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@TheSecretSaria >:]i'll work with anyone on this project to make it the best possible being it could ever be @zaphodblack >:]i will have a album out by 2021 and it will be my magnum opus @zaphodblack remind me to hit your line when im ready!fuck all
Retweeted by PR6STON @PeroxideHeroin same
Retweeted by PR6STONcollaborating with jaded is like waiting for aids test results to come backwho should i put on this project im making a list
lowkey hope nas or royce get their first grammies this year either way im happyy'all call the weeknd abel like y'all are spending thanksgiving with him or somn 💀 @cloudzino i had to save it for next time i simpim going to begin making music again next week to all my producer friends im accepting anything you slide my way its a 50/50 that i use it😐 @PeroxideHeroin thats the stress that comes with being the absolute fucking baller he is @PeroxideHeroin
@DickyMaculate and freddie gibbs nominated for a grammy thats a fucking dub
Retweeted by PR6STONI hate rapping I watched my hobby that I did in my room become something I can’t even enjoy anymore because everyone has a opinion
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“I’ve been uninspired since Playboi Carti retired” - Kendrick Lamar
Retweeted by PR6STONill believe cartis dropping when im done listening @SpongeBob
Retweeted by PR6STON @PeroxideHeroin holy fucking shit the worlds gonna stop @PeroxideHeroin its dropping?once i get a whole group of producers sending me beats left and right alongside my ability to make beats?!?! its overcan we talk about this album real quick the time i have today to do my school shit blackboards under maintenance i hope my transmission goes out going 90 mph down the roadwhen i die i want yall to put my brain on the grill make sure yall season it well
Retweeted by PR6STONI see no difference
Retweeted by PR6STON2017 was such a good year cause i only rocked cat avis
Retweeted by PR6STON:(
Retweeted by PR6STONReminder that Cole ended Kanye with False Prophets and its top 10 HH
Retweeted by PR6STON rap to be a pro cold war playerTen years ago today, Kanye West released the masterpiece that is My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy… Runaway, Power…
Retweeted by PR6STONToday marks the 10 year anniversary of the classic My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.
Retweeted by PR6STON @OxidizedPercs @p3rkesets your demons are winning dawg @OxidizedPercs @p3rkesets im confused did you just interact with yourselfgot tired of grinding to get it so i just went all in with my MT just to get him now we wait i know im gonna regre… need this diamond lamelo ball badddd @PeroxideHeroin nvm i dont wanna make music with you anymore :ccant wait for dark fantasy day tomorrow
holy fuck he can draw really well @PeroxideHeroin if you dont drop it anyways me to 100 and ill drop another song today or tomorrow
Retweeted by PR6STONi look forward to this every year 😪 collectively as a group should start robbing resellers and scalpers
Retweeted by PR6STON @PeroxideHeroin join the darkside and get an xbox with your caucasian counterpart @PeroxideHeroin next gens shooting feels too easy im about to slap on 12 min quarters just so i can nab all my badges @PeroxideHeroin on last gen i had a two way slasher build with a 67 3 pter but i slapped hof range extender and fle… @PeroxideHeroin wait till i tell you about the entendres in the ting we did! @cloudzino @PeroxideHeroin get that stupid goblin embiid out the picture and its perfect @PeroxideHeroin you are but shut up i see why i used to annoy you when i talk about my pen now LOLim down horrendous @PeroxideHeroin shut up dude @PR6STON lets go
Retweeted by PR6STONone day i might snap and im afraid of that @cloudzino otwhave no idea how anythings gonna happen, but it has toin all reality the only goal is to go far away from where i live because i hate this place and waking up in this en… or not its hard being a lakers fan lol
@PeroxideHeroin check discord dweeb @zFluidz cloneflipped marc rebillet and rapped over it hope i dont get sued :0
Retweeted by PR6STONin the summerrrr have a delivery on discord @PeroxideHeroiny’all... we makin it out the hood 🙏🏾🙏🏾
Retweeted by PR6STON @PeroxideHeroin @cloudzino i drop a project its probably the last one @cloudzino may bok i need beats ima get back on my bs this coming weekman im sad now @PeroxideHeroin i've considered retirement so many times hearing my dead ass voice over shit i simply just dont belong on @PeroxideHeroin i bet engineers be calling their artists whack asf while making their song good @PeroxideHeroin this is why i dont like anything i do idk how people do itreal
Retweeted by PR6STON @PeroxideHeroin @theyaremallory cant say the same for the other way around @PeroxideHeroin @theyaremallory yeah rapping about how you're "misogynistic so massage on this dick" is whack if th… @theyaremallory having mid bars can be okay if your flow and delivery slapsdont wipe my ass just incase my girl tries to peg me im built different
Retweeted by PR6STONjadeds review of the song i sent him the warriors are gonna suck now i kinda wanted to see the splash brothers catch a couple bodies:(( crying dude called his dick a dingaling really gonna 1v1 lamelo ball @PeroxideHeroin he's so ahead of his time 😳 he predicted the future of his favorite artists! have you also head 19…
Retweeted by PR6STONhe already tryna win a 2nd term