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Pratyasha Rath @pratyasharath Hyderabad, India

Development Sector Advisory. Social Research. Behavioral science. Odia. Vocal, Political, Critical. Reading, Learning, Navigating.

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@TweetinderKaul @jemin_p I think he was. But it was still smarter to keep quiet about his intentions when it came t… @ramana1729 Oh no. I just heard these 6 minutes. No interest in listening to these 2 very relevant intellectuals. @TweetinderKaul @jemin_p This was emotional, not strategic. Scindhia was strategic. @LaasyaLaasya Absolutely. The utter humiliation.Rishi Raj is better than Shampoo Boy 🙂 But what joblessness is this! From elite intellectual to political fashion… is sad. Sachin Pilot played his cards wrong. Don't pick up a fight with your boss, till you have a better job… story in three words: Sachin Pilot lost.
Retweeted by Pratyasha RathThe coming months in this semi-lockdown state will b very difficult. The best part of the year, the festive part b… @TweetinderKaul @kushal_mehra I follow them on Twitter also 😂 But if they ever try this in India, they are not living to see the next day. @TweetinderKaul Everything else is fine, but Impractical Jokers is amazing. Come on. @archrao If you sit down to watch the news (my husband is an avid news viewer), there is just little else to watch. Everyone has gone crazy.This SSR media debate has given us at least 20 new TV news panelists who in the course of 3 more months will become… Shehla is the leader now?
@FelixUnlucky @brawling_virago Seen both of those. Very difficult watch. @curioserian Of course. Just feel very weird watching documentaries of sexual abuse of minors. And this is one of the worst cases.Want to watch the documentary on Jeffrey Epstein on Netflix but worried that it might be too triggering. Has anyon… people cry about the centre being Fascist, state governments are actually the ones who exhibit the worst auth… @anubhav2das Ashok Swain kainki sabuthu biplabi haba. Pecha sena re anya loka bhi achanti! @NivePrasad No. I don't think the view above is common at all. The common sentiment though is that Kalinga changed… in between all this, expect agenda peddlers to cook up something of their own for their deranged followers 😂 Li… @Shaantidut Not sure what you are talking about. @AnkolaHuduga @sanjeevsanyal He has mentioned it quite a few time here also.A lot of people got introduced to Ashoka, 'the great' today 😊 Took a little more time than getting introduced to A… fascinating piece of oral history from Ayodhya. A community of Suryavanshi Kshatriyas who worship Raja Ram had g…बिहारी श्रवणकुमार.😍
Retweeted by Pratyasha RathThis was the one part of Ram ke Naam that had messed up my mind. The rest of the propaganda was still resolvable. A… travelled. @TheFakeSage Secularism is not the bedrock of constitutional democracy! Try harder.That is why Ram Mandir is not just another temple. The process of reclamation is as important as the temple standin… temples existed during Nehruvian era is not even an argument worth entertaining 😂 What matters is in that era, r… fallacy is seeing the construction of Ram Mandir as yet another temple. But I don't expect any better consideri… the counter to this (just thinking aloud) is maybe something some regional leaders hv already figured out. Just t… contours of this new idea pique curiosity in those who have not been in the Sangh fold to be fully immersed. It… new idea is one that we saw on the 5th. And have been seeing reflections of since some time. The idea of a civ… take is so jaded now. Much like the ideas the opposition has. There is no new idea. The idea is the same mix…
@ThisPosable I have many questions about what his family are doing but I can read the room so will keep quiet 🙂IAS officer 😂 That was the only thing I ever wanted even well into my 20s. Now, well... @TweetinderKaul As someone who knows nothing about the truth, just this media coverage makes me feel bad for her. S… about how the media is reporting this and even how important stakeholders are pursuing this, seems like a q… much as I don't want to comment on this, honestly this is looking too much like a witch hunt. At least the way i… @JGatsby07 Utna hi aata haiSomething is wrong with that Jyoti Yadav journalist. Either she is trying too hard to fit in or she has deep seated… strangely do not remember anything about the Mangalore air crash that everyone is talking of. I was wondering wha… someone from UP/Delhi help out please? many young tribal students will grow up with another role model from the community n another example of how educ… @amogh_astra What I mean is this language is reflexive to you. I doubt people spend that much time deliberating how… @amogh_astra Ok. That pre supposes immense empathy and goodwill on the part of atheists which honestly I struggle t… @AloPal I am not sure that cost is coming from their work or from any model of development. There may be proselytiz… @amogh_astra Yes. Language reflects frameworks through which people process different emotions. Falling back on fai… @AloPal Ford I agree. As I said, I have not seen this with Rockefeller at all. In fact this isn't their primary gra… @AloPal OK. I have never heard this in so many years. They are doing great work with indigenous farmers and pretty… @AloPal Saw about Naandi foundation's work? @AloPal But they do great work with indigenous communities there. It is a very reliable organization.Heart breaking. May the Gods give the family the strength to cope with this loss. Om Shanti.
