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A mutual fund guided by the principles of Value Investing and Behavioral Finance. Unitholders' Meet on 24/10/20 :

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@GKONETI Yes. This year it is open to everyone. @PPFAS 👍👍 I have submitted my question. As always looking forward to the AGM. Only MF doing it 👏👏
Retweeted by PPFAS Mutual Fund#ConferenceCall series... @RajeevThakkar on inflationary pressures hours to go... No pre-registration required. Have queries regarding the Fund or Schemes… Managers | How should investors manage their portfolios in this volatile market? Which are the sectors to wat…
Retweeted by PPFAS Mutual Fund#ConferenceCall series. @RajeevThakkar on concentration risk. #investing #mutualfunds
#ConferenceCall series... @RajeevThakkar on portfolio sizing and HDFC Bank #investing @ahuja_gurmeet @RajeevThakkar Hi. It is within this recording. Here is the standalone extract : @ahuja_gurmeet @RajeevThakkar Dear Gurmeet. Please visit this link for the entire recording and Transcript : @Rajendr70403969 @RajeevThakkar Hi. Here's the correct link: @ksingh76 @RajeevThakkar Hi. Here's the correct link: @ksingh76 @S4Sandeep @RajeevThakkar Sorry. We are seeking to remedy this. @ksingh76 @RajeevThakkar It is an extract from the Call. The replies to all the questions are listed on that page.
@ravish_o @RajeevThakkar Thank you. We will check... @PanchamShreyas @RajeevThakkar Hi Shreyas. This was an Audio Call. Hence, there is no video which we can upload to YouTube.Fund Manager @oraunak will feature on @CNBCTV18Live this Thursday at 2;50 PM. #AlphaManager #investing series... @RajeevThakkar on ITC :  #investing #mutualfunds, @npparikh6's interview in the Annual issue of @ValueResearch's Mutual Fund Insight.
@rajendra_ak @SEBI_India @stocktalk_in Okay. Thanks. @rajendra_ak @SEBI_India @stocktalk_in Dear Mr. Kadam. Sorry to cause you such consternation. Request you to please…
Please click on this link to note the new cut-off times for transactions undertaken in our Schemes, w.e.f. tomorrow… the #ConferenceCall series : @oraunak on the rural & pharma sectors and @RajeevThakkar on PPLTEF's portf…
During the Sept 2020 #FOF @oraunak explores the Trade + Rate + Aggregate model of the network of incredibly profita… @bdbrocks Hi. The Meet is scheduled for next Saturday. @option_quant @RajeevThakkar You may ask this at the Unitholders" Meet by filling in this Form…, @RajeevThakkar on international markets... #ConferenceCall series #investing
Pretty good explanation of various stocks. Also includes ITC ;)
Retweeted by PPFAS Mutual FundThe recent run-up in stock prices should not be the criterion for investing in global stocks, says Rajeev Thakkar,…
Retweeted by PPFAS Mutual FundCatch Rajeev Thakkar, @PPFAS MF at 9:20 am on The Market @RajeevThakkar
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Continuing our #ConferenceCall series... @RajeevThakkar's answer to a query regarding #Amazon.… by Mr. Late Parag Parikh One of best indian author @npparikh6 @PPFAS Stocks to riches…
Retweeted by PPFAS Mutual Fund @raaj13feb Sorry to know this. Request you to please share your Folio Number via DM.Watch our CIO, @RajeevThakkar on @ETNOWlive at 9:20 AM tomorrow (Friday). #investing #mutualfunds #themarket @omkhatavkar Please submit your question via this Form: Questions will be moderated. @bhaweshjan02 @RajeevThakkar Yes. Non-unitholders can also view the livestream. No Registration is required. @SaiTalks_ Thank you for your suggestion. We will forward it to the App. Development Team.
In the build-up to #ppfasagm2020 on October 24th., we begin a series covering questions answered by our Fund Manage… @Rajendr70403969 Please ask this by filling in the Google Form provided above. (Questions will be moderated).
@vintm2295 @ActusDei @AxisMutualFund @ICICIPruMF @digibank Dear Vinay. Sorry. We misread your query, thinking it wa… @vintm2295 Welcome... :) @vintm2295 Dear Vinay. We estimate it will last around 3 hours. There is no limit to the number of questions. Howev…💯/💯 @PPFAS "Please invest with us because you like the process, the people, the scheme structure and the organisa…
Retweeted by PPFAS Mutual Fund @taimnisameer @npparikh6 Thank you... @taimnisameer @npparikh6 Dear Sameer. Dismayed to read this. Request you to please share your Folio Number via DM.… to the livestream of our 7th. Unitholders' Meet, beginning at 4:00 PM on Saturday, October 24, 2020:… @ksivakumar09 Hi. It is... @amitozaraj Sure. We will check and revert soon.Do you have anything to ask our Fund Management Team or CEO? Ask it here... #ppfasagm2020 @thakkarkv @oraunak Hi. Here's the link:
11 days and 16 hours to go for our seventh Unitholders' Meet. Attend it on our YouTube Channel...… interview full of insightful knowledge about @PPFAS Thank you @npparikh6 and @theBuoyantMan for this.
