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Author of Useless Landscape or A Guide for Boys, Repast, and By Myself: An Autobiography (with David Trinidad). Poetry, Sex, Music, Politics.

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@PattyArquette Maybe he said "coroner"I've given my poetry students a makeup assignment. The assignment is to write a poem while wearing makeup.
About twenty thousand women marched for voting rights today 1915 on Fifth Avenue, New York: #AP
Retweeted by D. A. PowellOne of my favorite poets--witty, erudite, endlessly inventive--@DianeRaptosh quietly released a new book that is qu… is the piñata, unbroken, containing, holding together all the promise of youth and imagination. When it spills…
Retweeted by D. A. PowellJane Russell is looking for love in, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (1953) Directed by Howard Hawks
Retweeted by D. A. Powell @StephenKing Rudy had it last. Halfway down. @Scaramucci Finally! And then we do the Fandango.This is exactly what we've been missing. Americans don't need someone to rule them; they need someone to represent… @LaurenMarkham_ @LaurenMarkham_ @maddendave Let's do this! @LaurenMarkham_ We need to make this a program-wide event. Once a month Show & Tell day. I would love that. @LaurenMarkham_ Oh, I LOVE SHOW AND TELL. I can never decide which part I like best. Because I love showing. But I also love telling. @BlkLibraryGirl Jesus. I'm so glad I missed it. But I hope to hell folks got outraged and are putting their ballots… tonight's class, we watched Carmen Miranda sing "The Lady in the Tutti Frutti Hat" and talked about bananas, dil…
I just voted by mail for @JoeBiden and @KamalaHarris. If you're planning on doing the same, follow all the instruct…
Retweeted by D. A. PowellBetty Buckley To Trump: Stop Using My Music 'Your Presidency Is The Very Antithesis Of Art'
Retweeted by D. A. PowellA drawing a day. Day 217. Ursula K. Le Guin. “It is above all by the imagination that we achieve perception and com…
Retweeted by D. A. Powell @MollyJongFast I do believe he has big dumps tho @maddendave @skwthomas I do love the story about the drunk guy, though, who ends up on the dead cart and when he re… @BettyBuckley @MrJonCryer That's right, Betty. The claws come out!
wanna feel old? gators were released 83 million years ago
Retweeted by D. A. PowellHow it started /// How it's going
Retweeted by D. A. Powell @xiankiefer He's the guy who does Proud Mary at karoake and thinks people smiling at him must mean that he is good.I made some boos @TBQuarterly Quarterly?Even when I’m laughing & joking, this stays with me: They have taken these children at the border & now hundreds o…
Retweeted by D. A. PowellHappy Birthday to Senator Kamala Harris, 2020 Vice Presidential candidate. In the spirit of Fannie Lou Hamer and Sh…
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hehe, a monstrously good time :) Bela Lugosi and son with Glenn Strange on the set of Abbott and Costello Meet Fra…
Retweeted by D. A. PowellJan Beatty tonight reading from her brand-new book The Body Wars at 6:30pm Pacific time (so...yes! Still time to si… @MobyDickatSea Ugh! You're not helping any. @AAHedgeCoke @janbeatty27 @BarotRick @PoetryFlash @randallmannpoet @RedHenPress @jenbenka @LummisofLA @betsydrager Wow!The iconic Jan Beatty reads from her latest poetry collection Tuesday, 20 October at 6:30pm pacific time. Hosted by…"Banana seat," "zip code," "whistleblower" and "Catch-22"'s Toobin WhoAm exactly split between wanting to know more about the situation and wishing I knew far less
Retweeted by D. A. Powell @EudoxiaVatatses It's a dry watercolor, from India. Very vivid colors. They have a "peacock blue" that is downright… @EudoxiaVatatses Thank you. The magenta is a dry color from a company called Viviva. It really gave the piece some…
This pumpkin got stuck in the trellis while it was growing so I carved it in situ
Retweeted by D. A. PowellPainted my first vampyre. He's looking a little long in the tooth. @GalvinAlmanza He thinks he's rubber and everyone else is glue. He's so...basic. Like his brain was picked before it had a chance to ripen. @realDonaldTrump You are truly infectious.Just look—nothing but sincerity as far as the eye can see— the way the changed leaves, flapping their yellow unde…
Retweeted by D. A. Powell @carolpeterspo @PenguinUKBooks That sounds right up my alley! I was disappointed in Mark Leyner's "I Smell Esther W… @StAnzaPoetry Eleanor is a brilliant planner and has been so wonderful to work with. If there's a big celebration i… news! We're looking for a creative, dynamic, hard-working, freelance festival director with a passion for…
Retweeted by D. A. Powell @PenguinUKBooks "The Million Dollar Mermaid" by Esther Williams.
