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A Common man and damn i love rains than anything else, please note that i am not a meteorologist nor an expert in Weather.

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Rainfall in Chennai till 2.30 am on 02.07.2020 in mm Tondiarpet - 26 Royapuram - 19 Nungambakkam - 12 Shenoy Nag… Thunderbolts. Its 3rd day in row we are getting rains in the Midnight in some part of the city.சத்தியமா_விடவே_கூடாது
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After blasting monsoon rains in Kerala and Veppa salanam rains in Interior TN, Rain God atlast smiles over Chennai… on Koshi and Bihar Floods: Though there are articles on Koshi River n flooding in Bihar, I prepared this t…
Retweeted by TamilNadu Weatherman @SaiKingkohli Can u provide me with stats of June in past years...😎😎Storms in Northern suburbs of Chennai, while another good day for Thunderstorms in Tamil Nadu, KTC chance for rains…
@Rakeshwaran8 Went via kanchi to Tiruttani..Gingee, Tiruvannamalai at Night after the massive rains Video courtesy Asad, Tiruvannamalai at evening after the monster thunderstorms Video courtesy Asad @TellwinJoseTJ its IMD AWS...and bloggers there reported intense rains. @itzz_me_krishna Happy for u @francispoker Meenambakkam is station....will get the figures shortly.Rainfall till 2.00 pm in Chennai ---------- in mm (min 5 mm) Madhavaram - 36 Thiruvottiyur - 15 Nungambakkam - 15… @CMOTamilNadu @Vijayabaskarofl please look into their request rains expected for Chennai later today and the other districts in North TN thanks to UAC moving up creating wi… @gov_ravi ippo core city...all places have chance later in the day @madhukacs moreover what happened is just stray...more rains later in the day. Next two days same conditions so we… @dark_knight_gk evening and night chance for sure. @praddy62 @madhukacs pradeep leave it. @madhukacs my website is took 1 hour to prepare i a magican to prepare this in few mins....moreov… day for Rains in Chennai, KTC, Vellore, Ranipet, Tvmalai and Pondy See why ?
Steering winds are very weak, clouds will struggle to move. Lets see if it can bloom. This June, not a single Red T… popup in western & southern suburbs of Chennai with Chennai's favorite NW winds, Popups seen over Gumidipo…
Tried to put up a short video on upcoming UAC based Veppa Salanam rains and the monsoon to be active in Kerala and… Red Thakkali day for us and its going to be very active day for Tamil Nadu with weak monsoon in place.…
Great days to start for thunderstorms in TN (incl KTC) with UAC forming in SW bay. In kerala and ghats monsoon will… Update - Western affairs to continue ------ Another day of storms in the west, moving from NW to SE direction.… @sathishpark No...not available to public
Tamil Nadu Weatherman Special - All India Rainfall and State Wise Rainfall toppers in the 1st 20 days of Monsoon, a… and KTC Nowcast update -------------- Hope south Chennai and its suburbs enjoyed the rains, the next one co… and KTC update ---------- Its time to see west again as a daily routine !!! Lot of popups seen W and NW of…
@_ishakali He heதிருத்தணியில் தீம்புனல் திமிறியது @ChennaiRains @RainStorm_TN @praddy06
Retweeted by TamilNadu WeathermanChennai and KTC Update Weather is a patternu summava solranga, lets start tracking the west again. Meanwhile Kera…நாமக்கல்லில் நளினமாய் நடனமாடிய வான்மகள் ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ @ChennaiRains @RainStorm_TN @praddy06
Retweeted by TamilNadu Weatherman @Selwyyyyn Chellam, 500 mb and 700mb won't trigger storms na. That was the debate we always had. Heat is key isn't it. @FluffyShiv yes some clouds will move beyond ghats into TN sideThats one hell of rain bands moving deep into Kerala ghats, this will be the 1st heavy spell in Kerala ghats this m… with love, my daughter's Father's day present, a quick drawing when I asked her where is the Father's day gi… @Kartrag4991 Next one karAnnular Solar Eclipse (Ring of Fire) for North India on 21.06.2020, Our (South India) turn for Ring of Fire will co… pattern is set, lets be hopeful of convergence happening again like yesterday. It will be cloudy for most o… Rainfall expected in Kerala, particularly in South Kerala and also in the areas close to ghats of Nilgiris, V…
Next band for Southern Chennai and its suburbs...Enjoying feeling so happy atlast. Lets hope its a start and we g…
Chennai and KTC Rains update - One of the perfect day for rains ------- 40C day and late sea breeze always brings…
@SajeevSreeniva2 off shore trough looks bit strong north of kerala. Steady rains with isolated heavy rains will con… @mathavanguru19 @ChennaiRains @RainStorm_TN 48 mm in TindivanamTalakaveri 160 mm, the first big spell of this monsoon. Bhagamandala too will be 100 mm plus. Atlast monsoon winds…
Near avadi, chennai @praddy06 @chennaiweather @ChennaiRains
Retweeted by TamilNadu WeathermanWhat a beautiful sight to see rains in some parts of Chennai after sizzling hot day. This is rains in Chennai Amba… and early sea breeze. The collusion of sea breeze and Westerlies = rain. Enjoy if ur lucky to get rain in KTCC.
