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Surely something resides in this heart that is not perishable, and life is more than a dream. -Mary Wollstonecraft, ‘Letters,’ 1796

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So here’s a Star Wars question. How do they measure time? Like what’s half an hour when hours are based on the movement of Earth?This backwater sharpshooter chick is like, okay cool I understand the helmet stays on I can work with that how abou… @kwanzer @kwanzer I refuse to care about this idiotFine I’ll watch the Mandalorian
The human body is amazing. I’ve been treating mine like shit yet I still look like this LOL
Retweeted by Tia Vasiliou ✨Merry Christmas from an Aquarius makeup collab i really want: stuart semple x anyone liquid liner, in shade black 2.0
Retweeted by Tia Vasiliou ✨No one: Scorpios:
Retweeted by Tia Vasiliou ✨ to the @GettyMuseum's Virtual Library, you can explore hundreds of art books from the comfort of your comput…
Retweeted by Tia Vasiliou ✨OU intrasquad leos: Absolute class. Picture of elegance. Nina Garcia thinks they look expensive. UCLA intrasquad l… @samisadancer Counterpoint: why tho @samisadancer Pretty much. I have wrangled the bf into doing a team and I haven't decided if I should give him the… to help anyone who wants to play draft a team of toe point legends @samisadancer WAIT HOW DID I MISS THAT IT STARTEDIt me
What kind of wine goes with candy cane joe joes? asking for...a friendSomeone took an @AndrewWK Party Tip really seriously.
Retweeted by Tia Vasiliou ✨ @Failursaurus And who is filming this? I want to see the outtakesCan someone please take this ball away from Nikita
Retweeted by Tia Vasiliou ✨ @collegegymnews_ whole foods just emailed me a 35% off coupon for tea why are you mocking my suffering like this i trusted you @phluaria Some people can be both but I am decidedly a coffee person, especially in the morning when I have a heada… is an apt metaphor for my life forgot to get coffee and I cannot function without caffeine so I’m over here drinking tea like some tea drinking personBig Scorpio/Aquarius Energy
Retweeted by Tia Vasiliou ✨Nobody show Al Fong; he’ll have a heart attack (This is assuredly going in GAGE rule book next to no tattoos & no…
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At this moment, for multiple things my dad says things to me, straight-faced without a trace of hyperbole or irony, like: "The pool at our Fl… @Mister_Walsh I am dying that you're like, on the fence about thatGood news for out-of-town fans - #MeetTheBruins on Dec. 14 will be live streamed at If y…
Retweeted by Tia Vasiliou ✨Oh no the diner on the ground floor of my new apartment building has fantastic carrot cake. They also do cocktails. I'm in trouble... @LubaBaladzhaeva This is ultimately why I left. I miss my research and teaching so much, but the bureaucracy and ze… sky walker did not wear black velvet and the Chanel boots to the sarlac pit just for JJ Abrams to say that som…
Retweeted by Tia Vasiliou ✨ @McKelvie This is why, if you're a competition dance team coach who uses Spotify for rehearsals, you make them do a… to Spotify my top 5 artists this year were CHVRCHES, Lizzo, NIN, KMFDM, and Prodigy. CHVRCHES was also my…
@kierongillen She is so good 😭😭😭 @kierongillen Bury me in that gownJoe Hisaishi @darkpanictwitch Season starts in January! Check out @FantasyGym @darkpanictwitch It's put a lot of gymnasts and teams on my radar I wouldn't have otherwise known or followed, whic… was an absolutely lovely read 😻 1799 our #wcw Cao Zhenxiu wrote a cycle of poems about legendary women. Dissatisfied with the usual heroines—ch…
Retweeted by Tia Vasiliou ✨This is an interesting discussion. I tend to draft gymnasts I want to watch and root for. I also never even break i… @LLovesgym Oh right I totally forgot she's committed to...Oregon? It will be interesting to see how she transitions to NCAAI don't like sand. It's coarse, and rough, and irritating, and it gets everywhere. @cherity1313 As she should. And she’s not the only one. I really hope they actually take these deductionsnature documentary: you now have an emotional attachment to this crab me: ok documentary: do u promise to love him…
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LA friends, you definitely should check this out if you can Jade Carey. Or, you know, get the poor girl some dance training. I'm available. Call me answered the door to my neighbour in my pyjamas at 1pm and he was like “oh, are you alright?” Sir I am a self-…
