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Jason K @PotatomanJ1 Dumfuckistan, Soviet Union

Not, handsome, strong, rich, or smart; just a potato. Update: just found I may actually have been a "squonk" all along!

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@shoe0nhead Chop Penis Friends 😰 I'm worried...
@cowrara @coherentstates LOL! @BernieSanders You know what the biggest differing factor is between your generation and my generation? About 3 bi… @thehill Oh, you mean the dude who totally wasn't armed with knife? @JoeBiden But did you remember who to vote for? @TheHornyPoPo no...not once...
@TheOnion You see it's funny because the post makes it look like they're evenly matched and bickering over somethin… @Wawa The people who cook dinner every night have a LOT more money. @coherentstates I wish I hadn't come on Twitter today...
@MikeyRobbins4 @JimHughes301 @shoe0nhead why? @shoe0nhead Also note the headline "for sex with a 15 year old", not "for raping a 15 year old". @GrippingFood NOOO your couch! @TheTweetOfGod Made in Your image™
@TheTweetOfGod I mean you could use some of your Kabbalah-fu and magically fix his brain. But let's be real, you c… @GravelInstitute @ShahidForChange Less crowds, and no covid? @coherentstates Oh my God you hit it right on the head with limitations. I just can't do the things I used to 10 y…
@MikhailaAleksis No, because I'd look like Zoidberg. @GrippingFood mmm nut butter @djrowsam Damn bro, lookin good. @sullydish More things we already knew but didn't have actual metrics for.okay
Retweeted by Jason K @realDonaldTrump Isn't that what you said you were going to do 4 years ago? You haven't made any progress.Current mood @coherentstates 🤔This appears to be terrifyingly accurate... @lianajojua Well done! @shoe0nhead Oh shit is it out? What is it on? @AshBCoffin This sounds like a the beginning of a hot fan fic. @dcorsetto I miss her, and Smudgie... @PhilosophyTube @coherentstates This was one of my favorite episodes too.
@Jayce_HouseofM Oh, I'm coming. 😉 Soon™????
Retweeted by Jason K @TheHornyPoPo The one with John Cena of course. @coherentstates Do you do commissions? I'm curious how much a shirt of mail would be. @coherentstates Holy Crap! That was NOT what I was expecting to log into! That is pretty both awesome and hot! @daveweigel I thought the entire point of the courts was to be IMPARTIAL. Partisan, bipartisan, none of this shoul… @coherentstates Hiding it doesn't tend to help. Granted, not everyone needs to know. Whatever it is, I hope you f…
But I can't even get to the matching part... @Jayce_HouseofM @Ariel_wambabes
@WRCKRFRNC @tinynietzsche I dunno, thinking about voting is making think about death. @Ariel_wambabes Hey, I was talking to Jayce the other day and sent you an email.
@CBSPhilly @GovernorTomWolf I mean he needs to do SOMETHING to help secure those votes for next term.Ismael Hadi, a homeless man from Ibb #Yemen, fed stray dogs. This morning people found him dead with his dogs refus…
Retweeted by Jason K @DarkMagiciansHe @shoe0nhead I think they are mixing Contra and Blaire up. @CHSommers What the Hell did the Czech Republic do!!? @JoeBiden might have a stroke tomorrow. @ChrisRGun Well, I mean all the personality traits of the classic psychopath tend to lead towards power and manipul… @TheLaurenChen You're just discovering the cursed hellscape that is wikifeet? @JDHoles @TheLaurenChen Why do you have a picture of my feet!? @ForgivingMood Jewish Rye right? @TextAuras @GrippingFood Lingenberry sodaOh, I guess she's still alive. @ufc @UFCFightPass Holy shit, that was such a brutal and awesome exchange! @p0rktopus Big sad... 😔
@wheel_able @coherentstates Dead Fantasy
@GenePark @daveweigel I had a lot of turtle toys, and I can thankfully say I do not remember these at all. @DJJudd @daveweigel Ah, the sole thing the left and right can completely agree on. @shoe0nhead I hate that things like CPS need to exist, but THIS is a classic example of WHY it does. The problem i… @shoe0nhead ::wishes for a cure for puberty:: It's called "growing up". @MexicaProletari @coherentstates What do you mean miss them? They are all over the place at my local supermarket.… @TheHornyPoPo sigh... @VaushV I shall not be cubed!!! @coherentstates First for me. Probably because I'm following? I guess I don't know any other tradwives who glean.Humanity was a mistake. @heloisacg @ForgivingMood I'm reminded of the beginning of the movie Dogma now. 🤣 @coherentstates They're secretly dating.
@hypebeastmusic @ericandre @Pharrell @2chainz @runjewels @adultswim Looks like a young, thinner, John Goodman from The Big Lebowski @golvio Totally fair, totally understandable. But still sad... @MikhailaAleksis @jordanbpeterson Didn't Patrick Stewart win this contest like 2 years ago? @coherentstates Being turned down is wonderful actually. It lets you immediately know where you stand. I wish it… @dcorsetto So I frequently get recurring things in my dreams. Either I'm in school again (but I'm my age) because… @dcorsetto I find that IF I remember them when I get up, I have to write them down pretty quickly. If I don't they… @ChrisRGun Ankylosing Spondylitis at 20 doesn't get better. Keep moving and maybe try something like this… @realDonaldTrump What you're just noticing the Marx worshipers now?If you’re going to do this, doing it with a dignified look on your face is definitely the correct aesthetic choice.
Retweeted by Jason K @billmaher And yet they voted for gay marriage. Maybe the problem doesn't lie in their professed religion. @Ariel_wambabes @Jayce_HouseofM @DirkHooper Don't I wishThe best possible visual example. @MikhailaAleksis @jordanbpeterson So happy you are home and together. This year has been hell on Earth for everyone.Imagine living in a country where this is necessary...
Retweeted by Jason K @shoe0nhead Hmm... for a human, I'm hideous. But for a potato I'm a total spud. @shoe0nhead Yes...hooray for socialism... @chloebennet So you've become a German. They don't know how to drink flat water. They will literally put water fr… @ericandre This is mesmerizing and I could watch it far too long... @coherentstates But are you doing pull ups with the feets yet? @dcorsetto I mean, are you using the official iNib, or some aftermarket knockoff? @AshBCoffin 🤣 What the fuck is that? @ForgivingMood Or that you know, He totally willingly and wantingly orchestrated and enacted the disaster?
@ShahidForChange Nevermind the shootouts, murder or torture though.
@prageru @CHSommers Pfftt duh, because women want shit like maternity leave that costs them money. But men will li… @ForgivingMood @TheTweetOfGod I dunno dude, he doesn't seem to be doing a very good job right now.
Retweeted by Jason Kstill waiting to hear back
Retweeted by Jason K @benshapiro And the way government spends, I wouldn't be surprised if each of those cardboard signs cost as much as an iPhone11. @GrippingFood Gonegurt™ @sh1nxi @coherentstates I mean, I'm almost an old enough man to wear socks that high, but I don't think quite yet. @JohnCleese @chloebennet What? who drinks hot cider? @djrowsam I'm not even getting a laugh... $40 down the drain for Plenty of fish and not even a bot... @ChrisRGun Justices are free to stand down at any time, sort of how the pope can, and sometimes does. I'm not in f…