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Angry Staff Officer @pptsapper The Edge of Empire

History person, Army officer, transplanted Buckeye. Writes stuff. Some Star Wars. One half of @warstoriescast. Views do not reflect or represent the DoD's.

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Okay, beautiful people, it is TIME. #Merrittocracy, batting lead-off: The absolutely brilliant and amazingly kind…
Retweeted by Angry Staff Officer @PlunkettPrime @JohnBuc08179594 @PearlsAmongUs Combination of effects of widespread death. Also, lots of people ju… @PearlsAmongUs yeppppp
@Astrotuna You know it @BradTrefz First FULL division SemanticsI passed two small girls hauling a little wagon with a third little girl in it along the side of the road, all hold… 20 1915 #OTD A French official photographer took this photo, IWM Q 58189, of the messenger dog kennels of the F…
Retweeted by Angry Staff Officer @ErrantStrategry @pacouceiro As De Tocqueville said, Americans are chiefly driven by self-interest Unfortunately, that hasn't changed muchMaatje Benassi, a US Army reservist, who has been falsely accused by conspiracy theorists of starting the Covid-19…
Retweeted by Angry Staff Officer @attackerman @GregJaffe That, and we're conditioned to never accept defeat, or the perception of defeat @TheMermaidAg I can't stop laughingRead this entire article, but this one paragraph is THE BEST explanation of history, and historiography, I have eve…
Retweeted by Angry Staff Officer @historysmith Oh, for sure @historysmith Hey, they're not all winners But seriously, if you had to sit in Congress and hear about how Canada…, check up on your friends who are teachers. Especially the history teachers. They're really fighting battles… old lady cat (aged 20!) needs a home in #London #Kent and surrounding areas. I have applied but if you can…
Retweeted by Angry Staff Officer @TradocDCG Doing a little writing and editing before packing up for a hike! @AuthorKRPaul Sounds like you could use some more coffeeYD showing up to France from New England, being like, "Hey bud, where's the nearest Dunks? We're wicked beat, dude.… @john_in_Ky Always, my friendThis is really lovely @MartinMartinez_ I mean, I rewrote something four times, so... @haroldsmith3rd I'm hoping. It takes a while to trickle downMental Health in the Military: A Parable, she's helping me write She's not as much of a help as she thinks she is @JABell27 That is fascinating! @DreadPirateWade I could do with some Dunks Drinking straight black right now @CombatCavScout MY HEART @senatorsforever Meh. His trail up Mount Madison in NH is horrible.brain: it's that time me: no, we're sleeping brain: but it's that time me: SLEEP brain: IT'S ANXIETY TIME Which is… is decidedly cool @neilpoynter @wavellroom Oh my, yes, I can't believe I forgot that oneWait, wait John Calhoun was an insufferable shit There we goHenry Clay was an annoying prat That is all
@CIAspygirl Very much so @donachaidh JFCThere's generations of powerful Jewish women in this photo I can't stop seeing them I hope we never stop seeing t… Bader Ginsburg was an incredible person - a towering intellect with a searing wit. Her absence leaves a gaping… We need this right now
@billallbritten @eamonhamilton @LandOfHistory No, it's because a few days ago, the Army ran a recruitment thing usi… @ZhanikB @TradocDCG @wambat2o Haven't read this one yet, but it's on the list. Development of the Bureau of Militar… @eamonhamilton @LandOfHistory Nah, it's a work of art @DaffodilSwain Thanks! @DaffodilSwain Ah, that is super kind of you! But you already pay for it with your tax dollars, I couldn't take mon… @eamonhamilton @LandOfHistory Dying laughingCan’t say I agree with this new US Army recruiting poster but if it gets people talking about the service, maybe it…
Retweeted by Angry Staff OfficerI just sent this to a media outlet that asked me to respond to today's "history" conference. Passing it along.
Retweeted by Angry Staff Officer @jm_beatty Almost all the new soldiers coming to my company are post-9/11 births It's bizarreThat’s it. I’m instituting an entire-ass Whole of Government vehicle and aircraft identification stand-down.
