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Lisa @portilla_soup Tuscany, Italy

An anthropologist by training, writer by choice; part-time curandera and general mischief-maker. Married. Elizabeth de la Portilla is my professional name.

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Evening's come, time to end the day. @borbalabranch @KateMacAuthor Best complement ever. @HistFantasy I see what you're doing there. @MissieDeeDee Good morning 🌞 shine. Wishing you joy throughout the day. @borbalabranch one of my biggest gripes as a university professor was students weren't being taught to be critical…
@TommyWilliford I've never understood when companies do this. @ElisabethHobbes TouchéSomething we all need more of these days: solidarity, kindness, and helping each other. This skunk family leaves…
Retweeted by LisaGood morning: Today is YOUR day! ~ Stay strong ~ Stay positive ~ We got this!! Have a beautiful day! Much…
Retweeted by Lisa @DavidMiddleham No!!! Doesn't look good at all. @ravaghi @newberg_sean @OlivanteWriter @SylviaWoodham @Johnldeboer @GeorgeYuhasz @GKent_Erotica @SJTurner_Author @AlexWoodroe 62 and no rocking chair but I do enjoy sitting in the sun and reading tweets by young people. Writing… @TheDarkRabbit Hahahaha @PrinceCavallo There was a lot going on in the US at the time, so much changed for people and the film's that came… @ravaghi Thank you, we had a complicated relationship but I owe her more than I can say. She was a brave one, my mo…, my 16-page Writing Program is free to use with your students. Projects, tips, and all my writing secrets.…
Retweeted by Lisa @PrinceCavallo I came of age in the 70s and for the life of me, I don't understand half the fashion that went on ex… is the most unintentionally funny thing I've ever seen:
Retweeted by Lisa @gnilwoce Cloudy here too and cold. A good day for soup @GratitudeSpace I'm so happy to be part of your endeavor Chris, the healing and compassion that comes from this typ… @NiftyBuckles And they are comfy. In my youth, I could wear heels all day, now life is much slower. @sfmnu I heard Cesar Chavez speak once in the 1970s, he said of farming, "you can pick a tomato and throw it agains… @HistFantasy I'm on the fence about Tarantino but this film was amazing. @ravaghi they make me smile. @PrinceCavallo Oh man, if it was shag carpet, that would have been amazing. @ravaghi @honeycakebooks @GratitudeSpace @AvaSafran @Readerhal54 @NikaParadis @GlennaKGill Noosha! So nice to see y… news indeed. I'm so happy to participate. @CarreraRoz you have my heartfelt sympathies, my husband and I have been together nearly as long and I can't imagin… @WritingsFromJen @annikakparker I agree, writing, home, and kids. She's due a rest. @annikakparker I feel your pain, honestly. What did they recommend?
psa if youre a shit talking director make sure to mute ur shit on zoom mtgings
Retweeted by Lisa @jadedcreative What happened? @HistFantasy Favorite scene? @MissieDeeDee There's nothing that can keep you down! It's Thanksgiving week, pumpkin pies will be baked, turkeys w… @annikakparker Lay low and get lots of rest. I'm sorry you're going through all this. I wish there was some way to help you. @sfmnu Farmworkers. If they don't pick crops, nobody eats. @borbalabranch @sfmnu I was going to say janitors and garbage folks. I remember many many years ago when there was… am fashioned challenged. sitting here like a good Italian nonna waiting for birds to come feed. for the day: Writing is hard for everybody except fools. Susan Elizabeth Philips Let's get this party started, #WritingCommunity @NatashaLink1 It can't be just one. @JDGreysonwrites @jamingeorge04 @ravaghi @david_dewinter @misplacedcomma2 @zack2thafuture so aggravating, I fully support your endevor. @Bumble6671 It never ceases to amaze me that people find a way to take the main tenets of many religions, love and… @ps_conway sooooo dad. gotta love it. @Jenny_Im_here and you are adorable, wrinkles and all @whistberry the small joys in life. good choice! @katieemorann yes, and I understand it's no longer de rigeuer? @JDGreysonwrites heartbreaking and beautiful
@Bumble6671 I don't know what religion op is part of but my understanding is the Catholic Church doesn't believe th… @DarleneCampos91 congratulations! This is wonderful news. Someone seems to recognize your talent. @misplacedcomma2 Good lesson. She's a beauty @MikeDug45117510 Of course. Do you? @JDGreysonwrites Hi friend! @DzintraSullivan I can't say, my grandchildren would be shocked and embarrassed. @jamingeorge04 Good morning to you kiddo! Wishing you lots of sunshine @L0verofbooks A little of both. At some point I just have to start writing or it turns into a rabbit hole. Guess wh… @ParanormalJunk2 If you ever have doubts or are stonewalled, drop me a line. I've had lots of help along the way. @AstralWarriorVT Or it goes into some type of error message report and shuts down! This was my morning. @AlexWoodroe Sometimes, you just have to go for it. Looks wonderful by the way. @writingiswar Always better to be safe, things can change quickly. Folklore among anthropologists: We tend to lose… @analydiamonaco Yes! My mom was into shoes and I discovered the joy they bring as an adult. I'll stop women and tel… @writingiswar Reminds me of West Texas. I love it there but yes places like this can be hazardous. @ParanormalJunk2 PhD @ 43 and retired @ 58, short career in anthropology. It was a challenge and had its ups and do… @BarrySBrunswick A crow, I like their mischievous nature. @analydiamonaco These are gorgeous! You can wear them anytime except in the rain. You will be unstoppable in these, they command attention.
