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prak @prakdip Ontario, Canada

i like gaming and pretty girls

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a girl?? who listens to BLADEE???? AWOOOGA AWOOOGA *eyes pop out of skull, tongue rolls onto floor* HUMMINA HUMMINA HUMMINA
Retweeted by prak @obrndo @reaperclothes is that a real copy pasta @Reasonemm nah its whatever @OffbrandMilkbag it’s every time i refresh my tl or commentidk what’s worse stan twitter it fortnite twitter @SkreetMan is it just to many people using it or something @NotMystiks ya but why and howWTF IS THIS @NotMystiks @jeangaultierr lick my clit dude i don’t like you @reaperclothes me too @jeangaultierr idk if this is the best time for this joke with his brother dying yesterdaylooking like a human baby groot @hexbby i’m so fucking smart @hexbby wait do you put it in your underwear or something @hexbby bye cya tomorrow @hexbby grab a straw @stroofinati @OnTheFlyTwitch @Schovee @lexieyuh @scarrfries LMFAO @OnTheFlyTwitch @Schovee @lexieyuh @scarrfries i hope schove single handily carries the team @supperbutter @ieatchawarma ya ik that @fvckwill @ieatchawarma i thought she was a youtuber @ieatchawarma i had a small feeling @leppypypyyp neither does bladee @ieatchawarma it is her @xanful nothing @xanful @ieatchawarma is the girl that hurt her dog or something i don’t have either @Wis_Alt @pokimanelol @Valkyrae LMFAOOOOboutta hop on lamborghini boys @fvckwill @xanful brick wallMac Miller’s “Swimming” came out 2 years ago today. His best work to date. We miss you every day Malcolm 💔
Retweeted by prak @destinylsbright aw i feel bad @destinylsbright well did you @destinylsbright YOU WERE THERE NO WAY LMFAOOOfat fingered ffsnightx @dxukkaj @MagicEightBal LMFAO @dxukkaj @MagicEightBal you got this @dxukkaj @MagicEightBal go go go @Boy1drr congrats man @SamManlol @LuTzzIol ok? @shivisdumb you wear glasses @Boy1drr shut up man @Boy1drr i am the better sage main. @dxukkaj me too and the cliff hangers they had were nice @dxukkaj i’m on episode 8 on season 2 but i have to wait for my sister to catch up @dxukkaj what episode you on @yungricepatty oh man ily i hope you feel better @yungricepatty what happened @GRlNCHIE idk im not danny im prak @jeangaultierr whos your left airpod @xanful slatt so hard i skidd myself @ahmedanimations it doesnt bother me that much @Finesse_Aziz no i just liked the show @Finesse_Aziz whatmodern family was such a good showthe most amazing things that can happen to a human being will happen to you, if you just lower your expectationsive watched a bunch of these too and it says i haventit keeps going @TaxFugitive fri clicked on one hot ones and now thats my entire recommended @reaperclothes ya @reaperclothes why @lewnair why are you so mean @lewnair lemme see it and rate it first @EcstacyAbuse @lewnair why should i tell you ask her
@lewnair nah im good thanks for asking thoHave a great weekend!! Said the troll face
Retweeted by prak @reaperclothes he probably stole that too @hexbby nah thats understandable @SamjaySJ how are you gonna celebrate todaythe world is yours
Retweeted by prak @xLambo_ gl man @allie02322335 LMFAOOOOOOmessaged her saying hey and she ss it and sent it to me laughing @MagicEightBal @hexbby LMFAO @Moristiko miss himnight be posting their warzone wins like anyone cares @lewnair post an ass pic on your private while you at it @pdotsully whats jager @lewnair horny on main smh @fandomhuub is that actually how it went @LazasBautista @Avalanche100T @SamManlol play on smurfs or somethingthe fuck you say to me you little shit @liImorg people that are obsessed with politics are weird @NotMystiks @af4iry @jamre469 what girl @NotMystiks @af4iry @jamre469 you look like a cowboy in it @af4iry @NotMystiks @jamre469 i just saved that picturethat’s my pinned i’m a goat @bopndop oooooooooooo lol @NotMystiks @af4iry @jamre469 you saying made the joke more unfunny then it already was @NotMystiks @af4iry @jamre469 dawg you are not scoring shit @bopndop are you a raptors fan @HarryButAverage wtf is the pictureit’s always “who are you how did you get into my house” not “hru”