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C9 porti @portilho Los Angeles, CA

🇧🇷 Brand Ambassador @Cloud9 | Prev. Head of Social Media | Contact: | Check how I joined Esports on the link below ⬇️ | FM @ayo_dom

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@iGumdrop @starsmitten_ guardian angel @JoshuaHori @Pterodactylsftw @Tiffae @CaptainFlowers so does seraphine @matesugras @jumayumin1 sim @jumayumin1 OIJDHFOIUAHJFOIUHJAGFDOIU @jumayumin1 0 respeito por gente que faz aniversario dps do ano 2000 @EiyaWoW sign the petition @Pabu22 man wtf is this quite broken @endrioxdd nopeGwen clears the jungle on 3:03 this is crazy @iamchapman @ahad @zillxst yo wtff @Pterodactylsftw @Tiffae lets see who’s the fastest in the art of eating raw onion shall we @ahad i got plans for tn man you gotta hit me up early @ahad half of the adults in LA have at least 1 shot @tenacityna @Damonte bro??? @Pterodactylsftw @Tiffae grilled/friend onions are good the rest is bad @jennytilts im ready to throw hands and defend my honor wassup jenny? @RiotPhreak @CaptainFlowers W @Kala cancel me @Mewwnii fried = good @ayo_dom grilled onions are good
@lolArnav yeah bro deal with the fax im spittin @mirsthy sim cebola é ruim @RyanAtRBM thats the only way to eat them @DonHaci fried onions? amazing rest is garbage @RyanAtRBM this shit crunchy af idk manonions are awful 👍 @lucasinutilismo tem que jogar dota entao @itshafu happy birthday hafu!!! @TSM @LOUDgg Essa não é a paiN
Retweeted by C9 porti @LOUDgg Boa tarde pra futura campeã do CBLOL.
Retweeted by C9 porti @brttOficial bom demais @lestamato Gerson traz outra dose que a hoje a pain ganhou de novo @armutlol @robolol1 sheeeeeeeshninguém bate a maior do Brasil #GOpaiN @C9EmZ i wish @RiotBallerina this is the way @k1ngYB my favorite @CaptainFlowers @OvileeMay @C9Vincent @CaptainFlowers @Reapered @C9Maddie bring the osts again @CaptainFlowers @C9Vincent @OvileeMay @Reapered @C9Maddie LMFAOOOO @C9Vincent miss u so much 😭
@xFSN_Saber me too. cheers! @EiyaWoW i need cat vids after this series 😭 @DmachineWoW AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHExcited to announce that I have joined @100Thieves as an Executive Producer on the esports content team. Thrilled…
Retweeted by C9 porti @DamianEstrada @100Thieves one more month lads @C9Vincent @CaptainFlowers @OvileeMay @Reapered @C9Maddie @C9Maddie @CaptainFlowers @Reapered i get my 2nd shot in 2 weeks may is gonna be crazy @leena_xu happy birthday!!! hope you have a great one @Reapered ayyyyy congrats, coach! @FLMayhem @swingchip930 ROFLLLL LETS GOO SWING @SteveOnSports 💙💙 @VidalMatheus3 @macgyverrr_ 😭 me passa o disocrd @QuarterJade !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my fav group 😭😭 @Fudgecakey YOU JUST ADDED ME MAN....... @MurasameTV @xSojin @ayo_dom @RiotAzael GGS MAN I INTED PRETTY HARD @Fudgecakey you declined my friend request 👍 @umiscar it came we just needed a 5th player thanks for believing in mein a 8 loss streak on ARAM with the boys night is going great @LAValiant i don't think anyone missed the updates lmfaoLMFAOOOOO @DonHaci @JakeSucky incredible @HyperSeanic @OfflineTV @pokimanelol @LilyPichu @scarra @DisguisedToast @michaelreeves @crysteI #TeamPokihappy friday~ 🌸
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@Nisqy good night [organization] nisqy @C9Perkz @akaNemsko hey Luka thanks for lending me your BMW i8 yesterday, had a really fun time driving it by Malib… @xChocoBars @CopLoL_ that male model is hot @Linku #IGotTheShotNYC @RelyksOG love u man, will be supporting ya always @tyleranton @TwitchDev lets GOOOOO @_notrose happy birf day! @CaptainFlowers @AsycLoL @ForestWithin oh my god @umiscar that team is pretty cool @iGumdrop W @JonathanAKTran good job tran! @brancagaldino feliz aniversario Branca!!! ❤️❤️❤️ @umiscar W....? @llollymarchetti @OfflineTV 👀 @KyleThatKyle W @Spicalol lets fucking go
@scarra im happy you got to learn new things today @Mendo yoooo happy birthday man! @CaptainFlowers 20s cd active item XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD @leomuraoka 🥺 @BloopGG :( soon, amigo @tarik cheering for you regardless my man we hawtHere are the 4 steps to schedule an appointment. It's very easy and you can check which vaccine is available for yo… @sjokz ayyyyyyyyy happy for you ♥♥ @yetz1 me desculpa amigo :( @lucasfmbraga 🥺🥺 @TeanaKitten @plooful @zakkfps @TeamVitality zakk uma LENDA VIVA @CaptainFlowers i wanna see every person i know vaccinated in this bitch, lets get itIf you live in California, go get your vaccine!! It's now available to everyone +16 years old Just answer the ques… @schaedl3r sim so sangrou pacas @MordredXYZ ROFL @schaedl3r i dropped the glass, it hit the cabinet and it broke in my hand