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Angry Staff Officer @pptsapper The Edge of Empire

History person, Army officer, transplanted Buckeye. Writes stuff. Some Star Wars. One half of @warstoriescast. Views do not reflect or represent the DoD's.

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@USArmy Oyyyyy vey @TomHeartsTanks @XOofXOs When you're in the desert, I'm gonna text you photos of foliage ERRY DAY @KeraRolsen Am in the same boat @SpencerGuard @johnismay You and your common sense @YGalanter Yup, no moving from that @DisneyCPT It's this But worse they ask why I never reported in the morning, just submit this photo @alexdecampi "Can i get some cocktail napkins?" "What, you just wanna steal Gibraltar away so easily? Come back wi… @mrdavidboberesq I MUST make this happenThread @llaWttaM I think you're right. @jcschmieder Nah, they were contractors. They took some different paths after the warDaniel Morgan and Daniel Boone were wagoners in the French and Indian War Someone get me on contract to write the… @Celticlassy10 Absolutely @Celticlassy10 I want to someday write a buddy comedy of Morgan and Boone in the 7 Years Wars @Celticlassy10 He also had a saber stroke across the face from a failed ambush I love me some Dan Morgan @Celticlassy10 That and he never bothered to thank them for anything You'd think he woulda learned something from E Braddock @rcjhawkku This is AMAZING @realZeroHero At least 15-20% @alexdecampi I see no problems here Name the place and date Getting thrown out of a bar for terrain analysis only… @hugh_lawyer They did take Philly And then they realized that Philadelphans are ungovernable @alexdecampi Okay why have we not been drunk together @LandOfHistory It's why Braddock is known for his defeat rather than his quick seizure of the Forks of the Ohio @SigO26BVelma Seth Warner was not one to be pushed around @RPG_volley Ugh. Yes. St Clair's defeat is terrrrrrible. Violates all the fundamentals and walks right into a massi… @MrKrisViking You know itMorgan leaves. Straight up drops his commission and is like "imma go farm, fuckheads." Arnold... Well... We know ho… just like that, the threat to New England is done, France and Spain enter the war, Ben Franklin probably gets l… this is FUCKING HUUUUGE NEWS A professional army of British and German troops had SURRENDERED TO A BUNCHA AMAT… at this point GJ is at Saratoga like "uhhhhh I have no plan for this" and straight up surrenders & Gates is like…, a Continental brigade pours thru the Brit line and wham bam, the position is taken. Suddenly Gentleman Jon… gets on the field and basically rallies the fuck outta erryone. He spots a break in the Brit defenses and RI…, so it's general battle now except Gates is like 'i wonder when they'll come attack me in my fort" and doesn't c… October 7, 1777, Brit Recon elements are hit by Morgan's fuckin deadly accurate riflemen and some Granite and Em… meanwhile digs in & is all "uh, little help here?" but Howe has runnoft to take Philly and Henry Clinton i… meet at Freeman's Farm, and Morgan's rifleman SLAY Burgoyne's lead elements but eventually enough British troo… spots the American left flank as weak and is all "what ho! I'll jolly well break that & beat these buggers…, Kosciuszko does some engineer magic and digs the whole Continental force in whick Gates is cool with bec…, did I mention that Burgoyne is now running blind because he pissed off his Native American allies so much that…'s down to 7000 dudes and supplies are a problem. Meanwhile, Gates, because Schuyler got sideshowed because Congr… is having some supply problems tho, and this dude likes stuff. So he sends off a force to seize supplies a… Jonny begins to make his way South buuuuut things aren't going totally to plan. A contingent of Hessians and Bru… St Clair is gonna get his ass court martialed for this but then exonerated which will make him in charge of US… Arty St Clair sees the British guns on Mount Defiance and is like "deuces" and withdraws his Garrisons from both…'s Mount Defiance which overlooks both which if ANYNE had listened to the engineers, namely Tadeusz Kosiuszko,…, so, this is where it gets good. Burgoyne sets off from Quebec in June Of 1777 with just under 8k men. He trav…, good ol GW is like "I don't even know how many troops I have, my teeth hurt, my generals are arguing wit…, by 1777, everyone's realized this ain't no passing thing but that the key problem is those assholes in New En… got Lord Germain trying to run intermediary as the dude responsible for the war in America, but letters are slo… Gentleman Jonny Burgoyne is all dashing and shit and wants to make a name for himself. He and Howe, who's got NY… TERRAIN. Key avenues of approach are Lake Champlain from North to South, giving the Brits a fine shot at penetr… is all about thatdash and flair. He loved flair. His whole wagon train was just pieces of flair errywhere.