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deme @PRAY4DEME flatbush

i be making typos lol

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@lilforeplay i’m just constantly like. why do yallon gawd billy just called me a bitch.... this who y’all stanmen are so fuckin weird
idk why u other artists even bother like....... prints of my work for the first time lmk if yall want
Retweeted by demelmfao from another brewery from san diego just iced me with a triple ipa lmfaogetting to make ur own schedule is type wavy in finna become a girlboss @1luv95 bye. that’s random asf. kia be getting serena williams and i judt?????i hope my future baby daddy knows if he ever uses “babysit” to talk about taking care of our children mommy is going to jaili’m taking whatever software y’all use to mix songs together and abolishing it ❣️ @blooberrri lmfaoooo goodnight @godmuva_ i switch back and forth a lot sometimes u even just use mascara lmfao but the only reason i do brows last… @rilllycute girl my folder on IG... @zazazinkkaa it’s so aggy tbhWoke up pretty again 🙄
Retweeted by demeso drop it then @JamiceOfCourse my mother always says everything smells so good on me lmdaoo even scents she hates 🤷🏿‍♀️ @mikaylaplz no he’s just going to be old creepy and ugly he is out his MINDnot my weed man.... texting me that i’m fine sexy and nice at 4 am..... every time i see him he tells me i look mean and angry so i’m. @11is0n hope it’s a good one bc a unripe persimmon will ruin ur life w the tanninthe proof is just there in the puddin ufm before foundation is superior @godmuva_ only blonde brow deme is team foundation after eyebrows @blackdenimjeans get me one too @m1t09uay if u don’t @godmuva_ also hate that i will never be able to wear hot pants in public smfh
Retweeted by demeSETSIANA is so trash why does it crunchify videos and crop photos crazy idgi and instead of fixing that they give us fleets?🥰 hate to say it but pisces @Am1na1992 LITERSLLY* @kenyahhive1 voice* gm america let’s get this bread @rilllycute she’s trying to look more like kia @mannyuptown LMFAOOOO @bigolefleet THATS THEE AROMAif u adore her crab du jour her
@estrogenpill @blackdenimjeans racist ass @shezarealone yee ol vanilla mint lip shine from bath and body works lol it’s so good and shinyum @1luv95 FUCK WE GOTTA DO FOR SOME FISH COOKED IN LIME DAMNCEVICHE ME PLS @rilllycute @bbymo__ LMFAOOOOOOOOOOO @bodyparser HES RIGHT???? @clurrise this is so funny bc those memes about teachers today
@rilllycute @shez_a_virgo @depressicalopez i love yall im crying my brewmaster was like one of ur friends said u do this every day LMFAOOOOOYALL COMMENTS ON THE LIVE GOT ME CRYING @depressicalopez @shez_a_virgo @rilllycute @depressicalopez LMFAOOO ima link u when we start @shez_a_virgo oh ima send it to you and ariel yay better be in the comments like GO DEME!!!!! @rain___glitter LMFAOO IMA TEXT U WHEN WE START @estrogenpill IKDRRRRR @staceyxann me too tflmfaoooo im at work about to do a taco eating and beer chugging relay race on IG live lnfaoooo @blackdenimjeans right??? @bigolefleet im viningb*den supporters are generally just brainless idiots but tr*mp supporters are open bigots @zazazinkkaa like wHAT are they talking about a snub @weesydney like. i’m not even gonna bother tappin in @staceyxann girl what he gon do w all that money? spend it? anyways he only date white women idc if he gets hookah coals!!!ive literally never heard this song @with_practice @yunghermoso LIKE FREDDIE AND GRACE DYING… OMFG SO UGLY @yunghermoso the way they kill whoever is the fav each gen…..
@BellissimaBree @JamiceOfCourse location? or remote? @thatzonjah gimme @bigolefleet LMFAOOO EGGSACKLY @bodyparser @bigolefleet . @bodyparser @bigolefleet cause ayanna think they both cuteidk how my friends went from being so woke to… just straight out problematic. cancel these whores. @staceyxann lemme send to mister stacey ann @bigolefleet LMDooo ATFUUU @bigolefleet oh nah i’m. about to skate to the stocarti can go fuck himself lmfao esp after how he violated after avant gardner and then don’t give us an album @1luv95 yooo i was about to tag u
i’m the chick w the hot ish manolo blahnik jimmy choo kicks killin it who u wit know the thighs match the ass ass match the waist @zazazinkkaa let me tap into this racist bopsag queen period @soulflowerremix @bodyparser @frankenfemme_ @bigolefleet @rilllycute what did she say
@alivegrabs oh my fuc @igotyoustuck whatWHERE IS UR INCOME ROACH @Curryfidat LIKE IF SHE DONTTT @3hoodedeyes 🤨i have never had a desire to own a skincare fridge but these colors…. are making me want @kenyahhive1 i was like ok the way i go UP for gemini girls and my sis pays me dust @kenyahhive1 oh @_characterflaw nah can u stopi love in n out so much..... i would fucking never wish people would stop doing psychological harm to me with their bad art
Retweeted by deme @estrogenpill gn mar @_characterflaw lmfaoooimagine being this stunning jeezy face pisses me to offff @bigolefleet why i thot them was my pants @rain___glitter pecan 🤨 duh @bigolefleet but where is mine? @bigolefleet stop