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@teslaownersSV @elonmusk @WholeMarsBlog Yeah, how's he doing Elon? ~5 months old now haha 😀 @elonmusk @oneandonlyheady The combined knowledge that you learnt from doing SpaceX (Aerospace company) and Tesla (… @elonmusk @TechAmazing @UniverCurious Btw which one was ur fav fighter jet back in those times? SR-71? @elonmusk @TechAmazing @UniverCurious Elon, didn't u also fly some jets back in the time? 😃
Space Exploration monument in Moscow. ~100m tall 🤯 @elonmusk @ICannot_Enough It's like for every EV Tesla sells, there exists some future recycling component/benefit. @elonmusk @ICannot_Enough Really loved the part of the presentation about the Recycling benefit. Basically getting… @elonmusk @Neopork85 @SpaceX Elon, what bar pressure did the SN7.1 reach? @elonmusk @tobyliiiiiiiiii @Tesla Props to the Plaid Model S on achieving 1:30.3 on Laguna Seca! That's really incr… @elonmusk @tobyliiiiiiiiii @Tesla So I'm guessing the next-gen Roadster will be able to beat all the top lap-times… @elonmusk ... because the battery packs manufacturing cost is untouchable compared to the extremely high precision… @elonmusk So Presuming Tesla is around $90/kWh range today, which would mean $39.60/kWh. At below $40, there's ba… @elonmusk 56% reduction per kWh would mean that even if Tesla was at $100/kWh (assumption), Tesla are on a solid ro… @elonmusk This is going to be a truly important and exciting decade for Tesla. Model 3, Cybertruck, Semi and the… @elonmusk Btw Elon, which will you pick as your daily driver? Cybertruck or the next-gen Roadster? Or would it be l… @elonmusk @ICannot_Enough @WholeMarsBlog ... because the battery packs manufacturing cost is untouchable compared t… @elonmusk @ICannot_Enough @WholeMarsBlog Presuming Tesla is around $90/kWh range today, which would mean $39.60/kWh… @elonmusk @ICannot_Enough @WholeMarsBlog 56% reduction per kWh would mean that even if Tesla was at $100/kWh, they…, ATV, Roadster & Semi C A R S
Retweeted by Pranay Pathole @christorrella @elonmusk Yes @elonmusk Roadster 2.0: you can feel the G-force through ur phone screen 🤯 @elonmusk Roadster's lookin 🔥🔥🔥
.@Tesla's Battery day is gonna be a *checkmate* for fossil fuels /ICE vehicles 🔋 @elonmuskThe extreme difficulty of scaling production of new technology is not well understood. It’s 1000% to 10,000% harder…
Retweeted by Pranay Pathole @elonmusk This is a production timelapse of Tesla from Giga Shanghai, it seems like major of the assembly line is automated @elonmusk Btw Elon, how much of the Tesla's current manufacturing process is automated? @elonmusk Glad you clarified this for the people who think technology happens overnight and it's just simple to sca…
@elonmusk @Neopork85 @SpaceX @MarcusHouseGame Elon, have been wondering what'll to SN5 and SN6’s hops? it seems lik… @elonmusk @ARKInvest @TashaARK The goal is to minimize the human error wherever possible, whether it be trains, fli… @elonmusk @ARKInvest @TashaARK Definitely. As the technology improves, so will the AI & eventually the Self-driving… @elonmusk Also would love to see the behind the scenes of the Tesla vision (AP/FSD) & Neural network of the new rew… @elonmusk Elon wouldn't even mind seeing the long uncut version of the same something like Mobileye did earlier thi… @elonmusk Hopefully we'll get to see the new capabilities of the Tesla Autopilot/FSD rewrite. Would really love to… field on Mars! Knowing this is an actual pic captured by a machine made by our human generation gives me goose… @ID_AA_Carmack First Microsoft buys Obsidian and now they buy Bethesda ... Well maybe someone at the top of Microso…'s that time of the year again 🎺 @SamirTouati90 In the future, Tesla AP/FSD will be worth somewhere around hundreds of billions in market cap, & hav… @elonmusk @flcnhvy @soumiksf @ID_AA_Carmack Tbh this will be huge, as Tesla's major software development is focused… @elonmusk @ID_AA_Carmack @elonmusk @ID_AA_Carmack alternative to this issue is using bfloat16, Though bfloat16 is also a 16-bit floating poi… @elonmusk @ID_AA_Carmack With underflow, our network never learns anything, and with overflow, it learns garbage. Both are bad. @elonmusk @ID_AA_Carmack But representable range for FP16 is very small compared to FP32: 10^-8 to 65504! Meaning… @elonmusk @ID_AA_Carmack Specifically what FP16 does is: Reduces memory by cutting the size of your tensors in ha… @elonmusk @ID_AA_Carmack value proposition when using FP16 for training a deep neural network provides significantl… @elonmusk @ID_AA_Carmack Also using FP16 can help in post-training quantization for faster inference. Other formats… @elonmusk @ID_AA_Carmack There is a significant trend in NN/ML towards using FP16 instead of FP32 because lower pre… @elonmusk @soumiksf @ID_AA_Carmack What about the initial training i.e. at least on the first iteration, are you us… @elonmusk @samiralyateem @ID_AA_Carmack The single-precision floating-point with: 1 bit sign 8 bits exponent 23 bi… @elonmusk @ID_AA_Carmack How about the efficiency of FP32? Afaik bfloat16 is considerably more efficient at least 2x compared to FP32
High-res pic of Saturn taken by NASA's Cassini. Whenever I see images like these I am reminded how fortunate we a… @elonmusk @SavedTesla @peterdog15 This is a really cool website, shows comparisons of how much of the factory is co… @elonmusk @SavedTesla @peterdog15 Elon, what's the timeline/goal for the completion of Giga Texas? First substantia…
@elonmusk This can come from having extremely specialized knowledge, such that you know things others don't. It can… @elonmusk A degree wont get you into a place like Neuralink. Demonstrated expertise will get you into a place like Neuralink. @elonmusk It'd be great to have a remote/wfh opportunity open (at least for the s/w developers where day-to-day int… @elonmusk Elon, Will you consider providing remote/wfh work opportunities in the future? As all the job listings on… @elonmusk @teslaownersSV @Model3Owners @TrungTPhan Elon, when did the idea of starting an aerospace company (SpaceX… @elonmusk @Model3Owners @TrungTPhan A lot of 100 hour work weeks @elonmusk @Model3Owners @TrungTPhan "Optimism, pessimism, fuck that; we're going to make it happen. As God is my bl… @elonmusk @TrungTPhan Our most courageous decisions are always our best decisions @elonmusk @TrungTPhan So you had around ~$30-40 million when you decided to split it in between Tesla & SpaceX in 2008? @elonmusk @fermatslibrary Solution to all math: Make all numbers zero.