Retweeted by Angry Staff OfficerDuring WWII, he was shot down and spent two years as a prisoner before escaping the Nazis. Sgt Chuck Page recently…
Retweeted by Angry Staff Officer @DavidLarter Or they've taken the primary source out of context @JABell27 I would LOVE to see itPrimary sources make some people really uncomfortable @pacouceiro Coffee solves a multitude of things, so I'm back to being a nearly functioning human @DaffodilSwain No, I've yet to try that one. It's on the "to drink" list @pacouceiro In the cold and sober light of day, I thank you for this assessment @evo_kositz I'll be all bout thatHe's right. It is The Way for the Corps of Artillerists and Engineers - our shared tradition since splitting off fr… @MeatballNonner @LeeFuell We do: the Air ForceNo one: Absolutely no one: PAO in office opposite mine, muttering, quietly to himself: yuuuuuut The Marine Corps runs deep in this oneWant a book that will force you to think, and consider your conceptions of an idea? This might be the one.
Retweeted by Angry Staff OfficerHey, happy birthday, US Air Force. You're no longer the youngest branch at the table so now you can join the rest o… @TheSharlinator No such thing I want takeout SO BADLY RIGHT NOW I know that's the hangover talking and I don't careYour 2 minutes of push ups are cute? Have you tried 20 years of pain? My latest for @DuffelBlog
Retweeted by Angry Staff OfficerOmg who let me drink gin of a work night It was me, wasn't it The epilogue is never as fun as the main event Eve… @kairyssdal Same @atlasimpure The man invented US Army logistics @atlasimpure PrestagedSo, uh, yeah, that's the #drunjhistory of Yorktown Tip your delivery drivers Pet your dogs and cats Acknowledge… bloodiest day in American history would lead to that emancipation that was the promise of the Constitution - a… would not bring that birth of freedom. It would not be until the final challenge to emancipation, to the const… the convention, MA and PA delegates will loudly point out the lunacy of saying that all men are created equa… is what's gonna bring about the Treaty of Paris in 1783, with a free United States and a whole new birth o… oh, how did that world turn right upside down, with the second British field army surrendering to a "rabble in… of Oct 17 Over the top of the British works A lone drummer boy. Beating the parley under a white flag Co… can have all the best generals on your side, all the best troops But That doesn't mean the weather will coope… sappers axe down the fence and abatis, obvs, because clear the way, duh, and then over go the infantry. Redoubt… word comes down and the artillery goes off with a roar, covering fire for the attacks across the open area, ta… are to go in with surprise and mass, those two principles of warfare. Hamilton gathers the light companies o…, that's right, they're just big piles of FUCK U AND YOUR PLANS becauze they're designed to break up the cohesi… second parallel tho There's a problem The Brits have erected (HA!) two fortified positions called redoubts,…, a siege is basically using math to kill people Or get them to surrender It's all about them sexy angles. And… now must warn you SEXY ENGINEER SHIT TO FOLLOW cause it's a GD SIEGE and on the night of oct 5, the engineer… September 26 1681 or 1781, one of those, G Wash and Rochambet no. Rochambeau. There we go. Well, they've arrived… to September 5 and the Battle of the Capes where De Grasse and Admiral Tommy Graves duke it off Chesapeake Ba… rushes south with all teh troopz, and meanwhile, something IMPORTANT goes down navy shit Yeah, that's right. T… August, 4k French troops March down from Rhode Island, the only time I'll ever mention that weird ass place, and… there's 8000 Brit troops in Yorktown and VA, but G Washington sees this as the chance he's been waiting for, to… our Earl gets a BRAINWAVE. Gotta think center of gravity, even tho that shit hasn't been invented by Clausewitz…"The American fought like demons" Cornwally is gonna say after Guildford CH. Well, then, YA SHOULDA KNOWN, bud. He… wants to do badly that he's gonna chase Greene allllll the way into NC, over many rivers, that Greene gonna casu…, you might be asking, yo, ASO, we were promised Yorktown And, like Kipling, I will tell you, patience, O Jerus… ol Lord Cornwallis, when he hears about Tarleton's defeat & the 500 prisoners he's lost, says that Cowpens bro… Brits over commit, get confused, then suddenly there's militia on one flank, coming back like a cold sore you j… 17, 1781, and the Brits bear down on morgan aaaaaand the militia give 2 volleys & bounce, then the Continentals…, he draws out Banastre Tarleton, as played by @jasonsfolly BRILLIANTLY, like, give this man ALL THE AWARDS… start off, Greene splits his force, which is, well, no, you don't do that. But one part was under Daniel "I punc… Greene is chill. "I got this, fam" is the feeling he exudes. He gets everyone food. Clothing. Ammo. Boats. It's…, in the south, shit is fucked I know I've used these qualitative words before, but I've never meant them with…, shit is precisely and absolutely screwed for the Continental Army in the south, right? Wrongggg GW does one o…