Retweeted by Tia Vasiliou ✨Valkryie: I’m not gonna fall in love with Thor. Jane Foster: *Becomes Mighty Thor* Valkryie:
Retweeted by Tia Vasiliou ✨ @TheBBSituation I just laughed so hard I re-injured my strained ribsA show called The Voice but it’s just the one in my head and let me tell you, the ratings, they are not great
Retweeted by Tia Vasiliou ✨There are a lot of things to love about great british bake off but my favorite thing is how they make protagonists… the fuck 😕
We’ll throw your goddamn tea out again if you keep running your mouth
Retweeted by Tia Vasiliou ✨Also, also me: I really hope this kid who is using a professional headshot as his Task Rabbit profile pic doesn't m… I will not hire someone to put my furniture together. I will put it together myself or die trying. Also me: Pe… am tweeting to you live from my own internet that I set up by myself in my own apartment in my new empty apartment waiting for some furniture to be delivered and attempting to set up my internet so I can work from homeYour week presented by Chen Fei Fei (Chen Yile's little sister). Episode four of #AllAround is available to watch…
Retweeted by Tia Vasiliou ✨ @Eckospider Thanks! Spinning is tough, the force throws you off the hoop so you learn new skills with little to no…, sipping my iced coffee on a snowy, wintery day: “Why am I so cold?”Police officers that shoot unarmed people to death don't even get fired.
Retweeted by Tia Vasiliou ✨ @SkyePatridge’S SO HIGH HALF OF IT IS CROPPED OUT OF FRAME UNLESS YOU OPEN IT THAT IS TOO DAMN HIGH 👏🏻Doing this on the high lyra without a spot is completely terrifying. I really need to get back into the gym the Oscar goes to Chris Evans for acting like he hates dogs
Scorpio: Just another miserable day of suffocating consciousness.
Retweeted by Tia Vasiliou ✨Such a decadent adventure with @KaraSzam today. We did breakfast at the Plaza, bloody marys at the King Cole bar, w… love @PortraitOfMmeX because today we had caviar and pink champagne at the Russian Tea Room but also simultaneous…
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So @KaraSzam and I drank two bottles of wine and watched Attack of the Clones and then this happened weekend I’m offering 15% off with the code “CYBERVIBES”! ⚡️ Get your Pronoun Lanyard here:
Retweeted by Tia Vasiliou ✨You don’t know me Star Wars movies with @KaraSzam. On Kylo Ren: “I mean he fucks but he also cries”
I’m hanging out at home eating pizza and drinking wine with @KaraSzam and she literally just reapplied her red lips… know what makes the best holiday gift? Art. Lots of artists having sales this weekend so definitely check those…⚡️⚡️ BLACK FRIDAY SALE IS LIVE Free shipping on orders $50 and up with code 50SHIPFREE!
Retweeted by Tia Vasiliou ✨My BLACK FRIDAY HALF PRICE ( ps we’re having another baby so buy some art so we can buy more nappies ) SALE is now…
Retweeted by Tia Vasiliou ✨Why did no one tell me there was a Sergei Polunin character on Unreal S3?
@Zenyuch Certainly auditions for that @atomictimepiece Oh no this is a political thing now too? I knew I was better off not eating carbs or dairy or sugarFriendly reminder that your instincts are probably right and if someone is treating you like you’re hard to love or… @McKelvie I do not forgive you @ten_bandits You’re doing great. You’ve got this 💪🏻✨
Retweeted by Tia Vasiliou ✨Whistler vs Ruskin is not “low-skilled” labor.
Retweeted by Tia Vasiliou ✨Annual reminder that my DMs are open to anyone who needs a friend during the holidays. I promise you won’t be bothe… really need to get OUT this mood! I’m sad af but I’ll be alright!
Retweeted by Tia Vasiliou ✨I don’t need thanksgiving I have bourbon. I’m thankful for bourbon
Can you guess who @mikerapin, @dethstarplnz, and @PortraitOfMmeX's favorite comic creators are? ALL IS REVEALED on…
Retweeted by Tia Vasiliou ✨Devastating know I’ve attempted to rope some of you into this. Follow this account for updates! I’m happy to help you with yo… is 60 degrees out and you can’t turn the heat off in many New York apartments including mine this is honestly th… friend sent this to me today & I feel so seen 🙏
Retweeted by Tia Vasiliou ✨I'm miserably broke right now. Anyone need commissions?
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