@elonmusk The droneship names of SpaceX are from Iain Banks' Culture series. Of Course I Still Love You in the At… @elonmusk 💕 @elonmusk @DeborahPatteri @TENETFilm Currently there are only two explanations for phosphine being found: Either th… @elonmusk @DeborahPatteri @TENETFilm Phosphine being found on Venus is a much stronger marker for life. Phosphine b… @elonmusk @DeborahPatteri @TENETFilm Elon what do u think about hints of life spotted on Venus? , researchers have… @elonmusk @TENETFilm Nolan def puts 100% of his heart, soul & mind in every movie he makes @elonmusk @TENETFilm The black hole from Interstellar was so scientifically accurate, it took approximately 100 hou… @elonmusk @TENETFilm Elon, did u know the reason why Tenet features a real Boeing 747 crash is that when the number… @max_hodak And the native citizen isn't even mad at that capitalist @max_hodak Maybe what people need to realize is: No immigrant has taken a job from a native citizen. Native citizen… @Erdayastronaut @elonmusk Maybe by 'thrusters upgrade' does Elon mean they'll go from hydraulic thrusters to electric thrusters? @elonmusk @Erdayastronaut Also Elon, what is the feasibility of making thruster pods electric compared to hydraulic… @elonmusk @Erdayastronaut Elon, what's the update on A Shortfall of Gravitas (ASoG)? I bet it'll have Faster turnar… @elonmusk @Erdayastronaut How many miles of flexibility does the droneship have? 30 miles?
@elonmusk @ChrisDungeon Personal fav tweet, everyone uses their hair to express themselves, you use Twitter @elonmusk @ChrisDungeon And... If ur not already impressed, remember this, Every time you see a SpaceX rocket landi… @elonmusk @ChrisDungeon But for real tho SpaceX succeeding is really beneficial for the humanity. This is the kind… @elonmusk @ChrisDungeon Which is ur all-time fav moment of this 13 year old journey? I'll start, mine is the first… a casual reminder: There's a car floating around in deep space right now with this printed on its circuit board @elonmusk High ping irl ... @elonmusk @cleantechnica With LFP batteries being cheaper and having longer cycle life. Why aren't they already the… @elonmusk @m2jr @BernieSanders Actually he is a perfect socialist. Let the peasants share while the powerful live in luxury. @elonmusk @m2jr @BernieSanders Bernie hires tons people at $30-35k a year in DC, which is basically minimum wage an…
But at the end of the day it's all for better good. The more quickly AI & Autopilot progresses the less amount of a… to see technology progressing so quickly. We take for granted how intelligent humans are. The @Tesla Au… @elonmusk @flcnhvy @lexfridman The forge of God (Greg bear), Not Alone (Craig falconer), Nightfall (Silverberg & As… @elonmusk @flcnhvy @lexfridman Yo Elon, have you read the Hyperion series by Dan Simmons? @flcnhvy 🤦‍♂️ @flcnhvy Talk about politicians?! "Economic Advisors" like Reich can't understand the basic difference b/w net wort… @elonmusk @engineers_feed These African grey parrots are crazy intelligent. They have the intelligence of a 5 year… @BernieSanders @elonmusk And not to mention SpaceX has saved tax payers BILLIONS of dollars by providing cheaper ac… @BernieSanders @elonmusk All the Tesla employees got the stock options & were benefitted! @BernieSanders @elonmusk Also Tesla and SpaceX are the best places to work for the engineering grads @BernieSanders @elonmusk SpaceX has over ~8k employees, The Boring Company has over ~2k employees, & Neuralink stil… @BernieSanders $10.3 bn is just a valuation & @elonmusk doesn't actually have it in his own pockets as most of his…
@elonmusk @boringcompany Beating the rush hour commute at ~100mph is the dream! @elonmusk 💕