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Dave/My Fellow Americans double feature @Joe_Hunter @SpeelmanTom @TheSickness85 I enjoy that, at a certain point, Trips and Steph have decided to include the WWE universe in their various kinks. @cyberpunkwarlok Superman flies nipples first.Suncoast or Kay*Bee Waters just showed up on the latest ep of SVU playing the owner of a cam site and I GASPED
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@Joe_Hunter Is this boss baby? @Joe_Hunter You better treat Alexa Doig with more respectJASON X is an ANDROMEDA prequelHonestly, Elizabeth Olsen as MTM/Liz Montgomery is all the swoons. @DoctorLongscarf As much as I think Briggs, Culshaw or Treloar have done a big job, there's part of me that would p… reboot where AJ is a Brony. @RhiannonOlivaw "no more mutants" @DoctorLongscarf It works within reason. I think Bradley worked exceptionally well. If Troughton's kids/grandkids o… Santa 2.0 flip
Retweeted by Prax JarvinOh? @extremlyuncanny My gut says she will be back to a mutant on comics soon. Her powers have shifted from vague bad lu… @pittsed_off
"Oooooh, look, but you've got two jacks. You've got a half-fizzbin already." looks like the My Pillow guy was urging the president to use the "Insurrection Act now as a result of the attack…
Retweeted by Prax Jarvin @Plaidbrarian Intendant Kira. @Danielemmons Write one shanty for the arethustra and everyone's blaming you for every other shantyIf you can dodge a javelin you can dodge a (giant rolling rock) ball. @colonelnemo Finally, it is time for Agencé Byzantine to shine.Gatsby D&D campaign when?Oh, hello there just thinking about how the Avengers theme and the revolving A quick credit are directly ripped off from Star T… including a $15 minimum wage in his stimulus plan is huge Biden moving to abolish the tipped minimum wage an…
Retweeted by Prax JarvinIt's gonna be one of those days on the internet, huh?We wrote a joke about Trump stealing the Lincoln bust and then....
Retweeted by Prax JarvinWowza thought it was a joke? But apparently serious? Sigh.My favorite bad semantic argument of the day is the person who described how paychecks work as some sort of own ove…
Did an AI pick these acts? (At least Wentz has a Biden connection) keep saying this but there were a whole bunch of GOT memes around the election? It hasn’t vanished, per se,… lock and home screens from the great preview art from the upcoming Robin series. actually cannot stop laughing at this hahaahahahaha
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"We solve our disputes at the ballot box," says Kevin McCarthy, who tried to overturn what happened at the ballot box.
Retweeted by Prax Jarvin @colemanranahan Really leaning into, huh?That's Boebert?Who is this lady who looks like the Baroness? @CaptFiction Celine, without doubt.Pretty sure this guy from Colorado accidentally said "Kathy Lee Gifford" instead of Kathy Griffin.I think Jim Jordan is making a comparison between the progression between Kitty Hawk(1903) to Moon Landing(1969) as…
Retweeted by Prax JarvinJim Jordan really fired up about cancel culture.Rep. Mary Gay Scanlon reveals: - Rioters tased officers and beat them with pipes - One tried to shoot an officer wi…
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2021“We believe fraud happened but there is no evidence of such fraud and the fact that there is no evidence concerns u…"They're worried a fellow member might try to assassinate Biden or Harris." READ THAT AGAIN. BURN IT INTO YOUR MI…
Retweeted by Prax Jarvin @RhiannonOlivaw It’s also delivered weirdly! Odd all around. But I was tickled by this since it’a almost exactly the same thingI still think the line is awkward as hell in Civil War and the cultural relevance of Empire in 2016 is much differe… this 1977 Marvel Team Up y Claremont/Byrne has Spider-Man ask Human Torch if he remembers “that old SF flick… @nolapfau @Koltreg The fact that Lykos says out loud he’s committing copyright infringement is wild.
Retweeted by Prax Jarvin @soundingline I had a package take 30 days to get delivered and it sat in our local hub for 90% of that time. A gif… get a huge amount of enjoyment from the arc of long-running local news stories.
Retweeted by Prax JarvinTony Soprano Cosplay @pittsed_off @DieRobinsonDie @colonelnemo Barron and his Dog Companion, Major. @Joe_Hunter @bully_thelsb @Joe_Hunter @bully_thelsb John Kent giving Superman the talk. @DoctorLongscarf McCoy, O'Mara and Bonnie are really good in this despite how bad the episode is. Really engaging to watch. @bully_thelsb Also... is that Reagan? @bully_thelsb Reminds me of this euphemism-filled explanation these aliens give to Superman in DC Comics Presents #… @JayStringer Right?Chris Noth and Lorraine Toussaint you say?Whoa, whoa, whoa... Queen Latifah is going to be THE EQUALIZER on our television screens!?HELLO MOTHERFUCKERS 🥟
Retweeted by Prax JarvinEvery so often I think about that comic artist who said artists who don't do backgrounds in every panel aren't real… 34. @cabbagecomics @inthewakeofdawn Ah ken it cannae be da' fae'netic a'cents.
I'm not a furry, but every time I catch a clip of Disney's Robin Hood, I *get* it, I understand.
Retweeted by Prax JarvinThe only Kim Cattrall Story that matters
Retweeted by Prax JarvinI will never get over this as long as I live
Retweeted by Prax JarvinIt’s been quite the 24 hours for lowest-bid web developers.JUST IN: Washington Monument closed until Jan. 24, National Parks Service says, citing "credible threats to visitor…
Retweeted by Prax Jarvin @carlwatkins Fond memories of playing the 6 player in an roller rink that everyone seemed to have their bday at in the 90sSo.... beautiful @Joe_Hunter The Keepsakes must flow @Joe_Hunter The Holiday LobbyEl oh El. Hallmark keeping the dollar signs in Christmas, if his wife said he didn’t die that way, I’m sure we can believe her not wanting to admit that her husband wa… @fuzzytypewriter AaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrRRRRRRRRRRUUUUUUHHBB!Just amazing
Retweeted by Prax Jarvinthis clip has only become more relevant this week
Retweeted by Prax JarvinChaos. some GameCub games and two GC controllers: Wind Waker, Ocarina of Time Master Quest, Rogue Squad and more: @Joe_Hunter Hammer can eat me anytime, Armie-rite?Heath Slater world title run to complete the Three Man Band trifecta when?
@InfiniteChris Controversial: I don't think Cilantro tastes bad but I hit a point where I, cumulatively, can't stan… @JonHexLives It makes a vacuum noise when this happens!That said, Creighton Duke is such an excellent, terrible character.So Jason Goes to Hell is probably the outright worst Jason film. It's just sort of baffling? It's also really weird… @DylanRoth Kinda fash-y, too. @LongTallJodie It has a comedy military sequence to start off the film?Jason Goes to Hell time @colonelnemo Man... I hate that this is entirely plausibleTo who?