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prak @prakdip 18, he/him, ontario canada

i like gaming and pretty girls

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Retweeted by prak @xAidanZul LMFAOOOOOOOO NO WAY I MISSED THIS IM CRINE @lyssiu yes @XxQu1cKSc0peZz i really wish you would take better quality pics man @Hauntterr @XxQu1cKSc0peZz IM CRINEEEEEE @Hauntterr @XxQu1cKSc0peZz LMFAOOOOOOOOOOO @KittenElise omfg the luxe knife @nott_roo not really no @wtfbails i feel like you ruined the poor guys day @wtfbails what did you say back @bryce_8987 @LewisJozef @MichaelSyncrony sorry @OffbrandMilkbag dude @OBFjason @xAidanZul fight back @lyssiu you killed thisi got my second vaccine shot today and it made me realize i never got a second shot with you... i’ve heard that dou… @ninaawh @Layymooon GOOOOOOOOOOO @stanthefishman no old pic @stanthefishman hey lolz @GusElEstrangero well i shaved like 4 days ago but thank you @lyssiu LETS GOOOOOOO @xAidanZul on the jet @AIexIoI i dont!!!i miss my beard but it doesn’t grow that well so who cares 🙏got yo broad in the garage eatin semen
Retweeted by prakjumped off the jet, i left semen on the seat
@ShogunSalas ok @visionofviii rawrmaking my own football league to join just send me the front and back of your credit cardsQuit gaming 6 months ago. Bought a new car, I have an amazing girlfriend, I make a shitload of money and I'm buying… @ripxRainn @glaiv3 vouch @RottenPapi have a good birthday lmk what kind of cake you get @RottenPapi happy birthdaymy fav gaming websitei love twitch will never hit the goal @_saent sorry @22lexi_ too lazy to get mine now. but my cousin has one so if i ever wanna look at it i’ll use that one @22lexi_ you know i still don’t have my yearbook @WillLuvsYou oh @crizumlol sorry @WillLuvsYou ͏͏͏ @PaintClown_ bobby ily but what @PaintClown_ it’s been like 3 days @visionofviii wait no you’re gonna kick me from the gc @co_mooh @Kaughtin4k let him do his thing @silvasalavisa @soIitxa what did you do @tomvsthewrld ima shoot you and him @tangerinevdream @tomvsthewrld son what the fuck does this mean and why did you save my selfie @Grahamalott you bitch let me sleep @22lexi_ still might delete it idk @1hadofhfo my side profile weird so ig that’s whyidk if this picture is that nice so i might delete it!gn @4pe5h1t what are they @icyNewborn @Layymooon LMFAOOOOO @vroomS_ @Boy1drr @JhbTeam tf @mynamegroos @JustaMinx what does this mean @JustaMinx ill fix you. @JERMAlNE LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOfight was shorter then a vine @xbarkoo LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOthis fight felt racist idk why @Poopiano lfgjake paul did it for the vineWhen someone builds over me but I have a grappler jiggle peaked his domerwait why is he on the ground they hugging what nice friends <3 ASKREN BUILT LIKE A BAG OF MILK LMFAOOOOOOO @BakeHatesItHere glad i made people laugh @BakeHatesItHere LMFAOOO LETS GO @ReneTheGrenadee she was tho i swearbitch server muted🎶🎶they make me do push-ups in california 🎶🎶
Retweeted by prakto make it worse that performance sucked just get off the stagecan this dude just do peaches and get off stage @NAOMlCORE ok @NAOMlCORE shut up bitch @NAOMlCORE 12:11dexerto shut the fuck up challenge @notbil_cipher yea i heard but i still dont care cause i never liked boxingim falling asleep this so boringim sorry but who the fuck are these people @YourEmbracee @TheOGLuda @brisklul SHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESH @lonerkev no LMFAO @ValenR6S erm @lonerkev gonna listen to my nav playlist now @TheOGLuda @brisklul what the fuck @lonerkev did i hear nav @mazooter listen too many people did it now its tacky @ValenR6S YOU HAVE R6 IN YOUR NAME BUT YOU HAVE A VALORANT CAT PFP???? @ValenR6S lsoer @ItsJustMeTori_ @YourEmbracee no stop @oFabz i like injustice more @viipxrz @oFabz no