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Write your life 🅢🅒🅡🅘🅟🅣 and 🅡🅔🅐🅒🅣 to it properly✨  FrontEnd enthusiast 😻🎨 #100DaysOfCode #reactjs #javascript #CSS

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@SwastikaYadav5 Congratulations Swastika🎉✨ 1K is not so far @radnerus93 @PtiteAngele @foxlarssonart @rovenclasher @Arvind_0602 @Lindsey_design @thisismanaswini This is amazing 🤩 @malik_lakhani67 Great 😅 @PtiteAngele @kathan_vakharia Thanks! 😊 @DomVacchiano + nose + tongue Even more efficient 😂 @DomVacchiano Job is all yours😅 Thanks for supporting me @kyleh919 Thank you so much Kyle😊🙏 @shrutibalasa Thank you😊🙏 @darrenfinch_ I don't think so😅 @ExplorerAadi @theHumbleBeing Congratulations Aditya🎉😊 @vakharia_heet Thanks 🙏🏼😊 @fabcodingzest Thanks! 🙏🏼 @thisismanaswini Thanks Manaswini😊🙏🏼 @sai_krrishhh Thanks Sai😊 @sunilc_ Thanks Sunil🙏😊 @girllovescodes Thanks Gagan🙏😊 @KlemenMagg Thanks😊 @oliverjumpertz Thank you so much Oliver😊🙏 @ashleydavis75 @AaronCuddeback This made me laugh so hard🤣🤣 What about tongue? 🤣🤣 @radnerus93 @iamjatinrao @DevLoop01 @akshay_codes @coderNewbee @a_man_kr @johnjacobkenny @yashrajnayak @radnerus93 Thanks Suren🙏😊 You're my constant supporter 😊 @denicmarko Thank you Marko🙏😊 You're a true inspiration for me. I always enjoy your content. @theHumbleBeing Thank you bhai🙏😊 @iamjatinrao @DevLoop01 @akshay_codes @coderNewbee @a_man_kr @johnjacobkenny @yashrajnayak @manvisinghwal @iamjatinrao @tanaypratap @ravinwashere @hellonehha @khushbooverma_ @geeky_bhavani @vijayhardaha @kumar_abhirup @LaasyaSetty Still Thank you so much Laasya🙏😊Reached at 2.5K followers mark this evening 😍 Thank you all for the Support💛 and Appreciation😊 that you have given… @radnerus93 Lol same here 😂Ok a general question 😄 How many of you programmers type with all fingers? ⌨️ #programming #100DaysOfCode @theHumbleBeing @denicmarko Hehe @devinDford @denicmarko @denicmarko Here it is😎 I'm not a robo😂 @FrancescoCiull4 Nice lines! Really motivational @divyapundhir_21 Let's talk in inbox 😁 @dmokafa Absolutely! Ask a question and resolve your query within seconds is better than being frustrated for hours. @Codeanddream @freeCodeCamp 😂 All the best keep going😊 @Codeanddream @freeCodeCamp So finally you know that JavaScript is also know as ConfusedScript😂 Although DOM mani… @anniebombanie_ Everything is just wow😮 - The cloud effect - her smile - caption on this tweet Moreover the anim… @denicmarko Whoa!! 🤩 Thank you for this Marko! Say no more to JS now for typing effect @mansoorsshaikh1 Skills can be developed by practice😄 @im_sandeepdalvi I know the SDLC is so important and it must be followed for successful completion of a project.… @FavouriteJome1 Haha lol😂😆 @ravinwashere ASCII text @ashleydavis75 I was talking about personal projects for practice 😅 @divyapundhir_21 Sure😊 @PBhanuPrakash99 Agree with your point👍 @im_sandeepdalvi That's more bookish I think😅What are your requirements to build a project? I need 👇 1️⃣ Idea 💡 2️⃣ Computer 🖥️ 3️⃣ Internet connection 📶 #100DaysOfCode #programming @thisismanaswini Thanks Manaswini😊 @KassandraSanch Thanks Kass!! 😊 @devinDford I'm glad😅🙏 @PtiteAngele Thanks! 😊 The code is also very clean, jist few lines of code @oliverjumpertz Thanks!! 😊 @radnerus93 Thanks Suren😊 @DetentionTech Thanks!!
#100DaysOfCode Neumorphic analog clock created using HTML, CSS and JS #CodeNewbie #CSS #javascript @thearslankhalid Congratulations Arslan🎉 You deserve it! @oliverigor98 Thanks! @happaada Thank you😊 @SandraCoding Thanks Sandra😊 @ravinwashere A is the correct and more precise I think because as per naming conventions, the letter should be capital. @_marcba You can create a game and post link here. The first person who click on that link will play with you. Works? @macerub Congratulations Mario🎉 1K is not so far💪 @Arvind_0602 @FrancescoCiull4 @dmokafa @dannysteenman @rafrasenberg @anniebombanie_ @RiaCorpeno @alyd789 Seems like… @FrancescoCiull4 @_marcba Openings should be precise for a better chess player. I like d4 queen's gambit declined… @_marcba I love chess😍 I like to play Sicilian Paulsen variation as black and queen's gambit declined variation as white. @anniebombanie_ @hashbrowns94 You're smart🔥 I used 1,2,3.... for each page which makes it bit complicated. Ever… @nehabharati21 Thanks Neha😊🙏 @hashbrowns94 @anniebombanie_ Thank you so much😊 Use 99999 value for z-index. This will sort any confusion 😆 @kajal_sharm @Codeanddream Thanks😊🙏It's not necessary to have proper knowledge about a language to code in. Just start you'll able to make it💪 Belie… @PrasoonPratham @jackdomleo7 Same😂 @shobhit094 Nope! I didn't take care of it's width. Just a one media query away. @coderarchive Thanks Le🙏😊 @Codeanddream 😂😂 You're doing great already! @Watcher65147426 rotateY @kathan_vakharia Thanks Kathan😊 @thorsgardian_ Using CSS and JS😂 @profulsadangi Do you know this question can cause war 😂💡TIP Just scroll over numeric values in Chrome DevTools to change it's value. It will probably useful tip if yo… @elyktrix It would be awesome if you publish a book that would have all bugs to wrote so far. Bug can be turned out into a feature @I_mJackie Thanks!! I like this gif😂 @DixitMani1 Happy birthday🎉 May god bless you. @OnlyMikeTheDev You're annoying/rude to some fool maybe but for me and probably for all you're awesome guy @De_Asall For sure @dmokafa Well said Deni! Sometimes extra effort put things out of your control. @De_Asall Thank you😊 @OnlyMikeTheDev Congratulations Mikael🎉🤩 On this great day, I want tell you something. You're a supportive guy I… @FrancescoCiull4 @telmo I know him😍 Moreover, His bio is narrating itself that he loves to do @radnerus93 Ohh! I haven't touched SASS yet 😅 @ravinwashere Option B is correct. Although we can also use bgcolor attribute to achieve the same but as we all k… @radnerus93 🤔 Using nth-child() right? @aakansha1216 You got it!! 👍 @__akash__19 Correct!! Just switched z-index of all div in container: hover @radnerus93 😜 Nice one Just added hover on container and switched z-index of every div#100DaysOfCode Can you achieve this animation without using animation property? 😁 Let's discuss the solution in… @malik_lakhani67 Thank you🙏🏼😊 @NehemiahKiv Thanks Francesco 2 😂 @anniebombanie_ Thanks Annie!! 😩 The z-index game was so tricky. Probably I gonna ignore those future projects having z-index😂