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Nothing is better on Halloween than some spooky lighting! 👻 Our 4 pack of flickering tealights are only £1! 🕯 @Rebecca02357843 That's great feedback! ❤️ @Rebecca02357843 @cradleemma1 Thank you Becky ❤️ @Rebecca02357843 They are brilliant. If you ring your local store they will be able to help you find some. You can… @BowenLlinos Sounds interesting! What spooky meals do you make? 👀👻Check out our charming laundry basket, it's perfect for any home! 😍 Grab yours today for only £9.99! 👚👕 @beaumont_chat Visit your local stores to see our amazing products at bargain prices @Poundstretcher1 Dressing up as my daughter loves her characters. This is the Joker aka Niamh
Retweeted by Poundstretcher @Tomniamh We love this! Absolutely amazing costume!🤩 @StockportRetail They make the perfect snuggle buddies🥰 @Rebecca02357843 Wow that looks amazing!👻🎃 @craigy186 They look great!So spooky🤩
Our glitter lamp is fabulous, just shake it to active the dazzling light! 😀 The price is fabulous too at only £1.99…🎃 #Competition Time! 🎃 For a chance to win a bundle of Halloween Sweets -simply follow, RT and tell us your favour…'s no need to fear our hordes of amazing Halloween bargains! 👻 Our spooky decorative signs are only £1 each! 😁 @joshowls1995 Hi Josh, we're sorry to hear about this. If you DM us we will be able to provide you with the Human r… @charlottelilli Hi Charlotte, we're really sorry to hear about this. Please could you DM us with your receipt and t…💖 #Competition Time - Ends soon! 💖 For a chance to win a bundle of our Kitchen Dual Scrubs, simply RT, Follow, and…
Retweeted by Poundstretcher @DonnaBrough3 These smell absolutely amazing😍Competition Closed - Congratulations to Holly Applin! :) @AlhambraCentre It's fun to make it and even more fun to eat it!😍 @samiebuca We love this photo!❤️🦙 @star_brands_UK The Wizz laundry cleanser works wonders!🤩 @lindadababe These are perfect for winter🥰 @RichardSquires7 We love football too! @Twinklestar192 Hi, thanks for tweeting us. We're sorry to here you haven't been able to locate these products. Ple… @ParsonageShop They make the perfect snuggle buddy❤️
Our scented dehumidifiers are popular and only 69p each! ❤️ Where do you use yours? ⬇️ Or Football? Which do you or your kids prefer? 👍🎃 We love it when you’re creative with our products! @houseonacloud on Instagram has transformed our £1 Halloween c…
Halloween is coming! Bring out the pumpkins and ghouls! 👻 Grab these spooky tinsel decorations at only £1 each! 😁💖 #Competition Time - Ends soon! 💖 For a chance to win a bundle of our Kitchen Dual Scrubs, simply RT, Follow, and… can never go wrong with a basket, especially for £1.99! 👍 Which colour will look best with your decor? :D
Calling all unicorn lovers - our unicorn horn headbands are only £1! 🦄 What are you dressing up as for Halloween? 👻❤️ #Competition Time ❤️ For a chance to win a bundle of Glade Candles, simply RT, Follow and Reply with your favour… @daveocelot Oh no! 🙈 Make sure you visit us next time 😁 @DonnaBrough3 These make the perfect Christmas presents🦙❤️Our Halloween character bags are only £1 and perfect for trick or treating! 🎃 @theforumcentre @poundstretcher The perfect Halloween treat😍 @cradleemma1 We're so happy we we're able to help❤️Thank you so much @Poundstretcher1 for donating these items to fill our ‘comfort bags’. This will help immensely wi…
Retweeted by Poundstretcher @BlackCloud1966 @_justemma__ These smell amazing😍 @TheStationeryad These are so lovely and bargain price🤩 @StarWarsBargain @instagram These are the perfect edition to your car🤩🤩 @DonnaBrough3 These make the perfect snuggle buddies🥰
Add some spice to your meal with the Heinz Fiery Chilli Ketchup! 🌶️ It's only 50p 😎 nights are quickly getting colder but these kids hooded pyjamas are £7.99 and as snuggly as can be! 👍 We love a… @UpbeatLincoln Hi, thanks for you for tweeting us. Please dm us with further details 🙂We know you love them as much as us, the Nice 'n' Fluffy tumble dry sheets are only 89p! ❤️ You get 45 sheets in th… @JustACasualGal @wearechester @ShitChester Hi, thanks for your tweet. We're really sorry to hear you witnessed shop… @DonnaBrough3 The perfect thing to get you in the festive mood😍 @TheOneCalledD @NerdyGirlShay @Poundstretcher_ Hope you enjoy them all 🤣😂 @TheOneCalledD @NerdyGirlShay @Poundstretcher_ You could always use your feet 🤣😂 @TheOneCalledD @NerdyGirlShay @Poundstretcher_ These festive flavoured Pringles are delicious 😍 @Welcome_Hudds @DeluxeBeds @Argos_Online @homebargains @poundstretcher @sainsburys @JohnCottonGroup @DunelmUK @CharNffc That sounds like a great evening❤️ @saramoruzzi Hi Sara, thanks for your message. We have had a look for you and unfortunately we have none in stock a…