@navin_ankampali @KCoastalRains @KodaguConnect @ravikeerthi22 @BngWeather @ChennaiRains @VagariesWeather Water Supply lakes looks comfortable in 2020 compared to previous years with over 5 tmc of water, its only… @ravikeerthi22 giant awakensTalakaveri , Birth place of River Kaveri #KodaguMonsoon2020
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Tamil Nadu Weatherman Special: Mettur Dam is opened today on the customary date of June 12 after 9 years Last year…
Low activates Monsoon magic across west coast with missiles striking Kerala.A very active week ahead for west coast…
June 6th keeps its promise with its destiny with rains reported in many parts of Chennai and KTC Previous posts o… 45, Nunga 35mm, Meena 30 mm, Puzha 23 mm 2017-Puzha 30 mm, Chola 22, Meena 12 mm Nunga 12 mm 2016-Chemb… 6th is always been a lucky day for Chennai and KTC. Can we sneak in some rains today ? Lets see the statistica…
@aparbansal yes..pls read @ASHISHK63156060 @MdAffanSiddiqu3 its a monsoon lowChennai ------------ One widespread TS action always happens before formation of next low in bay of bengal and this… first active monsoon rains to start in Kerala, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. South Kerala & Kanyakumari will be thi…
Rare Pileus cloud seen in Chennai. Dont miss it. A pileus cloud also called scarf cloud or cap cloud is a small cl… update - Watch the west with Thunderstorms marching into suburbs of the Chennai City. Some parts of the city w…
Retweeted by TamilNadu WeathermanHumans are good ?
Retweeted by TamilNadu Weatherman @5524_anush its normal monsoon low / depressions.Sandavali - 109 Gaganbawada - 102 Pratapgad - 102 Whiram - 101 Navaja - 101 Walvan - 100 Nivale - 100 Chaphal - 100… from Cyclone Nisarga in Maharashtra ghat areas. Till 7.30 pm. -------------- in mm Moleshwari - 167 Jor -… Nisarga wind speed cross 100 km/hr but falls way short of the 1948 Cyclone -- Alibag-102 km/hr Harnai-74 km… @saran_2016 Onset for chennai is of no relevance for us because we fall in the leeward side. we have seen SWM line… @Incarnator_ Will try to compile. data base of indian storms are available from 1870'sCyclone Nisarga 2020 Reported wind speeds ---- Harnai - 74 km/hr Colaba - 72 km/hr Ratnagiri - 59 km/hr 1940 Bo… @Ramee_Naz not much @baski652 it is grazing the coast. lets wait.#WATCH - Strong winds were witnessed at Shriwardhan Market in Maharashtra at 12 PM today ahead of the arrival of…
Retweeted by TamilNadu WeathermanCyclone Nisarga started to cross the coast with right side of the eye falling over land south of Alibag. The north-… @Vikas_Babar9 eyewall can dump 100-200 mm rains in no time.Cyclone Nisarga defined Eye is seen now with intensification and looks like a beauty, close to land and in another… @Prem44023365 This is recorded winds. not the forecasted. i will be updating the recorded winds throught the day as… @vprasanna83 Crossing ok. but moving in N-NE direction will be right over or close to mumbai by 1.00-2.00 pmCyclone Nisarga 2020 so far ---- Ratnagiri - 59 km/hr winds Colaba - 33 km/hr winds 1940 Bombay Cyclone ---- Colab… @i_neppo its fast moving one Nep. But eyewall is close to mumbai by 2.00pm. So intense rains will be there at that time.Do read the previous post where rare Mumbai cyclone in 1940 and 1948 which devastated Mumbai is given - in and around Mumbai, apart from those born before 1940s, this will be the 1st time they will be hearing how… Bombay Cyclone ---- Colaba – winds – 97 km/hr, Gusts – 121 km/hr 1948 Bombay Cyclone ---- Alibag – Gusts 16… will be close to Mumbai by 1.30 pm with winds of 70-80 km/hr with gusts nearing 100 km/hr. Eyewall will be very… Nisarga will start to cross the Maharashtra Coast south of Alibag around 10.30 am to 11.30 am. Crossing / l…
@pradeepsuresh4 please read the article. @Yadhav76938790 Yes @JugalSh49503355 two more days, once this cyclone moves away.Tamil Nadu Weatherman Special Cyclone Update - Has Mumbai seen Cyclone before in its history ? Yes !! Rare snapshot… @karagis75 @iamvijayakumar 1940 and 1948 cyclones were during north east monsoon. while this one is from SW monsoon… @iamvijayakumar Nope it made landfall 100 kms from Alibag and nearly 170 kms from Mumbai. We cant call it Mumbai cy… @Shravan_SK Tomorrow 10 pm will be fine. if airport is operational. @manarm1234 not a relevant question @dr_nithesh not a strong one and way south of mumbai