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250 OBO it’s just a pair they’re 17x9.5 5x114
Retweeted by hubert plant emoji @MldWlzard @01dodgecaravan how much could you @MldWlzard @01dodgecaravan what could you @MldWlzard @01dodgecaravan ive never even met u dude @MldWlzard @01dodgecaravan @lides hello @ihatemylife0002 airplane go whoosh @matt1true ya bet u already got me on fb too @igotbraindmg i be on tiktok seeing people pick up pairs daily im jus confused @matt1true have those come out yet? i waa thinkin abt them but just figured i shud save money n wait for theseare those 7/11 dunks dropping or not @vegandurag @ih8threat this all makes sense now @CHASETHEBUSSY @MldWlzard @icedoutomnitrix yea
Retweeted by hubert plant emoji @sjahfjhjdf thanks moeW
Retweeted by hubert plant emoji @YoungHoagie GOAT @YoungHoagie LMFAOOOOOOOOO @postedinthecrib
Retweeted by hubert plant emoji @cornh8ers havent seen it in months @soggytwigs @hoecstasy @suchpopverypunk yaanybody got the video where the dude crying and he like i just got my heart broke but im back in the 2k community @leegunwoo98 @icedoutomnitrix i couldve changed thatWhich hole spongebob be using.
Retweeted by hubert plant emoji @icedoutomnitrix illget on @biggiecheese00 @icedoutomnitrix love every minute of it
Retweeted by hubert plant emoji @icedoutomnitrix it look cool af @enzoriverss thats wat i gotta do everytime man @suchpopverypunk YOU SEEE ITTTT damn how could u even tell tho wtf @spicymaa can u save me fr @mugiwaratkh wat old tweet im happy af @artelunar_ i got uthis is my last hour alive
Retweeted by hubert plant emojii have GOT to find true love
Retweeted by hubert plant emoji @artelunar_ ?
Retweeted by hubert plant emoji @imbucnasty @cornh8ers LMFAOOOOi need a retwist so bad but i live in utah @DopamineFanatic man did not want just 8.5 😭😭😭😭 @ineeda240sx wrfff ask if anybody selling one lol @haneswhitetee hol up @haneswhitetee u hear the story behind it? its kinda cute @MldWlzard @icedoutomnitrix get on @icedoutomnitrix dont do this @theredroom_tv .before chris post the clip id like to say i have been going through a lot recently @icedoutomnitrix how u think that i know @icedoutomnitrix ik your laughs were bouncing off your walls back to u when u tweeted this @no1stopme4 people gonna jack off regardless n id rather do it to my crush for 8.99 then a video of someone possibly gettin exploited @no1stopme4 i dont even think it that complicated @icedoutomnitrix i been ready dude its johnny @KITKATGaming can i get on the team @icedoutomnitrix better days are coming bro i promise @haneswhitetee its kinda goodyou are a broke 20 something year old what info would tiktok possibly want from you
Retweeted by hubert plant emoji @ginger1340 prolly under 8 if possible
@01dodgecaravan @icedoutomnitrix nus lmk when u get on then i jus got up from my nap @MldWlzard @MldWlzard U kno what else loud dude @CHASETHEBUSSY w @CHASETHEBUSSY wheeGod made you in his image and you still got zero hoes
Retweeted by hubert plant emojigive me a day off dudemy brain not stopping to let me sleep it just keep going @Clearly_Silver thats life @ijustbIuemyself its a sauce dude👨 | | \ |. \ 8===D |. 💦 | \ |. \ 👟👟 #HIBUDDY
Retweeted by hubert plant emoji @ijustbIuemyself meant the sauce u put on a salad dude. like asiago sauce. anyways ill talk to u later @dumbassidiot4 its ok @Durtcopain niggas be like 200k miles Ohhh but 15k like wtf @dumbassidiot4 guess what @icedoutomnitrix @dumbassidiot4 @dxglan @01dodgecaravan @ihatemylife0002 @HolyParkamoly they just be posting numbers and crying now @singlecabswey wrf what happened to everybody @federwrinkles @DopamineFanatic clone i think! i dont think ctrs are legal stateside @DopamineFanatic LMFAOOO DOES HE HAVE AN IG? @jacknquyen good car i like themi jus want something small @federwrinkles whew @postedinthecrib I think my friend is still trynna sell his if you’re interested
Retweeted by hubert plant emoji @DopamineFanatic i dont got the money for this i think LOL beautiful car though @gamerwoadie factsss i found oneee clean one months ago for 7500 n regret being financially responsible n not buying it everyday @znkiu dam id be in la but i could make it work somehow tell him i said wasup @icedoutomnitrix @gofthejungle23 bro is wilin LMFAOOOO i sidnt even realize till the last time i streamed @znkiu yea let him kno i asked about it! ill b in cali next week actually too @znkiu i need that @coochieslide na man the only dude ik that has one of these is racist too @znkiu dam do u got pictures @gofthejungle23 @icedoutomnitrix thats bot gonna make me money @icedoutomnitrix them electric toothbrush heads expensive af @coochieslide do not join them man @icedoutomnitrix tbh mine look just like this @zac_h_s i dont think sub 3k Working cars exist anymore life crazy @PettyGWap damn @MldWlzard ek best body style fr but i love egs too @s00bly its cool id prob want a fiesta st over itan eg or ek hatch would b cool too if anybody got one entering the Five Kage Summit meeting
Retweeted by hubert plant emoji @icedoutomnitrix stay home dude