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Christopher Eric Chant. Comic Creator. Enthusiastic about light & color. Bit bloody. Be brave & eat the stars. They/him. Trans masc nb.

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@nebullux Followed! @Kai_the_Spiral Nw !!! @Kai_the_Spiral I dont think so! @BroadfootLenny What's your username? :D im learning FrenchAnyone use duolingo and want to be language buddiesClip Studio Paint 🌱Grass & Foliage Brushset🌿 -90 dynamic brushes -Covers grass, wildflowers, trees, & plants -Demo…
Retweeted by c.e. chant 🐊 hades @NnamierArt people are weird with lingo. I got flack for calling rendered work doodlesHere's that timelapse! Inks to colours #yihcomic #digitalart #clouds β˜οΈπŸ’›
Retweeted by c.e. chant 🐊 hades @KAIxJU Yuuupbut don't forget that actually replying to a tweet is super helpful for artists so don't forget to leave your favor…
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"Threads: Secret Places" got "Project We Love" status and now we're JUST 4 backers away from 100! Who's going to t…
Retweeted by c.e. chant 🐊 hades @Alakotila What's going on?LIES WITHIN UPDATE πŸ”ͺ oh how the turn tables #hiveworks #webcomic
Retweeted by c.e. chant 🐊 hades @KAIxJU The weird embarrassment impostor syndrome! I have that tooA cyberpunk graphic novel I've been drafting is about a gay couple taking in an abused child & trying to survive th… can't stress enough how important it is to make art you WANT to make and not just art you think others want to see.
Retweeted by c.e. chant 🐊 hadesa happy birthday to my good friend @CombatOven ! a proper ref for tattoo placement. Gotta go back to scripting
Retweeted by c.e. chant 🐊 hadesAnnual reminder that I have a patreon and my webcomic updates there early. Pages resume soon!…
Retweeted by c.e. chant 🐊 hadesMy 4 favorite pages from my webcomic
Retweeted by c.e. chant 🐊 hadesYo #PortfolioDay ! I'm a freelance illustrator and comic artist. Always looking for work. πŸŒΏβ€¦
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Retweeted by c.e. chant 🐊 hades @PinkuShikaArt man that'd be great. Hopefully things eventually clear up and cons become a thing again @PinkuShikaArt if you need anything, let me know! @PinkuShikaArt hope it goes well!! @byelacey that's rude????Trying out a new work schedule, wish me luck @SamuelGLondon hi there! I'm a fan! should probably get that Hades game huh @Feather_Notes oh i was a big fan since i was a kid but I never beat it since the game broke. I love it @Okoriart GOTTAnow to play final fantasy 14i think this is a game besides kingdom hearts series that I actually beatI beat final fantasy 9, a game ive been playing for over a month off and on, and now I dont know what to do with myself
Retweeted by c.e. chant 🐊 hadesSomeday I'll have actual books to explain all the character art I do @BrittSabo Yesday one with the new familiar
Retweeted by c.e. chant 🐊 hadeshow my timeline feels
Retweeted by c.e. chant 🐊 hades @lizkreates I really need to start using it
Retweeted by c.e. chant 🐊 hades✨i'm emil, a trans guy working on comics in his free time, about biological and found families, breakdown of commun…
Retweeted by c.e. chant 🐊 hades @nooskadraws i want thisadventures in babysitting but cyberpunk
Metropolis/Ghost In The Shell THREAD (3/3) #sidebyside #fritzlang #Ghostintheshell #metropolis #scifi…
Retweeted by c.e. chant 🐊 hadesMetropolis/Ghost In The Shell THREAD (1/3) #sidebyside #fritzlang #Ghostintheshell #metropolis #scifi…
Retweeted by c.e. chant 🐊 hadesThe Saphead, the first feature film to star Buster Keaton, was released 100 years ago today
Retweeted by c.e. chant 🐊 hades @_Catherineese_ I literally said i needed to take a pic for you @KrAzOn89 Yes!'s zoo day
Retweeted by c.e. chant 🐊 hadesI used to replay this moment from Corpse Bride over and over as a kid (Still do now!) when she just... pulls the sw…
Retweeted by c.e. chant 🐊 hades @BenjisBento πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™ @mushki_art πŸ’šπŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’šHi #PortfolioDay ! I'm Mariah and I make a comic/graphic novel series called Six-Petal Pyramid on WebToons and Tapa…
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@frenchpressplz Thanks for the input!Which do you prefer Kickstarter per?Open for an order!
Retweeted by c.e. chant 🐊 hades @Vectober Birth!Open for an order! @troubledmn I thought this was wiped from my memory... @Alakotila and now you realize im too soft to be intimidating @serapheilart eyyy @Alakotila we very much have known each other that long but didnt start talking till like...2017??? @Alakotila it was on manga magazine non featured creators if that jogs any memory @TheNedBarnett and I love it @TheNedBarnett YEAHHey everyone! A new public page of Tales of Kalzeria is now available! (As an aside, ther…
Retweeted by c.e. chant 🐊 hades @mushki_art Im heavily considering remaking the story and that is still staying
Some advice for yall who plan to make a future print version of their webcomic. Original text:…
Retweeted by c.e. chant 🐊 hades @mushki_art I remember talking about it with you :O @KywrenKitsune !!! @WindyWallflower @winterjaykiakas πŸ‘»Here we GO!! ✨✨GIVEAWAY PART 3✨✨ FOR 1 COPY OF PTTR VOLUME 1.1: the first installment of our werewolf x vampire qu…
Retweeted by c.e. chant 🐊 hadesγ€Œ AFFLICTION 」 Rescore of Affliction | May 2019 Animated Short Film
Retweeted by c.e. chant 🐊 hades @FirefeetFox ah! cool!aka Ive had a lot of thoughts about it recentlyI'm very curious if anyone here remembers/knew me from my Tyree project years agoI miss avatar forums @LhoBrockhoff now I want to rewatch it @LhoBrockhoff YEAHthere's been a criminal lack of dandy in this tag so i took matters into my own hands #blacktober
Retweeted by c.e. chant 🐊 hades @dsamowen Happy birthday!✨I'm K ✨ I make comics 4x/week about Willow getting herself & magical girl friends entrenched in a mysterious milit…
Retweeted by c.e. chant 🐊 hadesUp to chapter 10. Happy for progress even if it's a tad slower than I'd likeβ™« a callback πŸ“»β™« panels by @kingfisher_cove & i (in light of emergencies, we may/may not update this sun) πŸž„ π˜€π˜‚π—½π—²π—Ώπ—½π—Όβ€¦
Retweeted by c.e. chant 🐊 hades @DHood90 Yes @fatcr0wsnest I'm HEAVILY considering one honestlyBack to thinking about a space pirates webcomic
@jendrawscomics yes!! πŸ’ͺ🎨 @jendrawscomics thank you for this, i needed it todayIf you're ever fretting over imperfect anatomy I want you to remember that they had to do this with the opening 3D…
Retweeted by c.e. chant 🐊 hadesI’m a graphic novelist. I really don’t think every book should be adapted into a graphic novel or a comic. The imag…
Retweeted by c.e. chant 🐊 hadesfeels wild to be drawing Thal and Luc on pages againIt's here! Our 2020 Anthology "Threads: Secret Places" is live on #Kickstarter! If you enjoy our comics, please con…
Retweeted by c.e. chant 🐊 hadesupdate today! #spiderforest #webcomic 🌿Main Site Current: Start:…
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