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Sinnoh. Remakes. Confirmed. #PokemonBrilliantDiamond #PokemonShiningPearl
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hi guys. my mom unexpectedly passed yesterday morning. I’m trying to raise enough money to bury her and help my 13…
Retweeted by hubert plant emojione last thing pleaseeee stop saying you feel for me or something im not the person that was made uncomfortable mansee but now i feel like im just trying to make myself a victim and thats not the correct thing to do. but an issue… is why ive always just deleted accounts and restarted but it always gets here. lets be real i am a loser bro a… killing me realizing that im responsible for them and i cant even control them give it a break man im begging y… you reply guys not realize youre just proving their point about this situation i just don’t understand it. they… @EIUJustin youre the person im talking about in this tweetyes they replied to this and explained what happened as i dont remember it at all (this tweet) how am i just not su… someone says why not try to settle this without putting it on the timeline i talked to them and tried to. i… replies were off because of reply guys just being gross not because of anything else.this is what happened in their own words. i didnt realize the platform i had back in highschool and many of my own… it again because you guys riding so hard for a random dude on twitter just got so gross and weird. actuall… @igotleprosy possibly @momappreciator gas 4 dollar 39 cent rnill trade a hat for a lawn chair rn in santa anaima get this 3080 just wait on it @N1G3OfficialIRL honestly idkcan i borrow a lawn chair @postedinthecrib she posted herself rapping
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@E30Fan AYE MAN @BroStobal what u get refunded for @BroStobal 😏 @icedoutdomin8rx top 5 @guwopologist that nut that makes you unable to afford lunch the next day hit way different you wouldnt get it @matzahluvr @BroStobal 💯nigga was so damn horny that night im crying @matzahluvr @BroStobal vouch @ShaWill1211 You not serious bro like fr @ShaWill1211 Shit always get redirected for what @ShaWill1211 we not talking about menigga could’ve started an llc omg retail im manifestinggonna get a 3080This why I don't watch Tyler perry
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Retweeted by hubert plant emoji punk done but come fuck with my new music @Ter0me ? @icedoutomnitrix im not even the same person anymore @FancyFenzi real asfA Nigga Know This Feeling Too Well
Retweeted by hubert plant emoji @V4MP1R3MON3Y you be posting holefell to my knees when onlyfans took that check out this month @Mexican_Hatchet damn @postedinthecrib working as a graphic designer here at Hubert Industries™ hard as hell, please mr.hubert i have a f…
Retweeted by hubert plant emoji @yoovns me neither @yoovns this tweet will be going down momentarily @cloudeeuhh sure @rileychance i love you @telepathicphone LMFAOOOO @aksually im out there rnShoutout everybody Thats bought a hat on huberts traveling hat sale tour @FlimfloomVEVO Aye what the hell @postedinthecrib hubie it’s time to grab the spartan suit
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i had to delete the thread it just was not looking goodhuntington beach 👀 @F1LTHYwakeup ?nvm aint no parking im goin home @lilpinkgg No @deadluvrboy oh heyy @beetlepimp_ they gonna ask how i donated half my income n i just gotta show me saying the mario jar jokeoff those one streams nd hat sales combined shoutout yall for rocking with me. Can’t believe a group of people tht… on my taxes and we really donated around 20k last year thats so crazymy fault @Mexican_Hatchet i wouldve got this when i sold my golf if it didnt have 230k miles lol @secretlockdown so @secretlockdown how you know @secretlockdown idkJOJO - FIGHTING GOLD (COVER)
Retweeted by hubert plant emoji @NEOTIPPITY wym @NEOTIPPITY We get it dude u have sex Woaaow @ijustbIuemyself what you gonna do @icedoutomnitrix im flying anybody outIt be better when it stank a lil
Retweeted by hubert plant emoji @Kenshinseng What u mean by your throat is bored @333xit wherever the vibes right @333xit no idea @Kenshinseng what do u mean man @ihatemylife0002 @talkfastellie @s feel like theyd just decline instantly @talkfastellie yea but i understand why they did it to be honestthey gotta let me in rayaim living in texas so the electricity is out at my apartment rn so im gonna try and stay at a hotel/motel tap in $veinsplanet
Retweeted by hubert plant emoji @Tomo_casanova @HumpedMyJeweler whewima have a couple hats on me if u see me there For 29.99 @sorryfoster @vegandurag STOPPPP @HumpedMyJeweler watch me get this e92anybody goin to that period correct car meet tmrw @CassKittie this look cozy af @ducklikethebird is it ok if hubert fan comes over sometimes