@ravaghi I'm a working at it girlfriend.I'm hiding out this weekend sprinting on NaNoWrimo. May your heart's desire visit you this weekend. @ravaghi @Readerhal54 @AvaSafran @Johnldeboer @Rosanna_adancer @DerekRKing2 @alleycat579 @FAllanRoth1'm now caught up on The Crown.
@MissieDeeDee Never disappoints. @garethlpowell Yes, heartbreaking. I love my husband but there's something in the quality of those dreams that go b… Wednesday, #Writers! 💌 @TheUHMethod @MCSheridan2 @ninsthewriter @Johnldeboer @WittyMystic @KatrinaSardis
Retweeted by Lisa @DavidMiddleham Need this today David, thank you. @LtUhura2017 I don't know enough history to actually say. I would venture, he's one of the most cowardly and selfish president we've had. @jamingeorge04 It's so hard sometimes. Each day though offers a renewal.Good morning: Believe in yourself today. Hold your head up high. Keep smiling. Count your blessings. Life is a be…
Retweeted by Lisa @borbalabranch @LottieNewings No kidding! @LottieNewings @borbalabranch The assumption (outside of the writing world) that talent is all you need to be a suc… @BarrySBrunswick never, it is not doable.
@SarahGrill1 @StMartinsPress Congratulations! I hope it is all you wish. @MissieDeeDee There are little enzyme pills that help with the lactose thing and they are a life saver! I can stay… @PickledAuthor @ravaghi @JoyRossDavis @Nightshade386 @Johnldeboer @carolyngrace505 @DRBailey8 @MichelleFaithLu those who have dreams of being published by S&S. #WritingCommunity
Some days this is what keeps me going, "“You can always edit a bad page. You can’t edit a blank page.” ― Jodi Picou… @mjschmid_writer 9. @MichaelLRoss7 @EditingSkeleton I didn't know this but it sounds about right @EditingSkeleton Yes, and I hope you weren't on the receiving end. @analydiamonaco Moms, take what you can get is my advice. @TheDarkRabbit sounds wonderful! I used to cook breaded venison steaks. Enjoy Ben! @Woden Happy you are turning a corner Donald, I can't imagine how hard it must be when your child is so ill, I'm glad you guys are healing.
@AlexWoodroe Virginia creeper? Lovely foliage. @Nancywaddell18 You two enjoy the day. @MissieDeeDee Hahahaha. Good one. You're in fine form today. @HistFantasy Sandra Cisneros.The most Italian thing yet. Jalopnik: Italian Police Use Lamborghini To Transport Donor Kidney 300 Miles In Two Hou… @alexkeown @NormBoyington @gmtvarley Very cool. Yes, it's not uncommon for our work to blend into other areas. @analydiamonaco Prayers forthcoming. Much consolation to you and your family.
@analydiamonaco @mariscelamendez Buena suerte. I hope it all goes well. If you ever need a researcher... @ravaghi @wlwo51 @PKellenbarger18 @LawrenceWriting @clintlove4real @neilson_tara @JulieKusma @TTBanks5 @dportch15