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jcfc prak @prakdip 18, he/him, ont canada

you’re welcome anytime in my dreams.

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@koordell•◡•) @22lexi_ some canadians leave their shoes on in they house @cuartocore @thegingerbatt what @JhbTeam my goat @sheobies what colour is it rn @xDarkBeastGanon the audacity of the whites:/
Retweeted by jcfc prak @Yiibs wait no i got it copying on a macbook is just confusing to me @Yiibs oh i think i have to hop on my pc in order to do it @Yiibs nah its ok @Yiibs i just tried it on my priv and fucked up ima just give up already @lbzyyyyy @Yiibs wow thanks @Yiibs how yo name like that
@Froste this is my favourite comment under your song @KittenElise what @Layymooon @Blankzy_ LMFAO WHATwho tf said this under yessir p2??????
Retweeted by jcfc prak @BakeHatesItHere pablo set himself up for this @Avalanche100T @Froste lemme comewhy god why @b44ia probably an evolution from ass pics @b44ia the internet @_Vill__ who @Connugh @Mako i love that vid man @Connugh @Mako what banger you talking about @Connugh @Mako come on man i wanted to post the pic @liImorg all i have is a bad sleep schedule @Froste @CouRageJD @100Thieves @Nadeshot and that’s on jcfcthis is my fav oneholy shit #ロマサガRS @iHaveNoHoe who’s on it @mhmtapp i hate people @roojuliee glad you’re back @roojuliee where’d you go @mhmtapp LMFAO NO FUCKING WAY @brianabraska why does the dude behind you look like boris johnson @F73 what’s your favourite flavour then @cuartocore @marcxsy we waiting... @ufovaz im so sorry ily man @RedEmperorTy @PaintClown_ im gon give my dude the smallest dick yet biggest ballsbanger fr @lemipog @HCAFC_finlay3 @AubieAnderson @CFC_Ant LMFAOOOO @yNope_ meowmeow        __      />  フ      |  .  . l      /` ミ_xノ      /      |     /  ヽ   ノ     │  | | |  / ̄|   | | |  | ( ̄ヽ_ヽ)__)  \二つ @StabbyClaus no thanks @FavsPriv man people recycling old ass tweets ffs @FavsPriv how old is that tweet @Josh_Tries nah we saw it @Aa_ron146 it’s ok nothing that good and nothing that bad @daveonater i stole it @daveonater ion even like val @Boy1drr stole it from a dm mako posted @6rendo @grjffy @Mako @_vndy @xLambo_ @reaIlysexy @xanful hey brendo @grjffy @Mako @_vndy @6rendo @xLambo_ @reaIlysexy @xanful you ruined my mentions @reaIlysexy @Mako @really @reaIlyupset knowing him he is @reaIlysexy @Mako @really there should be a really gc @reaIlysexy @Mako bro is everyone gonna have the "@really" then whatever now @Mako @anthonyyromero blaming this on you @mako lmk teamVALorant ? What about BROOKEorant ?? @Mako @JhbTeam thanks @reaIIycool mf if he does ima live with his parents till we all get clapped @Mako my goats fr @reaIIycool LMFAOOOOOO mf it’s junkyjanker i highly doubt shits gonna happen to you @reaIIycool nah you good man @reaIIycool wait wym by og did they change him? @reaIIycool wait the voice actor? @reaIIycool who’s gumball @Mako how da 99+1 thefts do in the game todayhere’s a pic of my joji shirt that i bought. sorry i didn’t put it on main gn @Mako helo make oh @TheMob #askmob thoughts on jcfc and frostes song on it @KingEmail0 @mr_nahh ronaldo newsthat mf boutta get jumped the second he tries to go home @cuartocore 😋 @solace632 study tomorrow @CryptiicNoOne @CorinnaKopf LMFAOOOOOOAOAOQOQO
@BoyOneDrrPriv how old is that pic @hind6rrr i’m ok with that @Yuhuuur @VinkolaJokic 70 GIGS FUCK @Daymeeein @jakkuxd @thegingerbatt it’s past 20k i know that @visionofviii yo @visionofviii couldn’t pick so i hopped on 4 accounts to vote for all of themGood Morning :p
Retweeted by jcfc prak @Boltsiola Act broke to stay rich you won’t understand
Retweeted by jcfc prak100 off 1k omg @jakkuxd @thegingerbatt @Daymeeein is this true @j4zzyko @Nefertidddy ???? @josayyc @Froste @jakkuxd BRO LMDAOOOOOOO I CANT @SamManlol @scaruki it’s just hard finding good taco places around us @SamManlol @scaruki you know what i kinda agreedamn my spotify wrapped crazy lol @realJBA who made a burner just to say that