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C9 Mateus @portilho Los Angeles, CA

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@IWDominateLoL wym? you play videogames bro ! @vivalastina_ is this the 2021 version of you? @Mirak624 @lolArnav This gonna be my bf soon @blaustoise #BLAUWIN @Caedrel dubMy new sleep schedule: Sleep 5:45am-7:00am Nap 7pm-midnight This is optimal for all time zones
Retweeted by C9 Mateus @LaraLunardi @PlayOverwatch parece pacarai @Cloud9 @mithygg @Veigar_v2 @Maxwaldo_ welcome lads @Awae13 @Shakarez ? @Nibellion @CaptainFlowers @GodTempestade YERRRRRRRRRRRRR @revoltalol UIHOSDFGAUHIOASDFGHIOUSDGAFHIOUGAFSDUHIGAFUHISUHIGOASGHIUYAFSGIUYASDFGIUHYASDFIGUHYASDFIGHUASDF @sapphiReGG but why is it so cold today. @TheBMCastro aracajuano raizleaving the house on flip-flops at 9°C was not the play @JakeSucky stop lying man you're 25 @millerIites hell yeah man happy to help @Class WoW @starsmitten_ does that mean my hair matches my covenant too? (Kyrian )since Shadowlands' release, my sleep schedule has not been the best good morning @defnotskai @Cloud9 ayyyyyyyyyyyy hell yeah lets go @macawcaw123 the only way to call it
@jacksondahl happy birthday jackson! hope you have a good one man @inero @100Thieves LMFAOOOOOOOOOO @G2esports i had the exact same idea a few mins ago LMAOOO y'all fast no wonder why you're the best in the west @plooful P💯thieves @CoryHeimbecker im trapped in this genjutsu please help @Pterodactylsftw dye it red @lolArnav oh LOL for me i have to be barely conscious/awake and think fast like "this is cool, imma try to go back"… @matheusdevdd nao @lolArnav i do that with some dreams where i feel interested on its outcome but this one i just had i think i had… @hunnybaes yeah exactly like that the dream kinda transfer the feelings you had there to your IRL brain and then riphave you guys ever had dreams that felt INTENSELY real when you wake up? I remember in 2017 where i woke up from… @ScreaM_ @TeamHeretics 1v9 @gustavonll @G2esports ué eles perguntaram onde a gente ta e eu to nos EUA @karonmoser LMAOO @KristoferYee @Froste 3rd day out here inc @akaNemsko i hope akaNemsko is having a great day @Sanchovies @G2esports 🇺🇸 @RaqoEU @SKGaming king @yetz1 proxima vez vou fazer, fiquei pensnado no rng @Santorin reverse smurf @sjokz THE HAWAII TRIP WE WERE NEVER ABLE TO PLAN 😩4 mythics, 0 items XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD @Flar3fir3 all of us @tofu_thots no way you're left handed @jessicahkim ah yes @CarlosR unverified people it's our time to shine @carvalhjg ! @AriaSaki forgive my dirty mirror @AriaSaki is this a new trend? @C9Vincent !!!!!!! @KrissiC9 @JakeSucky @Diamondgg @KrissiC9 @Gaylen @C9Vincent ROFL @Pobelter @RachQuitlol LMFAOOOOOO @RachQuitlol homemade ramen tastes twice as good as any restaurant made ramen.
Retweeted by C9 Mateus @Class i feel that hard @CallMeCarsonYT because i am sad @Mo1st_Toast no @CallMeCarsonYT LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOBest Esports Physical Therapist in the market Ernesto De La Cruz all my homies hate Ernesto De La Cruz @hiiamvic eu te levo no mais caro de aju quando voltar @leobomfim_ @Jovirone1 @Locodoco LMAO? @FlyQuest @KumoLoL SUMOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO @FlyQuest @KumoLoL KUMOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
@hoajuu 6'1 boys keep winning @jennytilts HOPEFULLY @KagekiriHotS @Annie_Dro @katsumiFPS @mel_anji @Jazzyk1ns @CrisHeroes @aderrtheman @kingmezii @Frystsama @noshfn @JackEtienne @dekay dude??? @westrice @iGumdrop thanks west @ayo_dom @followdunc frfr what kinda tweet is that dunc? 🤣🤣🤣 @ayo_dom @kstewturley @JThorn_14 THE UNSUNG HEROES OF ESPORTS @ayo_dom said that but tanked 7/8 mythics 🤣🤣🤣 @RyanAtRBM @mel_anji @Cloud9 @TwitterGaming holy fuck ROFL i thought i had double tweeted @westrice ure too kind @AshleyKang @westrice omg is that THE ashleykang? what a pleasure @RyanAtRBM @mel_anji @Cloud9 @TwitterGaming ryan i’ll beat you bro @Ziqoftw @ElliottVenczel @Graycen LMAOOOO his time will comeWE VERIFIED LETS GOOOOOOOO ✅ thank you so much @Cloud9 @portilho @TwitterGaming 💙💙💙 i couldn't imagine being wher…
Retweeted by C9 Mateus @Kkatamina LETS GO GANG @FlyNmom1 @dakotaz LOOOL one day..... @ElliottVenczel @Ziqoftw @Graycen @starsmitten_ good morning celine star @poomelol wEnjoy your checkmark, Queens and Kings 💙 @Annie_Dro @katsumiFPS @mel_anji @Jazzyk1ns @CrisHeroes @aderrtheman @neekolul portuguese content when @KristoferYee happy birthday you handsome @tenacityna our time will come @asyyyc depression @akaNemsko @Goldenglue @S04Esports nice. @AchiliosCasts gdi LOOOOL @IWDominateLoL how u gonna pay me @endercasts this is gonna be you every time someone says something on twitter now: someone send hugs, kisses, and good vibes to @portilho
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