Last flight: Mumbai to Hyderabad, March 9th Last meal in a sit down restaurant: China Bistro, Hyderabad, March 12… rest of it is the reporter cribbing about how the ceremony went!This is so funny. There are two unnamed 'pundits' mentioned in the last paragraph and one of them seems to have no… to Bangalore. Kingfisher flight I think. to Ma 🙂 @AankhiGM @karanrajan @kushal_mehra @ManeeManjunath Absolutely. Government stores are good. Even the old family sto… @karanrajan @AankhiGM @kushal_mehra Fab India for men is still ok. For women it is horrible now. @asati_shivang Hahaha. Yes.Controversial take: A lot of the clothes on the TL today do not really look like Handloom 😂 @IPupperella No No. I am married to a Bengali. So I had to wear this above the Odia mukuta. @TweetinderKaul Obnoxious. How do people take him seriously!This looks bad. Hope all passengers are safe. @TweetinderKaul Damn. You need to come down again. There is so much more food to try. And IT cell is buying me a ho… @TweetinderKaul Next life nehi likha. I am optimistic 🤣What a life!! I hope I become a MP/MLA someday and am valued enough to get a month of free stay at a fancy resort. @Purvabhaadra But it is their school. That is the least they will do. If parents are averse to that also, then they… @centerofright Exactly.Anyway, we are thankfully at a time when both our deities and our poorest population are finally able to move into… how Ram ka Naam ended? With a Dalit lady talking about how everyone is fighting for a home for Shri Ram w… all Catholic schools don't mention upfront that all students hv to take Bible classes n attend mass. Neither do… like how people give hot takes here without the knowledge that ALL school history books irrespective of how elite… Harsha Bhogle proud. primary school students will continue to remain at home. Makes sense considering the risk but what a terrible l… to open in a phased manner between September and mid November. Though the anticipated guidelines would make…
@kushal_mehra This is protest art, jaahil @pattaprateek @VAdkri @hamsanandi It is the first raga we are taught in Odissi vocal. I still remember 'Kanana Ra Bitanare' 😊
Anyway no political party will continue to be in power forever. It will be the same with BJP. But hopefully they w… gut feeling comes once every quarter 😂 Lasts till the next election. Then ends with 'what has this country b… @abhijit_chat Non commie Bengali Great article. @Abhina_Prakash brings a lot of clarity to the discourse like always.You are a brave man. Stay safe. @mihir_ameodia No. But Atheist to much better than that :) He is never disrespectful and that is enough for me. He… @GetAbhi The vigrahas are beautiful 😊This is at our home in Bhubaneshwar. is a special high for me if I can get my husband involved in any rituals. He has come a long long way. He did t… started getting erased :) Ab Kashi, Mathura baaki hai. people had tried to pull off this farce before. That people in the Shakta belt of Bengal, Assam and Odisha do… become this deracinated. It isn't amusing! running polls to decide 😂 So please vote. a speech!!!!Bhay bin hoye na preet 😊Yogi ji will give a speech 😍 @rachitst Arey. Happy Happy Birthday.Jai Jai Shri Ram 🙏Pandit ji is very excited 😊Who are the primary Karta couple?