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Make your bathroom pretty for less with our Butterfly Shower Curtain priced at just £5.99🦋 3oz candles smell soooo good how can you possibly say no for 49p!😍 Thank you for shar… big thank you to our local @Poundstretcher1 store for supporting us to reach those who need us. We’re closed fo…
Retweeted by Poundstretcher @danielhall2018 Great choice! That is a good quality to have😊 @taytel1705 Good choice! @lakingsfan82 Hi Mandy, thank you for taking the time to tweet us. Please can you DM us with more details so we are…
Our Anti-Allergy pillow and mattress protectors are perfect for hay fever sufferers prices start from just £5.99✨ the fight against Hay fever and Allergies for just 79p with our Em Pharma Hay fever and Allergy tablets!✨
If you we're a drink, what drink would you be and why? Comment below🍹🍺🥛🥤 Magnet Fishing and Duck Games make playing in paddling pool even more fun! Priced at £1.99 each!😃 500ml Cif Mould Stain Remover Spray effectively removes tough stains from around your house for just £1.29!✨
The Clean N Fresh Rinse Aid and Dishwasher Cleaner work hand in hand to ensure your dishes and dishwasher are extra… range of Eden Cleansing wipes are fantastic especially for 79p! Which one is your favourite?😍 received a lovely photo from one of our competition winners. Enter our weekly competitions for your chance to wi…
We all have at least one special item we can't live without. Comment yours below💭 some glam to your household for just £2.99 with our jewel overdoor hooks💎 @emmaatkinson92 @leicsccc Hi Emma, thank you for taking the time to tweet us. We will pass this onto the transport… cute are these super soft Melody Yarns priced at just £2.99. Comment what you would knit with these😍 @EloquentParrot Looks delicious!😍
You can't beat a dip in the paddling pool especially on a sunny day! Our Sea Life Paddling pool is priced at just £…✨#Competition Time! Sparkles✨ We have a £25 voucher up for grabs, all you need to do is guess the word! Everything'… up your bathroom for less with our Peva Shower Curtains priced at £3.99. Which design will compliment your b…**Competition Closed** Thank you for all your entries, well done everyone who took Spot the boxes of Vamoosh compet…**Competition Closed** Thank you for all your entries, well done everyone who took Spot the boxes of Vamoosh compet… @Poundstretcher1 @VamooshCleans 8 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽 Fantastic prize 😍😍😍 Finn certainly thinks so 🐾🐶🐾 #Poundstretcher
Retweeted by Poundstretcher @dongapalouza Hi, thank you for tweeting us. We have looked into this for you and the fabric is polyester @EthanG171 Hi Ethan, thank you for tweeting us. If you contact the store directly they will be able to confirm if…
If you were stuck on a Desert Island and could only take one backpack which would you take?...🏝️ bath time more exciting for your little one for only £1.99 with our 3D Bathroom stickers which design do you p… items always looks better in a basket especially when they are stylish and priced at just £1.99! Which colour… @paulsmi49679672 Hi, thank you for tweeting us. We have looked into this for you and unfortunately we have very lim… your in need of some relaxation then we've got you covered! Our 500g Epsom bath salts are the perfect thing pric… @singingbathmatt They look so pretty!🦋 @farrahy1992 @VamooshCleans Hello, thank you for tweeting us. We're sorry to hear about the situation you have des…
✨ENDING SOON!✨ 🐶#Competition Time!🐱 You can have the chance to try win some Vamoosh Pet Hair Dissolver and a £25 vo… 4 Pack of Toffee Crisps for 89p are the perfect thing to satisfy your sweet tooth! Hands up if you love Toffee… dishes will be sparkling clean with these Persil All In One Dishwasher tablets priced at £2.49!✨ @MummyMunchie Not Judging they are yummy!😍
Our Non-Woven Baskets are super stylish and great for storing things priced at just £3.49 each. Are you team black… @phettt3 Sounds yummy! We're glad your son likes the Triplex biscuits we do too!😍 @marymod1 Smart choice!👌 @Katy9123 Yummy!😍 @MissyStephx @pizzahutuk Delicious!😍 @pretinpink73 They look beautiful😍 @Greeneyedcurve Ha ha!🤣😂 Keep up the hard work!😊 @LKHudson1 Better than it being late!😂🤣
Time to live your childhood fantasy. If you could have a super hero power what would it be?🦸‍♂️🦹‍♀️ large storage bags are the perfect thing for storing your items away. Priced at just £5.99 they are both sty… fizzy drinks are perfect for a refreshing treat! Which is your favourite? We love Fanta Lemon in the sun😍 Easy Clean floor and surface wipes make your cleaning super quick and easy priced at just £1 each!✨
