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A Common man and damn i love rains than anything else, please note that i am not a meteorologist nor an expert in Weather.

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Cousin's wedding feast @ thouduvatty (marthandam) - Matta / Chemba rice (Gundu rice) @diabolicaldrvin Very tough. Carlsen is intimidated only by Firouzja. Would love to watch a classical match betwe… @SunDudez Ok teacherThe day is not far when Firouzja will challenge Carlsen for World Championship. No one else is not even close to c… @RainTracker Near Arumanai @nansureshkumar Near Arumanai @nansureshkumar Kanyakumari @Tranquilnity Yes yes.Phelps in action 🙈🙈🙈 reaching the finish line. My daughter enjoys the village side odais. ignore the hype given by Tamil Media on the February rains. Please see the updates directly from my twitter or fb page or website.
@balaji_ns18 less runs....let him score and maintain it.The current batting legends in Cricket right now Steve Smith Virat Kohli Kane Willamson Joe Root @Elango_nataraj @vijivenkadesh KK biriyani ah...i hate them @sam123456noxx I am sure it is much more than that...i cant lift it. @Sudalaiventhan @mksbabu2007 Awesome @KRaviShankar16 Yes an variety of Kanthari .Kanthari mulaku one of the variety of Bird’s eye chilly and one of the spiciest chilly in our state. @Anuvishnu4 Yes @Prasant32948449 Plenty here...can come here to Kk @rsreevaas No internet... @gokulnyn @Kishoreciyer1 Atleast i am bold enough to say. See the content. @gokulnyn @Kishoreciyer1 Dont talk about my guts...i had the guts to post about it. @gokulnyn @Kishoreciyer1 So what. Off course it applies to paul dinakaran and others too. @Anbukarasanc Yes yes @BhagirathiCV Kanyakumari they call chakka @febint93 Varikkai. How can koozhan become so big @LibinAn87962524 @SAIRAM93904786 @febint93 Its varikka @SAIRAM93904786 @febint93 In kanyakumari. It called chakka palamEnga veetu Chakka, the biggest one we have seen in my life😍😍😍. One adult can't hold it !!! seen Tirunelveli district so green and massive lakes have formed in open areas. Thanks to massive rains in Ja…
@ImYokEsH me too scared of biriyani in non trusted hotels. but u should try this one in Azhaghu muthu nagar @skibrahim999 they have lot of spices. @Tranquilnity Tried Arcot Biriyani, not upto the vellore ones. @Tranquilnity Amma / Jothi / SRS lam famous in Vellore. @skibrahim999 How is it opposite.... u love Ambur seeraka samba briyani isnt it ? @kumar61297 Sure sure. @Spykevasu Enna rice ?Tirunelveli Biryani - A small roadside hotel and a taste to remember. @sriramcbe It applies perfectly to Jesus Calls Paul Dinakaran and others too. @ImSaravananJ Applies perfectly to Jesus Calls Paul Dinakaran and others too.Chennai meanwhile got floods in 1984 February the only year in 200 years when Chennai got floods in February. Chenn… Nadu All time Top February Rainfall ------- 1984 - 130.8 2000 - 74.0 1950 - 68.0 1930 - 60.3 1928 - 54.9 T… Nadu All time Top January Rainfall ---------- in mm 1921 – 141.2 2021 – 138.0 (till 23.01.2021) 1923 – 136… historic January rainfall in Tamil Nadu, we are heading towards historic February rainfall. February is one… @sriramcbe Not the intention of the tweet. @Hinsaf @kalvetu Why should one give their hard earned money to someone based on some assumptions ? Be practical.… @kalvetu @Hinsaf Then it is right to post in my wall man ? who are u to ask man ?Wimbledon of Chess - Tata Steel Chess 2021-Wijk aan Zee Can Harikrishna hold the game with Carlsen who looks in dr… @amasaesle Athu seri !!! U have all the capabilities of a future FM @cherrymp Sorry no edit option in twitter. Will try to remember if possible. @Hinsaf I dont want to get into that aspect. God is there or not ? its one belief ? who are we to judge ? @VenkatKia @iam_balaji_v applies to all and to the one you have mentioned too. @rsreevaas Rightly said.God never asked anyone to give money to any Godmen and make them rich. If you want to help, please help needy direc… does a Godmen get so much money ? Even a person who earns Rs.1000 gives money to Godmen assuming he is giving…
@arunm027 Yes tomorrow too no winds @uniquechitra Air Quality is good in Chennai. for Fog extending into day time in Chennai. We can see from morning 3.00 am to 10.0 am the winds in Chennai…
Rains expected again in Delta to South Tamil Nadu on 20 and 21st January. All time Record January Rainfall for Ta…
@PrakashMadhava6 Even on 20 and 21st Jan rains are expected in some parts of TN @chiefsanjay It is like India beating US / China in the war @its_me_karthi @BCCI its in cricinfo and all over the media.With very very very rare February rains expected in Tamil Nadu right around the match time, i will back with rain u… @Kebadaniel7 Rahane is rockstar in SENA not in India @MohamedNaeem96 yes @SashidharanRam1 they have said that in past. lets see. @sugens In india saha was preferred dont u know ? he struggles keeping against spinners. Not my words. @brightbharath they have dropped in the past. @KaravTheMonk Not going to happen @KailasamS yesWith so much competition, every player except Pujara, Kohli, Ashwin & Bumrah will not be automatic choices. So much… miss the team that played in 2, 3 and 4th Test in Australia. I dont think we will see them play together in ne… @NaufilZak its Chennai @Kabilanvelavan Yes. @KailasamS he is picked team is announced @iamzackhere three pacers in india and that too in Chennai ? who will be 2nd spinner ? @Smartguy_2007 check the teamVery hard on Nadeem. He got one test last time and he performed well in that. Axar gets picked ahead of him. Not su… @harisskumar didnt u see ? he is not in teamLikely playing XI scenario for 1st Test in Chennai 1. Rohit 2. Gill 3. Pujara 4. Kohli 5. Rahane 6. Pandya / Washi… @DilipVaz Double cheers !!பெயின் அறிவிப்பு - காபா இந்தியாவின் கோட்டை Very rarely i give weather update for cricket matches and proud to have… @00muth appo this is not ur place. @00muth have u seen it ? @Vinoth66666 why bring palaya kathai now. @sanchit17018783 @Gowthamthreeg what does the tweet say !!! why should even think about the AussiesTomorrow headlines (India win or draw) - 4 Indian net bowlers took 20 wickets in Aussies Fortress, while 4 legends… & Cric update - No more rains and runs required is less than 90. 1. Umpire thought only way India can win… @MohamedNaeem96 Yes. Incl me. even now. thats the beauty of this indian team fightback isnt it. That too in Gabba @BalumaDoluma Somethings will always remain in the the background !!! Its called trust !!The clouds are almost dead. Appadiya players and umpires ground la veyyanga. Maximum 2-5 mins rains. If u let them… Weather & cricket update mix panni oru thriller create pannuvom !!!! 🤣🤣🤣Seems the Aussies are praying now for rains. the cells of thunderstorm have weakened but not dead and very close to… news - single cell storms fizzling out. Rain threat gone. Not sure how many prayed for the fizzling. The cell… @urstrulyadhil 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣One single cell Thunderstorm has developed south of Brisbane. It is not huge one like yesterday. Wind direction is… @SureshTHANGAkan Already put na..break in rains. Some one day rains expected on 21st. @oruMLAda Poriappa varathu,Even after sun coming out (which is key for thunderstorms), not much cumulus development seen in south and west (st…