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Oh good grief our teachers don’t make a living wage and our schools are in disrepair but let’s spend billions on wa…
Retweeted by Portia Fendeman @yorkdukeyork @JenniGutkowski @WPC85 @AmoneyResists @Mikel_Jollett (R) family values = we value using govt to force women to start a family
Retweeted by Portia Fendeman @Mikel_Jollett Jon Stewart put it best about a decade ago- when conservatives say "limited government," they basica…
Retweeted by Portia FendemanMr @PattonOswalt-AwesomeSauce breathes new life into 1984 hit The Warrior
Finally, we agree 👍 “@AnnCoulter says the only #nationalemergency is that @realDonaldTrump is an idiot”… @cher Omfg, I love you Cher.
Retweeted by Portia FendemanRoses are red white is the snow some call it coffee I call it
Retweeted by Portia Fendeman#Crazytalk, Mexico wouldn’t pay for the wall, Congress wouldn’t pay for the wall, even a gofundme wouldn’t pay for the wall…
Retweeted by Portia FendemanHey, @realDonaldTrump. Maybe no one has told you, but declaring a National Emergency for a wall sets a precedent…
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“@amazon said it was canceling plans to build a corporate campus in #newyorkcity “ — THANK EFFING GOD. May #LIC c… installed a $50,000 golf simulator in the White House. Sorry Mar-a-Lago, but you should've known the president would cheat on you too.
Retweeted by Portia FendemanCan’t believe @TheAcademy isn’t airing the categories for the most important jobs in film. Try making a movie witho…
Retweeted by Portia FendemanZoos celebrate Valentine's Day with a playful pun-off 💗 🐢 Plaza, Rashida Jones and Amy Poehler celebrating #GalentinesDay is the Parks and Rec reunion we truly deserv…
Retweeted by Portia FendemanIt seems to me you lived your life like a rover in the wind never fading with the sunset when the dust set in.…
Retweeted by Portia FendemanOh, #Oppy 😞’m sorry, I just found out the last message sent by the Mars rover was “my battery is low and it is getting dark,”…
Retweeted by Portia FendemanA movie is a story told with 24 pictures every second. The Cinematographer takes those pictures. The Editor cut…
Retweeted by Portia FendemanSome couples do Valentines Day, and single ladies do Galentines Day, but my husband & I do Shallentines Day. As in:…
Retweeted by Portia FendemanThe Order of the Phoenix should be called Harry Potter And The 267 Times Mrs Weasley Was Right But Everyone Ignored…
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Dave had his 'offensive' last name emblazoned on his tailgate’t stunning. Millennials are quite aware of the horror that’s coming. They need Boomers to get the fuck o…
Retweeted by Portia Fendeman @chelseaperetti Oh, I miss those daysI refuse to let this be the America that any other generation has to grow up in.
Retweeted by Portia FendemanSure, Sarah.🙄
Retweeted by Portia Fendeman @dspiro1997 It looks like we ladies used to be made from sweet peaches 🍑 @dspiro1997 They’re still touring, I believe ! One of my fave bands, too ... and the Dean of my dept is friends with one of them :-)You know you’ve committed a heinous crime in #Canada when a fellow citizen is steamed enough to respond, “Pardon my… a series of crazy dreams but now I can tell the world that @TroyAikman looks really, really good in a pilot’s u… played w/this concept a *lit*tle bit when #KathleenTurner pretends to pen #SheLovesYou &…, Trump got 1.375 bil for his border. Build the wa—!! oh wait, it’s existing fencing. It’s 30 feet hi—!! oh wa…
Retweeted by Portia FendemanThe below tweet instantly made me cry. People who don’t believe we need stricter gun laws, I have a question for…
Retweeted by Portia FendemanSo sad. No other animal symbolises global warming like the polar bear. #readbyrichard
Retweeted by Portia FendemanOh my god this looks amazing and they cast a South Asian as the LEAD, in a movie not about being South Asian, who…
Retweeted by Portia FendemanYesterday, everyone knew The Beatles. Today, only Jack remembers their songs. Watch the new trailer for…
Retweeted by Portia FendemanTo be fair, if that Esquire profile was about me at 17, you’d be like, “When is he gonna stop talking about Sailor Moon?!”
Retweeted by Portia FendemanThe Academy is removing cinematography, editing and make up from the televised show? This is just such a fundamenta…
Retweeted by Portia FendemanJames Brown in a 1992 Japanese TV commercial for Nissan Miso Soup.
Retweeted by Portia Fendeman🥂
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@awkwardlyours Amen🙏🏻“I used to have everything, now I still have everything but can’t use racial slurs in public”
Retweeted by Portia FendemanAlmost 50 years worth of rap songs and this the song that did it for them lol
Retweeted by Portia Fendeman @mattwhitlockPM I know!!!“Hello? Police?? Some hooligans have invaded my sanctuary and I would like to have them arrested for trespassing on… woman's corgi sneaks out at night to ride the neighbor's pony
Retweeted by Portia FendemanPICTURED: Ultra-rare black leopard is caught on camera for the first time in 100 YEARS in Africa…
Retweeted by Portia FendemanOh, my God. Snow has fallen on #Maui for the first time in history.
