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Surely something resides in this heart that is not perishable, and life is more than a dream. -Mary Wollstonecraft, ‘Letters,’ 1796

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Look, it's normal for an adult lady to cry watching every episode of #babysittersclub
Retweeted by Tia Vasiliou ✨if anyones wondering what size I wear it’s a wraith rolls royce
Retweeted by Tia Vasiliou ✨Harry Potter had a massive amount of inherited wealth, never redistributed it to his ridiculously poor friend’s fam…
Retweeted by Tia Vasiliou ✨Been working towards this for a while now, so glad we could share Nicole's story... 'I was terrified to put on wei…
Retweeted by Tia Vasiliou ✨Probably true for artists also"Seeing someone like Claudia who was forging her own path, helped me feel more connected to my own identity." In t…
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You would think that we'd all be desensitized after the USAG tire fire that never burns out but the British Gymnast…“An eating disorder still plagues my life.” The bravery of many of the women I’ve spoken to during an investigation…
Retweeted by Tia Vasiliou ✨ITV News has uncovered further allegations of bullying, and physical and emotional abuse within gymnastics
Retweeted by Tia Vasiliou ✨I would say we were very drunk WHICH WE WERE but let's be honest we'd make those decisions stone cold sober tooRight now @KaraSzam and I are reminiscing and we can't remember if we were watching Breaking Dawn or Attack of the… @jeremywins I'm moving back to LA as soon as I can get out of my leaseIs this British Fran Sepler? @Brianhead They do have certain breed specific behaviors that are super bizarre even for cats. Mostly because they are cold @samisadancer Oh gods yes no one should ever go thereROMEO + JULIET (1996) Cinematography by Donald McAlpine Directed by Baz Luhrmann Explore more shots in our databas…
Retweeted by Tia Vasiliou ✨Imagine answering this with anything other than the Port Authority, Times Square, and Penn Station, in that order
Retweeted by Tia Vasiliou ✨This is why we still speak out. Never underestimate the power of telling the truth, over and over and over again.
Retweeted by Tia Vasiliou ✨Tombstone is on tv so that’s helping save this wretched day
“cuz the emergency room got no vacancy...” hits different when you just returned your MCR ticket due to covid 😕Presenting possibly the highest Kovacs that you shall ever see. #Gymnastics
Retweeted by Tia Vasiliou ✨Returning from the Underworld? For spring? Groundbreaking
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Retweeted by Tia Vasiliou ✨Florida just set the national record for most new COVID-positive cases in a day. More new cases than NEW YORK had o…
Retweeted by Tia Vasiliou ✨ @MagsVisaggs Yes and it’s amazingClaudia showed up to Liz and Watson’s wedding looking more chic than the bride. She’s wearing purple suede platform… Anne is biracial, her dad is the head demon from The Good Place, Dawn is a Latina California girl, Stacey wear… please watch Babysitters Club this is the best show ever I am so happy right now
@KaraSzam It’s so good. Except they look like infants 😭CHELLSIE!!! is Babysitters Club attacking me so 😭PS/ We should also understand that when we see videos of crowds partying it further confirms that the pandemic will…
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@TaraaFerguson Pink Lungs. Which seems grotesquely aproposIt’s not just him. Every time you wear your mask on your chin, go to bars or restaurants, hang out with friends, yo… @AliyaV It’s just not my thing 🤷🏻‍♀️He did run the country like a business and put enriching himself and his donor class above all else. You just expe…
Retweeted by Tia Vasiliou ✨Good news everyone I was spared from the forced musical 4th of July festivities part of the editing work I do, I’m reading about how hospitals are overflowing with second-wave Covid patients t…
Retweeted by Tia Vasiliou ✨ @illathekilla This happened to me recently. It’s not an easy thing. I wish I had some wisdom to impart but I don’t… be honest, it feels like everything that happened in NYC a few months ago was in vain - especially the human suf…
Retweeted by Tia Vasiliou ✨For anyone who feels like they “wasted” quarantine because they didn’t write a novel or learn a new language or get…
Retweeted by Tia Vasiliou ✨My mom is making me watch hamilton with her tomorrow. I don’t want to. I hate musicals. Send helpThe responses to this thread are overwhelming, & so kind, & I'm so sorry if I can't get to your DMs right away. So…
Retweeted by Tia Vasiliou ✨incredibly frustrating that cases like this aren't getting more coverage so we're left with the impression that eve…
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When I'm back in LA and it's safe to be inside with other humans again I need to find another dance team to coach.… @CurtPires Cheese and quince paste is a thing on any respectable cheese board! I bet cheese and jam sandwiches are amazingListen up jerks. Take a look at elite gymnasts. Take a look at professional aerialists. I guarantee you these women… to be dramatic but American Airlines only cares about money and doesn’t care if you get sick and die.
