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documentary of a broke college student trying to survive in a capitalist hellscape / 22 / they/them / jewish / AU 2021

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@ktbugktdid wtf i love lady gaga nowme, explaining the rules of capture the flag: so, if you get tagged you have to stand in the four cones and that im… brain must be broken because a bug flew into my milkshake and all i could think was “damn babes your milkshake is so kafkaesque”
@lia2525lia me thohappy fourth full playlist @soni___________ Bitch @lexaproIetariat friendship ended with the united states of america. now america by sufjan stevens is my best friend
happy fourth spotify because i have to make a tweet about americasomeone come work at camp with me Please
@ktbugktdid Nomy life is a slow burn ficwalked past infirmary this morning. computer inside opened to playlist entitled "Life fucking sucks Part 2"feeling like the dead bumblebee i swept into the dustpan this morningemptying my drafts in 3............. 2................... 1.................. whee
@lia2525lia collab bro
@ktbugktdid ford truck month comes after pride month coincidence i think not @ktbugktdid bisexuals cant say the ford slur @marenfrank_ & it slaps @ktbugktdid its money machine Monday so I’d try that one
Retweeted by ceo of hand holding100 gecs is modern scene kid music
Retweeted by ceo of hand holding“is it moral/ethical, albeit illegal, to withhold package from my camper if he is a war criminal?” @maverickminuano david simps
help my campers won’t stop asking me if i simp for @pokimanelolWill Schuester has died.
Retweeted by ceo of hand holdingwhen will maroon 5 finally be vanquished
Retweeted by ceo of hand holding @naomibaloney_ naomi be like i am the most beautiful william shatner to ever exist
@mymemoldy you are so right and you should say itboys be like i know the g-spot and then don't know how to get there mario 64 you tube poop funny no scatman john @dudeewhatup call that shit math em addicts
@metrowonk oh my god you're so righthappy they/them Thursday theydies !!
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redid this one bc this picture is funnier for this comparisonme vs animated me @lexaproIetariat art imitates life @lexaproIetariat oh my god you’re connie @ktbugktdid ily kt you shouldn’t have to get through this but i know you will. i can’t wait to be roommates 💖🥺
[loads five (5) pies into a gun and cocks it at my forehead] we,ll see who’s the real clown now, Buckarooi’ve seen some really fucked up spiders in my time
explaining nietzsche to my campers so they understand why it is important to include them in the rule-making process
this David Lynch dude’s movies don’t make a lick of sense. friggin weirdo
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hate to say these words but oomf famous
Retweeted by ceo of hand holding @ktbugktdid REALLY good tweet kt“children are like monkeys because they are very stupid” - bob ditter (RIP) @lia2525lia @InsaneLetterbox look ma i made itDogtooth (2009)
Retweeted by ceo of hand holding @InsaneLetterbox hey wait a second
@cedarsncherries coward!!!! lazies only @wakeuplia where the FUCK is the party scene
incel elgort99.999% of sex scenes in tv/movies/games are completely unnecessary to the story and frankly i do not care for how…
Retweeted by ceo of hand holdingbeing asked to do a few things recently like wear a mask, be anti racist, stand up for trans rights and not be a se…
Retweeted by ceo of hand holding @wakeuplia i have to piss a lot. that’s weird for sure @wakeuplia they sure are @maverickminuano RED SUN RED SUN RED SUN TED SUSND @wakeuplia 35 plays????????
i am tired of pissing out flamin’ hot cheeto drink
@officialkateyc for you only i will check my emails do not worry 👍🏻 @lia2525lia i was going to make a “you’ll have to take that up with your local congressperson” joke but i don’t wan…’m going to be working at a sleepaway camp for the next 8 weeks so i will not be on social media for a while! but… @ktbugktdid fuck it. put em all in the same game @ktbugktdid kirby mgs bioshock @maverickminuano @ktbugktdid @maverickminuano @ktbugktdid @ktbugktdid hey thats the villain from the Usual Suspects right @wakeuplia me too bud me too @wakeuplia yo it's a pretty sick one tho 😎 @maverickminuano ok cuckbrainthis one never made it out of the drafts
@soni___________ 😬 uh oh 😬 you just posted cringe 😬 your going to loose subscriber 😬 @noahstebens you don't want to see AU's holes. they have unexploded chemical ordnance in themif AU posts hole i’ll go back next semester. if not they can eat shit
Retweeted by ceo of hand holding @metrowonk im gonna be in tenley!!!! @bussydouche why would you willingly listen to xxxtentacionSaturday night going check out avatar. Not the movie that's what I call my wifes ass
Retweeted by ceo of hand holding @soni___________ i refuse to believe that was u @wakeuplia thimking............ @wakeuplia i dont have a license, @wakeuplia u already knowi don't mean to cyberbully the man. after all his brother is a flaming racist piece of shit i'm just saying it's Funny is allimagine being Robert Wahlberg and looking exactly like Mark Wahlberg but with a receding hairline and no career
@ktbugktdid this i knew @jmorgsj GoodDr. Angela Davis on the role of the trans and non-binary communities in the fight for the feminist abolition she ad…
Retweeted by ceo of hand holdingmy mom just revealed the juicy information that the song "Kung Fu Fighting" was played at my parents' wedding. more Thoughts to comethe CW television series Supernatural has been on the air for three (3) times longer than the Confederacy existed In Peace, Oluwatoyin Salau. I’m sorry that your life was so painful in your last days on earth. You were tr…
Retweeted by ceo of hand holding @salant OOp yeah.................. i'm not gonna get my hopes up that this decision is indicative of a continued de… @MegMacK16 the DMZ is extremely safe if you are a tiger or a landmine, actually @salant i meant the declaration of independence but you know what i meant @salant also i think it's really funny how the textualist argument here would be "nooooooo you can't just expand th… @salant WORD LMAO @salant which is why Alito's statement of "how dare you Gorsuch how dare you betray big daddy Scalia" is hilarious… @salant oh no i agree 100%. in this particular instance while i think kavanaugh's statement on the matter is very p… @SpookLuc thanks, @salant i am actually more angry at Alito than at him rn but it's Fuck Brett Kavanaugh all hours of the dayfineas and pherbToday Is Gonna Be a Great Day by Bowling for Soup is what Green Day thought they were doing when they wrote American Idiotmy anxiety and depression should just fuck already
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