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Democratic PAC devoted to defeating Trumpism. We fund targeted campaigns designed to make impeachment more likely *and* benefit the Democrat nominee in 2020.

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@IvankaTrump Lol. Nice try. @DonaldJTrumpJr @DonaldJTrumpJr Then have your dad testify under oath. I'm sure he can clear all of this up. @DonaldJTrumpJr Quibble with the small. Ignore the crimes. We get it. @maddow It's almost like they have no idea what they are doing.After working so hard during the 2016 election cycle to avoid even saying @realDonaldTrump's name, @RepStefanik is… any of these Republicans actually hear the words coming out of their mouths? @davidaxelrod It's almost like they have no idea what they are doing.Literally laughing out loud at @RepRatcliffe. What was that? @matthewamiller LOUD NOISES @maddow What's that thing about knowing the answer before you ask a question? @Alyssa_Milano Republican questioning: @realDonaldTrump may be a moron and incorrectly think that Ukraine was out to get h… @EricTrump Are we watching the same thing? @jonfavs Or...maybe they can't.Smart, well-spoken patriots defending our country is boring? Too many words? Not enough pictures? @realDonaldTrump We are obviously not watching the same thing.#IMPEACH drip @AdamParkhomenko She wanted to make sure she got on record sucking up to him too. Can't let an opportunity to show one's loyalty pass by.Yes, please. coffee tastes especially good today. would be a good time to turn on your TV.Anything good on TV today?Things that aren't important: The identity of the whistleblower. Things that *are* important: The sworn statements,… you everyone for helping to shine a light on this common issue of failing to give women their full credit.
Retweeted by The Impeachment PACAnd a reminder...Mueller used entirely different language when it came to obstruction. On that question, his report…
Mueller chose his words carefully. We knew there was a reason he said "couldn't find enough evidence to establish c… @LindseyGrahamSC You are going to flip your lid when you see what the next president does to literally everything @realDonaldTrump signed.#impeach really is this simple..., about that whole "collusion" thing... @svdate @JoeNBC Too on the nose to start the LOCK HIM UP chant for @realDonaldTrump now? @realDonaldTrump Tick tock.
In windows of building overlooking Trump’s Veterans Day speech site
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It really is a wonder that someone this dumb managed to subvert the State department and pull off an international… @realDonaldTrump "Freedom of the press" You keep using those words, but I do not think they mean what you think the… @realDonaldTrump @JudgeJeanine You're an inveterate liar. But if you said something, and ten other, unbiased, ratio… @realDonaldTrump @JudgeJeanine Who effing cares what he is?!! Every word he said has been corroborated by half a do…
I MEAN IT, GUYS. I'M REALLY MAD. grand kids are gonna be dumbfounded when they read the history of this era. Be prepared to answer this question…"It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see where the gain would be for the president in investigating the son of a…
Retweeted by The Impeachment PACDJTJ is definitely a Trump. This is more conclusive that a DNA test.
Can you even imagine how quickly the Rs would have impeached Obama if he'd faced something like this? @StephenKing We've been working on this for a long time.#LOCKHIMUP all due respect, @SenJohnKennedy, you are a raging moron who has no business insulting the intelligence of any… @WillieGeist With all due respect, @SenJohnKennedy, you are a raging moron who has no business insulting the intell… @realDonaldTrump The market is clearly happy about your impending impeachment! @realDonaldTrump You are taking care of that yourself, champ! @rolandscahill @realDonaldTrump Great point. @realDonaldTrump Oh, well, if you deny it, it must be false then. GO HOME, EVERYONE. THE PRESIDENT SAID A THING. @realDonaldTrump Maybe among members of your own family. @SenWhitehouse Also, jurors shouldn't be talking to/hanging out with/attending fundraisers and rallies for the accused. @realDonaldTrump You will get your chance, big guy. You will get your chance. (Oh, and you should ask all of your… @realDonaldTrump @SenJohnKennedy Testify about what? Your impeachment?
@RepDonBeyer @TinaMarie_80s I mean, it's almost as if they have if neither a cogent strategy nor an ethical leg to stand on.Apparently we hit a little close to home... @owillis @RandPaul Is this real life? @AndrewDesiderio This seems like a thing.Miss you! @DonaldJTrumpJr How about you try not being a douchebag for 10 seconds? @NatashaBertrand @matthewamiller We are all your mom.That pretty much sums it up. your calendars and buy some popcorn. @SawyerHackett @cmclymer Unless you're a Trump supporter, in which case, tell all your friends it doesn't matter wh… @KimLeazure Another production run just finished. Stand by! Your coffee is about to taste amazing! 😉We're not popping our Last Day of Trump Champagne bottle just yet, but it's a nice validation of 1 key strategy of… off the percentages, a little over 1 in 5 of the Kentuckians who voted for Trump in 2016 voted against the Tr… Commonwealth of Kentucky has itself a Democratic governor tonight. Yes, that Kentucky. The Republican candida… tweet is not holding up well.
Can I unimpeach myself afterward with a Sharpie? #StupidImpeachmentQuestionsNo pressure was applied: DISPROVEN No quid pro quo: DISPROVEN Ukraine unaware of qpq: DISPROVEN Which GOP talking… @mikedebonis nauseam use of the "No quid pro quo" talking point implicitly concedes that it's really bad if there was a quid… @RepSwalwell Here's another good word... weighs in, favors "all options" except of course for an multilateral, verifiable, multi-pronged d… @LindseyGrahamSC If only we hadn't blown up the nuclear deal... @matthewamiller Ohhhh...THAT quid pro quo.What is peakest 2019? - Trump supporters wearing "Read the transcript" shirts - Giuliani's butt-dial self-incrimina… " testimony this week, revealing that he told a top Ukrainian official that the country likely would n… @Acosta Too many words. He can't read that much.LOUD NOISES! @realDonaldTrump Or here if you just cant bring yourself to click on that name: June through October, Trump mentioned Obama's name 366 times. Almost all of them were disparaging. During the…
Retweeted by The Impeachment PACRepublicans don't seem panicked at all. No sir. Not panicking.
@RudyGiuliani @SteveHiltonx We are really going to miss your crazy tweets when you are in prison. @realDonaldTrump Maybe the market is so high because you are being impeached? @realDonaldTrump, but
@realDonaldTrump 1. These fires weren't in forests 2. Your party's embrace of global warming is making the fires wo…
What where have I read that before? 🤔 Oh yeah! through the now-public FBI notes from the Mueller investigation, it becomes even more clear that the campa… @realDonaldTrump Do you know where are you right now? Or what day of the week is it? Can you tell us your mother's name? @GenMhayden @realDonaldTrump Fact check: TRUE @realDonaldTrump You’re an idiot. Truly.
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Thank you @BetoORourke for your voice in the vitally needed conversation on guns. Keep it up! Of. Guilt. The crime is still worse than the cover-up, but the cover-up seems to really really want… terrible. We can't wait until he does it! happens when you corner (metaphorically) a pathetic, puny whiff of a man whose con has been caught out?... Rol… a quote from Trump's lawyer's co-conspirator's lawyer.