Retweeted by PPFAS Mutual Fund @AnyBodyCanFly This video by @PPFAS will give you some interesting insights about the dairy industry
Retweeted by PPFAS Mutual Fund @saurabhsamant90 An exit load will be levied in case you undertake this Switch within six days of investing in the… Money Conversations comes back this Wednesday at 5.45 pm! Jinesh Gopani, Head of Equity @AxisMutualFund , Raje…
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@thatsmil Hi. Currently it can only be done offline : We are working on offering the SIP M… @viralpatoliya13 Hi. We will check this and revert. Please share a screenshot of the error via DM, if agreeable. @ShishirKArt Hi Shishir. We have invested in Suzuki ADRs listed on US OTC markets. Hence, the closing price is that…
@viralpatoliya13 Most NRIs are welcome to invest along with us without any specific restrictions. Only NRIs from US… @Rishabh97736672 Hi. By early next week. @ksivakumar09 Not yet. We will update all Unitholders in due course.Hi everyone. The Portfolio Disclosure for September 2020 has been uploaded: @snjay_67 We will convey your feedback.
2020 @RajeevThakkar @oraunak
Retweeted by PPFAS Mutual Fund @livshiladitya We will convey your feedback. Thank you... @vintm2295 Thank you. Truly treasure your feedback. :) @vintm2295 Sorry. We will upload it soon. @livshiladitya No. It is omitted owing to an internal Policy decision.Here's the Factsheet for September 2020... @avishjain17 @RajeevThakkar Sorry. We have not received any intimation so far. @avishjain17 @RajeevThakkar We are examining the implications of the SEBI Circular and will communicate to all Unitholders soon. @hatopkar @Camsonline Sorry to read this. Please share your Reference Number and PAN via DM. @MarcRuby @oraunak We are all looking forward to it :). Should be released by October 15, 2020.
When you are too close to the #market, when you check stock prices day-to-day, you internalize the volatility. Raje…
Retweeted by PPFAS Mutual Fund @vintm2295 Hi Vinay. We will share them soon. You may ask questions via a Google Form which will form part of the m… @MandarWalzade1 It is functioning. Please try visiting it again, whenever convenient.
@Akashdas2019 We are examining the implications of the SEBI Circular and will communicate to all Unitholders soon.
@VeeraPratapDesu @iamrbatra @dmuthuk Hi Pratap. Thank you for your interest. You may invest via this link:… @mandar_dewhare If yes... we are going to share a Google Form for the same along with the link, soon. @mandar_dewhare Hi Mandar. Are you referring to the questions you wish to pose to the Fund Management Team?
@Vijay01572088 @paragparikh Please share your Folio Number via DM. @Vijay01572088 @paragparikh Sorry. We will check if there was any specific reason for this delay.
@hinducat @FinMedium The Fund Management Fee is a certain annual % of the value of your investment, calculated on a… @hinducat @FinMedium @adi2five @JstInvestments @invest_mutual Dear Anand. Thank you for your interest. You may inve…
@rajneshs1981 @npparikh6 Thank you for informing us. We will strive to provide a better experience in the future. @venkateshna @npparikh6 Dear Venkatesh. Truly sorry to read this. Request you to please share her Folio Number via… @rajneshs1981 @npparikh6 Good evening. Request you to please provide your contact number via DM, if agreeable. @KalpenParekh @Kuntalhshah Practically one is likely to overshoot 20, there will be investment mistakes, special si…
Retweeted by PPFAS Mutual Fundwe had a long break on adding a new fund house. extremely happy that our investors would now have access to one of…
Retweeted by PPFAS Mutual Fund @rajneshs1981 @npparikh6 Sorry to read this. We will inquire at our end and contact you. We will reach out in case we have any queries. @prabhat_fca Dear Prabhat. Our Investor Helpline number is 1800-266-7790. We have not enabled SIP Modification onli… @wealthfarmer @npparikh6 Hi, sorry for the inconvenience! Could you please share with your contact/ARN details via…
@ThePrism8 @venkysdiary our Schemes are now available on @ETMONEY. #investing #mutualfunds. @santoshn
@Cheating_myself @RajeevThakkar @raj_mehta89 The Indian portfolios of the two funds are similar by design. The tax… value investing, how useful is book value? @RajeevThakkar of @PPFAS takes a hard look at how value investors pic…
Retweeted by PPFAS Mutual FundSummary of the book "Narrative and Numbers" by Prof Aswath Damodaran
Retweeted by PPFAS Mutual Fund @PPFAS Valuations are not cheap...
Retweeted by PPFAS Mutual Fund7 questions for PPFAS, and some interesting answers. @PPFAS @RajeevThakkar
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@venkysdiary Hi. We have not updated this list after the book was released.