…, see, Guy, he's a cool dude. Thoughtful. Deliberate. But that's not what Whitehall wants. No Whitehall wants AC… so. You got the Brits in Quebec, which at the time was basically what we'd call Canada today, whose whisky I'm d… Brits are poised - oh yes, I'm cogent enough to say poised - to attack from anywhere from Philly to NYC to lite… So. It's like 1777. Cool year. We just declared Independence and all that but we kinda are having a hard time b… @20thMaineReg
@RPG_volley Hang in there brotherPsst. Hey. Kids. Wanna learn about this bitchin battle where a rag tag group of Continentals take on a dude called… @Pipes2727 @CAFinUS Nah, off post in beautiful Fredericton @jtw_ngc98 @RPG_volley @sewellgc @MiguelAQuiros3 *spittake* This thread is a reminder of why I love Twitter @forbesmm @mikenelson586 When you say that, I can only hear it in James Earl Jones' voice @waiwode @TimDotChoi @CAFinUS I'm enjoying it @TimDotChoi @CAFinUS Don't judge me, it was cheap Forty Creek. @bang_unit @CAFinUS YES Their water tables are bizarre @WTF_Judge @MilitaryTimes @PatDonahoeArmy @EBKania @drunkenpredator @LadyLovesTaft @sgtjanedoe @CombatCavScout @donachaidh @CAFinUS Snob @donachaidh @CAFinUS Don't knock it till you've tried itDrinking some Canadian whiskey I picked up on a trip to CFB Gagetown, in honor of @CAFinUS Cheers, pals, eh?After action reviews are powerful tools in individual and institutional learning. And while historical battles and…
Retweeted by Angry Staff Officer @patrickcsheehan @MG_SmithT She didn't say *drunj* tweeting so I feel like I'm safe @terrancesavery Drunken Predator needs to tweet more. That used to be a great feed @agingerssoul @SNAFU_Sara I couldn't put it better than the two of you @CombatCavScout @terrancesavery Shhhhh just let it happen @nonya_bidniss @queenofthinair Absolutely. We all have different reasons @Adam_Rutland @ingvald29 Ask and ye shall receive: @9coacheswaiting @CombatCavScout @RPG_volley Cav and I exist on a 24 hour plane @CombatCavScout @RPG_volley That was different; that was Thursday @CombatCavScout @RPG_volley No, you can't choke me, Cav @Casey_D120 @FTGNotebook How do leaders deal with 1) radicalization of Soldiers via SM 2) Dealing with spread of false narratives @102ndblackhawk6 @terrancesavery @DisneyNCO @TheCompanyLDR @PatDonahoeArmy Anyone else ever feel like taking reveng… submarine version of "I can't move, there's a cat on my leg"⚡️ “The Ultimate Military Movie Tournament” Vote for your favorite military movies from a list of 96. Follow…
Retweeted by Angry Staff OfficerBig thanks to @PatDonahoeArmy for putting himself out there, as he always doesBest comment from @LadyLovesTaft at #AUSADigital2019 concerned how we use our accounts, about showing the American… to get this on the #AUSADigital2019 screen, for reasons... @LadyLovesTaft on #AUSADigital2019 - she's representing not only women in the military but also the junior le… making a great point about Soldiers using social media without training; it ties into efforts to radi… @MeganJantos How can we utilize social media in line with Army regulations but also as a part of MDO, given that so… @terrancesavery Terrance @TomHeartsTanks @HalpernAlex It's a maze, it's full of corners to turn @GameOf_Cubicles @TheCompanyLDR @TomHeartsTanks Narrator: He really isn't @HalpernAlex @TomHeartsTanks About damn time @TomHeartsTanks This explains so much @nonya_bidniss @GameOf_Cubicles @TomHeartsTanks @FTGNotebook Hmmmm... Me neither @TomHeartsTanks Don't you have war things to do or something?To @LadyLovesTaft: #AUSADigital2019 @nonya_bidniss @GameOf_Cubicles @TomHeartsTanks I believe @FTGNotebook is doing a FB Live from their page @TheCompanyLDR I'm just a bunch of Corgis in a bottle of gin #AUSADigital2019 @GameOf_Cubicles @TomHeartsTanks Fate worse than death