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@brenbrenlul nav > anyone you listen to @brenbrenlul or cause you on a priv acc @notcrypticno cause of this tweet ima listen to soundcloud nav for the rest of the day @brenbrenlul GOOD @Oreologist @JhbTeam prince camera @xoxabstract shoutout drix he is the reason why i like cats @visionofviii @Oreologist bro how @JhbTeam wanna play val tomorrownext album of the year will feature a nav verse on it i just know it. @lyssiu whats the announcement
Retweeted by prav @Chriiiztopha @mackenziereynaa @jhbstan me and you @mackenziereynaa @jhbstan actually i’ve always been the funniest person we all know this @jhbstan i know right 😂 @mackenziereynaa oh :( @mackenziereynaa can you like it too @kvrohs @kvrohs so truethe world if it was futuristic @JhbTeam true @mrpotatohaed are you able to find items with your name at a novelty storeyou know you have a cool name when you can’t find a keychain of it at a store @DCwasont @sarahrimmington
Retweeted by pravsorry but 30 female students being drugged and assaulted in one day at a university residence should definitely be…
Retweeted by prav @mackenziereynaa actually i was reciting jojis @oFabz i almost died today doing that
Retweeted by prav @TheTopViking @mackenziereynaa k @mackenziereynaa i only liked super bass!!!!!!! @mackenziereynaa ex barb please understand that @mackenziereynaa please take me back @TheTopViking @mackenziereynaa bro leave her alone @mackenziereynaa @mackenziereynaa you are so dramatic @22lexi_ is this a promonicki, i can’t even begin to explain my disappointment. when i first heard super bass i swear i found a new hero. o…
Retweeted by prav @kidfromindy LMFAOOOO
@DeadlyCreatorYT @TacoBellCanada LMFAOOOO YOURE FIRST @BeZo yo thats crazy howd that 50k bet on a catfish work out @DeadlyCreatorYT @TacoBellCanada MY FUCKING GOAT @BeZo better yet go send nudes to minors again @BeZo post that pic of you holding 100k again @BeZo i can promise you not a single person cares about your opinion on anything @Egrote_ you know the creator says it’s jif @Mlord70001 ok @mackenziereynaa i made this tweet before i startedhow do you guys pronounce it @mackenziereynaa it’s ok oomfette @skypadwar i miss you more! @wheremyhugattt nvm mackenzie replied she was asleepi miss her @freshie_w @shouldanever LMFAOOO @mackenziereynaa @JhbTeam of course @mackenziereynaa @JhbTeam what a crazy coincidence!! @22lexi_ @JhbTeam thank you lexi!!!!!! @mackenziereynaa @JhbTeam omg i know you too!!!! @captaindaddyxl @stanthefishman @jakkuxd @xAidanZul @JhbTeam ? @Blankzy__ @JhbTeam omg really @kvrohs night @elpwsALT @notcrypticno you clipped and posted this so fast @stanthefishman @jakkuxd @xAidanZul @JhbTeam @captaindaddyxl yea bro stop doing that @jakkuxd @xAidanZul @JhbTeam @stanthefishman @captaindaddyxl @jakkuxd @xAidanZul @JhbTeam ok gay white boy @1hadofhfo @JhbTeam thank you!!! @jakkuxd @JhbTeam what @jhbstan @JhbTeam no i wasn’t? @jakkuxd @JhbTeam i have so many clips without sound :( @jakkuxd @JhbTeam i POPPED OFF @jhbstan @JhbTeam no it isnt i have multiple testimonies and my own clipAND WE WON AND THE REYNA WAS SHIT TALKING MEyes i did clutch on THE @JhbTeam stream!!!! @22lexi_ @xAidanZul hey lexi!! @22lexi_ @xAidanZul hey it’s me! @JhbTeam noti
@mackenziereynaa thank you !what if the among us characters had to get vaccinated so the impostor is the one that didn’t get the vaccine @jhbstan @jhbtwt cause my val thing is working @jhbstan @jhbtwt no @100Thieves @Valkyrae @Nadeshot @brookeab when will jhb model for 100T @jhbstan @jhbtwt trying to set up my xbox controller to play val @bugboywilbur what @bugboywilbur yes thanks for asking @jhbstan @jhbtwt hey bella @jhbtwt nice i was in a lab but now im done @jhbtwt hey thea @brenbrenlul sorry my love @brenbrenlul you @thegingerbatt they are still beautiful @thegingerbatt SHOW THE STARS ONEshe was the baddest // he was the realest
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Retweeted by prav @6uhh9 thanks!! @6uhh9 it’s tuesday @notcrypticno @Chriiiztopha @qcures whod you give the acc to @jhbstan lemme reinstall it @mackenziereynaa @macnomiller_ oh ok @jhbstan wanna play val