We all have favourite parts of our daily routine. 😀 What's yours? 👍 Multipurpose Tumblrs are only 69p! 😍 Makeup brush storage is a great idea, what would you use them for? ⬇️🎵 #Competition Time - Ends Soon! 🎵 For a chance to win some Bluetooth headphones for you and a friend, simply RT, F… @DonnaBrough3 These are great for these cold winter nights❤️ @WeeTartanDevil @DonnaBrough3 Bargain Buys is apart of the Poundstretcher family and both sell the same amazing products 😁❤️ @WeeTartanDevil @DonnaBrough3 Unfortunately we don't have online facilities. Please visit your local stores to purc… stylish Pebble Lamp looks cool and is under a fiver! 👍 Grey, black or white? Which is your favourite? ⬇️ @SaxonSquare These stylish tea towels are available at bargain price!🤩 @Katie_YNWA @DonnaBrough3 We're really sorry to hear about this Katie🙁We’re always on the lookout for great new loc… @Lucy30949455 @DonnaBrough3 We think you should! 🤩 @Choc_Girl_ @DonnaBrough3 They are brilliant! ❤️ @ice_crystal Hilarious we love this!🤣😂 @DonnaBrough3 These are perfect in the cold winter nights🥰Anyone else need one of these on these cold evenings🙋🏻‍♀️NEW @Poundstretcher1 pick this Long Full Body Hot Water Bo…
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Our Dolmio Chicken Tray Bakes are only 79p! 👍 Simply add to chicken and vegetables and bake in the oven for around… out your Halloween party with one of our Large Honeycomb Spiders for £1! 👻 Are you scared of spiders? ⬇️ @DonnaBrough3 Visit your local store to get Halloween ready🎃👻 it’s all looking a little spooky @Poundstretcher1 with this fantastic Halloween Range and all at a great price t…
Retweeted by PoundstretcherHalloween is just around the corner, decorate your space with this hanging clown for only £1.99! 🤡 @ParkMallAshford @Poundstretcher_ These are the cutest! 🥰 @UpATree3 We love them too! 😍🦄 @StGeorgesCentre @poundstretcher Get Halloween ready early!🎃👻 @Poundstretcher has #Halloween bargains in-store worth fighting over from £1
Retweeted by Poundstretcher @Mall_Offers @poundstretcher Defo worth fighting for😆 @OceanVixen He's defo a keeper! So cute 🥰
💖 #Competition Time 💖 For a chance to win a bundle of our Kitchen Dual Scrubs, simply RT, Follow, and Reply with yo… huge 105cm unicorns will make any monday a magic one ✨ They're only £19.99 - will your kid love this? Or will…**Competition Closed** Thank you for all your entries, everyone! 🎊 Congratulations to Angie Davies who is our competition winner! 🎊**Competition Closed** Thank you for all your entries, everyone! 🎊 Congratulations to Angie Davies who is our competition winner! 🎊Our multipurpose mini baskets are only 69p! 😨 What will you use yours for? ❤️ @KimHend73136189 Hi Kim, we're really sorry to see this. We will investigate this with the store and area managemen… @smileykelvinKT We're sorry to hear this. If you ring your local stores before travelling they will be happy to hel… @velvetsilk Absolute Bargain!John West Wild Red Salmon 213g can RRP £3.50 4.00 ASDA 3.80 Waitrose (offer 2 for £7) 3.75 Morrisons 3.50 Ocado, I…
Retweeted by Poundstretcher @VeganStella These are so delicious! 😍 @OceanVixen You did well not to cave! They are so lovely and cuddly❤️ @smileykelvinKT They are bargain price! @jamie_lane91 Hi Jamie, we're really sorry to hear about this. Please send us the store name so we can get this inv… @asila_7 We love them both too! 😍 @Elenathion80 Hi Rob, the customer service response rate is within 7 working days🙂
Who else has this problem with all their bargains? 🤣 up to these cuddly critters, they're only £2.99 each! 😍 Our fluffy llama or fuzzy sloth, which is your favo… men's thermal socks are perfect for the cold months ahead! 🧦 This 5 pairs pack of warm thermal socks are only £…