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documentary of a broke college student trying to survive in a capitalist hellscape / 21 / they/them / jewish / AU 2021

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@berniesandal wait i fucked up @berniesandal no. only like. no interact @petrifiedbrush my dumb ass did it for hollow knight, furi, and celeste too but i 100%ed them anyway because i am made of Spite @petrifiedbrush i will die before i play a shooter with a controller and that’s my hill @petrifiedbrush i cannot physically bring myself to finish this game due to its miserable mouse sensitivity settings and that makes me Sad
need this
Retweeted by ho! did i scare ya?that being said i hope it's good! or better than the first one at least!!it worries me very much that the marketing for this movie is focusing on vibrant colors and 80s-reminiscent electro… no offense but why do the posters for this movie have 1000x more color in them than the actual film @NixonDick1 Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalofinally watched lady bird!!! my favorite first lady i have seen so farfeeling creatively and monetarily bankruptlife’s too short. PEG him TODAY
Retweeted by ho! did i scare ya?I like women that are confident and openly sinister
Retweeted by ho! did i scare ya?fka twigs Did It to Meahh fuck i’m crying to cellophane againlottery by LIZ is the hottest song ever writtenfor the record, it looks like i’m doing: top 50 of 2019 top 200 of the decade hopefully with short write-ups for e… am ready for my finals to be done so i can make these cursed music retrospective lists already @ProdByCA on SIGHT??????
@d_dot04 there’s an even more extended version than this omg it’s like a full interview and it’s all this uncomfortably hilarious @ibecancelled i would die for winnie @Wheresthebeef95 @ProdByCA @AlexIsAnActor @IGN they neutered taika waititi’s vision for thor 3 and kicked out edgar… @Wheresthebeef95 @ProdByCA @AlexIsAnActor @IGN all their movies are overproduced an micromanaged to the point that… @AlexIsAnActor @ProdByCA @Wheresthebeef95 @IGN yeah honestly? i think film critics serve no purpose for the medium… @ProdByCA @AlexIsAnActor @Wheresthebeef95 @IGN they need to stop Having a Formula and let their directors actually, you know, direct @AlexIsAnActor @ProdByCA @Wheresthebeef95 @IGN bro what are you legitimately saying “if you don’t like this thing… now on!!!! last show of the semester let’s go!!! @maverickminuano nicehey not to Advertise My Radio Show on main but today is my last show of the semester and the playlist fucking SLAPS…’t you people read? stop liking this tweeti took this movie for grantedpreppy evil ramona flowers???? emo james holden who is on fire??? kurt russell!!?????rewatching sky high now that i know who Actors are is destroying me @trashxgoblin long drive
@salant @cjsutton UNCLE CHAD!!! @will2heck at least it’s not AJR @salant @WowItsMadeBot FUCKmy tweets are actually better when nobody likes them. if you can identify with my thoughts then i'm failing to stay 100% on brandshut up about plot twistsdid anyone ever pass namasensei's fucken japanese. test @winesocialist joke's on u i predicted this tweet @portabible @Kyubeybaby finally lord farquaad will be dickless
Retweeted by ho! did i scare ya? @marenfrank_ im pretty sure i liked stairway to heaven before i heard it 4 the one billionth time @marenfrank_ jazz standards suck my dick!!!!! eat my ass dave brubeck @lexaproIetariat @Kyubeybaby carly rae could absoLUTELY do shrek she has a sword!!!! she would cut farquaad's dick off!!!!i was today years old when i found out that Paper Planes samples a song by the Clash @petrifiedbrush must be nice to be able to Go to Sundance @petrifiedbrush yeah i guess it doesn't have enough adam sandler in it @petrifiedbrush i patiently await it but also i still have to go see honey boy @petrifiedbrush completely unrelated to our previous conversation but i also really want to watch the sadam andler movie already @petrifiedbrush teehee @petrifiedbrush damn that's completely valid but i also don't care @petrifiedbrush it's an ok movie to me @petrifiedbrush is that what you think i think lmao @petrifiedbrush same score i gave Drive (2011) @petrifiedbrush you gave Drive (2011) five stars @petrifiedbrush if i were whitney i would simply stop watching bad movies @cosine_cubed approximately 5 minutes before #octoberisoverparty begins trending @lexaproIetariat respond by asking him Goneohhh you’re listening to sad songs in the shower? move over i’m hopping in bro
Retweeted by ho! did i scare ya? @salant STOP jack twitter is gonna ban you @hugmosh i don’t use spotifyVery suspicious of anyone with a top 10 movies of the year list. What kind of freak sees more than three movies in a year?
Retweeted by ho! did i scare ya?for the record i've thought about it and it's come on! feel the illinoisesomeone asked me what my favorite song written in 5/4 was the other day and i didnt have an immediate answer. it was so embarrassinghey remember when that guy threw a shoe at george bush? why has no one done that to trump yethahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah… @hugmosh 30 minutes for me i think
@mymemoldy yea can i get uhhhh robert frippjust found this and I'd just like to say fuck you jalen you suck at fortnite
Retweeted by ho! did i scare ya? @mymemoldy if i were allie i would simply like 100 gecsreggae cover of Heart-Shaped Box playing in district taco rn sending me to another dimensiont a k e i t e a s y @maverickminuano this is a very harvey playlist and i love jt @Nomming_of_Hams i think that makes perfect sense where’s the issue herenever mind spotify redeemed I OKAY IN 2011????? we have not, spotify (the abnormally large amount of minutes this year is because i got hacked by some dude who… #SpotifyWrapped when i literally never use streaming services to listen to music means i get Really Funny Resultswhat u want baby we got options
Retweeted by ho! did i scare ya? @cosine_cubed the tweet written specifically to make jalen sad @singtoconley i have bad news for you about deerhunter and ellie goulding
instead of calling it seasonal depression they should call it 'taking fall damage'
Retweeted by ho! did i scare ya? @d_dot04 \(^u^)/ and dare i say it, \(uwu)/ @lexaproIetariat hand him back a graded rubric with every mistake he made. maybe he will learn the errors of his ways @artdisease nah it is barely a gorillaz album @ElsieKFisher i’m gonna commit a vehicular manslaughter on john lemon @SmolDrupelet ok boomer @theneedledrop no thank you @flamingaycheeto i was dude @maverickminuano tell that to lightning mcqueen bitchi am so puzzled when everyone on twitter starts nutting themselves because there's a new tame impala track there's like. other psych bands @Nomming_of_Hams see, now that we've raised this scuttlebug three levels, we return from our previous parallel univ…
@ktbugktdid being this cute @ktbugktdid illegaldo u find my bipolar disorder sexy
Retweeted by ho! did i scare ya? @flamingaycheeto rachel PLEASE call me an ambulance @elizawwright4 @jacksfilms he is our Most Important One