@IsaacFitzgerald (unless you are surrounded by the campfire) @EndlessJeopardy What is a claw hammer? @robhollywood Has anyone suggested Halloweezer?At the touch of you, As if you were an archer with your swift hand at the bow, The arrows of delight shot through m…
Wishing the legend that is Angela Lansbury a very Happy 95th Birthday. #AngelaLansbury
Retweeted by D. A. PowellReminded by @JohnJJohnston, a big happy 95th birthday to the legend that is Dame Angela Lansbury! Both me and my b…
Retweeted by D. A. PowellHow it started /// How it's going @EndlessJeopardy What is Bath?🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨
Retweeted by D. A. PowellBelieve that a farther shore Is reachable from here. Believe in miracles And cures and healing wells.
Retweeted by D. A. Powell @MosesGoren It's hard to choose between them.Stay tuned for my upcoming You Tube channel.
Retweeted by D. A. PowellTrump trying to sell you on the idea that hundreds of thousands of Americans dying is going to make those who survi…
@JillWineBanks Sadly, he probably knows he has a pre-approved pardon for his service to the boss. @pswordwoman You're so sweet! I'd be happy with just a jigsaw puzzle and kerosene for my lantern.Record breaker! 🗳 Early voting numbers in Shelby County are at 22,647 as of 6pm 2008 was the previous record with…
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@MatthewBurnsid7 @usfmfaIs there a possible downside to all of us constantly losing our minds
Retweeted by D. A. Powell @Sarahmarissa338 Happy Birthday! @MattMinicucci Yes! Plus showering and eating breakfast bc you want to be a good participant at the meeting, so you…—E. E. Cummings, born #otd in 1894 Read the full poem at
Retweeted by D. A. Powell @chenchenwrites nachos, penis, catzIf your vote didn't matter they wouldn't be working so hard to keep you from voting.
Retweeted by D. A. PowellThe comma, because it likes to put things off, but just a sec, maybe less. @realDonaldTrump They thought you were Carrot Top and that they'd be getting a free buffet. @ktroyermarks @theferocity This image made me so happy!!
Also, Happy National Coming Out Day a reminder that inside every gay man is a gay man getting readyStudents of the Dance Theatre of Harlem dancing through the streets of New York City
Retweeted by D. A. PowellMask Accidentally Leaves House Without Face
Retweeted by D. A. PowellI did this one for my youngest niece, bc she loves skulls and day of the dead is her favorite celebration.
@donwinslow The Village IdiotsSaw a good Halloween yard today
Retweeted by D. A. Powell @OED Definitely Winged. But not Wingéd. We must hold the line somewhere. @JoyceWhiteVance Sadly not surprised. Sigh.... @lauralminor Right? It looks so baked.I'm so behind on making Halloween cards. Finished this one today... @isabelzawtun What's Up, Doc? @seminewblack @minjinlee11 I got 3: blue cheese, ketchup and white chocolate. (I could make a very inedible flag out of these).Good morning! Today's #WordOfTheDay is 'mythomania'
Retweeted by D. A. Powell @likaluca @slothead There was one I used to have called "Who Is That?" It wasn't comprehensive, but it had a pretty good samp… @realDonaldTrump Eat a bag of dicks.
More photos of the baby Rainbow Lorikeet. #birds #WildOz
Retweeted by D. A. Powell @aliner I would LOVE to read these.Yet another reminder that when things get tough, @realDonaldTrump has always been a coward and a quitter.
Whenever Trump finds himself backed into a corner, he tries to prosecute Hillary Clinton and President Obama for im…
Retweeted by D. A. Powell @andevers It's true ♥️Pompeo and Circumstance @andevers I talk to my books and tell them what good books they are. @JonLemire Lord have mercy on these fools and their fool brigades.Happy Birthday to the original @funkrockster Nona Hendryx - Keep It Confidential via…