Retweeted by Tia Vasiliou ✨That % positive number creeps up a little each day and I do not like it just miss my friends so much. Hi friends. I miss you ✨So you flew too close to the sun and plummeted into the sea as a result of your own hubris
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Here's how your school/biz/state reopening plan is going to go down: Either it will be canceled, or it will go forw…
Retweeted by Tia Vasiliou ✨i drew a cartoon for the new yorker (!!!!!!!!!!&#&÷>×*×*+**+<=>÷[×!!!!!!)
Retweeted by Tia Vasiliou ✨finding out the exact way your cat is bad is a primary joy of cat companionship
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@solusandra And I am so tired of "shaming them doesn't help." Like okay well you go ahead and coddle them and their… chusovitina be like “I know a spot” and it’s the soviet union, uzbekistan, germany, and uzbekistan again
Retweeted by Tia Vasiliou ✨I don’t know who needs to hear this but 4th of July is CANCELLED. First of all, this country is not worth celebrati…
Retweeted by Tia Vasiliou ✨Fun ways to respond when someone asks "How are you?" - "I am wrapp'd in dismal thinkings." - "Hell is empty and al…
Retweeted by Tia Vasiliou ✨Comics reviews ARE criticism. They should be critical. Critical does not necessarily mean negative. It means asking…
Retweeted by Tia Vasiliou ✨WHY ARE THEY LIKE THIS 😂
@Gymtertainment Pretty toe point at least there’s thatshe is living the life
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Retweeted by Tia Vasiliou ✨This is totally fine. I am absolutely cool with surrounding myself with people who believe in science and that wome…
Retweeted by Tia Vasiliou ✨We were once half of the country’s new cases in a single day. It’s almost like following the rules works ✨
Retweeted by Tia Vasiliou ✨ @JETROCKETSKATES same :(Positivity doesn't develop and test treatments, vaccines, or testing protocols. Science does.
Retweeted by Tia Vasiliou ✨If you're traveling to New York from the following states you must self-quarantine for 14 days. The states are: AL…
Retweeted by Tia Vasiliou ✨This is Geza Pozsar, the longtime friend and choreographer for the Karolyis. One of the most famous choreographers…
Retweeted by Tia Vasiliou ✨If you only ever listen to one SHIFT podcast, please please make it this one. Its a deep dive on how I feel we got…
Retweeted by Tia Vasiliou ✨ sure hope I get to see my parents again someday
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There is no shaming them. They do not care. In a week everything is going to shut down again and unemployment is go…
Retweeted by Tia Vasiliou ✨friendly reminder to stop making comments saying Simone and her accomplishments "aren't human" (or anything to that…
Retweeted by Tia Vasiliou ✨What a stunning program 😻 News has done to our parents what they thought gangsta rap would do to us
Retweeted by Tia Vasiliou ✨Read the fucking room Macy's at that beautiful toe point to get a summer body: - Grab a shovel - Head to the nearest graveyard - Acquire body parts - Assemble the body…
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Grow little Lydia II 🌱✨💚 plant children are thriving! Even Vika is finally growing new leaves. And I got one clipping (out of 12) from th… A League Of Their Own sequel that starts with the scene of the black woman throwing the ball back from the…
Retweeted by Tia Vasiliou ✨This is a cursed Norman Rockwell painting.
Retweeted by Tia Vasiliou ✨PSA: if you’re worried about CO2 accumulation from masks, our climate crisis is going to blow your mind #MedTwitter #COVID19 #MaskUp
Retweeted by Tia Vasiliou ✨Check out this virtual gallery about my 2nd favorite artist of all time (if you’re an artist pal reading this, obv…“Just shut up and I’ll put your name on it” - me in every group project eating inside restaurants you ding dongs
Retweeted by Tia Vasiliou ✨someone just print the punisher logo on a face mask so fucking idiots wear them
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@reneenault a mask. That is, unless you want to be intubated by a gynecology intern July 1st who did her last semester of med school via Zoom.
Retweeted by Tia Vasiliou ✨Why is everyone rewatching Hannibal lately? Did we decide that together somewhere or is the quarantine fatigue making cannibals sexy again?Finally some good news, scientists discovered a treatment that can reduce COVID19 transmission by 70%, and its just…
Retweeted by Tia Vasiliou ✨Quote retweet with the energy you aspire to gifs only answer is horrific abusive coaching and very young athletes 🤷🏻‍♀️ Athlete A and want to know more about how Larry was finally caught, when so many law enforcement investigat…
Retweeted by Tia Vasiliou ✨I’m beginning to think “hindsight is 2020” was some kind of message from a future time traveler that we all misunderstood.
Retweeted by Tia Vasiliou ✨Help I need this Val Kilmer in Tombstone isn’t your favorite, I don’t know you.
Retweeted by Tia Vasiliou ✨Nikita needs to stop doing flips over people and people need to stop letting Nikita flip over them
Retweeted by Tia Vasiliou ✨