Retweeted by Portia FendemanEither you STILL don’t understand that weather is not climate despite literally everyone explaining it to you every…
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@pianosarenice @kraftwerk It’s like you’ve been spying on our house — my bf’s 13 yo has been taking German in schoo… heart’s desire is to be a member of a race that protects the balance and harmony of nature, and all of its creat…
Shout out to the top 5 ments in the world, compli, accomplish, employ, condi and oint.
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My ass would get kicked off Top Chef right away. "We've never had someone serve us just a 5-gallon bucket of grav…
Retweeted by Portia FendemanToday’s lede leader: “The Winnipeg Humane Society's emergency response team has had some pretty odd calls over the…
Retweeted by Portia Fendeman @MeredthSalenger He was one of my big, big crushes and always will be. I’ve sort of met him through meeting you ❤️… applause to Ariana for standing up for herself and refusing to be intimidated by lies.
Retweeted by Portia Fendeman @ChefMontage @BobNewhart @RecordingAcad You will have such a fab time, Mr Newhart is wonderful ❤️ @ChefMontage @BobNewhart @RecordingAcad I’m still laughing about the time I saw him in Boston and he asked where th… the Grammys this Sunday @RecordingAcad #grammys
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Albert Finney loved the Coens & working in New Orleans so much that when he wrapped he asked to stay on and the Bro…
Retweeted by Portia FendemanRIP to one of cinema's finest performers, Albert Finney. Seen here in his 2nd role in Miller's Crossing.
Retweeted by Portia FendemanSo sad to hear of the passing of Albert Finney . I had the great pleasure of working with him on ‘Annie’ the movie.…
Retweeted by Portia FendemanAlbert Finney joins the likes of Peter O’Toole, Richard Burton, etc who never won an Oscar and deserved the honor m…
Retweeted by Portia FendemanOh, nooo — RIP, #AlbertFinney. I’ve had such a crush on you forever and always will 💔 Albert Finney's most iconic… @rakmasterg @nowthisnews @gunnerpunner @AOC Not educated in Boston5 minutes of sunny, sardonic brilliance from @AOC. Please watch this and share it?
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wow this thread
Retweeted by Portia FendemanI grew up in Virginia and after going thru all my old yearbooks I'm proud to report none of my classmates are weari…
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Brilliant! @alyankovic is really the only logical choice for 53's halftime show! @NFL please make it so.
Retweeted by Portia FendemanWhy should I be “spirited and warm” for this embarrassment of a #SOTU? Tonight was an unsettling night for our cou…
Retweeted by Portia FendemanCongrats to @SpeakerPelosi for inventing the “fuck you” clap. #sotu
Retweeted by Portia Fendeman @PortiaFendeman Just finished "Paddle Your Canoe" by her hubby @Nick_Offerman Many wonderful stories about…
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i just unfollowed the white house its like a weird crazy persons account
Retweeted by Portia FendemanThis is the most NZ CSI ever
Retweeted by Portia Fendeman @Enormuswork @BenFolds Similarly obsessed with that one 🎵 @BenFolds A very good example is how #musictherapy helped @GabbyGiffords with her recovery after a bullet damaged t…
#Rams: We have a plan to contain #Patriots Julian Edelman. Edelman:
Retweeted by Portia FendemanUber will give free rides in city of losing #SuperBowl team so fans can ‘go home and cry’
Retweeted by Portia FendemanRams fans be like.... #SuperBowl
Retweeted by Portia FendemanPeople are using GoFundMe to beg for insulin while this is happening in the same time and place. ⬇️ It’s no wonder…
Retweeted by Portia FendemanThese teams are playing like they know whoever wins goes to the White House
Retweeted by Portia FendemanLET’S GO!!!! Congratulations on another Super Bowl championship @Patriots!! Fire up the duck boats…
Retweeted by Portia Fendeman @pattonoswalt This looks like a Zappa cover ! @MeredthSalenger With you completely ❤️
@BenFolds @JRhodesPianist Dayum , Oscar Petersen! Not only a brilliant pianist, but a sweet man; personally mentore… a word was spoken, the church bells all were broken. And the 3 men I admired most the Father, Son, and the Holy…
Retweeted by Portia FendemanAs they said goodbye, Buddy Holly told Jennings, "Well, I hope your ol' bus freezes up." Waylon Jennings replied,…
Retweeted by Portia FendemanOne down, forty-nine to go.
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A queen honoring a queen. 👏
Retweeted by Portia FendemanMaster Class ❤️ if you're doing it right, Ana.
Retweeted by Portia Fendemandumb dumb dumb dumb
Retweeted by Portia FendemanI would be honored (and terrified 😂) to be a Jaguar’s dinner. ☺️
Retweeted by Portia Fendeman @SandraRipert ❤️thank you for this !! 😘💖Hi, long time listener, first time caller. Who will play Northram in the SNL skit? I’ll take my answer off the air.
Retweeted by Portia FendemanRetweet, please.
Retweeted by Portia Fendeman @hwinkler4real Oh my goodness, how wonderful!!! Sending much love, I was *just* staying on Washington St last weeke… sketch cut for time:
Retweeted by Portia FendemanI‘m so excited for Matt Damon to play Northman on SNL.
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