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Choopula @PossiblyChoopie California, USA

#BlackLivesMatter | Illustration + Animation student | she/any I like to use colors that make your eyes bleed. 🩸

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@play_on_sunday sundayI have also never killed the ender dragon and I am here :-) Come join us in our journey @wackybunny6 YOU ARE SO GOOD WACKY!!! I love you a ton! Let's actually talk and do something soon when we're both not drowning in work lmao @Icy_Glaciers I don't even need to write out paragraphs of everything I love about you unless you WANT me to becaus… @thesoundofkites you really don't have to do anything because I literally just SIT HERE and I'm HONORED to have friends like you wtf @darkstrwastaken :) quinn @TsundereNinja wow WOW WOW!!! I love you so much Jess let's hang out soon <3 @Icy_Glaciers you are my everything @inkwillmusic You as well my friend <333 @tarmac_river !!! @Dragon_Pits wowwie! @play_on_sunday please connect to the game next time 😔
@PixelTerror_fox Man nobody's gonna ever blame you for that especially in the middle of a pandemic. I only get to p… @realatagdubs Thank you Matt from AT&T I love you!!! @Lemonkeeperrr SHUTUUUTTT UPPPPPP LOL @MooreKismetBass You're one of the coolest people I know and god damn this really means a lot, thank you so much 💕 @Bass1015 Choopie will remember this. @Lemonkeeperrr I also have a big ass given that it's ALSO international ass day or something i dont know what the fuck is going on @PixelTerror_fox Why would I ever leave! >:( @MooreKismetBass god SHUT UP you're so cool I don't even deserve any praise from someone like you lmao ❤️❤️❤️ @lebers_ I would die for you like 8 times if I could @UwU_Delta_ biggest complement I've received in years @jedwill1999 lets gooooo ❤️💕❤️💕 @Lightning_Man0 I appreciate that, I know how hard it is for you to be nice to me and this is truly a marvelous sight @CBKreme CRAZY!!! Big if true @nesulosity haha hiiiiii 💯It's apparently me day, please take a moment to come and confess your undying love to me now @Lemonkeeperrr what the hell is happening @alias_hallow @nesulosity I have seen one (1) photo of just a red background from @Lemonkeeperrr and that's it I ju… @nesulosity What hi yes hello?? What's the context of this LOL
@emtacolor that me hand @realatagdubs hello matt from at&t! @darkstrwastaken what!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Retweeted by Choopula @play_on_sunday I stand with Sunday 😤
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Got a thing for RED
Retweeted by ChoopulaI've got a bad feeling about this, Tenno... #warframe @PlayWarframe
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@9Hammer @faeriefountain @iamrickles @Icy_Glaciers i cannot stand you @Icy_Glaciers i LITERALLY JUST SAID THIS IN CALL AND WATCHED YOU STEAL IT RIGHT OUT FROM UNDER ME
@Icy_Glaciers NOOO @play_on_sunday not after CASE STUDY 01 by Daniel Caesar at 2:35 AM (PST)!!! @play_on_sunday I don't know where I amBringing the pens back out
Retweeted by ChoopulaHead splitter
Retweeted by Choopula @MasterfulSpade Thank you so much! :D @eef_nestor I'd love to if you're interested! :-)
I really want to do more stuff like this but I'm having trouble coming up with ideas! Is there anything you guys wa… @FortExcalibur Holy shit, he really did it. I can't believe you announced the @poIyfawn ty poly!! <3 @Lightning_Man0 relatable! @bird_boye god GOD I would love to but I definitely need to get better at it to let someone get something like this on them hahaha @Icy_Glaciers melty boy theme song @Renegade_IV Thank you! @tarmac_river Idk I just make a lot of lines and prayBringing the pens back out @FyrusYT if you can't beat 'em join 'em yknowhatimsayinI'm scared also turns 5 years old in almost exactly a month! I looked back and it turns out I made the first ever drawin… @NVRSmc2 god i... i'd.... i'd love to...... 😳
@Lemonkeeperrr me too ME TOO ME TOO!!!Do I still remember how to draw Pleoh? Barely @FloodDubs this is the representation we like to see @Icy_Glaciers oh my god I'd be so honored..... @tarmac_river LIKE I SAID GIRL the getter visuals go DUMB!!! @Icy_Glaciers I'm actually planning on doing a version of something similar to this in pen/ink, black and white onl… @_OHKO oh come on not you too @Im_JustDelta Thank you so much! :D @tarmac_river LOOOL I've been listening to Helix and Head Splitter back to fuckin' back today @Lemonkeeperrr Getter visuals go SO FUCKING STUPID HARD, I have so many scrapped drawings that were inspired by them hahaha, thank you!May or may not have been listening to this while I was drawing :-) @darkstrwastaken THANK YOU YOU'RE GREAT!!!Head splitter @play_on_sunday no @play_on_sunday this is Jonathan @Lightning_Man0 LETS FUCKING GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO @Icy_Glaciers that's my fucking dude. that's my FRIEND BRO. THAT'S WHAT I LIKE TO SEEEEEEEE L,ETS FUCKING GOOOOOOOOOOO
@majorbean_ its true!
@Alpharad I am liking your selfie
@booritney googles RULE dude!!! @play_on_sunday stop responding to me @hebley_ BIRTH??? @hebley_ BALLOON ON MY ART HAPPY BRITDHAY @play_on_sunday your existence brings me everlasting pain @realatagdubs @paarkdtc NOT FACE @iamundeadmusic he's just vibin!!!
@jlynsama @Ghostchadd MAN CMON @Swootery holy shit LMAOOO @Swootery I LIVE AND DIE FOR THE GOOGLE @darkstrwastaken hang up hang up hang up hang up hang up hang up hang up hang up hang up hang up hang up hang up ha… @emtacolor YO YOU GOT A GOOGLE?????? @mattbarri O: ! @tarmac_river I was looking up a gamecube for an idea and went WAIT THAT CONTROLLER IS DUMB lmao @avalonianarts big ol memories pouring out of my brain here @Icy_Glaciers Little fella!! He goes hardI made a little alphabet out of 2000s toys for class 😎 @strawmariecake I haven't done this since I was on deviantart and honestly it's something I miss doing SO MUCH @play_on_sunday what the fuck is wrong with you