If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life what would it be? Comment below what yours would be🤔 multi purpose Tumblers are perfect for storing your bits and bobs in for 79p. What would you store in yours?🤩 yourself to a cheeky 3 pack of Daim bar for 89p if you eat all 3 we promise we won't tell!🤐😉
Lets spread some positivity tell us something that has cheered you up today😁 Wiggles dog treats are high in protein and low in fat priced at £1.99 each or 2 for £3! These tasty treats will… letter mugs make great gifts or to have for yourself! With a variety of different letters available in store th…
We will continue to show our thanks and appreciation to all key workers by clapping with the nation at 8pm tonight!… KitKat peanut butter bites make the perfect movie treat. Great for sharing... or NOT! 😂😍🐶#Competition Time!🐱 You have the chance to win some boxes of Vamoosh Pet Hair Dissolver and a £25 voucher by simp…**Competition Closed** Thank you for all your entries, well done everyone who took part in our maths equation. The…**Competition Closed** Thank you for all your entries, well done everyone who took part in our maths equation. The…**Competition Closed** Thank you for all your entries, well done everyone who took part in our maths equation. The… anyone know the time and date right now because we don't!😂 Make things easier with our bargain wall clocks pri… @Katy9123 Wow that would be fantastic!😃 @norrieswife That would be amazing😍
Holiday Dreaming💭 Wheres your dream holiday destination? Is it the Caribbean, Cornwall or maybe the Maldives? Comme… @janiekirkmc Hi Janie, we're really sorry to hear about this. The safety of our staff employees and customers are e… Wednesdays we drink PINK! Levels Pink Grapefruit Organic Lemonade is the perfect summertime drink priced at just… can never have enough pattern storage boxes especially for this price! Prices start from 89p!😍
✨ENDING SOON!✨ ✨ #Competition Time! ✨ We have a £25 voucher up for grabs, all you need to is put your maths skills… your cleaning more colourful whilst protecting your hands with our household gloves!💛 700ml sports bottles are perfect for keeping you hydrated during your daily exercise!🏃🥤 out @Poundstretcher1 solar flamingo stakes and string lights 🦩😍 #poundstretcher #bargainbuys #flamingo
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Our stylish rose gold wired baskets are perfect for storing your items! ✨ your items the 'perfect finish' with our Cif Perfect Finish Range. Which spray is your favourite?✨ is the start of a new week. What is your Monday Motivation?💭 @rawr_burrito We wouldn't be either we love Ultra Violet flavour!😍 @GillGillfrance Very true! @ElaBluEyes Perfect!😍 @JordanJarmain True we love our dressing gowns! 😍 @helendodds65 Sounds perfect! The fluffy socks will be for after when our feet get cold🤣😆 @lucyirv Hi Lucy, thank you for tweeting us. Our bird baths are priced between £8.99-£9.99. Please contact your loc… @ticgran What would be your perfect fridge?👀 @boredknitter We love swimming too! 😍 @funasagran Yummy!😍 @purplelilpixie Thanks for your great feedback! 😍 @yoeydabvis Lemon is lovely! 🍋
Time for a hilarious game of Would You Rather? Would you rather chips for fingers or sausages for legs?🤣😂 your items oil, dust, and fingerprint free with our Optical Lens Wipes✨ meal worms are 100% natural and pure and a perfect way to keep your birds happy and healthy! 🐦
Lock down is making us a lot hungrier. Which is your favourite fridge?🍇🍗🍕 your drinks in style with our trendy Mason Glass Jars. What would you be sipping out of yours?🍹 a modern touch to your garden with these stylish stone planters👌🌸
If you could pick the perfect lock down house which would it be?🏠 We would love the hot tub and fluffy socks in hou… could all do with some extra storage space our Multi-purpose Storage Baskets are perfect for that! What would yo… new 1001 Carpet Fresh scent Spring Blossom & Mandarin is arriving in stores this week! 🍊 🍊 will be celebrating the 75th Anniversary of VE Day by pausing for two minutes silence at 11am in all stores* to…
We will be showing our thanks and appreciation for the National Health Service, our employees and all key workers b…✨ #Competition Time! ✨ We have a £25 voucher up for grabs, all you need to is put your maths skills to the test💭 To… your kids cool and entertained with our exciting water guns!😁💦