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Wild turkey bangs on Franklin Police Department door before Thanksgiving
Retweeted by Portia FendemanStraight up no way to recover from this. Wolf will now loom larger in Trump’s rat-infested warehouse of a psyche th…
Retweeted by Portia FendemanGOP, for last 25 years: “Hillary helped cover up a murder!” (Trump actually helps cover up a murder) GOP: “Look,…
Retweeted by Portia FendemanAs a foreign national living in the US, it’s disconcerting that the president seems to think it’s Ok to murder,dism…
Retweeted by Portia FendemanThe shame of it all. Despite what his own intelligence teams tell him, #Trump stands by a murderer, MBS, for the sa…
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@JTScatCat @kevinthekith @natalie2themax @BluffCityLiars I’ve taken two of Kevin’s courses, and both experiences ar… sent hundreds of emails re gov’nt business on her personal server! We’re scandalized! All I can do is repe…
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This is crazy!!! A total iPhone texting game changer ! @ChefMontage @Bourdain @billmaher That’s just what another of my BFFs said , and I tend to agree . Maher’s always b… is the one person who must listen to it. He decides what the reaction will be to this information. How can…
Retweeted by Portia FendemanTrump says of the midterm losses, "I wasn't on the ballot." Oh, Donald. You were. Trust me. You were.
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@alexkintzle @Bourdain @billmaher Perfecto ❤️ @Bourdain were still with us, @billmaher’s butt would get so kicked is on a bizarre and awkward "charm offensive" where he is tweeting out compliments and support for Democrats.…
Retweeted by Portia Fendeman @bryanbrinkman Well I know how you like those old timey cartoons 🦕 😉
And my last thought before annihilation shall be “This looks like a deleted scene from #DavidLynch’s ‘#TwinPeaks Fi… @PattersonNBC @ButteSheriff @NBCNews More like heart-breaking 💔Holy heck!! @bryanbrinkman, this might be of particular interest to you 😀✒️🎞 A lost Walt Disney cartoon from the… to be young and single again and the owner of a firefighter attracting parrot .... #WilliamGoldman. One of the greatest most successful screenwriters ever. I was lucky as hell to count Bill as a…
Retweeted by Portia FendemanAwwww dammit—one of the giants in literature and screenwriting. RIP to another amazing icon who shaped the pop cult… @ratmando WhoaaaaaMy mind ... my eyes .... my tears... I can’t .... I love you, @eltonofficial @RobLowe Holy .... I just want to cry and hug every @eltonofficial ❤️
@Tighe_er Actor #ChristopherPlummer has written of befriending a crow when he was acting in Stratford, and got the… @franglophonic Dear @ratmando , you MUST see this ❤️🐀❤️how’d this NYC rat get to France
Retweeted by Portia FendemanTrump is reportedly furious that none of his staff told him that skipping the WWI 100-year commemoration because of…
Retweeted by Portia FendemanSomeone sent me this. Not sure who to credit, but my hat is off to its maker.
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One of the last photographs taken of all six members of Monty Python. 1989.
Retweeted by Portia FendemanDouglas Rain died today. Kubrick chose him as the voice of HAL in 2001 after hearing his narration in Universe, an…
Retweeted by Portia FendemanDouglas Rain passed away Sunday in St. Marys. The actor, who spent 32 seasons with @stratfest, was perhaps best kno…
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This is literally insane. The fire in So Cal is not a forest, its downed power lines and 70 mph winds. And most of…
Retweeted by Portia FendemanHuge congratulations to @SarahKSilverman A phenomenal talent and legit good human
Retweeted by Portia FendemanPresident @realDonaldTrump a no-show because of raindrops? Those veterans the president didn’t bother to honor foug…
Retweeted by Portia FendemanYou didn’t write this.
Retweeted by Portia FendemanPeople died in a fire and he’s on the side of the fire
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A true leader provides solace and comfort in time of great sorrow or horror. You are incapable of even a modicum of…
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I give Whitaker less than one Scaramucci before he's out.
Retweeted by Portia FendemanI’ve been unfollowed by hundreds of people this week so I must be doing something left.
Retweeted by Portia FendemanJust saw a headline there about a man entering a lawsuit to legally lower his age as he identifies as a 45 year old…
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did it drop another house on your sister?
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I've been busy today but: are you shitting me
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If this type of voter suppression and demagoguery from the President doesn’t make you vote I don’t know what will.…
Retweeted by Portia FendemanJim Carrey's acceptance speech at the Britannia Awards I cried
Retweeted by Portia FendemanYou can fail at what you don’t want, so you might as well take a chance on doing what you love. —Jim Carrey—
Retweeted by Portia Fendeman @MeredthSalenger We have morning appointments but also plan to visit our voting booth as a family unit later in the afternoon ❤️The genius who did this stamp is going to vote. You need to also.
Retweeted by Portia FendemanGo Beto! Go Democrats! Vote like there’s no tomorrow. Let’s make this Tuesday like the end of every great vampire m…
Retweeted by Portia FendemanTonight, we reset our clocks. Tuesday, we reset our destiny.
