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Tony C. 🍕🍕 @porkrind Grabbing a slice.

CPA, beach bread enthusiast, 🎲🎲⚾️. Ole Miss baseball 💕

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I love broccoli. It’s good for you. @zerena_hoofs Or bacon.YOU KNOW EVERYTHING DOES NOT NEED CHEESE ON IT
Retweeted by Tony C. 🍕🍕 @NerdHerdAndLady Ever see a snow drift in Cleveland? Now imagine it is potato salad. @ATometich Des Moines might be destroying FM in the cocktail game 😭 @ATometich It's worth it. @ATometich Fancy @BaleyBlue *lets softball go by* @CPAintheD I agree. I'm a much bigger fan of Lazy Sundays so you are actually awake and alive for Monday. Even Su… reminder to cat owners of LA despite whatever you were told by “experts” your cat does NOT need to be “ge…
Retweeted by Tony C. 🍕🍕 @vinn_ayy Walked by Chili's Bar at O'Hare minutes after you tweeted this and thought "I hope this is the place that inspired it." @ermacthegooner Can you just eat anchovies “loose” @katyesterday @AccountingAsArt That occurs frequently. @Melindamotiv8s @AccountingAsArt Who wouldn't love us? @NYMike1991 I gather it is a somewhat frustrating experience. @AccountingAsArt "we closed down the business on 9/30" To upset me? Couldn't close it down on 12/31?Not me. I'm a delight. @80HD_Theatre @Kelly_Gretchen Suspiciously moist lips and a locked basement door. @SavvytheNerd @Maggianos Absolutely, yes, I'm for this. @BaleyBlue What happened to self-care? @Kelly_Gretchen A dude building a weird shrine to you in his basement? @thisaintnoel @PahandaBear Haha, I do like that part of the concept. @thisaintnoel I don’t know why, but any crust things like that freak me out. @obc2gothacked Wow, that is another level. Hope they don’t sit near you. @kjb_cpa We might be the foremost experts on outdoor bars with food in SW Florida, but there is still so much to learn 😂 @obc2gothacked That sounds very good. I’ll look for it. @TBusby70 Movie needed more steamed shrimp. @PatrickKPowers1 @sewzinski This could start it. @cbriancpa Some day I’ll get something for free. SOME DAY. Nothing so far 😭 @MDavidCPA My secret is influencing utter nonsense. @MargoFargo6 I’m fairness to the dog, none of us were that excited to be at the airport at 5am. I’m pretty sure bo… @PatrickKPowers1 @sewzinski I’d like my razor back @ThatSchoolcraft Good work up there. @cbriancpa @MargoFargo6 I’ve seen people eat buttered fresh tortillas and this seems like a thing I could get into. @Postsemreh I just love their beach bread 😂
@FlyDraenei @sewzinski Truly one of my favorite episodes. @SavvytheNerd @sewzinski Haha, she refuses to stop 😂 @noKTdidnt Setting the trends by going to a 50 year old beach bar 😂 @Ciscoandchai That was it! She nailed it quickly. @katyesterday @sewzinski They have to go back to work tomorrow 😭 @BaleyBlue @Ciscoandchai Fine. I’ll TRY. @FlyDraenei It is our most sacred text. @FlyDraenei They need to know their Seinfeld references. @knitsyo I’m in favor of this. @knitsyo That’s the goal 😂 @bethie_ann79 @collettenope I’m not up on all the latest dog grooming trends. @Ciscoandchai That’s great. I’m over here buying pickled jalapeños in the store like some kind of weenie. @DEndonino local restaurant used a pic of us on their IG with a caption of “Sunday Funday.” We are influencers now. Never… @heeezye Briefly worried you were part of one of those mom-daughter combos that look alike. @ermacthegooner @sewzinski Florida is undefeated. @sewzinski I missed it so @papojons I’ll ask it when it arrives tomorrow. @AJMCPA91 Probably just saw the baggage area and headed back to Chicago, sadly.Forgot to have somebody exercise the gaskets while we were gone. @HeatherInThe515 Good Sunday food. @HollyEgg @collettenope Seemed like a hipster dog. @collettenope He seemed to sense it was wrong. The dog. @collettenope Forgot we saw a shaved Saint Bernard downtown and for a second I thought maybe it was Poco. Too big though. @FlyDraenei Sarah did hear a guy complaining about the audacity of a $2 tip. @porkrind Did you not tip the baggage guy enough?
Retweeted by Tony C. 🍕🍕 @Florida_Man_ Yeah, I’d have been happy to extend the trip to there. @bethie_ann79 Pepperoni only is underrated. It’s more of a true test. @bethie_ann79 Yes! This looks very good. Where from?I guess my luggage got to see Montana. Happy for it. @BaleyBlue That fabric hadn’t been tested under those conditions @BaleyBlue Just assumed somebody made you wear pants or something @HeatherInThe515 Tiny cocker spaniel I think. Thankfully got on a different flight. @ermacthegooner @HollyEgg Could just use that in general during this layover.Crying baby has entered the chat @SAR_S I assumed you sent him. Doesn’t appear to be near us. @CricketVixen May have to show this other dog that tweet.This clearly should have been @chelseathepope @CricketVixen That’s a much better flying dog. @CricketVixen Boxers are lunatics. They can barely deal with being left alone at home. This is definitely not a s… @HollyEgg We haven’t reached barking yet, but I feel like we are thinking about it.Great news! Our flight will include a whiny dog. @porkchophawaii This is true. @porkchophawaii Good reason to get up early at least. @butterface91 @TheIndianaPizza @FineFolkPizza @NiceGuysPizza @mowilla Keeping a tight grip on Indiana pizza from Hawaii. @porkchophawaii Thanks. Helps a little. Get some sleep. @CCG8tr Looking forward to some warmer weather. Rainy and cold this morning. @CCG8tr Way too early for this. At least Des Moines airport isn’t that hectic. @80HD_Theatre Thanks! @SAR_S @Katerade After they designed it, somebody remembered “Wait, was this supposed to be fun?” @80HD_Theatre Flying back to Florida from Iowa.This feels too early to be awake doing anything. @HollyEgg They can call it whatever they want. I want it. @bethie_ann79 @collettenope @amyraelle That pretzel tried to save people. It didn’t work. @Niero_Mk2 @cbriancpa Excited to go home. Great visit though. @Katerade Not a cell phone in sight, just me throwing up. @cbriancpa Des Moines is underrated as a town to hang out in. @ThatSchoolcraft Weekday Brad needs to love Weekend Brad more. @collettenope They do love sets of keys. @UnSub_Matt I assume they’ll have weird packages. Just being around it and having terrible seats would be fun. @UnSub_Matt Pretty wild history too. We’ll have to figure out the Miami race. @ThatSchoolcraft That’s a breakfast. Glad the panic is over. @collettenope Sack of ferrets is what I’m asking for for Christmas @KillahCrow Did you explain to him that you are too pretty to do things you don’t want to do? @UnSub_Matt In terms of viewing times, it is really convenient.