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comic character design, storyboarding, directing animation. Nick, WB, CN, Marvel, Disney. I make cartoons!

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@tekurik Always too cool!After working from home for over six months, I finally turned myself into a new form. Call me WFH-SAN! 在宅勤務が半年以上続いて…
Retweeted by Briannechills #AnimalCrossing #ACNH #NintendoSwitch #Rochelle #RachelTrue 🖤 Happy Halloween y’all 🎃
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Sneaky peeky is something Ash would do from my comic. @Rebochan YupI’m too grumpy this morning.y’all haven’t watched this clip in awhile and it shows
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Retweeted by Brianne @itscalramsey BONUS!!!!runaways
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Retweeted by BrianneGeniuses #AnimalCrossing #ACNH #NintendoSwitch @amymebberson I spent my 40th alone this summer so she can go ahead and know she’s an idiot.Character #sketches...some new and some from a while back. These are my favorites. #Doodles #characterdesign
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@nicoledessine We still need to try every popcornI'm baking bread, my apartment smells nice for once.they go to the restaurant we had lunch at! there was special reserve sake! @nicoledessine oh no, youtube told me to watch this week on #PreciousRascals We Announce a New Book! Actually TWO new books. Kickstarting a new Precious Rascals…
Retweeted by Brianne @ShakiraPressley Oh!!!! Excellent!👇👇👇👇👇 NOVEMBER 21
Retweeted by Brianne @Mr_Scribbles This looks great and adorable! Congrats!It’s official! @netflixanimation has just announced the series that me and my partner-in-craft Patrick Harpin crea…
Retweeted by BrianneIt’s #SeaSlugDay! Send nudibranchs!
Retweeted by Brianne#blacktober ahiru and princess tutu!
Retweeted by Brianne @TheRealSibsy Blessed breath @JanArrah @GailSimone Ah, thank you, I am pretty busy ❤️👍Routine health exams at our veterinary center often include x-rays, revealing the gothy Halloweenish inner beauty o…
Retweeted by Brianne @plcraig I have a feeling that the wide range of items in the Halloween boxes would totally be Jason’s doing. @JanArrah @GailSimone I could draw it, someday. @Mazzlebee Batman and all the Robins, like Santa and his elves, in the bat cave putting together the Halloween candy boxes for us.
Retweeted by Brianneおやすみウールー
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Retweeted by BrianneAn eerie dearie @kalikazoo Hmmmmm 🤔 @MezzanineAK I still laff @katiejrice Did yours have paper in it? @katiejrice Maybe your box was just too chaotic! Needs two mailmen to carry it.☆★☆
Retweeted by Brianne @Soleildiddle ❤️ @cartoonfuntime Thank you, I hope enjoy Babs Bunny Unleashed. @JaydenF64777535 @cartoonfuntime I don’t have that power. Go tweet at Disney instead. @MezzanineAK it was labeled that way, but it wasn't them.
@TuffWaffles eBay!Zelda Rabbit Joint Cover @BluDragonGal @LookItsBria Same same! @LookItsBria thank you for your service <3 @LookItsBria 😂TFW you see your end date on the horizon & you tell yourself “Everything is fine.” but you are still internally scr…
Retweeted by Brianne @itscalramsey @gialigammari I will redistribute like the pumpkin fairy.Bert time @gialigammari I have everyone’s candy! @itscalramsey I will gladly share! @CarolineDirectr how else would they get 500+ boxes ready to ship before Halloween?! @poyntermarcsman @GenevieveTsai @abellehayford I know Nate Cash is one of the people running this, I've known him f… @CarolineDirectr what's that tic toc with the guy running around his house doing chores with full force? It's that. @my2k hehe @BluDragonGal THEY ARE BAD AND NOT GOOD. I'm sure I posted it on twitter like five years ago. @my2k One’s a scarecrow, one’s a pumpkin! @ElfGrove Bless the people who have to make and ship all the holiday boxes to studios. I would’ve done the same. @StephLaberis I should send them too you, if your tum desires.This is a visual representation of my relationship at this studio.A box of absolute chaos. Just imagining someone grabbing a handful of candy and violently slamming it into the box. @BluDragonGal haha super genius! @BluDragonGal Oh! I found my notes when I was figuring out the name for the Elven kingdom in my comic 😂 it’s just a… @BluDragonGal @jakestrick @WBLooneyTunes @cartoonnetwork @hbomax thank you <3 more cartoon crew jackets, only crew kigiurumis allowed going forward. @ferretface I noticed that too 😔 @jakestrick @WBLooneyTunes @cartoonnetwork @hbomax 🥰Ok I gotta draw a bunch of stuff for money so I can feed my cat and buy more videogames. @jakestrick @WBLooneyTunes @cartoonnetwork @hbomax Yeah.... but just the promo art. I’m not on this production, still on DC Girls. 👀 @rollinrabbits 💖Hey if any of you Tiny Toons folks are listening - it would absolutely be a dream to write on this!…
Retweeted by BrianneGotta use the boost when I get it.I just really like this panel so here's a big nice version of it. Colors by @Nytrinhia
Retweeted by BrianneIf you’re new, you can look at my webcomic, if you want: @Kastia She’s styling! @thenicoleham Maybe we will get some cute plushies out of this at least. @thenicoleham Nah I agree. *looks sadly at all my pitches collecting dust. @abellehayford @GenevieveTsai @FtK_Artist @joelaskoart @AnimeFreak411 @WBLooneyTunes @hbomax @cartoonnetwork I hope… there is a guy who got my fifth grade Dizzy Devil drawing tattooed on his arm. I hope he sees this news a… only bad take tweet for this week.Wow I have a little file cabinet at my parents house w a huge folder of tiny toons art I made in fifth grade. It wa… @GreenFrieda @GenevieveTsai @FtK_Artist @joelaskoart @AnimeFreak411 @WBLooneyTunes @hbomax @cartoonnetwork @completepancake I was suprise @GreenFrieda @GenevieveTsai @FtK_Artist @joelaskoart @AnimeFreak411 @WBLooneyTunes @hbomax @cartoonnetwork @GenevieveTsai @FtK_Artist @joelaskoart @AnimeFreak411 @WBLooneyTunes @hbomax @cartoonnetwork @abellehayford Also I… HEARD IT HERE FIRST!!!!! @hbomax and @cartoonnetwork are bringing back Tiny Toons with the new series Tiny Toon…
Retweeted by Brianne @GenevieveTsai @FtK_Artist @joelaskoart @AnimeFreak411 @WBLooneyTunes @hbomax @cartoonnetwork @abellehayford And… @GenevieveTsai @FtK_Artist @joelaskoart @AnimeFreak411 @WBLooneyTunes @hbomax @cartoonnetwork @abellehayford Holy s… #AnimalCrossing #ACNH #NintendoSwitch couple.
Retweeted by Brianne @moonjam So weird! @Tom_brs That’s also weird. Thanks for the sleuthing.