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@dspiro1997 Hahaha‼️ always sounds like such a little baby kid with enormous self esteem issues, ugh love these crazy beautiful kids so much — #happyanniversary , Patton and Meredith (And Alice) ! 💕👨‍👩‍👧💕 @MeredthSalenger From the bottom of my heart, I wish you and Patton a happy anniversary. You continue to be a role…'s really good!
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What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.
Retweeted by Portia FendemanOn Sunday we gain an hour, collectively turning back the clocks because we don’t really need to save the daylight.…
Retweeted by Portia FendemanIf you are on a LONG LINE to #vote, call in the address and Pizza to the Polls will send 🔥FREE PIZZA🔥 to make your…
Retweeted by Portia FendemanI have been waiting so long for this #OrsonWelles' lost film #TheOtherSideoftheWind finally gets its due
I love him, but when he does this, everyone from #Massapequa says he’s from #Syracuse and everyone from #Syracuse s…“FENDEMAN: As audacious and slightly vulgar as the whole thing seems to be ... it still looks fun “ Sounds like an… @Eden_Eats FENDEMAN: As audacious and slightly vulgar as the whole thing seems to be ... it still looks fun @moira Same here!
@realDonaldTrump I think we should revoke citizenship for people with elaborate comb overs. Citizenship for those t…
Retweeted by Portia FendemanAt 96 this patriotic man is still widely respected by those who know him for his intelligence and wisdom in additio…
Retweeted by Portia FendemanLast night the #TrickOrTreater’s #halloweenhaul included an #apple, a #kitkat, and .... the #Constitution time of year again! #HappyHalloween to everyone & #HappyBirthday to my Dad (and to those that share a birthday…
Retweeted by Portia Fendeman @hwinkler4real Wow! 👏👏👏🦈🤣
Oooo, nifty idea! Now how about a #Twix machine for those of us who can’t eat #peanut anything?? @Reese's puts up…
Conservatives who point out that Lincoln was a Republican are like adults with leap day birthdays who say “Actually I’m only 8 years old.”
Retweeted by Portia FendemanWOW! A recent ABC/WaPo poll found that among 18- to 29-year-olds, 55% are CERTAIN to vote, and another 25% said th…
Retweeted by Portia Fendemanthanks but seriously, I’d say let’s not vote for any more ill prepared celebs who have never held public office
Retweeted by Portia FendemanThe Pittsburgh shooter was still shouting "I want to kill Jews" when he got to the ER. Then his life was saved by J…
Retweeted by Portia Fendemanoh thank god, i read the first eight words thinking mr. feeny died, then continued to find out that he's still a go…
Retweeted by Portia FendemanGood grief. I can't imagine missing this.
Retweeted by Portia FendemanHalloween is canceled
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My last night with the #Steinway ... here's the "Less Tipsy #EddieWalker Version" I promised (with apologies to… @ZamirGotta You are every bit as genuine and authentic as Tony — it’s why you two created such magic for us. I am t… Tony legacy, he is immortal!
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@hwinkler4real Onigahhhh , you have a penguin 🐧❤️This is on my “must watch” list (loved the book by #NickHornby) is how a leader deals with the free press
Retweeted by Portia FendemanHappy 20th birthday to @nationalpost. Thanks for all the support over the years! 😉 Seriously, having different vi…
Retweeted by Portia FendemanSuch good news!! I’m always a little protective of Boston Ladder 33 / Engine 15 after that horrible fire on Beacon…
Hoping everyone emerges safely from this fire 🙏🏻’s the day to think of others, say hi, make eye contact, make sure the people around you -friends and strange…
Retweeted by Portia FendemanHey @RealCandaceO , seeing as how the mail bomber has been identified, I thought you might want to see the tweet yo…
Retweeted by Portia FendemanI’ve travelled all over the world. I’ve never seen another human being do this before.
Retweeted by Portia Fendeman @foxnewsdesk My husband took the picture but won’t allow you guys to use it because you aren’t a reliable source of…
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This is good news, although at first I thought that the arrested ::man:: was sent to Trump's critics... is the best storyteller in KITH.
Retweeted by Portia Fendeman @RoseStarRunners @DaveSFoley I’d like to think of that as Dave’s version of “mugging” 😜People who live in urine brick houses shouldn't throw kidney stones.
Retweeted by Portia Fendemanevery morning i wake up to fifty emails that are like "Megan...I'm not gonna lie: my bones are falling out because…
Retweeted by Portia FendemanListen, it's your call, but we all know that Nothing Compares 2 Jew...
Retweeted by Portia Fendeman @SkyeSeabrook @pulmyears @CJMayer316 @jeffslate @KITHOnline @esquire @ScottThompson_ @kevinthekith @Mark_DMcKinney
Makes me so glad I’m a Democrat 💙 #bluewave @JesseRodriguez @jonathan4ny Once again think we can all learn from the last little girl — “NOPE!” is my new mantra #HalloweenMovie #MichaelMyers