel. He is comical. @TommyCorbyn You just don’t get it. It wasn’t “wonderful.” He wasn’t criticised for being “too good a bloke.” You… @timatkin Spot on.
@LordAshcroft The Absolute Soy. @mollygiles2015 Please let Labour wallow in their misapprehension. Serves us well. More No Va media and Corbynitis. @MikeStuchbery_ Yes. Blame the media. That was why you lost. Or was it bonkers Marxist policies peddled by an anti-Semite enabler. @MrNishKumar Still virtue signalling? Thoroughly embarrassed yourself in this election. Enjoy the echo chamber.Here's the Novara Media livestream at the moment the exit poll was announced, for those looking for it.…
Retweeted by porcinepolitics @timatkin @IanDunt Remain is over. Switch to rejoin. Or accept the will of the people, emphatically expressed now for the third time. @AlfredToshLines Of course they are. Free shit.Feeling pretty confident. Judging from my feed, there should be a solid Labour majority of about 580 seats. But ju…
Retweeted by porcinepolitics @SirDanofC Time to clear out these leftist propagandists. @Peston @CarolineFlintMP Projecting your own views, Robert? @Holbornlolz Someone needs to grab that handle. @GaryLineker @Mike_P_Williams @BorisJohnson Just yet more evidence of Linkeker’s lack of character. Weasel. @GaryLineker @BorisJohnson You changed your tune. Anything to do with your salary being on the table now? @lewis_goodall All you activism, and you still lost.You can now watch the whole video here
Retweeted by porcinepoliticsI won. Again. Thankyou. 😇😉😎 RT all you like. 🤪
Retweeted by porcinepolitics @AlfredToshLines Or the NHS to be sold to Zionists.Show us on the doll where democracy touched you...
Retweeted by porcinepolitics @IsabelHardman GBF @Wine_Cuentista Interesting. Thank you very much. Seeking out some of the Blot on your recommendation. @JeffSamuels16 Shame Heaven didn’t see a raisin his vote.*NEW: Why Boris Johnson's stunning win proved smug, arrogant celebrities like Hugh Grant are electoral poison. My…
Retweeted by porcinepolitics @Wine_Cuentista How was the Drouhin drinking? @Femi_Sorry No one invited you. Time to get a job, Femi. @Freddygray31 The wheel on the heel at the end had shades of ‘Allo ‘Allo. @joshgardner Unintentionally hysterical. The thought of you morosely trudging throughly a feline dentist while Bori… @AnthonyRastrick @kaleidascope0 What happened to Gauke? @SirDanofC They might have got this message in 2016...There are lots of rumours flying around about Boris Johnson on the verge of losing his seat. If you can get the vot…
Retweeted by porcinepolitics @patrick_kidd The juxtaposition of “convey” and “toilet” is also rather incongruous.Brexit will now happen. The British people have confirmed their referendum decision of 2016. The EU must now focus…
Retweeted by porcinepolitics @toadmeister I thought we were supposed to sell it to Zionists. @ArchRose90 Game of two halves. Switching captain at half time paid off. @MarkEdwardEvans Any news of Gauke? @GuidoFawkes “Video was interrupted.” I bet it was. @MarkEdwardEvans @Conservatives @SkyNews Or a stroke if genius. Watching him squirm as the scale of the landslide b… @guyverhofstadt How did this pan out for you, Guy? @memcbrexit Which channel?Youth - keep quaking. Amazing.
Retweeted by porcinepolitics @KieranB_BM @joymorrissey Do you have footage of the declaration? @jimwaterson What a vile woman @wallaceme Because they are getting owned. @layt2000 Superb @joymorrissey @Conservatives Wonderful news. Democracy matters. Au revoir Grieve. @isaby Saved by Farage. @timothy_stanley That was Rachel Sylvester. @DanielJHannan @Caroline_Ansell Quins hat too. Excellent. @JacksonNgUK @BeaconsfieldCCA @joymorrissey @Conservatives @ToryCanvass Superb news. Does anyone have video footage of the declaration? @AmandeepBhogal @BorisJohnson Great work! You made a difference. @AaronBastani Please please keep leading Labour into the abyss. @KateEMcCann No. She lost it in 2015. @McrMomentum @godblesstoto @jeremycorbyn Nor does the country. @TrooperSnooks Beautiful. Get the Adnams in.When does the Taking Some Fucking Responsibility start?
Retweeted by porcinepolitics @EssexPR @Conservatives I will seek out your pubs after what you have done! Great work. @lewis_goodall All your campaigning didn’t work. @MrRBourne Let’s hope for five more years. Surely he can manage another election. @matkinsj BorisAndrew Neil interviewing Burgon. Burgon looks like a dog listening to a lecture on differential calculus
Retweeted by porcinepoliticsShow them your vote can't be bought. #VoteLabour
Retweeted by porcinepolitics @thequentinletts De-mob happy @frostybutcher It’s a very very good morning. @tomhfh Tice should have stepped aside. @Masonboyowen @christiancalgie @TiceRichard has ensured a Labour remainist victory. Should have stepped aside. @GNev2 Losing. @MrRBourne He should be savaging Ber-cuck. @tomhfh Time to cut all public funding to Chan4 @patrick_kidd @HackBlackburn Thank you.It was Steve Coogan wot wun it
Retweeted by porcinepolitics @patrick_kidd @HackBlackburn How was Horwill? @Anna_Soubry @peoplesvote_uk Bye bye.Seriously, Remainers, did you think 17.4 million of us didn’t mean it? That it was some sort of joke?
Retweeted by porcinepolitics @AaronBastani @Gabriel_Pogrund @novaramedia No one watches that.Comrades, the Five Year Plan was on target to victory until it was treacherously undermined by the capitalist billionaires of Blyth Valley.
Retweeted by porcinepolitics @MrRBourne Of course that irks him. @timatkin What are the best Chilean reds you have come across (wine not politicians)? @_Poots_ Oh. I didn’t know you had those views.
@christiancalgie Very astute thinking. @_Poots_ Why are you upset? @HackedOffHugh Thank you for being one of Boris’s greatest assets. @joymorrissey Get it done. Get rid of Grieve. @jeremycorbyn Neither should anti-Semitism.