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Lmfaooooo y’all get out
Retweeted by Boot Cut BrockNever deleting FB
Retweeted by Boot Cut BrockDONT PUT PORN ON MY TL THIS EARLY IN THE DAY!!!! @Hamanicart617 I could easily beat that root beer fed champ @PBSImpulse9 @MFKAOZ Lmao shitOH. MY. GOD????
Retweeted by Boot Cut BrockSalvador Perez is having a great yearWow I know it’s a beta but YUCK to try this COD vanguard betaBron Breakker has a Pop Smoke lyric in one of his IG posts new GOAT
Retweeted by Boot Cut Brock @PBSImpulse9 This is our medical staff @InvalidFranklin It’s not bad been laughing at this for a few hours now’s kids would never be able to handle this pain
Retweeted by Boot Cut BrockMy word! Marty Garner has a very nasty landing.
Retweeted by Boot Cut BrockWhy does Cardona have Canadian bacon over his eyes?, dropped kids off at school now watching the classic J-lo film “Selena” with the toddler lmao @__Eddie313 Me: do you know the time? Him: degrees out this morning is killing me, is this accurate? @nodqdotcom
Retweeted by Boot Cut BrockTest Fucking owned on it lol
Retweeted by Boot Cut Brock @wholesomefoxx You spelled white wrong my brotha
He throws to DeAndre Hopkins, AJ Green and Christian Kirk. Lamar throws it to Kodak Black and Jack Harlow
Retweeted by Boot Cut Brock @RobertONeill31 @ThatKidGalvan Rob your “arch rival” from Canada blocked me for some reason lolI can’t wait lmao career is far from over by the way my situation was hereditary. Thanks for the concern 👍🏽
Retweeted by Boot Cut BrockRicky Steamboat inventing the Canadian Destroyer in May 1993. #wcw93
Retweeted by Boot Cut BrockWhen Da Drought 3 dropped the boys and I had it on repeat for at least a year Bernard baby! to @prattprattpratt on his NXT debut REAL name is Ariola? Lmao @PBSImpulse9 All I buy lmaoIt’s really funny to see AEW and WWE wrestlers openly chatting on here and clearly being pals while TribalChief69 a…
Retweeted by Boot Cut Brock @Hamanicart617 It’s so good lolShannon Sharpe be making memes of himself and said: “why y’all doing me like this?”
Retweeted by Boot Cut BrockNiggas been calling it a developmental brand for years but now their doin some developing here comes the bitching and moaning
Retweeted by Boot Cut Brock @TheGLEATMuta Oh THIS is Jimmy of Jimmy’s Seafood?!Despite how some people felt about the NXT rebrand, one thing you can’t refute is that Bron Breaker has star writte…
Retweeted by Boot Cut Brock @wholesomefoxx Unless it sounds like Khia - my neck, my back, I will not be listening to that shitno it’s really not 😳 it’s almost like they’re 2 completely different players in 2 completely different systems lmao…
Retweeted by Boot Cut BrockHe’s his dad and I love it @OGJOHNNY5 It was refreshing"If anyone has any objections speak now?" #WWENXT DEXTER:
Retweeted by Boot Cut BrockYOU'RE 37
Retweeted by Boot Cut BrockOh shit. Bron Steiner real about this shit.
Retweeted by Boot Cut BrockAy NXT was lit tonight! Whole lotta fun
Retweeted by Boot Cut BrockNXT was the best it’s been in a long time, that was great television.That was beautiful 🤭🥲 #InDexWedding
Retweeted by Boot Cut Brockpretty sure rex steiner is the guy pals
Retweeted by Boot Cut BrockGIVE ME BRON BREAKER VS CIAMPA NOW1000/10 segment
Retweeted by Boot Cut BrockLmfao theory and gargano face when Dexter talked has me cryingBest NXT segment in years lolLmfaooooo regaled face…. The zombie refDexter a freak?!? Omg lol🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Gaylord Lumis LMFAOOODEXTER GOT THAT THANG ON HIM LMAOOOOOOOOOO
Retweeted by Boot Cut Brock @wholesomefoxx Cackled when Gargano said “Austin, how do you know HIM?!”Dexter suit is fire lolThis wedding is pure comedy lmaoHayes gotta send his blue lives matter ass to hellFuck CiampaNXT is great tonight. It’s fresh and introducing all these new people is great. @brooklyn_gohard NXT Horny.0The Chosen One @Carmelo_WWE baby!🚨 WARNING 🚨 @bronbreakkerwwe is in action against @LAKnightWWE RIGHT NOW on #WWENXT! @USA_Network
Retweeted by Boot Cut BrockWe're in new territory now, and we like it. #WeAreNXT #WWENXT @bronbreakkerwwe
Retweeted by Boot Cut Brock @NotoriousBIGTIM That’s how I’m feeling it. I’m liking the bright lights.💀💀
Retweeted by Boot Cut Brock @NotoriousBIGTIM And that shit was litLet Bron Breaker win the title lolLoving this new NXT shit @BostonNooga He’s my new favBron Breaker is jackedPlace looks awesomeStieners kid is over with me
I know a 2.0 who weren’t ready for NXT man was legit confused that Jerry Seinfeld had kids, a legend.
Retweeted by Boot Cut BrockThe same shit he’s said every appearance since his return @TheEvstrodome All good here!VIDEO: Pro Gamer Celebrates His Win So Hard He Dislocates His Shoulder
Retweeted by Boot Cut BrockWhat are y’all wearing to the @indi_hartwell and @DexterLumis wedding tonight?Told wife I was dad vibing today. rewatching rocket power, the cartoon still holds up.Dont need to reboot EVERYTHING but glad to see Hilary is still fine lol HIT THE MUSIC
Retweeted by Boot Cut Brock @TheEvstrodome Hope all is well ev!Wife just texted me saying she mentioned Big E title win at work and she apparently said “my husband was more excit… excited for NXT tonight, sorry if this offends the whites.Congratulations to the Heavyweight Champion of the World.
Retweeted by Boot Cut Brock @ZaQ5322 Why is this woman wearing Karrion Kross’ ring attire?WWE does something great Gets praised by everyone JDfromNY: Jackson vs the Raiders defense.
Retweeted by Boot Cut Brock